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Mission Photograph Album - China #5

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Mission Photograph Album - China #5


Images related to Methodist mission work in China taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - China #5




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - China #5 Collection

18422 Peculiar Shore Formation

18423 Conglomerate Rock

18424 Effect of erosion on limestone cliff

18425 Houses built on sand

18426 Flooded rice fields, two-hundred feet above the river.

18427 Chungkuig. Crowd of school boys on shore. Arrival of Bishop
Bashford's boat.

18428 Chungking: Arrival of Bishop Bashford's boat.

18428 Chungking: Arrival of Bishop Bashford's boat.

18430 A Confucian Temple

18431 View of church from hospital and out over the city.

18432 Chungking: Men's hospital - also view of city wall.

18433 Chungking: Men's hospital - also view of city wall.

18434 American Dispensary, Methodist Episcopal.

18435 Chapel in Hospital.

18436 Chapel - Women's Hospital.

18437 Dispensary - Women's Hospital.

18438 Decorations: Christmas entertainment, Methodist Episcopal Church.

18439 Flashlight crowd. Christmas entertainment.

18440 Crowd on streets.

18441 Decorations.

18442 Terraces, fields.

18443 Terraced fields. Szechwan scene: flooded rice fields.

18444 Flooded rice fields with beans on rice.

18445 Road winding between flooded rice fields.

18446 In the mountain foot hills.

18447 Terraced mountainside.

18447 Terraced Mountains

18448 Pagoda

18450 Tree with stone roots.

18451 Widow's arch.

18452 Water buffalos on the road.

18453 Boys gleaming fuel.

18454 Dwarf beggar.

18455 Sedan chair and crowd.

18456 Eating along roadside.

18457 Man drowned and coffin.

18458 Shakespearian type of house. West China.

18460 Reflection of trees.

18461 Reflections of trees.

18462 A market city.

18463 C*** worshipping for sore feet.

18464 Bishop Bashford preaching.

18465 His audience.

18466 Inn - Best of its kind

18467 Reading decrees sheet(?).

18468 Isicheo - View of city from Massley's.

18469 Isicheo - view of city grave yard house.

18470 View of city graveyard house - Mr. Mauly. (Isicheo)

18471 General view from gate.

18472 Mrs. Gaurighe's house.

18473 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Compound (old).

19367 Mrs. Lacey

18474 View of city from hospital tower.

18475 View of city from hospital tower.

18476 Women's Foreign Missionary Society compound from hospital tower.

18477 Cheutee hospital

18478 Cheutee Hospital

18479 Union Conference Group

18480 Union Conference Group

18481 Little house in Cheutee.

18482 General view.

18483 View on city wall.

18484 City water works.

18485 Cheutee: Street scene.

18486 Nrias converts

18487 Missionary Conference Union. Hospital in background.

18488 Cheutee Beggar Reformatory (Government Institution). Entrance and

18489 Cheutee Beggar Reformatory - "some of the reformed."

18490 Doctoring sores.

18491 Dining room.

18492 Dining room.

18493 Kitchen

18494 Industrial weaving.

18495 Industrial weaving.

18496 Industrial weaving.

18497 Industrial - sandal making.

18498 Paper making - Cheutee Beggar Reformatory.

18499 Irrigation works, general view, first division and bridge.

18500 Irrigation works - cut-off dams.

18501 Cut-off dam - irrigation works.

18502 Dam and Suspension Bridge.

18503 General view and cut-off dam.

18504 General view and cut-off dam.

18505 Irrigation Works - cut-off dam.

18506 Artificial gorge.

18507 Basket dykes.

18508 Bend in river protected by basket dykes.

18509 Irrigation Works - General view showing branching streams.

18510 Temple To Li and view of plains.

18511 Chinese painting of irrigation works.

18512 Motto of gorge.

18513 Suspension bridge.

18514 Bridge over irrigation ditch.

18515 Athletic field - Government College. (Cheutee)

18516 Athletic field - Government College (Cheutee).

18517 Missionary residence (Cheutee).

18530 Along the River

18531 The Yangtze Cliffs

18532 Goose Rock - Riveifu

18533 Wuban by Cliff

18534 View Along Shore

18535 "A Still Hunt"

18536 Cares - West China

18537 Bound Footed Women Walking

18538 Man on Horseback

18539 Flooded Rice Fields

18540 Counting Change

18541 Foraging for Fuel

18542 Children Playing

18543 Advertisement by Cigarettes

18544 Dr. McCartney preaching from houseboat and distributing tracts.

18545 Same as 18544

18546 Dr. McCartney preaching from houseboat and distributing tracts.

18547 Same as 18546

18548 Dan - Dan Man

18549 River view

18550 Visit of official to West China Union Conference

18551 River view artificial gorge - irrigation works. West China.

18552 River view. Irrigation Works.

18553 Ocean view.

18554 Poppy field.

18555 Bronze lion, and Dr. Goucher.

18556 Man in sedan chair.

18557 River view.

18558 River view.

18559 Rocks in river.

18560 Suspension bridge.

18561 Bishop Bashford and Dr. Smith.

18562 Dr. Smith in houseboat, Bishop Bashford.

18563 A meal in the houseboat.

18564 All the luxuries of home. Studying in the houseboat.

18565 Another meal on the housboat.

18566 Level rice fields.

18567 Little Orphan Island.

18568 Stone tablets.

18569 Railway train at station.

18570 Central China: Kiangsi Mission. Kuling

18571 Central China: Kiangsi Mission, Kuling

18572 Central China: Kiangsi Mission, Kuling

18573 Central China: Kiangsi Mission, Kuling

18574 Bridge enroute.

18576 Valley near foothills. Taro.

18577 Moutain brook in foothills.

18578 Another view of the same.

18579 In the foot hills.

18580 Tarist Cave.

18581 Lois Kupfer in Cave.

18592 Ruins of temple near cave.

18583 Old pagodas on mountain side.

18584 Big trees.

18585 Kuling:Alban Kupfer's party at big trees.

18586 Kuling: Alban Kupfer's party at big trees.

18587 Chairs - enroute to falls.

18588 Kuling: Party on Big Rocks enroute to the falls.

18589 The falls.

18590 View in the gorge.

18591 Entrance to White Deer Grotto University

18592 View of buildings - White Deer Grotto University

18593 White deer in the grotto.

18594 Another view of buildings

18595 Idol of Chu Hi

18596 Idol of Confucius

18597 Temple en route - White Deer Grotto.

18598 Falls where seven drowned

18599 Some wild lies.

18600 A 34 blossom white lily.

18601 In Methodist swimming pool.

18602 Methodist Women's Hospital - Kiukiang

18603 Girl's high school building.

18604 Schoolroom - Girl's high school.

18605 A thatch house.

18606 Temple on island.

18607 Little Orphan Island.

Houseboat in tow of steam launch - Poyang lake.

18609 Houseboat in tow of steam launch - Poyang Lake.

18611 Houseboat by small steamer - Poyang Lake.

18612 Bishop Bashford and party in houseboat.

18613 Nau Chaug - Old Examination Hall (partial view).

18614 Examination Hall - View of booth (Nau Chaug)

18615 Governor's procession (Nau Chaug).

18616 Governor's procession (Nau Chaug).

18617 Lake - Nau Chaug

18618 Sailboats on the Yangtzi.

18619 Dr. Smith on deck of Yangtzi steamer.

18620 Slum section - Haukow

18621 Student dissecting frog.

18622 Student dissecting frog.

18623 Class in biology.

18624 In the chemical laboratory.

18625 In the chemical laboratory.

18626 In the chemical laboratory.

18627 Students in room - Nanking University.

18628 Students in room - Nanking University.

18629 Student in room - Nanking University.

18630 Dr. Stuart at desk - Nanking University.

18631 View of grounds - Nanking University.

18632 Stone elephants.

18633 Stone images.

18634 Ancestral tablet.

18635 Bishop Bashford leaving tomb.

18636 Tomb.

18637 Nanking -Viceroyi Yamen

18638 In chapel - Chinkiang Girl's School

18639 In chapel.

18640 Singing with piano.

18641 Singing with piano - Chinkiang Girl's School.

18642 Singing with piano - Chinkiang Girl's School.

18643 Hanyang Steel Works

18644 Shanghi Market

18645 Chinese Gardens - Bubbling Well Road, Shanghi.

18646 Chinese Gardens - Bubbling Well Road, Shanghi.

18647 Chinese Gardens - Bubbling Well Road, Shanghi.

18648 Sedan chair on boat.

18649 Boats on Soochow Creek.

18651 Shanghi - Boats on Soochow Creek.

18652 Old Garden Bridge - A street scene in Shanghi.

18653 Wheelbarrows and the Bund.

18654 Old Garden Bridge.

18655 In front of Astor House - Shanghi.

18656 Carriages waiting - Astor House.

18657 Nanking Road

18658 C*** with load stopping to pursue still hunt.

18659 Nanking Road

18660 Door entrance.

18661 Laying concrete foundations.

18662 Japanese students.

18663 Baby tower

18664 Baby tower

18665 In city walls

18666 House along canal.

18667 Side shows in temple square on feast day. Shanghi

18668 Zigzag walk to tea house. Shanghi

18669 Zigzag walk to tea house.

18670 Bridge over moat approaching gate. Shanghi

18671 Closed opium den, Shanghi

18672 Temple with poles. Shanghi

18673 Masts of native shipping.

18674 Mos Tsai Liaug.

18675 Mos Tsai Liang. Shanghi

18676 Mos Tsai Liang

18677 Streets flooded from heavy rain.

18678 Some servants.

18679 Mrs. Nathan Sites, Dr. Lowry. China Centenary Conference.

18680 Dr. Levis, Dr. Lowry, Mrs. Nathan Sites, Dr. Chilinger, Mrs. Howe

18681 Dr. Morley, Dr. Ohlinger, Dr. Lowry, Dr. Levis, Mrs. Nathan Sites,
Miss Howe.

18682 Shanghai Girl's buying candy.

18683 N.H. Lacey's home. Shanghi

18684 N.H. Lacey Agent. Methodist Publishing House.

18685 Mr. A. Rosenburg Supt.

18686 Setting Chinese type. 8000 type font. Methodist Publishing House.

18687 Setting Chinese type. Methodist Publishing House. Shanghi.

18688 Setting Chinese type. Methodist Publishing House. Shanghi.

18689 Setting Chinese type. Methodist Publishing House. Shanghi

18690 Bishop Bashford on wheelbarrow.

18691 Setting English type. Methodist Publishing House. Shanghi.

18692 Setting English type. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghi.

18693 Chinese pressman. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghi.

18694 Chinaman running small press

18695 Press room. Methodist Publishing House.

18696 Press room, Methodist Publishing House.

18697 Paper folding machine, Methodist Publishing House.

18698 Bindery, Methodist Publishing House.

18699 Bindery, Methodist Publishing House.

18700 Stamping Gold Letters, Methodist Publishing House.

18701 Correcting Chinese proof, Methodist Publishing House.

18702 Mr. Rosenburg and Chinese, Methodist Publishing House.

18703 Oiling engine. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghi.

18704 Book sewing machine. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghi.

18705 Getting down stock. Methodist Publishing House, Shanghi.

18706 Famine victim: Woman begging by roadside.

18707 Famine Victims: Half-starved children.

18708 Famine Victims: Old man begging.

18709 Famine Victims: Dying by roadside.

18710 Famine Victims: Man on city street.

18711 Evidence of Famine: Child by roadside.

18712 Evidence of Famine: Untold misery.

18713 Evidence of Famine: Three famine victims.

18714 Evidence of Famine: Child in torn down house.

18715 Evidences of Famine: Woman in house; roof sold for food.

18716 Evidences of Famine: Trees stripped of bark for food.

18717 Evidences of Famine: Hauling table to sell for food.

18718 Evidences of Famine: Preparing leaves for food.

18719 A famine home.

18720 Morning meal, boiled leaves.

18721 The daily meal.

18722 Refugee tent.

18723 Refugee Camp

18724 Work of Relief: Relief Canals

18725 Work of Relief: Relief Canals.

18727 Work of Relief: Giving out flour.

18728 Receiving money.

18729 Crowding around.

18730 Scene in famine relief camp during great Shanghi famine of 1907.

18731 Waiting turn.

18732 Waiting turn.

18733 "Bread line" Waiting turn for distribution of food.

18734 "Bread line" Waiting turn for food.

18735 Waiting for relief money.

18736 Hauling in flour.

18737 Cooking food in old temple.

18738 Giving rice to refugees.

18739 Agnes Woode feeding babies.

18740 Thankfulness. Banners brought to Dr. Woods.

18741 Banners brought to Dr. Woods. Thankfulness.

18742 Thankfulness.

18743 Refugees dead in hut.

18744 A make-shift house.

18745 Stolen or hidden furniture.

18746 At a refugee camp.

18747 China coast sunset.

18748 Bridge of Ten Thousand Ages.

18749 Bridge and boat population on Min River and telegraph poles on
bridge of Ten Thousand Ages.

18750 View of city from Methodist Episcopal Compound.

18751 View of Methodist Episcopal Compound from river.

18752 River from near Methodist Episcopal Compound.

18753 River from near Methodist Episcopal Compound.

18754 Normal school.

18755 College dormitories and bridge.

18756 Graves around Methodist Episcopal Compound.

18757 Rest house.

18758 Tropical grave.

18759 Crowded streets.

18760 Crowded streets.

18761 Chapel Miss Adam's School.

18762 Chapel Miss Adam's School.

18763 Foochow Girls in orphanage at play.

18764 Foochow girls in orphanage at play.

18765 Girls in orphanage at play.

18766 Girls in orphanage at play.

18768 Gieng Ang Pong (church) Methodist Episcopal Foochow

18767 Girls in orphanage at play.

18769 Tieng Ang Pong (Church) Methodist Episcopal - Foochow.

18770 Rev. Ling M.D. One-eyed preacher.

18771 Rev. Ling M.D. - Foochow.

18772 Rev. Ling M.D. and Evangelist.

18773 Evangelist.

18774 Rev. Diong Sauk Buo.

18775 Reverend.

18776 Clergy.

18777 Boys at military - Ngucheng.

18778 Boys at military - Ngucheng.

18779 Street meeting with phonograph.

18780 Street meeting with phonograph.

18781 Street meeting with phonograph.

18782 Street meeting with phonograph.

18783 Buddhist Monastery (Foochow Kushan Monastery)

18784 Entrance to glen where we ate (Foochow Kushan Monastery)

18785 Temple.

18786 Tablets etc. to dead priests.

18787 At worship.

18788 At worship

18789 Buddha's Torch and lear.

18790 Silent priest under vow.

18791 Motto on wall.

18792 Foochow Harbor.

18793 Methodist Episcopal House boat.

18794 House boat under sail.

18795 Small boat with flour sack sails.

18796 Stern view of House boat.

18797 Rowing house boat by pushing oars.

18798 Rowing house boat by pushing oars.

18799 Rowing house boat by pushing oars.

18800 Mr. Trundle in house boat hoisting sail.

18801 Bishop Bashford walking between rice fields.

18802 Chair by Widow's Arch.

18803 Chairs crossing bridge.

18804 Chair on county road.

18805 Climbing mountain by stone steps.

18806 Curious on-lookers.

18807 Curious vegetation.

18808 A typical village.

18810 Some large trees.

18809 Near view - some large trees.

18811 Chopping up Camphor tree.

18812 Curiosity on the road to Hinghwa.

18813 View from hill side.

18814 A valley scene.

18815 Small pagoda.

18816 Road with vegetation and swinging vine.

18817 Swinging vine.

18818 Widow's Arch

18819 Irrigating

18820 Irrigating

18821 Curious old woman.

18822 South China - graves.

18823 Chinese Inn. Stove flashlight.

18824 C***s in room - Chinese Inn.

18825 Traveling by sedan chair - Hinghwa.

18821 Anglo-Chinese High School. Mr. Koh's Algebra Class. Hinghwa

18827 Y.C. Koh O.N.U 1905.

18828 Boys at Anglo-Chinese High School. Printing H.S. paper on homemade
mimeograph - Hinghwa.

18829 Boys at Anglo-Chinese High School. Printing H.S. paper on homemade

18830 Juliet Turner memorial.

18831 Miss Nestcatt teaching Bible women.

18832 Bible women learning arithmetic.

18833 Study in Romanized Chinese.

18834 Girl's high school.

188835 Girls playing flinch. Hinghwa.

18836 Girl's school - Hinghwa.

18837 Girls in chapel.

18838 Girls doing drawn-work.

18839 Girl's school - Hinghwa.

18840 In the dining room.

18842 Washing near Hinghwa, China.

18843 Washing near Hinghwa.

18844 Girl in room.

18845 Girl combing her hair.

18846 Teacher in room.

18847 Boys marching.

18848 Boys marching.

18849 Calistenic drill

18850 Calistenic drill.


18852 Boys and crowd

18854 Mr. Trimble examming school.

18855 Interior and boy reciting.

18856 Interior and boy reciting.

18857 Interior of day school near Hinghwa.

18858 Interior.

18859 Interior.

18861 Government Middle School.

18862 Interior of Governement Middle School.

18863 Pictures of Confucius on the wall.

11864 District Superintendent - Hinghwa.

11865 Native Preacher and family.

18868 Nearer view.

18869 Some of the lepers and two native preachers for lepers.

18870 Native preachers in leper village Methodist Episcopal church.

18871 Chinese writing on doorway.

18870 Native preachers in leper village Methodist Episcopal Church.

18871 Chinese writing on doorway.

18872 Entrance - Reception rooms

18873 Women eating.

1874 Kitchen

18875 All want picture taken

18876 Canopy bed

18878 Curious plants.

18877 Curious Plants - "Heaven's Well" Home.

18879 Reception Room-Government School

18882 Buddhist Priest at Worship

18883 Stone Bridge near Singyu

18884 Mountain and Valley near Singyu (Hughua to Yun Chun (Ingchong))

18885 Terraced Rice Fields (Hughua to Yun Chun (Ingchong))

18886 Temple Roof

18887 Jungle

18888 Rice Pounding by Natire River (Huighua to Yung Chun (Ingchong))

18889 Houses in Mountains pass Stones holding on roofs Inchang

18890 Interior natire Chapel Methodist Episcopal near Tehiwa

18891 Chair Travel scene near Hinghwa

18892 Chairs under Tree Near Hinghwa

18893 Antan Procession to meet Bishop Bashford

18894 Antan Boys in Procession and Mr.Breuster

18895 The Modern boys School (Hinghwa)

18896 No Caption

18897 No Caption

18898 No Caption (Hingwa)

18899 No Caption (Hinghwa)

18900 No Caption

18901 Selling newspapers at railway station Hauton R.R. Peking

18902 Traveling in Picksha

18909 With interested crorrd of children near Hinghua

18910 A Feast given by Mr. Y.C. Koh (Hinghua)

18911 Running Oliver Typewriter on House boat

18912 In Sedan Chair (Hinghwa)

18913 Cutting Wheat (Hinghwa)

18914 Threshing (Hinghwa)

18915 Kiangphe Cart (Farming in the North)

18917 Using Hoes

18918 Fertilizer-Liquid manure

18919 Cutting Rice

18920 Harrowing by Man Power

18921 Threshing Rice

18922 Digging Peanuts

18923 Running from camara when digging peanuts

18924 "A Lodge in a Sweet Potato patch"

18925 Plowing in Central China

18926 Grinding wheat flour

18927 Hulling Rice

18928 Old time mortar for pounding Rice

18929 Hand mill Grinding beans

18930 A Saw mill

18931 Making Rope

18932 Making Water Pipes

18933 Pressing blue cotton cloth after dyeing

18934 Cleaning Cotton

18935 Making Idols

18936 Making Noodles (Rice)

18937 A Coffin Shop

18938 A Bank (Tezchow)

18939 A Barber

18940 A Street fortune teller

18941 Traveling meat market

18942 Herding Ducks

18944 Women carrying wood (Hinghwa)

18945 Outdoor vegetable market

18946 Making Paper

18947 Cormorant fishing

18948 Building a house Kiaugpeh

18949 Bringing up salt (Salt well)

18950 Mixing clay for brick

18951 A General Store

18952 Women Washing Clothes in Pond

18953 In Kitchen of Hotel

18954 Beheaded Robber

18955 Beheaded Robber

18956 Heheaded Robber

18957 Official Procession on Shore (Yangtze)

18958 Going on house boat

18959 Idol in Temple (Hinghwa)

18960 Idols in Temple to Li - Irrigation Official -West China

18961 Idols in Temple of Horrors Showing future punishments - Temple of
Hades -Fengtu

18962 Idols in Wayside Shrine in root og tree, Saeckman (West China)

18963 Idols in Wayside Shrine in root tree, Szeckman (West China)

18965 Ancestral Temple, Hinghwa

18967 Paper Money on Graves, West China

18968 Outdoor Ancestral table and worship near Kinkiang

18969 Outdoor ancestral tablets and worship near kinkiang

18970 Blood and feathers of chicken on front of boat to propitiate spirits

18971 Graveyard near Chengtu (See Fukien)

18972 Carrying coffin across country

18973 Idols, West China Temple

18974 Mottoes on doors, Shanghai (Chinese New Year)

18977 Decoration Ancestral Shrine in Store (Chinese New Year)

18975 Mottoes and door gods near Cheugtu

18976 Decoration - House Ancestral Shrine, Chengtu (well to do) during
Chinese New Year

18978 Street decorated with lanterns, Shanghai (Chinese New Year)

18979 Tea and opium points decorated

18980 Gambling with dice on table bear boat - Upper Yangtze

18981 Gambling with dice on table near boat - Upper Yangtze

18983 Tea house, interior

18984 Opium den, Interior, Chung King

18985 Opium den, View of one pair

18986 Sedan Chair near Fouchour

18987 Carrying paper near Foochow

18988 C*** Woman carrying manure, Foochow

18989 Carrying child and load, Hinghwa

18990 Carrying child and load, Hinghwa

18991 Carrying coal, Szeckman

18992 Women Carrying fuel on back

18993 Man carrying honey on back

18994 Carrying furniture, Chengtu Plain

18995 Carrying pig, Szechmen

18996 Lao Su on wheelbarrow on bridge over old bed of Yellow river,

18997 Wheel barrowing on Chengtu Plain

18998 Sedan Chair in Sugar Cane, Fukien

18999 Mule Litter, N. China

19000 Mule carts in Inn Yard, Nanko, N. China

19001 Camel Train entering Peking

19002 Pack mules on pass on way to Kalgan

19003 Ferry, West China

19004 Juiriksha and official carriage, Peking

19005 Chinaman and bicycle

19006 Pie-han express - Peking, Hankow

19007 Pei-hau express drawn up at station, Hankow, Peking

19008 Wheelbarrows and carts seen from car window

19009 Wheelbarrow c*** watching train

19011 Railroad guards, Peking-Hankow

19013 Getting on third class near Peking

19014 Getting on third class near Peking, vegetable venders

19015 Going through city wall gate, Hata Gate - Peking

19016 The fast mail

19017 Steamer also house boat and launch

19018 Steamer also house boat and launch

19019 A Mail Boat Upper Yangtze

19021 Old Time Gim Boats, Upper Yangtze

19022 Old Time Gum boat and flour mill, Grand Canal

19023 Shipping Cotton, Chungking

19024 Boy eating

19025 Small boy in front, floor with census enumeration on posts

19026 Beggar by city gate

19027 Bishop Bashford in jinriksha, Peking, Book St, by Headland with wheel

19028 In juriksha, Peking Street

19029 On Peking cart

19030 On Peking Cart (Bishop Bashford on Methodist Episcopal Compound)

19031 Talking with Mr. Lowry in frot of the Latters home

Playing Tennis, Peking Compound (Bishop Bashford in China)

19033 Playing Tennis, Peking Compound (Bishop Bashford in China)

19034 Mr. Gibb, Bidhop Bashford, Mrs. Geo Lowry, Mrs. Bashford, Mr. Geo
Lowry on ruined watch tower, Gorenment Hall (Bishop and Mrs. Bashford in

19035 On donkey, Peitaiko (Bishop and Mrs. Bashford in China)

19036 Mrs. Bashford in Kaoliang

19037 Mrs Bashford in chair en route to Kuling

19038 Bishop Bashford on house boat, Poyang Lake

19039 Bishop Bashford and Mr. Arthur Smith on front of boat, [Nui]sp.
River, Szechman

19040 Mr. Smith and Bishop Bashford on floor of house boat, Szechman

19041 Bishop Bashford, Dr. Arthur Smith and H. S. Elliott eating in

Bishop Bashford, Mr. Arthur Smith and Mr. McCartney eating in Inn,
sorrounded with crowd Szechman

19043 Foochow Conference Bishop Bashford presiding Dr. Worley interpreting

19044 Foochow Conference, Bishop Bashford presiding

19045 Foochow Conference, Bishop Bashford ordaining Chinese Preachers

19046 By Sedan Chair Up to Kuchan

19048 Dadication of Woman's Hospital, Dr. Bi Chui Li receiving key,

19049 Inspecting a Day School

19050 Inspecting a Day School

19051 In Day School Yard, Hinghwa Day School

19052 In Day School Yard, Hinghwa Day Schools

19053 Taking hand at oars

19054 Watching sail being hoilted, Foochow to Hinghwa

19055 Racing with another houseboat

19056 Emerging from rest house on road, Honghwa

19057 On road under tropical grass

19058 Coming through village, Hinghwa

19059 Flashlight in Inn, Hinghwa

19060 Eating Supper in Inn, Hinghwa

19061 Eating by wayside, Ingchung Trip

19062 Coming out with band and firecrackers to meet Bishop Bashford

19063 By an ancestral momument

19064 Shaking hands with preacher of Teper Village, Hinghwa

19208 Bishop and Mrs. Bashford on Red Sea

19209 Bishop Bashford on Red Sea

19210 Mrs. Bashford on Red Sea

19279 On the way - The Ground Canal

19280 The bronze ox

19281 Famine victims, grievs swelling (The Kiangpeh famine)

Famine victims, grievs swelling (The Kiangpeh famine)

19283 Yankee floure statire

19284 Yankee flour station

19285 No caption

19286 Femine camp

19287 Small Pox

19288 Laying by road side

19290 Daily Dick

19291 Evidences of Famine - In front of ruined houses

19292 Evidences of famine - In front of ruined houses

19293 Evidences of famine - In front of ruined houses

19294 Evidences of famine - In front of ruined houses

19295 Ruins of houses

19296 Ruins of houses

19297 Crowd of refugees - Evidence of famine

19298 Some famine victims - Evidences of famine

19299 Roof gone for food

19300 Roof gone for food

19301 Evidences of famine

19303 Gatharing weeds for food

19304 Gathering weeds for food

19305 Gathering weeds for food

19306 Roof food - The Kiangpeh famine

19307 House deserted

19308 Preparing meal of barks

19309 Waste laud - The Kiangpah famine

19310 Work of relief argosy of flour - The Kiangpah famine

19311 Argosy of Flour auchared

19313 At a Flour Station - Yankee

19314 Giving out potatoes

19315 Giving out flour

19316 Old Grandmother

19317 Sweeping up flour at the flour station

19318 Sweeping off sacks at a Flour Station