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Mission Photograph Album - India #1

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Mission Photograph Album - India #1


Images related to Methodist mission work in India taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1900s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - India #1




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - India #1 Collection

606 Base of monument in Residency. Lucknow

793 Interior of kindergarten room, Queen's Hill School, W.F.M.S.

999 Basket Ball game at Isabella Thoburn College, throwing goal. Lucknow.

1000 Basket Ball, Isabella Thoburn College, throwing goal, Lucknow.

1001 Basket Ball game, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1002 Basket Ball game, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1003 Kindergarten class in school connected with Isabella Thoburn College,

1004 Mrs Wilson, W.F.M.S. missionary at Bareilly.

1005 Historic William Butler Residence. Bareilly.

1006 Group of students and professors Theological School, Bareilly.

1007 Group students and professors, Theological School, Bareilly.

1008 Group from Women's Department of Theological School, Bareilly.

1009 Photographer in changing hood while in Bareilly.

1010 Railway train at station.

1011 Passengers entering third class railway coach at station.

1012 Professors Theological School, Bareilly, Dr. Mansell, Dr. Dease and
Indian professor.

1013 Methodist mission residence, Bareilly.

1014 Methodist church from Theological School tower Bareilly.

1015 View from tower of Theological School, Bareilly.

1016 View from tower of Theological School, Bareilly.

1017 Dormitories for Theological School, view from tower of seminary,

1018 Sawing wood, Eawnpore.

1019 View from tower of Theological School, Bareilly.

1020 Group of missionaries going to the Fiji Islands from Theological
School, Bareilly.

1021 Dr. and Mrs Mansell, Bareilly.

1022 Methodist Theological School, Bareilly.

1023 Photographer in changing hood, Bareilly.

1024 Indian dhersey at Singer Sewing machine at W.F.M.S. hospital,

1025 Carding wool on veranda of W.F.M.S. hospital, Bareilly

1026 Dr Gimson pulling a tooth in W.F.M.S. hospital, Bareilly.

1027 Methodist Church. Bareilly.

1028 Section of dormitories of Theological School, Bareilly.

1029 W.F.M.S. Orphanage; Children gathered before building. Bareilly.

1030 W.F.M.S. Orphanage, children gathered before building. Bareilly.

1031 Miss. Wilson, W.F.M.S. missionary Bareilly.

1032 Methodist Church, Bareilly.

1033 Angel monument over the well at Cawnpore.

1034 Bishop J. W. Robinson while he was a missionary stationed at Lucknow.

1035 Dormitory of Boys' High School Methodist. Lucknow.

1036 Two women grinding at a mill.

1037 Monument over wall at Cawnpore.

1038 Methodist Church, Lucknow.

1039 Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1040 Former Mohammedan tomb, now. W.F.M.S. residence, Lucknow

1041 Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1042 Reid Christian College, Lucknow.

1044 Interior dormitory, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1045 Group students and faculty Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.

1046 Portion of ruined Residency and monument, Lucknow.

1047 Tablet at Residency, Lucknow.

1048 Dr Bare and Mrs. Bare, Lucknow. Dr. Bare, president of Reid Christian

1049 Ruins in Residency, Lucknow.

1050 Monument and ruins in Residency, Lucknow.

1051 Old Bailey Gate, Residency, Lucknow.

1052 Grave of Sir Henry Lawrence, Residency. Lucknow.

1053 Room where Sir Henry Lawrence died in Residency, Lucknow.

1054 View of Residency showing mosque and part of ruins, Lucknow.

1055 Bauyan tree in Residency, Mrs. Base under tree. Lucknow.

1056 Sawing Wood.

1057 Cricket game by Boys of Methodist School, Cawnpore.

1058 Cricket game by Boys of Methodist School, Cawnpore.

1059 Carpentry at Methodist Boys' School. Cawnpore.

1060 Boys studying on veranda of Methodist Industrial Boys School.

1061 In boiler shop. M.C. Boys School. Cawnpore.

1062 Boys working at band saw in Methodist Boys' School. Cawnpore.

1063 Boys working at circular saw, methodist Boys' School, Cawnpore.

1064 Boys at dinner Methodist Boys' School, Cawnpore.

1065 Pulpit in Methodist Church Cawnpore

1066 Ghat where English were killed during Mutiny Cawnpore.

1067 Misson well. Cawnpore.

1068 Mission well. Muzaffarpur.

1069 Methodist Boys Industrial School, Boys marching to classes. Cawnpore.

1070 Carriage made for Miss Logeman by boys in Methodist Industrial
School, Cawnpore. Rev. H.R. Calkins standing near by.

1071 Outdoor carpentry. Methodist Industrial School, Cawnpore.

1072 Carpentry class on veranda Methodist Industrial School, Cawnpore.

1073 Carpentry class on the veranda, Methodist Industrial School. Cawnpore.

1074 Boys at morning prayers under the trees, Methodist Boys School.

1075 Monument over Well, Cawnpore.

1076 Distant view of people bathing in Ganges at mela, Allahabad.

1077 Distant view of people bathing in Ganges at mela, Allahabad.

1078 Bathing in Ganges during mela, near view Allahabad.


1081 Man sitting down upon bed of spikes.

1082 Group of people at Allahabad Mela

1083 Taken posed on one leg, Allahabad mela

1084 Holy woman with a shrine at the mela. Allahabad.

1085 Brahma Samaj meeting Allahabad.

1086 Pupils in finishing room, Cawnpore Industrial School.

1088 Boys making coffins for sale at Methodist Industrial Boys School.

1089 Dr. Denning preaching in village group.

1090 Making shoes in M.C. Boys Industrial School. Aligarh

1091 Rev. Sampson interviewing native police about persecution of
Christians. Dr Denning Rev Gray.

1092 Little Indian mothers and babies

1093 Group of Indian Children

1094 Women of thief caste.

1095 Squad of native India police

1096 Dr. J.O. Denning preaching on house top. Rev, A.L. Gray and Rev.
Sampson holding a violin, at left.

1097 Srrah Road.

1098 Group of persons just baptized in midst of persecutions.

1099 Large tree in W.F.M.S. School compound, Muzaffarpur.

1100 W.F.M.S. residence, Muzaffapur.

1101 Crowd of outcasts from burning ghost, Calcutta.

1102 Deaconess Home, W.F.M.S. Calcutta.

1103 Original Thoburn Church, Calcutta.

1104 W.F.M.S. Girls School, Calcutta. New Thornburn Church at right.

1105 People bathing in Ganges at Allahabad.

1106 Small temple and shrines near Kalighat, Calcutta.

1107 Burning ghat, Calcutta.

1108 God Jagannath, Calcutta.

1109 Lee Memorial School, Calcutta.

1110 Rev. and Mrs. Manley.

1111 Itinerating in palkis, North India. Mrs Denning in one palki.

1112 Itinerating by ekkas Dr. Gray at left. North India.

1113 Showing condition of mission building at Srrah.

1114 Bogenoillia Muzaffarpur.

1115 Dormitories of Methodist Boys School, Muzaffarpur.

1116 W.F.M.S. School Students on veranda at study hour, Muzaffarpur.

1117 Group of pupils of Methodist Boys School, Rev. Perrill a left.

1118 John Winter in Methodist School. Muzaffarpur.

1119 Dhersey sewing at hand machine on the veranda of Mission House,

1120 Methodist Mission residence, Baroda.

1121 Street scene at the mela. Allahabad.

1122 Holy man being carried in a litter at the mela. Allahabad.

1123 Dr and Mrs Rockwell Clancy.


1125a Elephant getting a bath.

1125 Elephant getting a bath

1126 Elephant getting a bath.

1127 Methodist mission residence almost falling to pieces Srrah.

1128 Queen's Hill School, Darjeeling. W.F.M.S. School.

1129 Library. Queen's Hill School, W.F.M.S. Darjeeling.

1130 Library. Queen's Hill School, W.F.M.S. Darjeeling.

1131 Tibetan Shrine, Prayer flags. Darjeeling.

1132 Miss Bertha Creek, at her desk in Queen's Hill School, W.F.M.S.

1133 View showing terraces. Darjeeling.

1134 Tibetian Tope, Darjeeling.

1135 Queen's Hill School. View showing terraces. Darjeeling.

1136 Roadways and mountainside, Darjeeling.

1137 Queen's Hill School. W.F.M.S. Darjeeling.

1138 Classroom. Queens Hill School. Darjeeling

1139 Miss Bertha Creek with small pupil in her office in Queen's Hill
School, W.F.M.S. Darjeeling.

1140 Miss Bertha Creek. Darjeeling.

1141 W.F.M.S. Missionaries and guests in living room.

1142 Group hill children. Darjeeling.

1143 Interior of kindergarten room of Queen's Hill School, Darjeeling.

1144 Tennis court. Queen's Hill School, W.F.M.S. Darjeeling.

1145 Large Thibethan Shrine. Darjeeling.

1146 Miss Bertha Creek in her office in Queen's Hill School, Darjeeling.

1147 Clouds and mountains at sunrise from Tiger Hill. Darjeeling.

1148 Tourist in dandy and dandy-walas, Darjeeling.

1150 Tibetian shrine with prayer flags. Darjeeling.

1151 Thibetian Shrine with prayer flags, Darjeeling.

1152 Mountains over clouds at sunrise from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling.

1153 View of mountains from Queen's Hill School, Darjeeling.

1154 Professors Gilbert and Rowe. University of Nanking.

1202 Mohammedan University. Alingrah.

1203 Making rope. Boys Industrial School. Aligarh

1204 Bread makers near oven, W.F.M.S. Woamns Industrial home, Aligarh.

1205 Drawing water from well by means of oxen. Women's Industrial Home.

1206 View on the campus of the Mohammedan University. Aligarh.

1207 View on campus of the Mohammedan University. Aligarh.

1208 Boys at work. Industrial School. Aligarh.

1209 Outdoor carpentry at Boy's School. Aligarh.

1210 Making chaptis or native bread in a native kitchen. Widows' School.

1211 Women at work in kitchen of Widows' Industrial School, making foreign
bread. Aligarh.

1212 Drawing water, the bullocks at top of the incline. Boys' School,

1213 Cricket field, Mohammedan University. Aligarh.

1214 Cricket field of Mohammedan University. Aligarh.

1215 Boys' School. Aligarh. Drawing water, bullocks at top of incline.

1216 Men drawing water for Boys' School, Aligarh, bullocks at foot of
incline, church in background.

1217 Spinning flax, Industrial School. Aligarh.

1218 Entrance to the Industrial School. Aligarh.

1219 Church at Aligarh which served as a school house for the boys school.

1220 View over great temple at Brindaban to right of central tower over

1221 View of temple at Brindaban to the left of central tower.

1222 The Hospital. Brindaban.

1223 In the Pearl Mosque at Agra. One of two aisles into which it is
divided by the pillars.

1224 Three Methodist native preachers before we had a foreign missionary
stationed there. Delhi

1225 Native village near Brindaban with typical houses of mud. Wretched

1226 Entrance to Brown Stone Temple at Brindaban.

1227 Within the gate of the "Brown Stone Temple" Brindaban.

1228 Interior of Brown Stone Temple at Brindaban.

1229 White Marble Temple. Famous for its pillars. Bindaban.

1230 W.F.M.S. Compound. Bricks for new hospital. Brindaban

1231 Dr. Emma Scott operating in her dispensary building. Brindaban.

1232 Sign at entrance to White Marble Temple.

1233 Within the enclosure of White Marble Temple. Mrs. Clancy, Mrs. Sheets
and Dr. Scott sitting on steps. Brindaban.

1234 Group of natives at entrance to White Marble Temple, Brindaban.

1235 Small shrine to Krishma. This city is sacred to this god. Brindaban.

1236 Dr. and Mrs. S.S. Parker, Baroda.

1237 Large tree and steps near river at Brindaban.

1238 Native school for boys in portico at the entrance to White Marble
Temple, Brindaban.

1239 Itinerating in northwest.

1240 Gathering of native Christians. One thousand present. Mohuda.

1241 Group of village children in a village in northwest.

1242 Meeting in a native village. Rev. W. E. Bancroft at left.

1243 Methodist Boys Industrial School at Nadiad. Boys working at machines.

1244 In the carpentry shop, Methodist Boys Industrial School at Nadiad.

1245 In the carpentry shop. Methodist Boys Industrial School at Nadiad.

1246 Machine shop in the Methodist Boy's Industrial School at Nadiad.

1247 Timasha arranged for visitors at a new church at Mahuda.

1248 Visitors at new church. Mahuda.

1249 Kettle in which rice is being cooked.

1250 Little group of high caste people. Mahuda.

1251 Native Christian being seated for their meal. Mahuda.

1252 Methodist Church. Baroda.

1253 Methodist Theological Seminary. Baroda.

1254 Head teacher or professor at the Methodist Theological Seminary.

1255 Head teacher or professor at Methodist Theological Seminary. Baroda.

1256 Little Sonna, of Baroda who had a narrow escape from being stolen
from our W. F. M. S. School.

1257 Another view of Sonna, who had a narrow escape from being stolen from
our W. F. M. S. School. Baroda.

1258 Dormitories of Theological Seminary. Baroda.

1259 Another view of dormitories

1260 Front view of dormitories of Methodist Theological Seminary. Baroda.

1261 Bullock water carrier.

1262 Preaching in a native village.

1263 Lewis E. Linzell and family on veranda of bungalow Baroda.

1264 Drove of wild camels, showing baby camels and others eating leaves on
trees. near Baroda.

1265 Preparing thread for weaving near Kolar. Miss Maskell.

1266 Theological students ready to start out for Sunday preaching. Rev.
Parker stands at left. Baroda.

1267 First conert among the Gujarats.

1268 Hindu holy man converted by old converted man. Bombay.

1269 Christian boy, the son of a native preacher. Bombay.

1270 Gujarati and Marati pastors. Bombay.

1271 Rev. Fredrick Wood of Bombay Mission 1909, at Shmedabad 1914.

1272 Rev. and Mrs. Hill of Bombay Mission, now head of school at Baroda.

1273 Huts in Bombay. Flag shows the presence of a shrine. Note the factory
at left.

1274 Bullock carts in streets of Bombay. Taking bales of cotton.

1275 One of professors at the Theological Seminary with his family. Baroda.

1276 Mission group at Bombay.

1277 Dormitory of boys school. Baroda.

1278 Boats at Bombay A mass of masts.

1279 Great bridge at Calcutta.

1280 Native houses in little village near Bombay.

1281 Huts and goats near factory. Bombay.

1282 View of huts near factories. Bombay.

1283 Group of school boys in one of our day schools. Bombay.

1284 Group of day school children in village near Bombay.

1285 Group of day school children in village near Bombay.

1286 Towers of Silence at Bombay.

1287 In the Elephanta Caves. Subterranean temples cut out of solid rock.
Rev. Wood by the pillar. Bombay.

1288 Across an open court to entrance to other caves.

1289 Entrance to the temple.

1290 Street scene, showing street car tracks and high bullock carts.

1291 A line of bullock carts on the street. Bombay.

1292 Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Guthrie on roof of one of famous tombs.

1293 Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Guthrie on roof of famous tomb at Agra.

1294 Entrance tomb at Agra. Tower at night.

1295 Showing but to minarets. Taj Mahl.

1296 Taj Mahal, showing but two minarets. Agra.

1297 View of Taj Mahal from upper story of entrance gate. Agra.

1298 View of Taj Mahal from ground floor of entrance gate. Agra.

1299 View of Taj Mahal from ground floor of the entrance gate. Agra.

1300 Taj Mahal from entrance gate. Agra.

1301 Taj Mahal from entrance gate. upper floor giving glimpse at each side
of side entrances. Agra.

1302 Interior of corridor, surrounding Jain Temple, Admedabad.

1303 Mrs. Robert Ward and her helpers in Ahmedabad, 1909.

1304 Cheif assistant of Rev. Robert Ward at Ahmedabad, 1909, and family.

1305 Mrs. Robert Ward and her helpers in Ahmedabad.

1306 Native workers and their wives. Ahmedabad.

1307 Mohammedan Mosque, with famous carved stone windows. Ahmedbad.

1309 Mission residence. Agra.

1310 Tomb at Agra.

1311 Miss Livermore and Rev. and Mrs Guthrie, 1909.

1312 Mission residence.

1313 One of the sacred bathing places along sacred Jumma River. The river
bank is lined with temples. Muttra.

1314 Temple where what is called "Fire worship" takes place in Muttra.

1315 Distant view of the temple where what is called "Fire worship" takes
place. Muttra.

1316 Bank of Jumna River lined with temples. Muttra.

1317 Side view of temple where, what is called "Fire worship" takes place.
A few people bathing. Muttra.

Temples where what is called "Fire worship" takes place. Their bathing is
also a form of paryer. Muttra.

1319 The Rev. and Mrs. Ward and their daughter Sorina.

1320 Mrs. Ward and Mrs Sheets feeding monkeys at Ahmedabad.

1321 Mrs. Ward and Mrs Sheets feeding the monkeys at Ahmedabad.

1322 Woman at work. Baby hung in a hammock from the rafter above her.

1323 Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Ward on the coping of the little lake in

1324 Entrance to Jain Temple. Ahmedabad.

1325 Side view of Jain Temple. Ahmedabad.

Blackstone Missionary Institute. Some of the older students in the Bible
Training School at flag drill. Muttra. cf. 1327-1334

1327 Blackstone Missionary Institute, Bible Training School. Marching with
crossed flags.

1328 Balckstone Missionary Institute, Bible Training School. Marching
under crossed flags up the center.

1329 Blackstone Missionary Institute, Bible Training School. Muttra.
Complete circle with teacher in middle.

1330 Bible Training School. Muttra Two side groups with teacher in middle.

1331 Blackstone Missionary Institute. Circle with teacher at side.

1332 Blackstone Missionary Institute. Girls bunched with teacher at right.

1333 Girls of the Bible Training School. Teacher at right. Miss Gregg in
foreground. Muttra.

1334 Bible Training School. Muttra. Wheel formation, teacher at right.

1335 Group of mission workers. Muttra.

1336 Group of native workers. Muttra.

1337 Rev. and Mrs. Rockwell Clancy. Muttra.

1338 W.F.M.S. missionaries at Muttra.

1339 In Widow's Industrial School. ALigarh. Lace class in school room.

1340 In Widow's Industrial School at Aligarh. Basket weaving.

1341 In Widow's Industrial School. Aligarh. Basket weaving.

1342 Widow's Industrial School. Aligarh.

1343 Widow in Bible Training School at Muttra, who was rescued from a
terrible life. She became a splendid worker.

1344 Widow in Bible Training School, who became one of our best workers.

1345 Sundai, a little widow in the Girls' School at Muttra.

1346 Students of Bible Training School, Muttra. marchingto chapel.

1347 The bishtie, water carrier drawing water from the Mission Compound
well to carry to mission houses, where it has to be carefully boiled and
filtered for drinking purposes.

1348 Evangelistic itinerating outfit. Muttra.

1349 Evangelistic itinerating outfit. Muttra.

1350 Memorial tablet in one of Mission buildings in Muttra.

1351 View over house tops and temples from roof of Mission Boy's School.

1352 Baking chapatis in Widow's School at Aligrah.

1353 Mrs Matthews and babies in Widow's School at Aligarh.

1354 Mrs Matthews, head of Widows' Industrial School. Aligarh.

1355 Monkeys and Mrs Ward.

1356 Street scene, Colombo, Ceylon.

1357 Congregational mission residence. Rev. Chyandler and daughter in
doorway. Madura.

1358 Famous banyan tree. All one tree. Madura

1359 Interior of courtyard of Congregational Girls School at Madura.

1360 Congregational Men's Hospital at Madura.

1361 Interior of court in the palace at Madura.

1362 Interior of the assembly room in palace at Madura.

1363 View of Madura from palace roof. showing towers of great temple.

1364 Sacred tank in great temple at Madura where the faithful bathe and
wash away their sins.

1365 Sacred tank in great temple where the faithfuls bathe and wash away
their sins. Madura.

1367 Group Of Students Ad Teacher At Congressional Bible Training School.
Madura. Miss Swift at Right.

1366 Street before great temple. Madura.

1367 Group of students and teacher at Congregational Bible Training School
Madura. Miss Swift at right.

1368 Sacred lake with temple in the middle. Madura.

1369 Sacred Tank in great temple at Madura where the faithful bathe and
wash away their sins.

1370 General view of W.F.M.S. compound, Madras. Miss Grace Stephens'

1371 Interior of Brahmin School. Madras.

1372 Miss Grace Stephens and her group of workers. Sabanoganum Aramal at
the right.

1373 Mission residence. Kolar.

1374 Methodist Boys Industrial School at Kolar.

1375 Interior of Methodist Boys Industrial School at Kolar. Students at

1376 Methodist church at Madras. A preacher, a site and a great need for a
building, but no money.

1377 Miss Grace Stevens, W.F.M.S. missionary in Madras for many years.

1378 Interior of chapel of Madras Orphanage, children standing. Miss
Stephens and Miss Sheets at left.

1379 Interior of Industrial School at Kolar. Men at left, Rev. Hollister
at center.

1380 Snake charmer and his assistant at Madras.

1381 Snake charmer and his assistant at Madras.

1382 Typical women and child in Kolar.

1383 Street scene. Kolar.

1384 Girls of W.F.M.S. Girls School, Kolar, carrying water from the well.

1385 Rev. and Mrs. Hollister of Kolar.

1388 Miss Florence Maskell's Bible Women In Her Study At Kolar.

1386 Rev. Hollister and his assistants at Kolar.

1387 Miss Florence Maskell and Miss Harriet Holland, W.F.M.S. missionaries
at Kolar, 1909.

1388 Miss Florence Maskell's Bible women in her study at Kolar.

1389 Miss Florence Maskell's Bible women in her study at Kolar.

1390 Miss Florence Maskell and her Bible women under the trees.

1391 Group of pupils in the W.F.M.S. Girls School, Kolar. Miss Harriet
Holland and native teachers at rear.

1392 Group of pupils in the W.F.M.S. Girls School, Kolar. Miss Harriet
Holland and native teacher at rear.

1393 Group outside of day school at Kolar.

1394 W.F.M.S. Girl's School Kolar. The Girls Grinding Their Own Grain.

1394 In W.F.M.S. Girls School Kolar. The girls grinding their own grain.

1395 Rev. Gershom (on right), one of the finest native preachers in all

1396 Group of all mission workers at Kolar. 1909.

1397 Gamble memorial W.F.M.S. residence. Kolar.

1398 Small girls of W.F.M.S. Girls School at Kolar eating their morning


1400 Girls of W.F.M.S. Girls School, winnowing their grain. Kolar.

1401 Methodist church at Hyderabad, English services.

1402 Priest on way up height called Golconda, near Hyderabad.

1403 One of royal tombs near Hyderabad, South India.

1404 Group of visitors and missionaries on way up Golconda, Hyderabad.

1405 Group on way to Golconda.

1406 On Golconda, a glimpse through a ruined gateway out to the plain.

1407 View out over plains from almost the top of Golconda.

1408 View from top of Royal Palace which crowns the hill in Golconda. The
Palace is in ruins.

1409 Methodist church English services Lucknow.

1410 Group of pupils, from little day school, who came to the missionary's
house at Hyderabad, Christmas morning to sing Christmas songs.

1411 Old building at left being turned into the Theological School at

1412 Richard Schermerhorn and his old and new ayah. Hyderabad.

1413 Richard Schermerhorn and his old and new ayah. Hyderabad.

1414 Dr. and Mrs. Baker of Hyderabad.

1415 Rev. and Mrs. Schermerhorn of Hyderabad.

1416 Methodist preacher at Hyderabad and his bicycle on which he gets
around his work.

1417 Methodist church at Bangalore. English service.

1420 Two coolies on ship in Colombo Harbor.

1421 American warship at Colombo.

1423 Small boats in Colombo Harbor.

1424 American fleet coming into Colombo Harbor.

1425 American fleet coming into Colombo Harbor.

1426 Flat boats-Colombo Harbor.

1427 Loading ship from flat. boats. Colombo.

1471 American fleet on horizon. Crowd on the pier. Colombo Harbor.

1473 American Man-of-War. Colombo.

1418 Cornerstone of one of the buildings of the Baldwin School for boys in
Bangalore High School.

1419 Architect of boys school, Bangalore. Note his caste; not a Christian.

1598 Devotee on bed og spikes. Allahabad.

1662 Group of students and professors in Theological Seminary at Bareilly,

1663 Mission property of Rev. and Mrs Lee.

1664 Rev. and Mrs. Mansell in 1909 he was head of the Theological
Seminary. Bareilly.

1665 "The Angel of the Well" Cawnpore.

1666 Rev. J.W. Robinson before he was made Bishop. Lucknow.

1667 Students and faculty of Isabella Thoburn College.

1668 Portion of ruined Residency and Monument, Lucknow.

1669 Dr. and Mrs. Bare Lucknow. Rev. Bare is President of Reid College.

1670 Boys of school at Cawnpore playing cricket.

1671 Boys of school at Cawnpore playing cricket.

1672 Boys of school at Cawnpore playing cricket.

1673 Methodist Boys Industrial School, Cawnpore. Boys marching to classes.

1674 Carriage made in Methodist Episcopal Boys School, Cawnpore. Rev.
Calkins standing, Miss Logeman (W.F.M.S.) in carriage.

1675 Outdoor carpentry, Methodist Episcopal Boys Industrial School.

1676 Carpentry class on veranda. Methodist Episcopal Boy's School. Cawnpore.

1675 Outdoor carpentry, Methodist Episcopal Boys Industrial School.

1677 Carpetnry class on veranda. Methodist Episcopal Boys School. Cawnpore.

1678 Morning prayers under the trees, Methodist Episcopal Boys School.

1679 Morning prayers under the trees, Methodist Episcopal Boys School.

1680 neg miss

1681 Dr. Denning preaching on housetop. Dr. Sampson playing violin, at

1682 Reserved Sheets

1683 Grouping village in the Muzaffapur District that had just been
baptized by Rev. Sheets.

1684 The Shrine of the god Jaggernath.

1685 The Rev. and Mrs. Manley, Calcutta.

1686 Boys and missionary, Methodist Episcopal Boys School. Muzaffapur.
Rev. Perrill, the teacher.

1687 John Winter

1688 Dhersey sewing on floor of veranda at hand machine.

1689 Methodist Mission Residence. Baroda.

1690 Elephant getting a bath.

1691 Elephant getting a bath.

1692 Elephant getting a bath.

1693 Elephant getting a bath.

1694 Home of Rev. Grey in Arrah. 1909

1695 Home of Rev. Grey in Arrah.

1696 Home of Rev. Grey in Arrah.

1697 Thibetan Tope,- Darjeeling.

1698 View showing terraces at Queen's Hill School. Darjeeling.

1699 Roadway and mountainside, Darjeeling.


2054 Graves at Lucknow. Miss Isabella Thoburn, Rev. B.H. Badley.


1700 Street scene.

1701 Taj Mahal. Agra.

1702 Mount Nanda Devi.

1705 Multitude bathers.

1706 Devotee seated on bed of spikes.

1707 Devotee lying on bed of spikes.

1708 Bed of spikes.


1710 Priest and temple girl, Calcutta.

1711 Sacrificing animals at temple of Kali. Calcutta.

1712 Headman of Town.

1713 Headman and little son.

1714 Headman wife and son.

1715 Entering a village in India

1716 Evangelistic service in village street.

1717 Bright-faced lad carrying fodder.

1718 Overcrowded school.

1729 Development of Reid Christian College.

1730 Isabella Thoburn College. Lucknow.

1740 Gymnastics in India.

1763 Coming out of chapel. Baroda.

1767 Preparing for operation. Congregational Men's Hospital, Madura.
Southern India.

1768 Operation in hospital.

1769 Relatives awaiting result of operation.

1779 Methodist Publishing House, Lucknow.

1780 Parade in front of Publishing House. Lucknow.

E and So.A. Publications in India.

1782 Employees of Publishing House, Lucknow.

1785 Poppy field in India. The flowering opium poppy.

1799 Preaching the Gospel to a heathen priest. J. Benson Baker, Meerut

1800 Missionary teaching the Scriptures. N.L. Rockey.

1806 Epworth League procession in India. Bareilly Jubilee 1909.

1809 Converts preparing for baptism, Bareilly Jubilee.

1810 Jubilee tent, Bareilly.

1811 Open air service. Bareilly Jubilee, 1907.

1812 Bishop Thoburn baptising convert.

1813 Crowd baptized by Bishop Thoburn.

1816 Bishop J.M. Thoburn.

2083 Goddess (Siva).

2277 Map of "Siege of Lucknow."

2296 Children of converts without a school.

2297 Itinerating in India.

2298 A missionary's grave. The wife standing by followed in ten days. Both
were stricken with small pox.

2299 Two Bhil Women.

2300 John Samson, a native preacher and family.

2301 A wood seller, Darjeeling.

2302 Milk sellers.

2303 Bengalese mother and child.

2304 First fruits of a great revival Arrah district.

2305 Group of converts Arrah Circuit.

2306 Our first real convert in Arrah. The young man.

2307 Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Mansell of Bareilly, Dr Henry Mansell at the right.

2309 Residence of A. L. Grey for more than three years. Arrah district.

2308 A group of converts Arrah district.

2310 We are Christians. We cannot lie. North India.

2311 The three languages of India in which the missionary works. The North
India, the Persian and the Latin characters.

2312 A converted priest. North India.

2313 Tulsi and wife. They are converts. He is a preacher in the mission

2504 Fever chart prepared by one of the nurses in Butler Memorial
Hospital. Baroda. The nurse is a graduate of our Girls' Orphanage.

2505 Illustrating how guests and workers are received. Garlands are made
of fragrant flowers with proper messages of greeting and placed over the

2506 Mohammedan judge and family. Patrons of Butler Memorial Hospital.



2509 Group of motherless babies brought in various stages of illness to
the Butler Memorial Hospital. Baroda.

2510 Children from the Childern's Ward of the Butler Memorial Hospital
Maternity ward. Baroda.

2511 Mother Butler.

2512 High caste Hindu woman, a patient in Butler Memorial Hospital. Baroda.

2513 Fifty maternity cases children in Butler Memorial Hospital competing
for first prize for the baby showing best care at home. Baroda.

2514 The Butler Memorial Hospital. Baroda.

2516 Staff of Mrs. William Butler Memorial Hospital, 1912. Doctor, Supt.
of nurses and nurses in training. Baroda.

2520 First class entering the Butler Memorial Hospital, girls from our
school in Baroda. Godhra and Telegaon.

2521 Book showing destructive work of white ants in India.

2564 Gathering material for weaving baskets. Two Benegal villagers.

2576 Political map of India. Christian Mission stations.

2582 Isabella Thoburn College.

2584 Publications in India.

2586 Methodist Publishing House. Lucknow.

2587 View in Hemalayas-Nanga Parbat.

2588 Bishop J. M. Thoburn.

2565 no caption

2566 Fac-simile of a letter from Bishop Thoburn.

2569 no caption

2570 no caption

2573 no caption

2589 Taking elephants to river to be bathed.

2711 Hindu funeral procession bathing in the Ganges after burning the body.

2712 Missionary children on elephant.

2713 no caption

2747 Kodambakam Festival. Multitudes waiting for the golden idol. South

2748 Mortifying the flesh. Hindu fakir. North India.

2714 Wedding of Rev. Puran Mall and Keshri in the Methodist Episcopal
Church, Phalera.

2716 Ruined Temple, Dwarahat.

2715 Remaining walls of a Hindu Temple. Dwarahat.

2717 Ruth Ashu and her Ayah (nurse.)

2718 Missionary children.

2719 Mayo Hospital, Jaipur.

2720 A Rajputana circuit rider mounting.

2721 Agar Dass and wife formerly Hindu Priest and Priestess, now converts
and singing evangelists of Rajputana.

2722 Preachers of Ajmere District, 1902

2723 Pastor-Teacher-Training class and their teachers, Phalera, India.

2724 Engaement ceremony for Rev. Puran Mall to Keshri.

2725 Mohammedan cook and his boy.

2726 Threshing wheat Phalera Orphanage.

2727 Mrs N.L. Rockey is the missionary in the upper left hand corner.

2728 Hindu festival, (Dewali.)

2729 Kindergarten class, W.F.M.S. Orphanage, Phalera.

2730 Tree growing in ruined temple, Dwarahat.

2731 Missionary N.L. Rockey holding a quarterly conference or worker's
meeting in a village.

2732 Miss Mary Reed in her parlor Chandag.

2733 White-ant hill.

2734 Missionary and family traveling.

2735 Group of Indian girls in boarding school. Sitapur.

2736 Missonary children in Hindu costume.

Group of Indian girls in boarding school, Sitapur.

2738 Harkua Wilson and family, Dwarahat.

2739 Mr. Rockey and ancient idol, Dwarahat.

2740 Mission School, Dwarahat.

2741 Group of Indian girls in boarding school, Sitapur. J.O. Denning,

2742 School boys of village school.

2743 Indian woman devotee measuring her length up the hill.

2744 Native fakir at Ahmedabd, North India.

2745 Monghee stah or bougha ora (spirit house/of the Santals.

2746 Kumbh Mela at Allahabad.

3669 no caption

3684 no caption

3706 Himalayas.

3712 Himalayas, Mountains and snowy range from Mussoorie (Landour.)

3716 A Sikh with his performing bear.

3717 Kashmir Mountains.

3718 View in mountains. A distant view of Himalayas.

3719 Landour Bridge-Mussoorie.

3720 Musoorie and Landour (looking North.)

3721 Clouds in mountains.

3724 Pindari Glacier twelve thousand to fourteen thousand feet above Sea
level. About three miles long.

3725 Naini Tal.

3732 Deodar trees of Simla, where Kipling got his "under the Deodars."

3733 Cloud effect.

3734 Elephant catching in the foothills of the Himalayas. (near DehraDun)

3735 Rope bridge in upper Himalayas.

3736 Himalaya peaks in the rainy season.

3737 Elephant catching in the foothills of the Himalayas. (near Dehra Dun)

3738 Twelve coolies carrying a hogshead of beer in the Himalayas.

3739 Mount Everest, twenty nine thousand feet above sea-level.

3740 Hills below Mussoorie. Note mountain roads.

3741 Cloud effect on Kunchinjunga near Darjeeling.

3742 Cloud and mountains. Darjeeling.

3743 Clouds from near Darjeeling.

3744 Kunchinjunga, about twenty eight thousand eight hundred feet high.
One of the highest mountains in India.

3745 Coolies in the Himalayas.

3764 Hindustani Church, Lucknow, built 1892.

3783 Hindu School pupils, Amritsar.

Bathing the baby, Gujarat Village. Bombay Pres.

3801 Beating grain with flail.

3802 Winnowing grain.

3809 no caption

4649 Railway station.

4651 Dr Martin, United Presbyterian Board of Lahore.

4650 Dr. Martin and group of United Presbyterian Missionaries on board

4652 Private garden.

4653 Railroad scene.

4655 One of the Methodist schools. Miss Grace Stephens, (W.F.M.S.) Madras.

4654 Miss Grace Stephens (in center) and her group of workers in 1909.

4656 Elizabeth, a Bible woman who was one of the earliest converts of
Grace Stephens. She bears a wonderful testimony and knows no fear, going
everywhere and usually alone.

4657 Three married women. Madras.

4659 A mission Evangelist or teacher in compound of W.F.M.S. proper.

4658 Three native married women. Madras.

4660 Mission Evangelist or teacher in compound of W.F.M.S property. Madras.

4661 no caption

4663 Street scene. Coolies lined up on the street. Madras.

4662 no caption

4664 Elizabeth K. Stanley Girls High School, Hryderabad, Deccan. Under
direction of Miss CAtherine A. Wood. (W.F.M.S)

4665 no caption.

4667 Rev. and Mrs. W.D. Schermerhorn on the veranda of their bungalow at
Hyderabad, Deccan.

4666 Gamble Memorial. W.F.M.S. residence. Kolar.

4668 Rev. and Mrs W.D. Schermerhorn on the verandaof their bungalow at
Hyderabad, Deccan.

4669 Methodist Episcopal Church at Bangalore; English services.

4671 no caption

4670 Laying cornerstone of one of the buildings for the Baldwin School for
boys. Bangalore.

4672 Rev. W. H. L. Batstone with group of mission workers.

4673 At railway station, Calcutta.

4675 G W. Park and family. Bombay.

4674 G. W. Park and family. Bombay.

4676 Missionary's residence, Nadiad.

4677 Mulji of Baroda. supported by six American children.

4679 Mrs. Ward and Sorina.

4678 American children who support Mulji.

4680 Mrs. WArd and Mrs. Sheets feeding the monkeys at Ahmedabad.

4681 Mohammedan mosque with famous carved stone windows, Ahmedabad.

4683 Cricket field of Mohammedan University at Aligarh.

4682 Muttra Chapel Mission House. Blackstone Mission Institute,

4685 Outdoor carpentry at Methodist Episcopal Boys' School, Aligarh.

4687 W.F.M.S. residence. Muttra.

4686 Not catalogued

4688 Chapel, Isabella Thoburn College.

4689 Mr. and Mrs. Chitambar.

4691 Holy woman with a shrine, Allahabad mela.

4690 Kindergarten, Isabella Thoburn College. Lucknow.

4693 People bathing in Ganges at the Mela. Allahabad.

4693 An ekka. Allahabad.

4695 Mission well, Cawnpore.

4694 Sugar refinery, Musaffarpur.

4696 W.F.M.S. residence. Muzaffarpur.

4723 Dormitory of the Methodist Boys High School. Lucknow.

4935 W.S. Fleet entering Harbor. Colombo.

4724 Tablet at Residency, Lucknow.

4936 no caption

4938 Street Scene, Colombo

4937 Coolie on deck of the stramer. Colombo.

4939 A street scene in Colombo.

4940 River and small boats, Colombo.

4942 no caption.

4941 Lake Kandy. Ceylon.

4943 Street scene. Kandy.

4944 Bullock Cart Kandy-Ceylon.

4946 Rubber trees, Ceylon.

4945 Peredenyce Garden, Ceylon.

4947 Bananas at the railroad station. Ceylon.

4948 Mountains from the train Ceylon.

4950 Mountain. Ceylon.

4949 Mountains from the train. Ceylon.

4951 Street scene. Madura.

4952 Sacred Tank. Great Temple. Madura

4953 Sacred Island in lake. Madura.

4955 High caste native village near Kolar.

4956 Low caste native village near Kolar.

4958 Group of W.F.M.S. day school children. Kolar.

4957 Christian village of Nazareth near kolar.

4959 School children in Christian village, Nazareth, near Kolar.

School building in the Christian village of Nazareth, near Kolar.

4952 Native Carts used by missionaries in itinerating.

4961 Street scene, Madras.

Street scenes in Christian village Nazareth, near Kolar.

4964 Tonga. Bangalore.

4966 Slaughter House. Bangalore.

4965 Towers of Silence, Bombay.

4967 Dressing beef in the slaughter house. Bangalore.

4968 View from Golconda-Hyderabad.

4970 Corner of Jain Temple, Ahmedabed.

4969 View from Golconda-Hyderabad.

4972 Feeding the monkeys. (Sona Ward.)

4971 Jain Temple side view, Ahmedabad.

4973 Bullock cart, Ahmedabad.

4975 Street sprinkler. Ahmedabad.

4974 Street scene. Ahmedabad.

4976 Amber Palace, Jaipur.

4977 Elephants going to Amber Palace-Jaipur.

4979 Near view of a temple. Pasa.

4978 Temple in valley. Pasa.

4981 Tomb of Muzreh Dowlah. Agra.

4983 Tomb at Fatehpur. Siku.

4982 Taj Mahal.

4984 Mixing mortar. Delhi.

4985 Kutub Minar. Delhi.

4987 Gate to Kutub Minar. Delhi.

4986 no caption.

4988 no caption.

4989 Entrance to a mosque. Delhi.

4991 Old Bailey Guard Gate, Lucknow.

4990 Residency, Lucknow.

4992 Great Mosque, Lucknow.

4993 no caption.

4995 Along the river front. Benares.

4994 Burning Ghat. Benared.

4996 Bathing Ghat. Benares.

4997 Bathing Ghat. Benares.

4998 Sacred bull.

4999 Thibetan Shrine. Darjeeling.

6931 Mists rising from the valleys in the Himalaya Mountains.

6354 no caption.

9551 Village congregation in mass movement.

9552 Village congregation in mass movement.

9553 Village congregation in mass movement.

9564 Congregation in mass movement.

9567 Christian Congregation in mass movement.

9568 Group of men and women in the Delhi District.

9569 Group of men and women in the Delhi District.

9571 Rev. George Gordon (a great Mass Movement worker in Meerut District.)

9573 Service in one of our Punjab villages, (Rev. I.W. Daniel preaching.)

9576 Prominent village worker in the Mrrut Mass Movement and his family.
(The woman on the left is a receast convert from his hometown.), (9574 and
9575 mounted in following group)

9578 Lek Raj, village worker with the bicycle, and relatives converted.

9579 Preacher in charge of the Meerut District and Chaudhris.

9580 Young village reader.

9583 Hindus on the houssetop, watching a baptismal scene below.

9596 Rev. I.W. Daniel and one of his Chaudhris.

9597 The Chaudhris of Batala Circuit in the Punjab.

9598 The Chaudhris of Batala Circuit in the Punjab. Mission workers in

9599 Village congregation in mass movement.

9549 "Purdah" Woman wearing the "burkha"

9554 Crowd in a bazaar around a quack doctor.

9555 Hindu funeral procession.

9556 Wireless plant in the Fort at Delhi.

9558 The original ball and cross on the church at Delhi.

9550 Hindu fakir training a little boy.

9557 Hindu fakir by the wayside smoking

9587 Hindu fakir having a sleep before lighting the fires of torture
around him.

9588 Another view of Hindu fakir having a sleep before lighting the fires
of torture around him.

9590 Hindu saint at his devotions, pet monkey in background.

9559 Agent of a Japanese doctor advertising his medicines.

9560 Cart for sprinkling the city streets. Delhi.

9561 Veiled Hindu woman on the streets of Delhi.

9562 City mission schoolboys (non Christian) entering a hall for an
Epworth League Rally.

9563 Outside a railway station (Punjab.) "Have a cab?"

9565 Village Chaudhris (Leaders) at the Delhi District Summer School.

9570 Persian Well Wheel, largely used in the Punjab and N.W. India.

9566 Young Chamar mother. North India.

9572 Group of Chamar Christian women.

9574 Chamar Christian women at the village well.

9575 Young Chamar mother North India.

9577 Group of Chamar Christian women (The jewelry is silver)

9581 Boys of the Meerut Training School.

9582 Chaudhris at the Meerut Summer School enjoying a midday siesta.

9584 Village man and wife making rope, North India.

9585 A village woman at the well.

9586 A drink at the well.

9589 Village Christian (Chamar) having learned to read teaches another.

9591 Rev. George Gordon of Ghaziabad (Meerut district) and one of his
prominent Chaudhris.

9592 View from tower near Golden Temple.

9593 Amritsar-Golden Temple.

9594 Entrance to Golden Temple, Amritsar.

9595 At the railway station. Amristsar.

9600 Kashmir Gate, Delhi, made famous by the mutiny of 1857.

9601 Wall near the Kashmir Gate, Delhi.

9602 Panchayat, or village council in a Punjab village (Christians.)

9603 House repair in North India. The women and girls often do such work.

9604 Water buffalows in North India.

9605 Statue of John Nicholson of mutiny fame. Delhi.

9606 Mr. and Mrs Cornelius, Lucknow, Christian College

9607 Sikh, convert having his sacred hair cut off by Padri Daniels.

9608 Hindu lads in a mission school.

9609 Washerwomen returning from the ghat.

9610 Water buffaloes enjoying a midday chew.

9611 A Hindu pupil of our Humphrey High School. Starting home. Naini Tal.

9612 Mission literature from America on the home stretch at the India end.

9613 River scene in the Himalayas.

9614 Veiled women on the railway platform. A common sight in North India.

9615 A village Chaudhri representing the sufferings of Christ at the Delhi
district Summer School.

Street car near Mohammedan Mosque. Delhi.

9617 Street car. Delhi.