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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #3

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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #3


Images related to Methodist mission work in Japan taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1900s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Japan #3




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Japan #3 Collection

52509 Japanese types, public school boys. Kyoto Japan.

52510 Japanese Types. Smiling school boy. Kyoto Japan.

52511 Government school boys on a rainy day. Kyoto Japan.

52512 Reading while waiting for a car in. Kyoto Japan.

52513 Boy and hand cart Kyoto Japan.

52514 Bicyclist carring umbrella rainy day. Kyoto Japan.

52515 Carring an umbrella while riding bicycle. Kyoto Japan.

52516 Old and new style umbrella on a rainy day, Kyoto Japan.

52517 Rainy day Kyoto Japan.

52518 Hongwanji temple building. Kyoto Japan.

52519 Buddhist school in which nishi - Hongwanji has S. S. of Methods.
Kyoto Japan.

52520 Buddhist S.S. Headquarters Kyoto Japan.

52521 Buddhist S.S. Headquarters. Kyoto Japan.

52522 Oriniono Kaisha. Kyoto Japan.

52523 Oriniono Kaisha. Kyoto Japan.

52524 Dyering Oriniono Kaisha. Kyoto Japan.

52525 Dyering. Oriniono Kaisha. Kyoto Japan.

52526 Weaving brocaded silk. Oriniono Mills. Kyoto Japan.

52527 Cow shrine. Japan.

52528 Candy maker in temple yard. Kobe, Japan.

52529 Temple at foot of archway of tories. Kobe, Japan.

52530 Well in Temple grounds. Kobe, Japan.

52531 Chidlren in Temple yard. Kobe, Japan.

52532 Boys festival paper fish. Kobe, Japan.

52533 Entrance of stairway of 100 Torii. Kobe, Japan.

52534 Same caption as 52533

52535 Stairway to the 100 Torii. Kobe, Japan.

52536 Looking through templee gate. Kobe, Japan.

52537 View through temple gate. Kobe, Japan.

52538 Stairs through 100 Torii Kobe, Japan.

52539 Grave stone with image of Buddha carved in it. Kobe, Japan.

52540 Garden of Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52541 Guidian of Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52542 Temple at foot of archway of torii. Kobe, Japan.

52543 Temple at head of roadway of torii. Kobe, Japan.

52544 Shinto Temple grounds. Kobe, Japan.

52545 Garden of Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52546 Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52547 Worshippers at Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52548 Worshipping at Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52549 Little fox shrine made by children. Kobe, Japan.

52550 Fox shrine, Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52551 Entrance to Shinto Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52552 Smaller Buddhist idol. Hyogo (part of Kobe), Japan.

52553 Smaller Buddhist idol - Hyogo, Kobe, Japan.

52554 Boy washing his mouth ceremonially before worship at big Shinto
Temple. Kobe, Japan.

52555 Pilgrim going from Buddhist temple. Kobe, Japan.

52556 Pilgrim worshipping at Shinto shrine. Kobe, Japan.

52557 Dai - butsu or Big Buddha. Hyogo (part of Kobe), Japan.

52558 Big Buddha, Hyogo (part of Kobe), Japan.

52559 Dieseased begger and children Hyogo, part of Kobe, Japan.

52560 Dieseased beggar and children, near Big Buddha, Hyogo - part of
Kobe, Japan.

52561 Small Shinto shrine in enclosure of temple. Kobe, Japan.

52562 Crowd watchingg fakir do tricks shinto temple grounds. Kobe, Japan.

52563 Dovers at Kogen temple Kobe, Japan.

52564 Beer hall sign near restricted district. Kobe, Japan.

52515 "American Bar" Kobe, Japan.

52566 Beer Hall, Kobe, Japan.

52567 Jugger by Beer Hall Kobe, Japan.

52568 Kobe street Japan.

52569 Fish sign over curio shop Kobe, Japan.

52570 Japanese women and child. Kobe, Japan.

52571 Children on steps of temple. Kobe, Japan.

52572 Cobble at side of street. Kobe, Japan.

52573 Suspension Bridge Tokyo to Kobe. Japan.

52574 Weighing vegetables. Kobe, Japan.

52575 Ruins of fire. Kobe, Japan.

52576 Same capture as 52575

52577 Same capture as 52575

52578 Commercial museum. Kobe, Japan.

53198 View on street in front of Church, showing decorations for the
Hachinnan festival. Japan.

52579 Commercial museum Kobe, Japan.

52580 Sign in Kobe, Japan.

52581 Sign in Kobe, Japan.

52582 A sign - Kobe, Japan.

52583 Japanese c*** and boby Kobe, Japan.

52584 Christian bookstore Kobe, Japan.

52585 A street peddler. Japan.

52586 "Empress of Japan" Kobe, Japan.

52587 Crowd on docks, Empress of Japan. Kobe, Japan.

52588 "Empress of Japan" C.P.P. line leaving. Kobe, Japan.

52589 Pickshas on road to hotel. Kobe, Japan.

52590 Japanese children and baby. Kobe, Japan.

52591 Child on street. Kobe, Japan.

52592 Building coffins Kobe, Japan.

52593 Children playing. Kobe, Japan.

52594 Coat seller. Kobe, Japan.

52595 Beggars. Kobe, Japan.

52596 Selling wooden birds. Kobe, Japan.

52597 Man selling birds. Kobe, Japan.

52598 Fish kites. Kobe, Japan.

52599 Flower seller. Kobe, Japan.

52600 Loads of empty standard oil tins. Kobe, Japan.

52601 Child playing with stones. Kobe, Japan.

52602 Children playing in street. Kobe, Japan.

52603 Boys pulling cart. Kobe, Japan.

52604 Boys and stilts Kobe, Japan.

52605 Chemical experiments in temple grounds. Kobe, Japan.

52606 Boys oon streett. Kobe, Japan.

52607 Tor Hotel. Kobe, Japan.

52608 Line men at work ladder hanging clear of wires. Kobe, Japan.

52609 Mending telephone wires. Kobe, Japan.

52610 Fixing telephone wires. Kobe, Japan.

52611 Electric fans for sale. Kobe, Japan.

52612 Electric fans for sale. Kobe, Japan.

52613 Eletric fans to rent. Kobe, Japan.

52614 Moving picture street. Kobe, Japan.

52615 Amusement st. Kobe, Japan.

52616 Old man carring banner. Kobe, Japan.

52617 Theater procession. Kobe, Japan.

52618 Band advertizing movie show. Kobe, Japan.

52619 Sign advertising a film. Kobe, Japan.

52621 Children reading movie sign. Kobe, Japan.

52622 Basket containing paultry. Kobe, Japan.

52623 Japanese typewriter, Kobe, Japan.

52624 Japanese typewriter, Kobe, Japan.

52625 Best street in the slums, Kobe, Japan.

52626 Slums, better class of buildings. Kobe, Japan.

52627 One of the best and wildest streets. Kobe, Japan.

52628 Streets in slums. Kobe, Japan.

52629 Japanese chess in the slums. Kobe, Japan.

52630 Mr. Kagawa (second from right) and his boys from the brush factory.
Kobe, Japan.

52631 Mr. Kagawa and his boys. Kobe, Japan.

52632 Mr. Kagawa's brush factory. Worker's hair white with bone dust.
Kobe, Japan.

52633 Mr. Kagawa with slums children. Kobe, Japan.

52634 Toyokiko Kagawa. Kobe, Japan.

52635 Mr. Kagawa and slum children. Kobe, Japan.

52636 Mr. Kagawa and children of slums. Kobe, Japan.

52637 Same caption as 52636.

52638 Slum children and Mr. Kagawa at back. Kobe, Japan.

52639 Mr. Kagawa and slum children. Kobe, Japan.

52640 Slum children. Kobe, Japan.

52641 Slum child. Kobe, Japan.

52642 Slum child. Kobe, Japan.

52643 Slum children showing hardened faces. Kobe, Japan.

52644 Slum child.

52645 Slum children. Kobe, Japan.

52646 Slum child. Kobe, Japan.

52647 Slum children digging in foundation of old building for scrap iron.
Kobe, Japan.

52648 Slum type child. Kobe, Japan.

52649 Slum children. Kobe, Japan.

52650 Slum type, boy and whistle. Kobe, Japan.

52651 Offerings on truly "sacred" out house. Kobe, Japan.

52652 Public "sacred" out house where offerings are left on house and on
tree at back. Kobe, Japan.

52653 New factories including one copper. Kobe, Japan.

52654 Smoke from factories blowing over Kobe, Japan.

52655 Smoke of factories blowing over Kobe, Japan.


52657 Old Pilgrim at Shinto Shrine. Kobe, Japan.

52658 Washing rickshaw wheel. Kobe, Japan.

52659 Man mailing letter. Kobe, Japan.

52660 Cow shrine. Kobe, Japan.

52661 Japanese type richshaw man asleep in rickshaw. Kobe, Japan.

52662 Child at picture book counter. Kobe, Japan.

52663 Girl with baby and flower. Kobe, Japan.

52664 Mr. Katsuta "Donor" of new $140,000 college building, Aoyama Gakuin,

52665 Same caption as 52664.

52666 Same caption as 53664.

52667 Mr. Katsuta. Kobe, Japan.

52668 Same caption as 52667.

52669 Same caption as 52667.

52670 Mr. Mito. Kobe, Japan.

52671 Same caption as 52670.

52672 Mr. Mito in office in Hanmill. Kobe, Japan.

52673 Boiling lake with rising steam at end of crescent shaped crater of
Aso Lake, Japan.

52674 One end of the crescent shaped crater of Mt. Aso near Kumamoto,

52675 One end of valcano crater. Mt. Aso near Kumamoto. Boiling lake
with steam ascending, Japan.

52676 Uryen Nagasakiken, Japan. Nitu Resort, formerly a volcano crater,
now filled with numerous boiling sulphur.

52677 Buddhist wayside shrine in the valley , North Kyushu, Japan.

52678 Tomb of Naizo Itakura at Arima, Japan.

52679 Fukuoka girls bowing to gym. instructor after exercise, Japan.

52680 Fukuoka girl's school drill, Japan.

52681 Fukuoka girl's school. Balancing exercise, Japan.

52682 Girls balancing. Fukuoka.

52683 Girls drill. Fukuoka, Japan.

52684 Girls drill. Fukuoka, Japan.

52685 Girls exercising. Fukuoka, Japan.

52686 Girls of Fukuoka School, Japan.

52687 Fukuoka Girls' School.

52688 Balancing, Fukuoka Girls School, Japan.

52689 Workmens shed on site of new girls' school. Fukuoka, Japan.

52690 Miss E.M. Lee on site of new mission residence. Fukuoka, Japan.

52691 Workmen unloading timber for Fukuoka Girls' School, Japan.

52692 Boy carpenter, apprentice. Fukuoka Girls' School, Japan.

52693 Workmen bringing timbers for Fukuoka Girls' School, Japan.

52694 Miss Lee among trees on new Women's Foreign Missionary Society site. Fukuoka, Japan.

52695 Carpenter at work, Fukuoka Girl's School, Japan.

52696 Group at Fukuoka Girl's School, Japan.

52697 Girl's School group, Fukuoka, Japan.

52698 Fukuoka girl's, Japan.

52699 Near view of government school girls. Fukuoka, Japan. (lined up
for parade with ashes of dead soldiers)

52700 Government primary school girls. Fukuoka, Japan.

52701 Relatives of dead waiting at Fukuoka Station, Japan.

52702 Priest at station, Fukuoka, Japan.

52703 Placing ashes in funeral car. Fukuoka, Japan.

52704 Priest with box containing ashes of dead. Fukuoka, Japan.

52705 Funeral car ready to start. Fukuoka, Japan.

52706 Funeral car with ashes of dead starting for station. Fukuoka, Japan.

52707 Soldiers, and funeral car for ashes of dead, Fukuoka.

52708 Funeral car ready for ashes of dead, Fukuoka.

52709 Public school children lined up for parade. Fukuoka.

52710 Part of 10,000 school children lined up for procession of soldiers
and priests, with ashes of 11 dead soldiers. Fukuoka, Japan.

52711 Priests coming from station. Fukuoka, Japan.

52712 Buddha priests with ashes of dead soldiers. Fukuoka.

52713 Library, Japan. Fukuoka.

52714 Library. Fukuoka, Japan.

52715 Children dressing doll. Fukuoka.

52716 Buddhist idol. Fukuoka.

52717 Dredges. Fukuoka Bay.

52718 Boy and dog. Fukuoka.

52719 Boy and dog by sea. Fukuoka.

52720 Boy and dog. Fukuoka.

52721 Boy and dog. Fukuoka, Japan.

52722 Boy and dog. Fukuoka.

52723 Preaching place. Fukuoka.

52724 Priest of Fortune Telling Temple talking to Miss Lee. Fukuoka,

52725 Fortune telling booth in Buddhist Temple, Fukuoka. Miss Lee at side
bars on electric light constitute the sign of fortune tellers place, closed
for the afternoon.

52726 Miss Elizabeth M. Lee at Fortune telling booth in Buddhist Temple,

52727 Straw roof work peculiar tufts like small dormer windows, Fukuoka.

52728 Torii of Hakozak Shrine, Fukuoka.

52729 Torii of Hakozak Shrine, Fukuoka.

52730 Torii near Kakozaki Shrine. Fukuoka, Japan.

52731 Torii of Hakozak Shrine, Fukuoka.

52732 Buick and Texas oil sign. Fukuoka, Japan.

52733 Baby on girl's back, protected against cold, Fukuoka.

52734 Bronze lantern at Shinto Shrine. Fukuoka, Japan.

52735 Habata to Buddha, Fukuoka.

52736 Children by Habata Buddha, Fukuoka.

52737 Children play see-saw on telegraph pole. "Habata Buddha." Fukuoka.

52738 "Habata Buddha," Fukuoka, Japan.

52739 Same caption as 52738.

52740 Same caption as 52738.

52741 Man worshipping at Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52742 Woman worshipping, Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52743 Worshippers, Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka, Japan.

52744 Side view, Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka, Japan.

52745 Worshipping priest, Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52746 One of the panels at base of statue. Fukuoka.

52747 Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52748 Woman praying at Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52749 Woman praying at Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52750 Woman praying for healing, Fukuoka.

52751 Nearer view of Nicherin Statue. Fukuoka.

52752 Nicherin Statue from distance. Fukuoka.

52753 Auto climbing to Park overlooking. Fukuoka Bay, Japan.

52754 Girl mailing letter. Fukuoka, Japan.

52755 Children playing jack stones, Fukuoka, Japan.

52756 Kushida Jinsha Shrine, Fukuoka.

52757 Kushida Jinsha Shrine, Fukuoka, Japan.

52758 Children on stone dog in grounds of Kushida Jinsh Shrine. Fukuoka,

52759 Left-handed catcher in temple yard just starting to throw ball.
Fukuoka. Time to get the catcher.

52760 Child playing with baby on back. Fukuoka, Japan.

52761 Shrine near Imperial Unversity. Fukuoka, Japan.

52762 Hospital, Imperial University. Med. Dept. Fukuoka, Japan.

52763 Dr. Yano (Meth.) Y.M.C.A. men. Fukuoka.

52764 Dr. Yano. Fukuoka, Japan.

52765 Same caption as 52764.

52766 Y.M.C.A. dormitory, Imperial University. Fukuoka, Japan.

52767 Dr. Yano (Meth.) child disease Specialist. Med. Dept. Imperial
University. Y.M.C.A. Fukuoka, Japan.

52768 Main building, engineering dept., Imperial University. Fukuoka,

52769 Same caption as 52768.

52770 Electrical building, Imperial University. Fukuoka, Japan.

52771 Electrical Building, Imperial University. Fukuoka, Japan.

52772 Electrical building, Imperial University. Fukuoka, Japan.

52773 Laboratories, Imperial University. Engineering Dept. Fukuoka,

52774 Photographic dept. Imperial University. Fukuoka.

52775 Physical Building Fukuoka, Japan.

52776 Physical Laboratory Building. Fukuoka, Japan.

52777 Men watering garden vegetables with liquid fertilizer. Fukuoka,

52779 Lunch at the station, R.S. Spencer. Isahaya.

52780 A missionary brunch at Isahaya Station. R.E. Spencer, Mrs. Pinton,
Ruth and Bill.

52781 Field near Isahaya. Japan.

52782 Rice fields terraced on hillside Omuwa gulf in the distance. Japan.

52783 Tiny terrace in land conservation between Kihitsu and Okuta. Japan.

52784 Terraces, Japan.

52785 Small terraces near Nagasaki, Japan.

52786 Terraces near Nagasaki. Japan.

52787 Utilizing every scrap of land. Japan.

52788 The man with a hoe.

52789 Farmer woman inn Kikitsu village. Nagasaki. Japan.

52790 Rice sets ready for transplanting. Japan.

52791 Rice sets ready for transplanting. Japan.

52792 Reaping alone. Japan.

52793 Grain by roadside and house, near Isahaya. Japan.

52794 Heading grain. Japan.

52795 Old lady heading grain. Japan.

52796 Letting the wind do your winnowing. Japan.

52797 Winnowing, hulling and seeing what's going on. Japan.

52789 Preparing to flail grain with a beef steak pounder. Japan.

52799 Gathering headed grain to thresh.

52800 Grain drying out near a house.

52801 Pounding rice near Isahaya. Japan.

52802 Pounding rice near Isahaya, Japan.

52803 Girls of higher primary school. Japan.

52804 Girls in higher primary school near Isahaya. Japan.

52805 Higher primary school near Isahaya, Japan.

52806 Straddle vault - in higher primary school, near Isahaya. Japan.

52807 Boys in higher primary school being taught mullerry culture.
Nagasaki Ken, near Kikitsu. Japan.

52808 Trimming mulberry bushes. Japan.

52809 Tile kiln near Isahaya. Japan.

52810 Watching dad make tiles, near Isahaya. Japan.

52813 Tile during in sum before backing. Japan.

52814 Fertilizer special, empty. Japan.

52815 Beancake fertilizer Kikitsu, Japan.

52816 Ironing clothes, Japan.

52817 Silk worm trays drying in the sum. Japan.

52818 Rice plants ready fro transplanting, Isahaya, Japan.

52819 Little mother. Isahaya, near Ngasaki. Japan.

52820 Boys in village street.

52821 "We want to be in at the killing." Our baby guard on trips to
Kikitsu, Japan.

52822 Grave yard in midst of field near Kikitsu. Japan.

52823 'Getting a light' our jinricksha men at Kikitsu. Japan.

52824 Looking back towards Kikitsu, Japan.

52825 Village street in country between Isahaya and Kikitsu, Japan.

52826 Getting gravel from creek bed-near Kikitsu, Japan.

52827 Children near rice fields. Japan.

52828 Bay of Okusa near Nagasaki. Japan.

52829 As grandfather so granddaughter. A roadside snap. Japan.

52830 Village near bay not far from Isahaya, Japan.

52831 Terraced fields near Kikitsu. Nagasaki, Japan.

52832 Village near Kikitsu with thatch tile roofs.

52833 Eta Sunday School near Nagasaki. Japan.

52834 Boy in Eta viillage near Nagasaki. Japan.

52835 Japan Women's conference at Nagasaki. Japan.

52836 Women's conference Nagasaki. Bishop Welch.

52837 Same caption as 52836

52838 Kwassui girls school, dining hall. Nagasaki Japan.

52839 Soldiers monument. Kumamoto, Japan.

52840 Bulletin Board. Kumamoto, Japan.

52841 Cigarette factory. Kumamoto, Japan.

52842 Bulletin Board. Kumamoto, Japan.

52843 Kumamoto sign. Japan.

52844 Reading bulletin board. Kumamoto, Japan.

52845 Tram.

52846 Kumamoto Bridge. Japan.

52847 Kagashima gate showing chinese dragon, and "mow" or crest of
Shimadza family. Japan.

52849 Ancient gate showing Chinese dragon and "mow" or crest of Shimadza
family Kagoshima, Japan.

52850 Bullet holes in old castle wall. Kagashima, Japan.

52851 Same caption as 52850

52852 Filling watering cart from moat of castle. Kagoshima, Japan.

52853 Cleaning castle wall. Kagoshima, Japan.

52854 Bullet marks in castle wall. Kagoshima, Japan.

52855 Charm against fire. Kagoshima, Japan.

52856 Putting up frame of house. Kagoshima, Japan.

52857 Japanese house with tree before door. Japan.

52858 Waiting for car in rain. Kagoshima.

52859 Village on road to Kagoshima, Japan.

52860 Torn shoji. Kagoshima, Japan.

52861 Fortune teller's house, note Shinto charms. Kagoshima, Japan.

52862 Shoyn sauce, Kagoshima, Japan.

52863 Polishing Bamboo tray. Kagashima.

52864 Tiling roof. Kagoshima, Japan.

52865 Mr. Bull's garden. Kagoshima.Japan.

52866 Mr. Bull's garden. Kagoshima, Japan.

52867 Fortune teller's house near Bull's residence. Shinto charmes over
door. Japan.

52868 Mrs. Bull washing at station on line to Kagoshima, Japan.

52869 Garden at Mr. Bull's residence. Kagoshima, Japan.

52870 Mr. Bull's garden. Kagoshima, Japan.

52871 Kindergardeners with real stone mill. Kagoshima, Japan.

52872 Kindergarteners singing Soldier boy, soldier boy, Kagoshima.

52873 The unwilling twins. Kagoshima, Japan.

52874 Nurse girl and baby watching kindergarten games. Kagoshima.

52875 The unwilling twins. Kagoshima.

52876 Kindergarten children with chairs. Kogoshima, Japan.

52877 Children with blocks. Kagoshima.

52878 Children with blocks. Kagoshima.

52879 Children with blocks. Kagoshima, Japan.

52880 Children with chairs. Kagoshima.

52881 Kindergarten children wearing. Kogoshima.

52882 Kindergarten children and blocks. Kagoshima.

52883 Kindergarten children with blocks. Kagoshima, Japan.

52884 Kindergarten builders. Kagoshima, Japan.

52885 Kindergarten children weaving. Kagoshima, Japan.

52886 Kindergarten children with chair. Kagoshima.

52887 Kindergarten child with chair. Kagoshima.

52888 Kindergarten builders Kagoshima.

52889 Kindergarten Children. Kagoshima.

52890 Kindergarten. Kagoshima.

52891 Kindergarten carpentry. Kagoshima.

52892 Children with mill. Kagoshima.

52893 Children with mill. Kagoshima.

52894 Close up of child. Kagoshima.

52895 Kindergarten children. Kagoshima.

52896 Kindergarten. Kagoshima.

52897 The unwilling twins. Kagoshima.

52898 Nurse girl with baby looking. Kagoshima.

52899 Kindergarteners and flour mill. Kagoshima.

52900 Kindergarten buildings. Kagoshima.

52901 Kindergarten children weaving. Kagoshima.

529002 Kindergarten. Kagoshima.

52903 Lunch time, weaving factory. Kagoshima, Japan.

52904 Girls dormitory, Japanese mill. Kagoshima.

52905 Racks for umbrellas and wooden shoes, Japanese mill. Kagoshima.

52906 Roll of employees, matron's room. Kagoshima Japanese mill. Japan.

52907 Mill power house. Kagoshima, Japan.

52908 Kagoshima High School teachers sewing. Japan.

52909 Dyeing wood. Kagoshima.

52910 Winding thread. Kagoshima.

52911 Kagoshima Factory. Dormitory, Japan.

52912 Power Room Japanese mill, Kagoshima.

52913 Power looms. Japanese mill, Kagoshima.

52914 Hand weaving. Kagoshima.

52915 Japanese spinning mill. Kagoshima.

52916 Buddhist Sunday school temple. Kagoshima.

52918 Christian doctors. Kagoshima.

52919 Kagoshima H.S teachers Bible class at thee W.T.M. residence. Japan.

52920 Bible school for christian high school teachers from Government
school. Kagoshima.

52921 Bible women sewing. Kagoshima.

52922 Bible women's sewing class. Kagoshima.

52923 Kagoshima flower day. Japan.

52924 Flower day. Children starting.

52925 Church, childrens day starting, Kagoshima.

52926 Flower day audience. Kagoshima.

52927 Flower Day audience, Kagoshima.

52928 Flower Day. Kagoshima.

52929 Main street. Utsonomiya.

52930 Horse protected from heat with - Utsonomiya.

52931 Horse protected with white - Utsonomiya.

52932 City building. Utsu-no-miya. Japan.

52933 Stone marking place where - Utsonomiya.

52934 Paper lantern shop. Utsonomiya.

52935 Sign maker. Drawn on paper, then pasted wood and carved out. Japan.

52936 Wayside shrine. Japan.

52937 Vanity Fair street leading to Shinto Shrine, Utsonomiya.Japan.

52938 Japan.

52939 Fortune teller. Utsonomiya.

52940 Inslot machine. Utsonomiya.

52941 Slot machine, returning the ball - Utsonomiya.

52942 Getting the prize from the - Utsonomiya.

52943 Movie adv. with picture of Christ. Utsonomiya.

52944 Crowd reading and studying - Utsonomiya.

52945 Shrine. Utsonomiya.

94652 Offerings on the "eye" Shrine - Utsonomiya.

52947 Pavilion in which the sacred dance in held. Shinto Shrine.

52948 Child at Utsonomiya. shrine.

52949 Church, Utsonomiya.

52950 Pastor of church in his garden. Utsonomiya.

52951 Pastor at his desk. Utsonomiya.

52952 Shirakawa from R.R. Station. Japan.

52953 "Basha" or wagon stage. Utsonomiya.

52954 Banker at desk, member of Shirak - Utsonomiya.

52955 Methodist Episcopal Church, Shirakawa.

52956 Sunday School class, Shirakawa.

52757 Some of the church members. Shirakawa.

52758 Service in church, Shirakawa.

52959 Coming from church. Shirakawa.

52960 Showing bank on the right. Main St. Sendai.

52961 Main st. showing bank on the left. Sendai.

52962 Farmer woman, Sendai.

52963 Sewage collector. Sendai.

52964 Newspaper office. Sendai.

52965 Christian editor. Sendai.

52966 Journalist. Sendai.

52967 Journalist and family. Sendai.

52968 Deposed Christian editor. Sendai.

52969 Deposed Christian editor. Sendai.

52970 Taireido, Sendai.

52971 Tireido. Sendai.

52972 Reformed church and Theol. Seminary. Sendai.

52973 Greek church. Sendai.

52974 Ricksha and motor cycle, Suspension bridge. Sendai.

52975 Suspension Bridge. Sendai.

52976 The swimming hole.

52977 Children coming from Sunday School. Sendai.

52978 Coming from Sunday School. Sendai.

52979 Sunday School Children. Sendai.

52980 Kokucho S.S. and preaching place. Sendai.

52981 Lunch at tea house to save time for pictures. Lunch consisted of
gummy rice cakes in burnt sugar syrup. Sendai.

52982 Grave decorated for the Bon Matsuri. Sendai.

52983 Kakakawa preacher of Kakucho preaching. Sendai.

52984 Looking back at Sendai.

52985 Sendai from the hill, Methodist Episcopal Church just left of large white building.

52986 Same as 52985

52987 Man whose family was in employ of old Daimys for 30 years, getting
graves ready for Bon Matsuri. Japan.

52988 Grave yard on hill overlooking.

52989 Sunday school on a blistering August. Sendai.

52990 Kokucho S.S. Sendai, Japan.

52991 Kokucho S.S. Sendai, Japan.

52992 Same caption as 52991

52993 Child in street near Kokucho S.S. Sendai. Japan.

52944 Street children. Sendai.

52995 Street children. Sendai.

52996 Street children. Sendai.

52997 Child in street. Japan.

52998 Child by street. Sendai.

52999 Country woman in front of Y.M.C.A. Sendai.

53000 Y.M.C.A. a rented bldg. Secy. is Horiuchi, a Presbyterian eatnest
evangelistic preacher. Japan.

53001 Tire trouble with motor cycle.

53002 Motor cycle in dust near, Sendai.

53004 Children listening to wayside preaching. Mr. Horiuchi at Su-machi,
just outside of Sendai. Japan.

53003 Mr. C.W. Iglehart cleaning a dirty spark plug. Sendai.

53005 Wayside preacher near Sendai.

53006 Wayside preaching, teaching boys to sing.

53007 Wayside preaching a vote on whether.

53008 Wayside preaching near Su-machi.

53009 Wayside preaching Mr. C.W. Iglehart giving.

53013 Mr. C.W. Iglehart giving tract to pilgrim.

53011 Child with bad skin eruption on outskirts of group listening to
street preaching outside of Sendai, Japan.

53012 C*** listening to wayside preaching. Japan.

53013 C.W. Iglehart giving tract to pilgrim who had stopped to listen to
preaching, outside of Sendai, Japan.

53014 Woman who had just received tract.

53015 Reading the leaflet given out at the wayside preaching near Sendai,

53016 Girls dormitories Sendai orphanage. Japan.

53017 Same as 53016

53018 Washing at railway station between -

53019 Washing and cleaning teeth at railway station between Sendai and the
west coast. Japan.

53020 Wahing at station on the way from Sendai to the west coast. Japan.

53021 Farm house C.W. Iglehart talking to children by wayside Japan.

53022 C.W. Iglehart giving out leaflet.

53023 Woman gate tender at crossing near.

53024 Train at crossing, woman gate tender.

53025 Woman c*** asking for leafleet at wayside preaching near Sendai,

53026 Child near railroad crossing near Seidai. Japan.

53027 Children pushing motor cycle when tire went had near Sendai.

53028 Child with diseased, Sendai.

53029 Bridge, Yonezawa, Japan.

53030 New grave under the old stone. Yonezawa. Japan.

53031 Cleaning up the graves in preparation for Bon festival for the dead
Yonezawa, Japan.

53032 Candy seller with drum. Yonezawa, Japan.

53033 Japanes sawing a log, Yonezawa, Japan.

53034 New building going up in Yonezawa. Building at left with mats is
large tobacco store. Japan.

53035 Old store house that withstood the fire. Yonezawa, Japan.

53036 Coppercovered torii damaged by the big fire. Yonezawa, Japan.

53037 Tomb of old Daimyooj.

53038 Government Higher Technical School. Yonezawa, Japan.

53039 Silk weaving mill. Yonezawa, Japan.

53040 Yonezawa silk weaving. Japan.

53041 Young girl in spinning mill girl about 12 years old. Yonezawa, Japan.

53042 New spinning mill building with christian owner. Yonezawa, Japan.

53043 Girl in new spinning mill owned by christian. Yonezawa, Japan.

53044 Interior of new spinning mill. Yonezawa, Japan.

53045 Farm house on edge of Yonezawa, Japan.

53046 Man with pruning knife among bushes. Yonezawa, Japan.

53047 Woman dipping up gold fish. Yonezawa, Japan.

53048 Woman dipping up gold fish. Yonezawa, Japan.

53049 Yonezawa new church at left pastor's house at right being built
around the old store house which was left after the fire. Japan.

53050 Pasonage and new church in course.

53051 Large Japanese restaurant near Church property in Yonezawa, Japan.

53052 Lots by the present property that should be bought. Yonezawa, Japan.

53053 Such maps are Yamagata, Japan.

53054 Commercial museum and special exposition. Yamagata, Japan.

53055 Main Street. Building with tower at right is the office of the
eletric light company. Yamagata, Japan.

53056 Electric light company at right with tower. Yamagata, Japan.

53057 Bronze idol of Buddha. Yamagata, Japan.

53058 Matting hat on man pulling cart Yamagata, Japan.

53059 Storw hat made of yellow straw matting, with parts that unroll on
all side for protection against both rain and snow. Yamagata, Japan.

53060 Singer machine shop Salvation Army supply at left. Yamagata, Japan.

53061 Ken building. Yamagata, Japan.

53062 Street on outskirts of Yamagata, Japan.

53063 Stone covered roof, pumpkins growing over frame. Yamagata, Japan.

53064 Children in street. Yamagata, Japan.

53065 Moving pictures and theatre street. Yamagata, Japan.

53066 Theatre street. Yamagata, Japan.

53067 Licensed quarter. Yamagata, Japan.

53068 Patent medicine ads in licenced quarter. Yamagata, Japan.

53069 Gateway to Buddhist Temple. Japan.

53070 Shinto Temple dedicated to Emperor Meiji. Yamagata, Japan.

53071 Bridge in garden of Shinto Temple. Yamagata, Japan.

53072 Paper prayers put up by children. Yamagata, Japan.

53073 Children prayers time of Yamagata, Japan.

53074 Child's grace in Buddhist Temple. Yamagata, Japan.

53075 Yamagata church, Japan.

53077 Interior Yamagata church, Japan.

53078 Pastor in pulpit, Yamagata, Japan.

53079 Yamagata church showing S.S.rooms at back. Yamagata, Japan.

53080 Pastor and wife. Yamagata, Japan.

53081 Pastor and wife. Yamagata, Japan.

53082 Visiting Mr. C.W. Iglehart, Pastor and - Yamagata, Japan.

53083 Ceremonial bow - exchanging amenities - Yamagata, Japan.

53084 Ceremonial bow, exchanging amenities, Yamagata, Japan.

53085 Going over report and accounts with - Yamagata, Japan.

53086 River front. Noshiro, Japan.

53087 River front. Noshiro, Japan.

53088 Street in Noshiro, Japan.

53089 Blacksmiths blowing fire. Noshiro, Japan.

53090 Japanese blacksmiths welding tire. Noshiro, Japan.

53091 Sandal maker, Noshiro, Japan.

53092 Baling straw rope. Noshiro, Japan.

53093 Straw coat worn by country people. Noshiro, Japan.

53094 Rain hat and straw rain coat Noshiro street market. Japan.

53095 Country woman with vegetable for sale, street market. Noshiro, Japan.

53097 Child eating green melon, rind and all Noshiro, Japan.

53098 Child eating green melon, rind and all. Noshiro, Japan.

53099 Child half asleep between bites of green melon. Noshiro, Japan.

53100 Marketing in the rain with baby on back. Noshiro, Japan.

53101 Auctioning dishes. Noshiro, Japan.

53102 Auctioning dishes. Auctioneer always starts with high figure and
comes down until someone takes him up. Noshiro, Japan.

53103 Logs at lumber mill. Noshiro, Japan.

53104 Stacks of boards, Noshiro lumbers mill, Japan.

53105 Woman with straw rain coat loading car with slabs which she carries
about 50 feet. Japan.

53106 Man helping woman turn the car alter which she will push it alone.
Noshiro, Japan.

53107 Woman starting to push log car at Noshiro, Japan.

53108 Woman pushing heavy log. Noshiro, Japan.

53109 Women pushing lumbers cars at mill. Noshiro, Japan.

53110 Boys at Noshiro lumber mill carrying heavy box of machinery
supplies. Japan.

53111 Small boys carrying box with machinary supplies. Noshiro, Japan.

53112 Logs field in yard of Noshiro lumber mill. Overhead trolley belongs
to copper mine and refinery. Japan.

53113 Street in Noshiro, near lumber mill.

53114 Property owned by the board in Noshiro held for church building.

53115 Church at Noshiro with pastor and C.W. Iglehart. Building is a
Japanese house with 3 rooms 6, 10 and 12 mats each, that can be thrown into
one. It serves as pastors house as well. Japan.

53116 Japanese house in Noshiro used as both church and parsonage, Japan.

53117 Interior of building used for services. Noshiro, Japan.

53118 Hirosaki from station. Japan.

53119 Congested freght, evidence of volume of business. Hirosaki, Japan.

53120 House of christian contractor. Hirosaki, Japan.

53121 Street in Hirosaki showing snow roofs over sidewalk. Japan.

53122 Snow roofs over sidewalks, Hirosaki, Japan.

53123 Snow roofs over sidewalk, Hirosaki, Japan.

53124 Police station and fire tower. Hirosaki, Japan.

53125 Brook that runs through Hirosaki, Japan.

53126 Cleaning a well nine men and boss. Hirosaki, Japan.

53127 Bucket used in cleaning well. Hirosaki, Japan.

53128 Patent medicine ads. Hirosaki.

53129 Patent medicine ads. Hirosaki, Japan.

53130 One of tower of castle, Hirosaki, Japan.

53131 Pink latus in castle moat. Hirosaki, Japan.

53132 Pink lotus. Hirosaki, Japan.

53133 Pink lotus, Hirosaki, Japan.

53134 Pink lotus in moat of castle. Hirosaki, Japan.

53135 Pink lotus in castle moat. Hirosaki, Japan.

53136 Pink lotus in castle moat. Hirosaki, Japan.

53137 Fivee storied Pagoda in grounds of Dien-ji Buddhist Temple.
Hirosaki, Japan.

53138 Avenue leading to chosho-ji Buddhist Temple of Hirosaki, Japan.

53139 Gateway to Chosho-ji Buddhist Temple of the Nishi-Hongwani sect.
Hirosaki, Japan.

53140 Gate to Chosho-ji Temple, Hirosaki, Japan.

53141 Same caption as 53140

53142 Bell on grounds of Chosho-ji Buddhist Temple, Hirosaki, Japan.

53143 Central part and left of shrine or temple of the 500 sages.
Hirosaki, Japan.

53144 Part of the images in the temple. Hirosaki, Japan.

53145 Chosho-ji Buddhist Temple of the Nishi Hongwang-ji sect. Japan.

53146 Interior Chosho-ji Buddhist Temple. Nishi-Hongwan-ji Sect. Japan.

53147 Nearer view of shrine. Chosho-ji Buddhist Temple. Hirosaki, Japan.

53148 Sign at gate of Buddhist Temple, advertising preaching services and
using Christian terms for Church in referring to the temple. Japan.

53149 Wayside Buddhist shrine. Hirosaki, Japan.

53150 Quince orchard near Hirosaki castle grounds, showing fruit done up
in individual paper bags. Japan.

53151 Quinces tied up in paper to protect against insects. Hirosaki, Japan.

53152 quinces done up in paper bags to protect them from insects.
Hirosaki, Japan.

53153 Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence, Hirosaki, Japan.

53154 Back of Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence, with - Hirosaki, Japan.

53155 Hiroshaki Women's Foreign Missionary Society kindergarten building, with C W. Iglehart. Japan.

53156 Hiroshaki Girl School. Japan.

53157 New courtesy room, Hiroshaki girl school, Japan.

53158 New part, Hiroshaki Girls School, Japan.

53159 Same as 53158.

53160 Unoccupied mission residence - vacant six years. Hirosaki, Japan.

53161 Front of unoccupied mission residence. Japan.

53162 Hirosaki Church. Japan.

53163 Hirosaki Church. Japan.

53164 Same as 53163

53165 Parsonage C.W. Iglehart and pastor. Japan.

53166 Interior Hirosaki Church. Japan.

53167 Bishop Honda Memorial Stone. Hirosaki, Japan.

53168 Bishop Honda Memorial stone and pastor of Hirosaki church, Japan.

53169 Honda Memorial stone. Hirosaki, Japan.

53170 Soldier on bicycle. Hirosaki, Japan.

53171 Funeral coming up the road. Hirosaki, Japan.

53172 Sons of dead woman carrying silver gilt paper lotus flowers in front
of the bier. Hirosaki, Japan.

53173 Bier of funeral of ricksha man's wife. Hirosaki, Japan.

53174 Funeral procession entering Buddhist Temple grounds. Hirosaki,

53175 Bier reaching place in front of temple. Hirosaki, Japan.

53176 Bier standing on walk before the temple during the service.
Hirosaki, Japan.

53177 Acolytes rearraging lotus flowers in front of table while first
priest was ringing the bell. Hirosaki, Japan.

53178 Two priest intoning at service in front of temple. Hirosaki, Japan.

53179 Individual members of family making obeisance while priests intoned
near the end of the service. Hirosaki, Japan.

53180 Individuals of the family worshipping near the end of the service in
front of the temple. Hirosaki, Japan.

53181 Same caption as 53180

53182 Acolytes holding paper lotus blossoms at Hirosaki funeral Japan.

53183 Inteior of Hirosaki Church.

53184 Blue purple flower something like hair bells, greatly prized for the
festival of the dead or "all saints." Japan.

53185 Blue purple flower. Japan.

53186 Rayal lily of Japan.

53187 Hydranglass. Women's Foreign Missionary Society grounds. Hakodate, Japan.

53188 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

53189 Back of school building showing swing and part of winter supply of
wood. Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

531190 Back of girls dormitory, Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

53191 Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence, Dr. Heckelman, Miss Badley and Pastor Ogihara,

53192 Same as 53191.

53193 WFMS residence. Dr. Heckelman, Miss Bodley, and Pastor Ogihara.

53194 Rear view of Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence. Hakodate, Japan.

53195 Same caption as 53194

53196 Methodist Church. Hakodate, Japan.

53197 Methodist church. Dr. Heckelman the builder and Mr. Ogihara the
pastor. Japan.

53199 Back of girl's dormitory, Women's Foreign Missionary Society - Hakodate, Japan.

53200 Hakodate from kindergarten. Japan.

53201 Hakodate from kindergarten. Kindergarten at left Catholic church at
right. Japan.

53203 Church of England. (Building with square tower at left of post.)
Hakodate, Japan.

53202 Greek church, Hokodate church of England residence on the right.

53204 Roman Catholic church, decorated for festival. Hakodate, Japan.

53205 Nishi Hongwanji temple. (Buddhist) Hakodate, Japan.

53206 Same as 53205

53207 Corner of new Nishi Hongwanji Temple Hakodate, Japan.

53208 Checker Nishi Hongwanji Temple, Hakodate, Japan.

53209 Hakodate from road in front of Nish Hongwanji Temple. Japan.

53210 Hokodate from Nishi Hongwanji Temple. Japan.

53211 Hakodate from window of Gotoken restaurant. Japan.

53212 Crowds in road leading to shrine. Hakodate, Japan.

53213 Crowds coming to Hachiman Shirine. Hakodate, Japan.

53214 Crowds at approach to Hachiman Shirine. Hakodate, Japan.

53215 Torii and road leading to Hachiman Shrine, Day of big festival.

53216 Lanterns for the Hachiman festival. Hakodate, Japan.

53217 Beggar, one of the very few seen in Japan. Hakodate, Japan.

53218 Pitchers warming up before game. Hakodate, Japan.

53219 Baseball bleachers. Hakodate, Japan.

53220 Pilgrim. Hakodate, Japan.

53221 Old pilgrim. Hakodate, Japan.

53222 Dr. Heckelman and pilgrim. Hakodate, Japan.

53223 Dr. Heckelman and pilgrim. Japan.

53224 Dr. Heckleman and pilgrim. Hakodate, Japan.

53225 "Honest store" (sign in Japanese characters reads that.)

53226 Street leading to Hidashi Hongwanji (Buddhiist) Temple. Hakodate,

53227 Approach to Higashi Hongwanji Temple. Hakodate, Japan.

53228 Higashi Hongwanji Temple. Hakodate, Japan.

53229 Interior of Higashi Hongwanji.

53230 Women's Foreign Missionary Society kindergarten 80 children. Hakodate, Japan.

53231 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

53232 Women's Foreign Missionary Society girls school, recreation, catching crickets. Hakodate,

53233 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

53234 Miss Wagner, Miss MacIntyre, Mr. C.H. Fabis teachers -
Superintendent and Principal of Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. Hakodate, Japan.

53235 Japanese pastor and daughter. Hakodate, Japan.

53236 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school recreation. Hakodate, Japan.

53237 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls School senior class 1918-19.

53238 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. 200 students. Hakodate, Japan.

53239 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls School 200 students. Hakodate, Japan.

53240 Kindergarten in sand pile. Hakodate, Japan.

53241 Kindergarten teachers; Miss Couch, right. Hakodate, Japan.

53242 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Girls school. 200 stduents. Hakodate, Japan.

53243 Kindergarten. Hakodate, Japan.

53244 Kindergarten Miss Couch superintendent. Hakodate, Japan.

53245 Brewary of the Sapporo Beer Co. Japan.

53246 Sapporo Beer Co. Brewery where the -

53247 Brewery of Sapporo Beer Co. the beer that made Sapporo famous Japan.

53248 Governor's residence. Japan.

53249 Railway club House. Sapporo.

53250 Little mother. Sapporo.

53252 Wife and son of restaurant proprietor. Sapporo.

53253 Delivery cart of restaurantt of Bishop Harris's old cook, Sapporo.

53254 Ricksha man reading paper while - Sapporo.

53255 Assembling Singer machines. Sapporo.

53256 Linen Mill, Sapporo.

53257 Linen Mill, Sapporo. two of the workers out for noon meal. Japan.

53258 Linen mill hands coming out at noon hour. Japan.

53259 Campus of Sapporo university. Sapporo.

53260 Buildings at end of front guadranle - Sapporo.

53261 President Sato of Sapporo University.

53262 President Sato of Sapporo University - Japan.

53263 President Sato of Sapporo University.

53264 Stalls annd booths at approach to Sapporo.

53265 Reception building and bridge to it - Sapporo.

53266 Reception building and bridge to it - Sapporo.

53267 Moving picturres, Exposition grounds Sapporo.

53268 Moving picture and theatre building at the exposition, Sapporo.

53269 Central Tower with buildings at right in which are exhibits from
parts of Japan. Star on tower is North Star. Japan.

53270 Building at right chosen at left is end of long semi-circular
building seen in picture with tower and dome. Japan.

53271 Farm inplements and products building, Japan.

53272 Garden vegetables and fruit building. Exposition. Japan.

53273 Machinery Building. Sapporo.

53274 Building for exhibits from Toyama Ken. Small building with crossed
flags a reproduction of one of the moat famous of palace gates from Kyoto.

53275 Tokyo building. Exposition. Sapporo.

53276 Governor of Hokkaido Province. Japan.

53277 Governor of Hokkaido Province. Japan.

53278 Graphic representation of growth of life insurance. Sapporo
Exposition. Japan.

53279 Man pilgrim at Prayer Wheel. Nagano.

53280 Man pilgrim at Prayer Wheel. Nagano.

53281 Exposition grounds at night. Sapporo.

53282 Exposition grounds at night. Sapporo.

53283 Missionary residence. Presbyterian girls school Japan.

53284 Hokusei Jogakko, north star, girls school. Japan.

53285 Women at prayer wheel. Had come 200 mills. Nagano, Japan.

53286 Hotel proprietor. Nagano, Japan.

53287 Hotel proprietor and son. Nagano, Japan.

53288 Hotel proprietot. Nagano.

53289 Ricksha man laughing. Nagano, Japan.

53290 Rag - picker. Nagano.

53291 Patent medicine at left. Nagano, Japan.

53292 Hotels near temple. Nagano, Japan.

53293 Mrs. Muller's servant. Nagano, Japan.

53294 High priests at Nagano Temple. Kwamon and light domes. Nagano, Japan.

53295 Same caption as 53294

53297 High priests at Nagano Temple. Kwamon and light domes. Nagano, Japan.

53298 Same captionn as 53297

53299 Kwamon Idol in Nagano Temple. Japan.

53300 Same caption as 53299

53301 Same caption as 53302.

53302 Woman before Binzuru god of healing. Wooden disc is first held in
idol them on head. Nagano, Japan.

53303 Same caption as 53302.

53304 Incense urn and contributioon box. Nagano Temple, Japan.

53305 Buddha encroached on by hotel. Nagano Temple, Japan.

53306 Doves, Nagano Temple, Japan.

53207 Same caption as 53306.

53308 Same caption as 53306.

53309 Doves, Nagano Temple. Japan.

53310 Mrs. Muller and dove. Nagano, Japan.

53311 Old pilgrim, Nagano, Japan.

53312 Gate below Nagano Temple, Japan.

53313 Nagano Temple, Japan.

53314 Doves, Nagano Temple, Japan.

53315 Man and boy on shoulders. Japan.

53316 Nagano Temple gate. Japan.