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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #5

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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #5


Images related to Methodist mission work in Japan taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1900s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Japan #5

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Japan #5 Collection

67568 Gateway behind which there is nothing but a hill; but at which people constantly worship as it has in some way acquired a sacred character.

67569 Kametsu Church. Japan.

67570 Preacher's' and workers' meeting, Naha - including practically all the Xian pastors of the island. Loo Choo Island Japan.

67571 Tomb of a former king of Loo Choo. Japan.

86706 Some buildings of the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Aku-no-ura, Nagasaki.

86707 Giant crane of Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Aku-no-ura, Nagasaki.

86708 One of the dry-docks of the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Aku-no-ura. Nagasaki.

86709 Huge causeway of Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. where largest Japanese battleship was built. Aku-no-ura. Nagasaki.

86710 The present preaching place at Aku-no-ura. Pastor Fukushima standing in doorway. Nagasaki.

86711 View from our preaching place, Aku-no-ura. Nagasaki, Japan.

86712 Some of the streets and huts in Aku-no-ura, part of Nagasaki where our work is located.

88612 Children from Christian Sunday Schools welcoming the Crown Prince of England at Akasaka Palace. Tokyo.

89295. Model Sunday School building on campus. Kwansei Gakuin, Kobe

89296 Student at Doshisha University. Kyoto

89419 Maebara Church. Fukuoka.

89420 Robert S. Spencer's new home. Fukuoka.

89427 New building containing waiting room and gymnasium of Chinsei Gakuin. Nagasaki.

89428 Fencing in new gym of Chinsei Gakuin. Nagasaki.

89429 Jujutsu in the new waiting room and gymnasium of Chinsei Gakuin Nagasaki.

89950 Y.M.C.A. night School. Osaka.

89951 Group of children outside of Japanese home which is decorated for New Year.

90732 The wharf after the earthquake 1923 - Yokohama

90733 The wharf after the earthquake. 1923 Yokohama.

90734 Taking refugees away by boat from Yokohama after great earthquake 1923

90735 Ruins of the earthquake Sept 1923. Yokohama.

90736 Some of the ruins in Yokohama.