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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #6

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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #6


Images related to Methodist mission work in Japan taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1930s and late 1940s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Japan #6




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Japan #6 Collection

97379 Japanese lady in iris garden. Fukuoka.

97380 Mrs. R.E.D. in iris garden. Fukuoka.

97381 Mr. R.E.D. and Japanese lady in iris garden. Fukuoka.

97382 In an iris garden. Fukuoka.

97383 View from West Lake Park. Fukuoka.

97384 View form West Lake Park. Fukuoka.

97385 Bronze statue of Nichiren, Fukuoka.

97386 Buddhist woman at prayer before statue of Nichiren. Fukuoka.

97387 Buddhist adherent at prayer before the statue of Nichiren. Fukuoka.

97388 Entrance to First Methodist Episcopal Church. Fukuoka.

97389 View of the sea on road between Fukuoka and Mibara Hakara Bay in
open country. Fukuoka.

97390 Farmers threshing rape in open country. Fukuoka.

97391 Farmers threshing rape in open country. Fukuoka.

97392 Farmers threshing rape in open country. Fukuoka.

97393 S.S. Tenyo Maru N.Y.K. line leaving. Yokohama.

97394 S.S. Tenyo Maru N.Y.K. line leaving Yokohama.

97395 S.S. Tenyo Maru N.Y.K. line leaving. Yokohama.

97396 The "Yoshiwara" section of Tokyo including Hospoital. Tokyo.

97397 A typical street in Tokyo's amusement section, "Aaskusa." Tokyo.

97398 Outdoor shops in Tokyo's amusement section, Asakusa, Tokyo.

97399 Movie house in amusement section. Asakusa.

97400 The garden of the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

97401 Worshippers at the popular Buddhist Shrine and Temple in Asakusa.

97402 Japanese children in playground of Asakusa Methodist Church and
settlement, Tokyo.

97403 Japanese children in playground and Asakusa Methodist Church and
settlement, Tokyo.

97404 Japanese children in playground of Asakusa Methodist Church and
settlement, Tokyo.

97405 Japan Methodist church, Sendai.

97406 Second Methodist EpiscopalChurch with old house in front showing location of
proposed community house, "Koku Cho Center," Sendai.

97407 Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence. Sendai.

97408 Rear of Women's Foreign Missionary Society lot, Sendai.

97409 B.F.M. missionaries' residence, Sendai.

97410 Street in front of Women's Foreign Missionary Society and B.F.M. property, Sendai.

97411 Women's Foreign Missionary Society hostel and corner of Women's Foreign Missionary Society residence, Sendai.

97412 Women's Foreign Missionary Society hostel, Sendai.

97413 Women's Foreign Missionary Society Kindergarten, Sendai.

97414 Railroad hospital opposite B.F.M. and Women's Foreign Missionary Society property, Sendai.

97415 Street scene in a fishing village near Sendai.

97416 The morning catch in a fishing village.

97417 Scene in a public park, Hirosaki.

97418 Japanese girls picnicing in public park. Hirosaki.

97419 Japanese girls picnicing in public. Hirosaki.

97420 Children in public park around cheap jewelry man. Hirosaki.

97421 Vendors in public park. "Bangle woman." Hirosaki.

97422 View of mountain from park Mt. Iwaki monument to the ancient feudal
lords or Daimyo of the province Hirosaki.

97423 View of Mt. Iwaki from park, Hirosaki.

97424 View of Mt. Iwaki from park. Hirosaki.

97425 Tower on ancient castle wall, Hirosaki.

97426 Tower ancient castle wall, Hirosaki.

97427 Conservancy cart. Hirosaki.

97428 B.F.M. Boy's School, general view, Hirosaki.

97429 General view B.F.M. Boy's School, Hirosaki.

97430 B.F.M. Boy's School, Hirosaki.

97431 B.F.M. Boy's School, Hirosaki.

97432 Old building at B.F.M. Boy's School, Hirosaki.

97433 B.F.M. Boy's School baseball, Hirosaki.

97434 B.F.M. Boy's School baseball, Hirosaki.

97435 B.F.M. Boy's School fencing, Hirosaki.

97436 Ancient caves in side of hill, Matsushima.

97437 Picturesque bridge, Hirosaki.

97438 Children fishing from wharf, Matsushima.

97439 School children in June visiting a national shrine, Matsushima.

97440 View of the sea from Godaido Island and shrine, Matsushima.

97441 View of the sea taken from Godaido Island and shrine, Matsushima.

97442 View of the sea, Matsushima.

97443 Island and shrine off coast, Matsushima.

97444 Island off coast, Matsushima.

97969 Kwassui Jo Gakko (Living Water Women's College), Nagasaki.

97970 Kwassui Jo Gakko (Living Water Women's College), Nagasaki.

97971 Kwassui Jo Gakko (Living Water Women's College), Nagasaki.

98021 Nikko.

98062 Little Japanese girls carrying small boy. Onuma Koen, Hokkaido.

98345 Pastor, President of Chinzei Gakuin, missionary with sixty Chinzei
boys baptized, Nov. 1927. Wesley Church.

98346 Sixth General Conference of Japan Methodist Church, Oct. 1927.

99264 Cherry blossoms.

99265 Reading public newspapers.

99775 Japanese translators.

99786 Japanese bicycle brigade of Colporteurs.

99928 Feeding the doves at Stogo Shrine near Fukuoka City.

99935 Campus, new library building in back ground, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

99936 New library building, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

99929 Old lady at Statue of Nichiren, Hokata.

C50 New building of Chinzei Gakuin dedicated Jan. 11, 1930. Nagasaki.

C1827 Main bldg. and athletic field, Kwassui Jo Gakko, Nagasaki.

C1828 Students in the beautiful Japanese garden, Kwassui Jo Gakko,

C1829 Students. Kwassui Jo Gakko, Nagasaki.

C1830 Flower arrangement, Kwassui Jo Gakko, Nagasaki.

C1831 New building and students. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1831 President Kawasaki. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1833 Faculty, Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1834 Going to school. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1835 Chapel. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1836 Geography class. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1837 English class. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1838 Chemistry class. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1839 Chemistry class. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1840 Botany class. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1841 Class in religious education. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1842 Basketball. Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C1843 R.S. Spencer talking with District Supt. H.O. Saifo, Fukuoka.

C1844 Sheridan Memorial Methodist Church, Fokuoka.

C1845 Japanese children, Fukuoka.

C1847 Worshipping at the monument of Nichiren, Fukuoka.

C1849 Writing class. Fukuoka Jo Gakko.

C1848 Worshipping at the monument of Nichiren.

C1850 Study period. Fukuoka Jo Gakko.

C1851 Experiences. Fukuoka Jo Gakko.

C1852 Torii, Miyajima.

C1853 Japanese girl with parasol. Amanohashidate.

C1854 Japanese country scene.

C1856 Sewing class. Wilmina Girl's School. Osaka.

C1857 Sewing class. Wilmina Girl's School. Osaka.

C1858 Type. Ksaka.

C1859 Theater, Osaka.

C1861 Street scene in section called Juso, Osaka.

C1860 Children from the Mead Christian Social Center, Osaka.

C1862 A university graduate, Yokohama.

C1863 Kindergarten child. Misaki Tabernacle, Tokyo.

C1864 Kindergarten child. Misaki Tabernacle, Tokyo.

C1865 Torii near the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.

C1866 Shrine on site where 33,000 were burned to death during the great
earth-quake, Tokyo.

C1867 Settlement house conducted by Kagawa, the great evangelist, Tokyo.

C1868 Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1869 Library, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1870 Academy building, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1871 Chapel, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1872 Chapel, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1873 Chemistry class. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1874 Biology class. Sanke coiled around a mongoose. Aoyama Gakuin,

C1875 Bible class. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1876 Basketball. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1877 Swimming pool. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1878 Fencing. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1879 The Girl's College. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1880 The Girl's College. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1881 Dean Sprowles and Japanese teacher. Aoyama Gakuin Girl's College,

C1882 Chemistry class. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1883 Sewing class. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1884 Product of the cooking class. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C1885 Ginza Methodist Church, Tokyo.

C1886 Playground, Ginza Methodist Church, Tokyo.

C1887 Kudan Methodist Church, Tokyo.

C1888 Dr. Kawashiri, pastor of the Central Tabernacle, Tokyo.

C1890 Colporteurs leaving American Bible Society depot, Tokyo.

C1891 Selling gospels, Tokyo.

C1892 Interested in the Colporteur and his books, Tokyo.

C1893 Mrs. Susuki, an unusually effective Colporteur, Tokyo.

C1894 Mr. Kamiyama (meaning God-Hill), Colporteur, Tokyo.

C1895 Mrs. Susuki selling gospels to a boatman, Tokyo.

C1896 Baby in a crib, St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo.

C1897 Child, St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo.

C1898 Child crying, St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo.

C1965 Kago, Sedan chair in the Hakone Pass near Yokohama.

C1899 Repairing a net, Matsushima.

C1966 At the chrysanthemum show.

C2046 Mt. Fujiyama from Suzukawa, Tokaido.

C2047 Picking tea.

C4287 A brass shop of Yokohama.

C4288 In a bronze shop, Yokohama.

C4289 Art objects in a modern bronze shop. Yokohama.

C4290 Japanese c***s pushing airplane into place for flight, Yokohama.

C4291 Japanese school children, Yokohama.

C4292 Japanese school boys having calisthenics, Yokohama.

C4293 Fujiyama across the bay near Yokohama.

C4294 A rural scene near Yokohama.

C4295 Forcing growth of regetable seedlings by covering with mats, Kyoto.

C4296 Typical farm houses near Kyoto.

C4297 Street scene with hangings overhead, Kyoto.

C4298 Street scene in mountain village near Kyoto.

C4299 The tomb of an ancient Emperor near Kyoto.

C4300 The moat and corner of temple, Kyoto.

C4301 Temple and moat, Kyoto.

C4302 One of the largest temples in Kyoto.

C4303 Entrance to large temple, Kyoto.

C4304 A rice mill near Kyoto.

C4305 Public park, Kyoto.

C4306 A scene in one of the public parks of Kyoto.

C4307 In a private Japanese garden, Kyoto.

C4308 A private garden, Kyoto.

C4309 A private garden, Kyoto.

C4310 Stone lanterns and Torii in private garden, Kyoto.

C4313 Movie and theatrical posters, Kyoto.

C4311 Bronze lantern in a private garden, Kyoto.

C4312 Entrance to movie palace, Kyoto.

C4314 Movie posters, Kyoto.

C4323 Treasury house of temple, Nara.

C4324 A temple in the woods, Nara.

C4325 One of the famous playgrounds, Nara.

C4326 Play day at Nara.

C4327 Japanese woman and child strapped to her back, Nagasaki.

C4328 Interior of third class on Japanese train near Moju.

C4329 Fields under cultivation near Osaka.

C4330 View from hill over looking Otze.

C4331 Great bronze Buddha, Kamakura.

C4940 Ship arriving in Yokohama, Japan.

C4941 Mt. Fuji from Mitsu, Japan.

C4332 Nikko bridge.

C4942 Mothers day celebration, Tokyo.

C4943 Slum home. Tokyo, Japan.

C4944 Modern Tokyo, Japan.

C4946 Kingdom of God Movement Committee, Japan.

C4948 Seminar group, Tokyo.

C4949 Theological School, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan.

C4950 Kindergarten group. Tokyo, Japan.

C4951 Travelling loan library. Akunoura, Nagasaki.

C4952 Mills at Nagasaki.

C4953 Boys with stilts. Yokohama.

C4954 Express train at the station in Tokyo, Japan.

C4957 "Life Ideals Class," Sendai.

C4956 Group of students at the Christmas meeting. Wesley Foundation
Student Center, Tokyo.

C4958 Sunday School of the campus of the Hirosaki Boy's School.

C4959 Picking tea leaves, Honda.

C4960 Spinning silk thread.

C4961 New Church at Akunoura, Nagasaki.

C4962 Farmer's Gospel School, held in the Fujisaki Methodist Church,

C4963 Picking tea leaves.

C4964 A water mill near Ito, Japan.

C4965 Market of sea weed at Haneda.

C4983 Mending the nets by the sea shore.

C4998 Fire drill on the Empress of Japan.

C5014 Mrs. Scott entertains.

C5880 Modernistic Buddhist temple, Tokyo.

C5881 Part of palace grounds. Tokyo.

C5882 View of park in Fukuoka.

C5883 Carp flying from house, Fukuoka.

C5885 Harvested barley and farmhouse, Fukuoka.

C5884 Type of thatched roof, Fukuoka.

C5886 Drying threshed barley in the "model village" near Fukuoka.

C5887 Farmyard near Fukuoka.

C5888 Roadside village near Fukuoka.

C5889 View of beach and mountain near Fukuoka.

C5890 Mountain village near Fukuoka.

C5891 Women washing near Fukuoka.

C5892 Pastor and Mrs. Utsumi, Fukuoka.

C5893 Bob Spencer and Pastor Utsumi in Japan.

C5894 Spencer and Japanese children.

C5895 Spencer and Japanese children.

C5896 Scene in "Model Village," Pastor Utsumi and farm woman near Fukuoka.

C5897 Headmen and some of the "Model Village" citizens, near Fukuoka.

C5898 Headmen and some of the "Model Village" citizens, near Fukuoka.

C5899 Types at kindergarten, Fukuoka.

C5900 Types at kindergarten, Fukuoka.

C5901 Types at kindergarten, Fukuoka.

C5902 Types at kindergarten, Fukuoka.

C5903 Types at kindergarten, Fukuoka.

C5904 Kindergarten children on the playground, Fukuoka.

C5905 Child type "Model Village"near Fukuoka.

C5906 Types of children in "Model Village," near Fukuoka.

C5907 Types of children in "Model Village," near Fukuoka.

C5908 Girls carrying babies, Fukuoka.

C5909 Mountain types, Fukuoka.

C5910 Interior of orphanage at Sendai.

C5911 Children in the orphanage at Sendai.

C5912 Kindergarten children at Social Center, Sendai.

C5914 Kindergarten children at Social Center, Sendai.

C5913 Kindergarten children at Social Center, Sendai.

C5915 Kindergarten children at Social Center, Sendai.

C5916 Kindergarten children at Social Center, Sendai.

C5917 One of the prayer boards at Shrine for mothers near Sendai.

C5918 Shrine for mothers under banyan tree near Sendai.

C5920 A gold fish vender, Sendai.

C5919 One of the prayer boards at Shrine for mothers near Sendai.

C5922 C.W. Iglehart and Frank T. Cartwright in clothes provided at the
Japanese inn for the trip to the village bath house, Hirosaki.

C5921 A gold fish vendor, Sendai.

C5923 Street scene with fruit vendor, Hirosaki.

C5924 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5925 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5927 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5926 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5928 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5930 Children in Mr. Fujita's beautiful garden, Hirosaki.

C5929 Scene in beautiful garden belonging to Mr. Fujita, Hirosaki.

C5931 Japanese baby in a basket in Mr. Fujita's beautiful garden, Hirosaki.

C5932 A bridge and Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5933 Roadside scene and Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5934 Mt. Iwaki sacred and with a fine shrine. Hirosaki's local Fujiyama.

C5935 View from shrine on Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5936 The shrine on Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5937 Cryptomeria and Torii before shrine, Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5938 Village women coming to worship, Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

C5939 Village women offering their prayers. The shrine on Mt. Iwaki near

C5940 Honorary tablet near shrine, Hirosaki.

C5941 Fox devil temple with stone image, Hirosaki.

C5942 Temple yard, Hirosaki.

C5943 Tower and wall of Daimyo's Castle, Hirosaki.

C5944 Pagoda, Hirosaki.

C5945 Statue of a great Buddhist saint, Hirosaki.

C5946 Dr. Sasamori, Shacklock, Iglehart and farm manager at the school
farm near Hirosaki.

C5947 Small fox Shrine with images at the school farm near Hirosaki.

C5948 Giving the farm horse a hot bath after the day's work, Hirosaki.

C6136 Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Spencer, missionaries in Japan.

C6137 A boat drill on the Chichibu Maru.

C6138 Some colorful passengers on the Chichibu Maru.

C6139 Streamers between boat and dock at Yokohama.

C6140 The lotus lake at Ueno Park, Tokyo.

C6141 View of the huge crowd at a baseball game, Meiji Stadium in Tokyo.

C6140 Players on the diamond, Meiji Stadium in Tokyo.

C6225 Kindergarten children in a boat on the playground, Kagoshima.

C6226 Pastor Soma and family, Yanabu.

C6227 Children in the church kindergarten giving their Christmas
recitation, Yonezawa.

C6223 Public meeting on Founder's Day of Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C6229 Playground at kindergarten, Kumamoto.

C6228 Children playing with toys at tables. Iai Kindergarten, Hakodate.

C6230 Wayside pulpit, Kumamoto.

C6231 Baby class kindergarten. Kumamoto Social Center.

C6232 Morning prayers. Christian Social Center, Kumamoto.

C6233 Kindergarten, Kumamoto.

C6234 Skiing. Iai Jo Gakko, Hakodate.

C6235 Sewing class. Hirosaki Jo Gakko.

C6236 Y.W.C.A. girls of Iai Jo Gakko, Hakodate.

C6238 Mothers Association at play, Wakaba Kindergarten, Hirosaki.

C6237 Iai Jo Gakko girls climbing a volcano, Hakodate.

C6239 Ailso Kindergarten, Hirosaki.

C6240 Ailso Kindergarten, Hirosaki. Doll Festival.

C7781 Through the theological building doorway to the library and
administration building.

C7782 The Imperial portraits arriving at Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C7783 Student of Aoyama, Tokyo.

C7784 Girls at Aoyama Jo Gakuin, Tokyo.

C7785 Kindergarten doorway, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo. (new bldg and dept.)

C7786 Dr. Arthur D. Berry, Japan.

C7787 Dr. Abe at the statue of his uncle Bishop Y. Honda, Japan.

C7788 Mrs. W. Yoneyama, benefactress of Kindergarten at Aoyama Gakuin,

C7789 A painting of a mother feeding child in Kagawa Hospital, Tokyo.

C7790 Kagawa Hospital, Tokyo. (cooperative)

C7791 Arched bridge at Kamakura.

C7792 In the garden of a shrine, Osaka.

C7793 Rice for the threshing, Japan.

C7865 Wesley Foundation in Japan. Summer Student Camp on Tokyo Bay.

C9751 Kwansei Gakuin library, Japan.

C9754 Kwansei Gakuin building, Japan.

C9753 Kwansei Gakuin Commercial College, Japan.

C9752 Campus view. Kwansei Gakuin library, Japan.

C9755 Hiroshima Girls School, Japan.

C9791 Ewa Kindergarten children and teachers, Yokohama, Japan.

C9792 Nakamaru Cho Kindergarten, Yokohama, Japan.

C9793 Graduating class and teachers. Methodist Girls School, Yokohama,

C10814 Methodist Church, Himeji, Japan.

C10815 Well Baby Clinic. Social Settlement, Tokyo, Japan.

C10816 Methodist Church, Hiroshima, Japan.

C10881 Home for the rag picker.

C10882 The first building to be completed at Ai Kei Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan.

C10883 Nap time in the nursery school, Japan.

C10884 Noon day lunches are served at Ai Kei Gakuen to 40 boys and girls
that would otherswise be home alone all day, Tokyo, Japan.

C10885 Tea time in the nursery school, Japan.

C10886 Our Aikei Gakuen children's library before it was moved into the
new plant, Nov. 1930. Tokyo, Japan.

C11638 Tower entrance, Kwassui Girls School, Nagasaki, Japan.

C11689 Japanese queue line for bus tickets, Aomori.

C11690 Student buying apple in Aomori black market at 70 cents apiece.
Aomori, Japan.

C11691 Roadside market apples 70 cents each; rice $60 per bushel. Japan.

C11692 Downtown, Tokyo.

C11693 Diet Building, Tokyo.

C11694 Better type temporary living quarters, Tokyo.

C11695 Temporary iron shacks in which people of Tokyo are living.

C11696 St. Luke's International Medical Center, Tokyo.

C11697 Mixed Japanese and American congregation worshipping in the ruins
of the Holy Trinity Church (Episcopal) in Tokyo.

C11698 Holy Communion administration to Japanese and American by Bishop
Paul C. Sasaki in the ruins of the Holy Trinity Church. Tokyo.

C10 Holy Communion administration to Japanese and American by Bishop Paul
C. Sasaki in the ruins of the Holy Trinity Church. Tokyo.

C11700 Shitaya Church, one of the three Methodist Churches remaining in

C11701 Site of the Mukojima Methodist Church and Settlement House, Tokyo.

C11702 Foundation of Mukojima Church, Tokyo.

C11703 Tokyo Y.M.C.A. building.

C11704 Ruins of Baptist Kindergarten Training School, Tokyo.

C11705 Ruins of Baptist Kindergarten Training School, Tokyo.

C11706 Ruins of the School for Deaf and Dumb of Presbyterian Board, Tokyo.

C11707 Central Student Tabernacle, Tokyo.

C11708 Rear of Central Student Tabernacle, Tokyo.

C11709 Gunzo Kosaka, Acting President of Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11710 Paul Ozaki, business manager, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11711 Mrs. Paul Ozaki.

C11712 The three Ozaki children.

C11713 Mr. Paul Ozaki and family.

C11714 Pedestal on Aoyama campus which supported the bust of Bishop Honda.
The bust and tablet were removed for scrap iron, Tokyo.

C11715 Avenue of Aoyama Gakuin, library undamaged.

C11716 Middle school, Aoyama Gakuin, building being repaired.

C11717 Bomb hole in roof of middle school, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11718 Auditorium of the middle school, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11719 Library, Aoyama Gakuin, undamaged.

C11720 Theological Seminary building at Aoyama Gakuin, now used as
administration building of the school. Tokyo.

C11721 Students of Aoyama Gakuin practicing " The Messiah" in the
undamaged chapel of the seminary. Tokyo.

C11722 Students of Aoyama Gakuin practicing " The Messiah" in the
undamaged chapel of the seminary. Tokyo.

C11723 Girls School, Aoyama Gakuin, roof of middle school auditorium in
foreground, Tokyo.

C11724 Entrance to auditorium of Girls High School, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11725 Ruins interior Girls School auditorium, Aoyama Gakuin.

C11726 Platform of Girls School auditorium showing extent of destruction.
Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11727 Girls School, Aoyama Gokuin, one of the 4 remaining useable
building on campus, Tokyo.

C11728 Primary school ruined, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11729 Acting President Kosaka and Dean Hisashi Kuranoga inspecting an air
rail shelter pit on campus. Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C11730 Site of the former missionary residences at Aoyama Gakuin.

C11731 Miss Elizabeth Kilburn, Methodist missionary who remained in Japan.

C11732 Executive Committee United Church Christ in Japan meeting in Tokyo.
Dec. 1945.

C11733 Rev. Mitsuru Tomita, head of United Church of Christ.

C11734 Soichi Saito, General Secretary, Japan Y.M.C.A., Tokyo.

C11735 Mrs. Tamaki Uemura, head of Women's Bureau of the United Church of
Christ in Japan.

C11736 Miss Shizue Hikoru, General Secretary, Japan Y.W.C.A.

C11737 Tsunetoro Miyakoda, one-time General Secretary of National
Christian Council and Principal of Aoyama Gakuin, now Secretary (of)
International Peace Fellowship.

C11738 Chaplain Takahara Tokamatsu, rector of All Saints Chapel, St.
Paul's University, inspecting destructed cross on altar, Tokyo.

C11739 Mr. and Mrs. Masatoke J. Fujita. He is City Secretary of Tokyo

C11740 Mrs. Fujita and children.

C11741 Tokujiro Yamazaki, who befriended missionaries during the war at
great cost, Tokyo.

C11742 An English class in Tokyo conducted by Miss Kilburn and Miss Ward.

C11743 Three students of Keisen Girls School, Tokyo.

C11744 Goat presented to Keisen Girls School by the American Red Cross,

C11745 Toyooka Methodist Church in suburbs of Tokyo.

C11746 Doorway to Toyooka Methodist Church, Tokyo.

C11747 Tower and cross on Toyooka Methodist Church

C11748 Mrs. Michiko Ishikawa, Toyooka, Tokyo.

C11749 Mrs. Ishikawa and three grandchildren.

C11750 Ishikawa family.

C11751 Mrs. Michiko Ishikawa and guests.

C11752 Mrs. Miyuki Ishikawa, a thirs generation Christian.

C11753 Typical landlord's farmhouse in Koma, 50 miles from Tokyo.

C11754 Street in Hirosaki, one of the unbombed cities.

C11755 Church in Hirosaki, formerly Methodist, now Church of Christ in

C11756 Park Hotel, near Sendai, at present the residence of American
Commanding Officer.

C11757 Four of faculty of Hirosaki Girls School with straw shoes the
school girls are making for sufferers in bombed cities.

C11758 Koji Narita, President of Hirosaki Girls School who kept Christian
Instruction all through the war.

C11759 To-O-Gijuku, former Methodist Boys School. Hirosaki, Japan.

C11760 Hirosaki child. Sores on face are signs of malnutrition.

C11761 Hirosaki Girls School (Methodist), Japan.

C11762 A Japanese Catholic Sister and words at Catholic Orphanage,
Sendai, Japan.

C11763 Ruins of Catholic Cathedral. Sendai, Japan.

C11764 Miss Kiku Ishibara.

C11765 Vincent Tubbs, negro war correspondent in Tokyo.

C11769 Christian Service on Christmas Sunday in Buddhist Temple, Aomori.

C11849 The ruins of the Honda Memorial Methodist Church in Aoyama, Tokyo.

C11850 Union Church, Tokyo, once housed largest international Congregation
in Tokyo.

C11851 Bell lying in ruin of Ushigome Presbyterian Church, Tokyo.

C11852 These youngsters celebrated their first Christmas in five years.

C11853 Youngsters treated to Christmas sweets at the first open
celebration of Christmas for several of them.

C11854 Koishi Yoshida, head of the Religious Affairs Section of the
Japanese Ministry of Education and Author of the new Religious Corporations

C11855 "Merry Christmas," reflected in the moat of the Imperial Palace,
Tokyo, from the Christmas decorations on the Doi Ichi Building, Gen.
MacArthur's headquarters.

C11856 People leaving the Presbyterian Church in Setagaya Word, Tokyo.
Dec. 30, 1945.

C11857 Dr. Kagawa in his room.

C11858 Dr. Kagawa in a familiar pose.

C11859 Dr. Kagawa at his home on the outskirts of Tokyo.

C11860 Dr. Kagawa at his home on the outskirts of Tokyo.

C11861 Site of bombed Methodist Church, just outside of the gate of the
Yosukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

C11862 The tower of the Nippon Theological Seminary, Tokyo.

C11863 Auditorium of Nagoya Middle School, the only remaining building on
the campus.

C11864 Part of the ruined campus of Nagoya Middle School.

C11865 On this site once stood a Methodist Church in Nagoya which served
the students of Nagoya Middle School across the street.

C11866 The "Omi Brotherhood" tuberculosis sanatorium in Omi Hachiman,
outside Kyoto, Japan.

C11867 The plains and lake from grounds of "Omi Brotherhood" sanatorium,
near Kyoto.

C11868 This village library and Y.M.C.A. are part of the institutions
built in Omi Hachman by William Merrell Vories, independent missionary.

C11869 An American S.I. being sketched by a Japanese artist in the streets
of Osaka.

C11870 The Nipponbaslic Methodist Church in Osaka has been partially

C11871 Only the gate remains at the Osaka English School.

C11872 The blackened tower and shell of the once famous Kobe Union Church.

C11873 A campus view, looking across to the library of Kwansei Gakuin,
Methodist University in Kobe.

C11874 President Kiichi Kanzshi of Kwansei Gakuin on the steps of the
administration building, Kobe.

C11875 Economic building of the college Dept. Kwansei Gakuin, Kobe.
(Notice the camouflage paint)

C11876 Gate and campus of Kwansei Gakuin with the library in the distance.
(Notice the military sentry's post at the gate)

C11877 This trench was part of the fortifications which lace the playing
field of Kwansei Gakuin, Kobe.

C11878 Boots on playing field at Kwansei Gakuin, Methodist School in Kobe,
part of equipment for training of Japanese naval personnel during the war.

C11879 This Episcopal Church in Nara, Japan, shows the use of native
Japanese architectural forms in Christian churches.

C11889 Mr. K. Motoyoshi, teacher at Hiroshima Girls School.

C11881 This broken Madonna lies among the ruins of the Catholic compound
in Hiroshima.

C11882 This was the campus of Hiroshima Girls School. 350 students lost
their lives when the first atom bomb fell on Aug. 5, 1945.

C11883 Ruins of the campus of Hiroshima Girls School.

C11884 Pedestal on which had stood statue of Miss Nannie B. Gaines. It
was removed as scrap metal when war came.

C11885 What is left of Hiroshima Girls School's imperial shrine.

C11886 Not a thing remians beyond the gates of Hiroshima Girls School

C11887 Temporary structures new campus. Hiroshima Girls School located in
mountains above Hiroshima.

C11888 Temporary structures, new campus, Hiroshima Girls School, located
in mountains above Hiroshima.

C11880 Chinese correspondent at Hiroshima.

C11890 Forlorn and tragic are the figures which go about Hiroshima today,
picking through the rubble.

C11891 Atom bombed Hiroshima.

C11892 The empty shell of the Methodist Church in downtown, Hiroshima.

C11893 The Hiroshima Methodist Church was from 200 to 300 yards from the
zero-point where the atomic bomb on Aug. 5, 1945.

C11894 One of the missionary residences at Kwansei Gakuin, Methodist Girls
School in Nagasaki. Burst at the seams by the atom-bombing on Aug. 5,
1945, these buildings will be repaired.

C11895 Younger students of Kwassui Gakuin get their orders for the morning
and are about to go out to help set their campus in order, Nagasaki.

C11896 The campus and main building of Kwassui Gakuin, Methodist Girls
School, Nagasaki.

C11897 Methodist Church in Nagasaki. This frame building escaped
destruction in the atom-bombing and is now packed daily with boys of
Chinzei Gakuin.

C11898 The once proud building of Chinzei Gakuin, Methodist Boys School in
Nagasaki, got full force of atomic bomb. Aug. 9, 1945.

C11899 Village of Urakami in Nagasaki, center of atomic bombing, seen from
blufftop campus of Chinzei Gakuin.

C11900 The twisted steel and concrete building of Chinzei Gakuin,
Methodist Boys School in Nagasaki.

C11901 Main building of Chinzei Gakuin, Methodist Boys School, Nagasaki.
Three buildings on this campus were destroyed.

C11902 Satsu Furukawa, widow of man who was 26 years Chinzei janitor, has
only one of her children left.

C11903 Satsu Furukawa, Mr. Furukawa and all her children except one were
killed in atomic bombing.

C11904 On the playground of Chinzei Gakuin, Nagasaki, these heaps of ashes
were cremation cairns for the dead.

C11905 This twisted mass of metal and steel girders was once the
Mitsubishi Foundary and Iron Works in Nagasaki.

C11906 Richard Baker and two water-front story-tellers in Sosebo, Japan.

C11974A Campus of Fukuoka Girls School was two-thirds destroyed in fire-
bombing of the city. School still held in makeshift barracks-type
buildings. Fukuoka, Japan.

C11975 Campus of Fukuoka Girls School. The main building were all burned.

C11976 Only the foundation stones of this building remain at Fukuoka Girls
School, Fukuoka, Japan.

C11977 The former missionary's residence above the burnt-out campus of
Fukuoka Girls School, Fukuoka, Japan.

C11978 The imperial symbol still stands on the campus of Fukuoka Girls

C11979 Miss Yoshi Tokunaga, Principal of Fukuoka Girls School, Fukuoka.

C11980 Miss Yoshi Togunaga, Principal of Fukuoka Girls School, Fukuoka.

C11981 Takuo Matsumoto, President of Hiroshima Girls School. His wife and
over 300 of his students were killed when the atomic bomb destroyed his

C11982 Dr. Minoru Toyoda, President of Aoyama Gakuin, Methodist College in

C11983 Dr. Minoru Toyoda, President of Aoyama Gakuin, Methodist College in

C11984 This grillwork cross forms the chancel wall of the chapel at Tokyo
Women's Christian College.

C11985 The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Tokyo, used since the
unification of Protestants in Japan (1940) as the Women's Theological
Seminary for all denominations.

C11986 Sgt. Oliver Cromwell.

C11997 Examining obi brought back from Japan. Dr. John R. Mott, Mrs. J.D.
Bragg, Bishop Baker, and Dr. R. Diffendorfer.

C12007 Japanese woman and child.

C12008 Japanese child.

C12406 War widows receive L.A.R.A. clothing.

C12407 Children carrying L.A.R.A. milk over the ruins to their barracks.

C12466 These babies were picked up on the streets of Tolyo. When they
reach 3 years, they will be sent to the Nazareth Orphanage, Tokyo.

C12470 Hand spining wheel used by old woman winding wheel.

C12471 A temporary bridge replacing the one destroyed by the atomic bomb
dropped on Hiroshima.

C12472 This Japanese baby was found abandoned on the street of Tokyo.

C12475 This group of homeless Japanese depends on charity for existence.

C12560 Children's dinner hour.

C12562 Gifts from LARA.

C12563 Furnishing clothes from LARA.

C12564 Furnishing clothes from LARA.

C12566 Children's dinner hour.

C12567 Children receiving food package from LARA.

C12568 Child's tray of food from LARA.

C12570 Nurse feeding infant milk supplied by LARA.

C12571 Fitting boys coat from LARA.

C12572 Fund load of supplies from LARA.

C12573 Family giving thanks for food from LARA.

C12575 Undernourished Japanese boys.

C12576 Clothing furnished by LARA.

C12578 Distribuing food to children.

C12579 Atom bomb on Nagasaki Aug. 9, 1945. 11:20 a.m. 7 miles away.

C12580 Nagasaki Aug. 9, 1945. 10 minutes after the atomic bomb. 7 miles

C12960 Church service among ruins 2 months after explosion. Nagaregawa
Church, Hiroshima, Japan.

C12962 Nagaregawa Church after explosion, Hiroshima, Japan.

C12961 Communion service among ruins,Nagarefawa Church of Christ, former
Central Methodist Church, Hiroshima, Japan.

C12964 Nagaregawa Church before repair after roof was put on, Hiroshima,

C12973 Drying clothes in Jingo Mura.

C12963 Former church.

C12965 After roof was put on.

C12974 Makato Chan and his mud cakes.

C12975 Holy Love Kindergarten.

C12977 Farm children making mud pile.

C12979 Removing shoes at entrance of Holy Love Kindergarten.

C12976 Hiroko San bring water to drink with her lunch.

C12978 Sunday School children, Jingo Mura.

C12980 Children playing in sand pile.

C12981 Children playing in sand.

C12983 Winter dress, Jingo Mura.

C12982 Kindergarten child, Jingo Mura.

C12984 Farm house, Japan.

C12860 Christ Church, Tokyo.

C13456 Ruins of Shuri Methodist Church, Shuri, Okinawa.

C13457 Side view of Shuri Methodist Church, Shuri, Okinawa.

C13458 Parsonage of Shuri Church in the rear.

C13555 Tamagawa Heian Church Setagaya Ku, Tokyo. First servie held

C13552 D.U.B. School Tsuijuraki.

C13556 Rev. Zensuke Hirohara, Pastor of above church.

C13557 Interior of Tamazawa Heian Church.

C13592 Mrs. Thompson and Japanese students.

C13607 First year pupil learning to write English. N. Dyer is the teacher.

C13608 Holston (Myang Drek) students playing volleyball, (Korea?).

C13660 Peace Center, Hiroshima.