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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #7

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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #7


Images related to Methodist mission work in Japan taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1940s and late 1950s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Japan #7




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Japan #7 Collection

C13424 Mary Jones, Hiroshima.

C13425 Mr. Thompson, Library.

C13426 Hobby class at Yokosuka.

C13427 Marionette hobby class.

C13428 Nap time at Yokosuka.

C13429 Play time at Yokosuka.

C13430 Yokosuka, church community center.

C13431 Play time at Yokosuka.

C13432 Ping pong room at Yokosuka.

C13433 Mrs. Thompson and Japanese sewing class.

C13434 Sixth graders hanging picture from America.

C13435 Library - Yokosuka community center.

C13463 Crowd of children, Osaka, Japan.

C13464 Osaka, Japan. students playing baseball.

C13465 Japanese child.

C13466 Japanese child carrying baby.

C13467 Child in ruines of Osaka, Japan.

C13469 Girl of Kamojima goes to school to play baseball.

C13468 Small son of Japanese pastor at Kamojima.

C13470 Parsonage used as church Tokushima city, Shikokus, Japan.

C13471 Same as C13470

C13472 Doughter of the Amano family.

C13473 Palmore and Cowan with Japanese students.

C13474 Palmaore and Cowan at tea in Japanese home.

C13475 Palmore and Cowan.

C13477 Same as C13476

C13480 Student Masquerade 60th Anniversary of Nagoya school.

C13476 Cowan teaching English at Nagoya.

C13478 Cowan playing baseball with Japanese students.

C13481 Youth group of Nagoya church at outdoor picnic.

C13482 Picnic youth group, Nagoya church.

C13483 Worship in the house.

C13484 Group asking Plamore's aid.

C13485 Destruction at Nagoya.

C13486 Line up for swing.

C13487 Japanese children.

C13488 Chinese checkers.

C13489 Christmas pageant.

C13490 Christmas service.

C13491 Outdoor ping pong.

C13492 In the vegetable garden.

C13493 Sewing.

C13494 Baseball.

C13495 Y building, Nagasaki.

C13496 Students on a hill.

C13497 Virginea reel.

C13498 Children of the street.

C13499 Cast of the play.

C13500 Chinese play.

C13501 Chorus.

C13502 Outdoor chapel service.

C13503 Playground.

C13504 Kindergarten P.B. Basement.

C13507 Kindergarten children in Pool.

C13505 Kindergarten Playground.

C13506 Kindergarten rest period.

C13508 Miss Pain and geep.

C13509 Kindergarten jeep.

C13510 Cleaning up dormitory.

C13511 Cleaning yard.

C13512 School girls.

C13513 Cooking.

C13514 Kitchen scene.

C13515 Meal time.

C13516 Wash day.

C13517 Hanging cloth.

C13518 Singing.

C13519 Bed time.

C13520 Party.

C13521 Party.

C13522 Miss Teagus speaking.

C13523 Badminton.

C13525 Children in street of Kobe.

C13526 Child with Doll, Kobe.

C13527 Child on street Kobe.

C13528 Ruth Taylor looking for Christmas present.

C13529 J-3's at dinner.

C13530 J-3's at Buffet supper.

C13531 Carollus from Kobe.

C13532 Charles Germany, preaching.

C13534 Mrs. Germany and baby.

C13535 Dormitory director and wife.

C13536 Ping pong.

C13537 Dinner.

C13538 Building.

C13539 Director and family.

C13540 Dormitory member.

C13541 Kitchen scene.

C13542 Child.

C13543 Bulletin board.

C13544 Jeep.

C13545 Two dormitory women.

C13546 Member of staff.

C13563 Kei Ai Kindergarten, Kazasbima.

C13547 Children on slides.

C13564 Teachers at the entrance to the kindergarten, Kazashima

C13565 The missionary out calling, Kazashima, Japan.

C13566 Another view of the Kazashima Kindergarten.

C13567 Showing the Kazashima residence and kindergarten children.

C13568 Main Building Nagoya Boy's school.

C13569 Nagoya Boys' middlle school.

C13570 Construction above school, Nagoya.

C13571 Ruth Taylor and Bill Porter get together in Kobe.

C13572 James Wilson of Nagasaki also goes to Kobe for the get-together.

C13573 J-3's of the Osaka-Kobe area being honored at a lunchoen given by
the pastor.

C13574 Kindergarten children in Kamojima stop to demonstrate a dance for
the photographer.

C13575 Kindergarten children on their way to school.

C13576 Rev. Shaver of Octa shows some prizes squash from his garden.

C13577 Young people enroute to a young adult fellowship conference.

C13578 Retired grandmother taking care of children.

C13579 Macy MacMillan with neighborhood children with whom she works in

C13580 College girls from the food and nutritions class at Kwassui girls
school in Nagasaki.

C13581 Rev. Yoshimi Kwassui, Minister with Bible class on playground.

C13582 Ballet class in school gym.

C13565 Woship scene in small chapel.

C13587 Japanese children coming to school.

C13586 Picture of Play "this is the way we wash our clothes."

C13588 Outdoor dining room.

C13589 Girl in prayer room.

C13590 Group in prayer room, Kwassui.

C13591 Kerth Lahnson and blind Japanese student.

C13593 Nap time at the Yosuka community center.

C13594 Dedication of Matouyama Banchs Church, May 23, 1948.

C13597 In front of the cement building and administration building.

C13359 Girls firing onions in dormitory kitchen.

C13596 Main school buidling with class room.

C13598 A school garden.

C13500 Playing basketball in November.

C13601 Official welcome in chapel building.

C13602 Official welcome in front of man class building.

C13665 Bible study class.

C13666 Student singing.

C13667 Showing christian study.

C13668 Unpacking sports equipment.

C13669 Receiving relief clothing from America.

C13670 Missionary concerning Japanese youth.

C13671 Children in the street.

C13672 Children on the beach.

C13673 Hiroshima Sei Ai girls in lab.

C13674 Hiroshima Castle.

C13675 Hiroshima class, Boys' and Girls' town.

C13676 Goat given to boys' and girl's town.

C13677 Worship center in missionary home.

C13679 Hiroshima, 1949.

C13681 Fisherman mending nets.

C13678 J-3's In Kobe.

C13680 Rev. Eichi Kto and son, rural minister.

C13682 J-3's in student's longer at Palmore.

C13683 Students studying in room at Palmore.

C13684 Herbert Costor J-3, talking with Japanese.

C13686 Seiwa Kindergarten - drawing class.

C13685 Seiwa Kindergarten child removing shoes.

C13687 Seiwa kindergarten, reading books.

C13688 Seiwa kindergarten cleaning up.

C13690 Seiwa kindergarteen - mid-morning cereal.

C13689 Seiwa kindergarten - rythm band.

C13697 Seiwa kindergarten jumping rope.

C13691 Seiwa kindergarten worship period.

C13692 Seiwa kindergarten, play period.

C13693 Seiwa kindergarten, play period.

C13695 Seiwa kindergarten - play period.

C13696 Seiwa kindergarten, play period.

C13698 Seiwa kindergarten, teaches playing with children.

C13699 Hiroshima girls' school group of alumnae.

C13700 Rev. John B. Coff.

C13702 Palmore school.

C13701 Palmore school.

C13703 Principal Takiyi Isliri.

C13704 Rev. and Mrs. Cobb missionary at Palmore.

C13705 Herbert Coston - J-3.

C13706 Herbert Coston and Japanese students.

C13707 Japanese students in Palmore library lounge.

C13708 Ruth Talyor J-3 speaks at Chapel.

C13709 Palmore students in Bible class.

C13710 Group-Sunday morning Bible class.

C13711 Gutted Union Church in Kobe.

C13712 Eastt Kobe Church.

C13713 Kobe Seiai Church, Quonset type.

C13714 Rev. Naito and family, minister of Seiai Church.

C13716 Farmer using traditional had plow.

C13715 Kobe Sheion Church - pre fab type.

C13717 Farmer in wheat field.

C13718 Mrs, Kenji Tsutsui and goat.

C13719 Mrs. Matsuo and laghters - Christians.

C13720 Mrs. Matsuo, Christian.

C13856 Young people's group, Hiroshima, Japan.

C13853 Hiroshima, Japan congregation.

C13854 Hiroshima, children's class.

C13855 Ruines of Church in Hiroshima.

C13862 Peace community center, Hiroshima.

C13869 Hiroshima park in cherry blossom time.

C13887 One of the post war churches in Japan.

C13888 Sanctuary of a post war churches in Japan.

C13844 Youth Department of Ai Kei Garhuen - puppet show.

C13945 Stamp club.

C13946 Chorus with leader, Mr. S. Pumiya in front center.

C13947 Rhythm class.

C13948 Process of puppet making.

C13949 Volunteer leaders from Wesley foundation, and staff members.

J796 Graduates, 1949, Women Christian college - Tokyo.

J797 Graduates, 1949, Women Christian College, Tokyo.

J798 Pre-lab home of J-3's, Aoyama Gakuin - Tokyo.

J799 Japanese garden on campus of Aoyama Gakuin, Japan.

J800 Rubble and hovel, 1949

J801 Street scene, downtown Tokyo.

J802 Chapel of Girls school, Aoyama Gakuin, destroyed by bombing,
unrepaired 1949 - Tokyo.

J803 Grade school pupils, Aoyama Gakuin - Tokyo.

J804 Toy shop - Hirosaki.

J805 Japanese girls - Hirosaki.

J806 Students of Hirosaki Girls school on expression near Mt. Iwaki.

J807 Snow scene - Hirosaki.

J808 Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

J809 Valley ball, Hirosaki girls school.

J810 Kindergarten in an Orphanage, Hirosaki.

J811 Mt. Iwaki near Hirosaki.

J812 J-3's Doris Hertley, Paul Sims and friends, Hirosaki Church.

J813 Rice fields.

J814 Terrace - with wheat fields below, and tangarene orange tree obove.

J815 Farmerrs.

J816 Farmers - and said boats on the river.

J817 Cutting wheat by hand.

J818 Cutting wheat by hand.

J819 Cutting wheat by hand.

J820 Farmer helper.

J821 Threshing Wheat.

J822 Threshing wheat.

J823 Farmer and factories.

J824 Himeji Castle.

J825 Writing announcements of S.S. services forr church signboard. Himeji
Girl School. (Former Baptist)

J829 Street scene - Japan.

J830 Japanese child.

J831 Children at play.

J832 Japanese ceremonial dress.

J833 Japanese child.

J834 Fish vendor.

J835 Selling fruits and sweets in public park.

J836 Relief goat and orphanage children, Shemonoseki.

J837 Shimonoseki Harbor from campus of Baiko School fro girls (former

J838 Play ground, orphanage, Shimonoseki.

J839 Torii gateway to Shinto Shrine - Kamakura.

J840 Mother at prayer, Kamakusa Shrine.

J841 Shrine yard, Kamakusa.

J842 Shinto Shrine - Kamakusa.

J843 Heian Shrine, Kyoto.

J844 Kiyomizu Temple yard, Kyoto.

J845 Outdoor drawing class, Osaka girls school.

J846 Outdoor chapel, Osaka girl school.

J847 Rubble and flower. Osaka girl school.

J848 Catholic church, Osaka celebration for holy relic of St. Francis

J849 Street scene, Hiroshima 1949.

J850 United church. Farmer Methodist Hiroshima.

J851 School girls sketching in Asano park. Hiroshima.

J852 Shirley Webb and Jean Taylor J-3's. Maebashi.

J853 Principal Shu of Maebashi girls school with symbolic Pagoda made from
caps of American incendiary bombs which fell on campus.

J854 Postman delivering relief parcels to Ruth Taylor, Kobe.

J855 Herbert Costonand English class, Palmore Institute. Kobe.

J856 Mrs. Shacklock in Temple courtyard, Nara.

J857 Gateway, Temple, Nara.

J858 Baseball, Kwansei Gakuin.

J859 Sally Ellington with dwarf pine. Yokohama.

J860 Sally Ellington and principal Otaki of Seibi Girls School - Yokohama.

J861 Professor and Mrs. Maranoka and family. Kwassui Girls School, Nagasaki.

J862 Social center, Yokosuka, Rev. Everett Thompson and friends.

C14106 Hiroko Chan, a day cure child at Yokosuka Community Center.

C14107 Hiroko Chan, A day care child at Yokosuka Community Center.

C14108 "Day Care" graduates, 1949 Yokosuka Community Center.

C14022 Postman delivering relief parcel to Ruth Tayler, Kobe.

C14112 Miss Mamako Hirose. Pres. of Seiwa Joski Gkuin Nishinomniga -

C14188 Japanese orphan brought back from Phil. I. in orphanage at

C14189 Students of Jo-O Gizku Hiroshima.

C14190 Students of To-O Gijuku Hirosaki.

C14191 Students of To-O Gijuku Hirosaki.

C14192 Poatman delivering relief package to Mildred Ann Paine, Tokyo.

C14194 Mary Jones distributing relief clothing, with help of local
committee man, Hirosaki.

C14195 Mary Jones distributing relief clothing with help of local
committee man. Hirosaki.

C14196 Mary Jones visiting home in Hiroshima where arena relief clothing
has been sent.

C14197 Children in orphanage wearing relief clothing from America.

C14198 Children in orphanage wearing relief clothing from America.

C14199 Playgournd, To-O Gijuku, Hiroshima.

C14200 Principal Shu, Maebashi girl school, with symbolic pagoda made from
increasing bomb which fell on campus.

C14201 Reading a Japanese letter.

C14202 Discussion att J-3 Japanese youth leaders camp. Nojiri.

C14203 Discussion at J-3 Japanese youth leaders conf. Nojiri.

C14204 Discussion at J-3 Japanese youth leaders conf. Nojiri.

C14205 Discussion at J-3 Japanese youth leaders conf. Jojiri.

C14206 Discussion at J-3 Japanese youth leaders conf. Nojiri.

C14207 J-3 conference recreation hour.

C14208 J-3 conference recreation hour, Eliot Shimer and W.B. Swim.

C14209 J-3 conference, Kieth Johnson at K.P.

C14210 Outdoor drawing class, Keisen Girls school, Tokyo.

C14211 Outdoor drawing class Keisen Girls School, Tokyo.

C14212 Kindergarten children, Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14213 Kindergarten children Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14214 Kindergarten Children Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14215 Kindergarten Children Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14216 Kindergarten Children Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14217 Kindergarten Children Ai Kei Gakuin.

C14218 Drawing class, Fukuoka Girls school.

C14219 Country sign board.

C14220 Herbert Costen English Class, Kobe.

C14221 Herbert Costen and English class, Kobe.

C14222 Girls Hiroshima school levelling playground.

C14223 Rrev. and Mrs. Leverett Thompson.

C14224 Baseball at Chinyei Gakuin, Nagasaki.

C14225 Pupils of Keisen Girls school.

C14226 Students of James Wilson's English class, Nagasaki.

C14227 Mrs. Grace Wilson and Japanese language teacher.

C14228 Mrs. Grace Wilson and Japanese language teacher.

C14229 Gardnener transplanting tree, Aoyama Gakuin.

C142230 Gardeners transplanting tree, Aoyama Gakuin.

C14231 Preparing tea, Japanese tea ceremony.

C14232 Wayne Cowan and Payton Palmore at home, Nagoya.

C14233 Playgrounds and ruins Kwanto Gakuin, Yokohama.

C14234 Guests for tea, Japanese home.

C14235 Guests for tea, Japanese home.

C14236 Prof. Kojima and John Riebhoff, Aoyama Gakuin, in Kojima's home.

C14237 Prof. Kojima and John Riebhoff, Aoyama Gakuin in Kojima's home.

C14325 Sally Ellington, John Reibhoff and Bessie Howell.

C14238 Mrs. Kojima preparing tea, Aoyama Gakuin.

C14239 Japanese guest.

C14240 Japanese sewing.

C14241 Children at play, Japanese home.

C14242 Children at play, Japanese home.

C14243 John Riebhoff and student callers, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14244 Mother and babies in well-baby clinic, Ai Kei Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14245 Street scene Nagasaki.

C14246 James Wilson and students, Nagasaki.

C14247 School girls clearing rubble, Osaka. Girls School.

C14248 Sewing class, Fukuoka Girls School.

C14249 Sewing class, Fukuoka Girls School.

C14250 Doctor Diffendorfer and Abe at Aoyama Gakuin.

C14251 John Rriebhoff and Leonard Hughes, teachers at Aoyama Gakuin.

C14252 Gardening class Keisen Girls School, Tokyo.

C14253 Gardening class Keisen Girls School, Tokyo.

C14254 Gardening class Keisen Girls School, Tokyo.

C14255 Dr. and patient singing hymn, Momorial Hospital, Hiroshima.

C14256 School Boy, Himeji.

C14257 School Boy, Himeji.

C14258 Canal and bridge, Nagasaki.

C14259 Mary Jones distributing relief.

C14260 Prof. and Mrs. Muranaka and family, Kwassui girl school.

C14261 Attendant - Buddhist Temple - Kyoto.

C14262 Miss Michi Kawai, Principal, Keisen Girls School Tokyo.

C14263 Book store near center of destruction, Hiroshima.

C14264 Street scene.

C14266 James Wilson and students, Nagasaki.

C14267 Geta footwear at entrance at social center, Tokyo.

C14268 School girls clearing playground, Hiroshima.

C14269 J-3 Paul Sims reading the cookbook to his housekeeper.

C14270 Chapel, Hiroshima girls school.

C14271 George Parrott's English class, Hiroshima School.

C14272 Doris hartley's English class, Hiroshima girls school.

C14273 Junior High class, Hiroshima school.

C14274 Music class taught by Alice Southern and Mrs. Miura. Hirosaki girls

C14275 Students calling, on Doris Hartley, Hirosaki.

C14276 J-3's and friends, Hirosaki church.

C14277 J-3's and friends Hirosaki church.

C14278 George Parrott and students, Hirosaki.

C14279 Paul Sims and Principal Kawasaki, Hirosaki Boys school.

C14280 Paul Sims and Prof. Araya Hirosaki, Boys School.

C14281 Paul Sims and students Hirosaki Boys School.

C14282 Alice Southern Principal Ada, Dorise Hartley, Paul Sims, Principal
Kawasaki and George Parrott.

C14283 Baseball, Hirosaki Girls school.

C14284 Baseball, Hirosaki Girls School.

C14285 Ann Hutcheson and Principal Abota, Hakodate Girls School.

C14286 Rebecca Giles with Y.M.C.A. cabinet andd advisor, Hakodate girls

C14287 Rebecca Giles with Y.M.C.A. cabinet and advisor, Hakodate Girls

C14288 Rythm orchestra, Orphanage kindergarten, Shimonoseki.

C14289 Children and goat, orphanage kindergarten, Shimonoseki.

C14290 Church of Tenri Kyo, Sect.of Shinto.

C14291 Tea ceremonial.

C14292 Milli Chapman and students, Himeji.

C14293 Milli Chapman and students, Himeji.

C14294 Vespers on the beach, J-3 summer conf. 1949 - Jojiri.

C14295 Vespers on the beach, J-3 summer conf. 1949 Nojiri.

C14296 Vespers on the beach J-3 summer conf. 1949 Nojiri.

C14298 Worship service, conf. of J-3's and Japanese youth leaders. 1949.

C14299 Communion service, conf. of J-3's and Japanese youth leader. 1949.

C14300 Discussion group, conf. of J-3's and Japanese youth leaders. 1949.

C14301 Discussion group, conf. of J-3's and Japanese youth leaders, 1949.

C14302 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Paul Sims and Rev. S.

C14303 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Norman Parsons and Rev.
I. Shikoma.

C14304 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Wayne Cowan and Rev. H.

C14305 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Rev. Paul Gregory Rev.
S. Sakurai, Rev. Chiba, Rev. Wm. Mesendiek.

C14306 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. committee. Tom Grubbs,
Mary Jones and Rev. I. Shikoma.

C14307 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Rev. Johnnie Figita,
Rev. Jomura center, Chairman of youth committee.

C14308 Music class, Hirosaki Girls School.

C14309 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Discussion group. 1949.

C14310 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Discussion group. 1949.

C14311 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Discussion group. 1949.

C14312 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Discussion group. 1949.

C14313 J-3's Japanese youth leaders, summer conf. Discussion group. 1949.

C14314 J-3 Conf. Charles Germany. Eliot Shimer and Alice Boyer.

C14316 Morse Saito (J-3) leading chapel singing. Palmore Inst. Kobe.

C14317 Morse Saito, teaching English conversation, Palmore Inst. Kobe.

C14318 Kieth Johnson with Dr. and nurses at clinic settlement house,
directed by Kwansei Gakuin.

C14319 Kieth Johnson and Mrs. Kanzaki, Kwansei Gakuin, visit the school's
settlement house clinic.

C14320 Burned out chapel of girls school Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, destroyed
by Americal bombing.

C14321 School children, Aoyama Gakuin. Tokyo.

C14321 School Children, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14322 John Reibhoff entertain student visitor.

C14323 John Reibhoff entertain student visitors.

C14324 Saito, a student of Aoyama Gakuin college.

C14326 Sally Ellington teaching English.

C14327 Sally Ellington teaching English.

C14328 Bessie Howell teaching English.

C14329 Bessie Howell teaching English.

C14330 John Reibhoff teaching English.

C14331 John Reibhoff teaching English.

C14332 Youth bowing at Nikko Shinto.

C14333 Summer conf. discussion. J-3's Japanese youth leader conf.

C14334 Writing announcements of Service fro Church sign board Hemji Girl

C14335 Stone Dibutsus [Buddha] Komoro.

C14344 Temple grounds, Nikko Japan.

C14345 Principal I. Kawasaki Dr. Sasamori and Rev. and Mrs. Shacklock.

C14346 Playgrounds Hirosaki School.

C14347 Catholic cathedral, Nagasaki.

C14348 Japanese gardeners making garden, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14349 Japanese gardeners, making garden, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14350 Building Costractor Tokyo.

C14351 Mrs. F. Shacklock, Dr. Diffendorfer, and Mrs. Saito in Japan.

C14352 One of 14 orphans in orphans home Hiroshima, opened by tender
hearted mom.

C14353 Burial grounds on hill. Yokohama.

C14354 Inonset church, Osaka Japan.

C14355 Eliot Shimer (J-3) of Yokohama with principal of his school and
Mrs. Schaklock.

C14356 Mrs. Shacklock and Joan Reynold of Tokyo.

C14357 Rev. and Mrs. Lee Palmore of Kwasaki Gakuin, reading letter of
thanks for relief clothes they had given out.

C14358 Ration depot, food, Tokyo.

C14359 Mildred Ann Paine, Tokyo, and doctor who assists in well baby
clinic, and wife.

C14360 A professor, Mr. Ijima both of Aoyama Gakuin and Bishop Abe.

C14361 Dr. Ansano of Memorial Hospital, Hiroshima, and F. Shacklock.

C14362 School girls playing Ping Pong. Osaka girls school.

C14363 Prof. Kojima, Aoyoma Gakuin, Tokyo.

C14368 Shoroku Kto - Nagoya, Japan.

C14368 Shoroku Kato, entertaining Japanese children near his college

C14404 Free playtime in Ki Ai Kindergarten.

C14405 "Christmas is for everyone." First observance of X-mas of the 7th
grades. Nagare Kawa Church hall was borrowed for the occasion.

F886 Chilren at play, Japan.

F887 Prof. Kojima, Aoyoma Gakuin.

F888 John Reibhoff and guests. Tokyo.

F889 Mrs. Kojima making tea. Aoyoma Gakuin. Tokyo.

F890 Gardian Deity outside of Temple.

F891 Japanese hostess and guest.

F892 Japanese hostess and guest.

F893 Hostess greeting guest.

F894 Scene at Lake Nojiri, Summer resort. Japan.

F895 Sunday School class at Aoyama Gakuin. Tokyo.

F896 J-3 Summer conference.

F897 Scene at Lake Jojiri, Summer resort. Japan.

F898 Guest in Japanese home.

F899 Japanese Women sewing.

C15201 Chinzei Gakuin shortley after Aug. 9, 1945.

C15202 The Christmas service at the new Chinzei Gakuin, Isahoga. Japan.

C15360 J-3's Embarking at San-Francisco. Aug. 27, 1950.

C15369 Entrance to new high school building at Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo. 1950.

F1276 Shinto festival and shrine. Japan.

F1277 Children in Festival clothes awaiting coming of Shrine. Japan. 1950.

F1278 Kyoto - Japan. One of the old Imperial Palace. 1950.

C15786 Rev. Darley Downs (left) and Rev. Tomita at 9th Anniversay of
Protestant Missionary in Japan. 1950.

C15787 Tohohikio Kagawa (left) and Rev. Shiroh Kwada, his co-worker. 1950.

C15788 Japanese mother and child standing against background of cherry
blossom. 1950.

C15789 A Japaense grandfather and his two grand children taking a walk
through the park, 1950.

C15790 The way farm lands in Japan are divided into little paddy fields.

C15791 The temple at Nagano, 1950.

C15792 A pilgrim reading from his prayer book outside the famous Shingon
temple at Kanonji. 1950.

C15793 Two typical Japanese Children. The girl is the daughter of one of
our Christian families. 1950.

C15794 Herbert Costin - J-3, Surveys a small fishing village on Japan's
coast and ponders the Christian challenge it presents.

C15992 Mrs. S. Takeboyashi. Week of Dedication. 1951.

C17116 Yohosuka Community Center Library. 1951.

C17160 Yokohama, Dr. Laton E. Holmgren delivered the Easter sermon at
sunrise services held in the Open Air Theater Yokohama Park. Dr. Holmgren
is presently lecturing on Democracy throughout universities in Japan. 1951.

C17409 Utsunomiya church.

C17408 Tottori Chruch.

C17410 Tokyo, Ikehoue Church of Christ.

C17415 United Church of Christ in Japan: Prayer circle at Yokohama Youth
Fellowship meeting.

C17416 Tokyo. Communion Service at 6th General Council of United Church of
Christ, Oct. 1951 held at Fujimi - cho Church.

C17417 Hino. Harvesting wheat at National Rural Training Center.

C17418 Hino. Threshing wheat at National Rural Training Center.

C17419 Hino. Vegetable gardening at National Rural Training Center.

C17420 Goat dairy in National Rural Training Center.

C17421 Hino. Hino. Dairy training at National Rural Training Center.

C17422 Hino. Growing rabbits in National Rural Training Center.

C17423 Hino. Prayer before work at National Rural Training Center.

C17424 Hino. Studying rural life at National Rural Training Center.

C17425 Hino. Meal time out of doors at National Rural Training Center.

C17426 First year students having noon meal out of doors at National
Rural Training Center.

C17427 Hino. Class room at National Rural Training Center.

C17428 Hino. Potatoes harvested in late Aug. 1950; in back is threshing
machines, at National Rural Training Center.

C17429 Hino. Students of National Rural Training Center.

C17430 Hino. Students with hoe and plough at National Rural Training

C17431 School rooms at National Rural Training Center.

C17432 Hino. Growing vegetables at National Rural Training Center.

C17433 Tokyo. Dining Hall of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.

C17434 Tokyo. Other view of the Dining Hall of Tokyo Union Theological

C17435 Tokyo. General view of the Dining Hall of Tokyo Union Theological

C17436 Tokyo. Dormitory room of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.

C17437 Tokyo. Social room of dormitory in Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.

C17438 Tokyo. Corridor of half the length of the dormitory of Tokyo Union
Theological Seminary.

C17439 Tokyo. Students in dormitory washer Tokyo Union Theological

C17440 Isahaya. High School boys at Chuinzei Gakuin buildings.

C17441 Isahaya. Army Hospital barracks used as Junior High School
Buildings of Chuinzei Gakuin.

C17442 Isahaya. Freshman boys at Chuinzei Gakuin.

C14265 Nagoya boys school.

F2524 Nikko. Famous freize; Hear not, see not and speak not.

C17455 Kobe Sumiyoshi Church.

C17456 Tokyo. Nihonhashi Church.

C17457 Maebashi. Students studying in dormitory Kyoai Girls School.

C17458 Dr. E. M. Clark of the American Presbyterian mission teach
beginners' Greek in Japan Christian Rural service and training center.

C17459 Typical Japanese paper plays. (Christians use them in Sunday school
and on streets to tell Bible stories.)

C17460 Giving out bibles to the older residents of Ochanomizu.

C17461 Ochanomizu. Woman with children on front porch.

C17462 Ochanomizu. Shacks along the banks of the gorge near the Ochanomizu.

C17463 Ochanomizu. Boy eating in shack.

C17464 Ochanomizu. A lesson in reading and writing.

C17465 Reinanzaka. A class in the church tower.

C17466 Primary class fifth year in Reinanzaka Church.

C17467 Niijima Gakuin - Annaka Mr. Beecken giving an English lesson.

C17468 Praying fro the departed in front of the Buddhist Scriptures.

C17469 Tokyo. Mr. Igarashi reading the bible with his family.

C17470 Tokyo. Mr. Igarashi reading bible with one of his boys.

C17471 Executive committee of council of Yokohama youth fellowhip.

C17472 Refreshments after meeting Yokohama Youth Fellowship.

C17473 Refreshments after meeting Yokohama Youth Fellowship.

C17474 Rebuilding of Tokyo Union Church.

C17475 Dr. M. Kozaki (seated) and the secretary, Rev. R. Kato in
consultation in General Council the United Church of Christ in Japan.

C17476 Christian Literature Society stall General Council of the United
Church of Christ in Japan.

C17490 Primary class in Japanese style Reinanzaka Church.

C17761 Japan work camp. Prayer before work.

C17762 Japan work camp. students dig rubble.

C17763 Shikanjima work camp. Gathering up tile, brick, etc.

C17764 J-3 and Japanese students. Keith Johnson.

C17789 Nagoya Gahuin. Construction work at new location.

C17790 Nagoya Gakuin. Construction work at the new location.

C18137 Okinawa - Leprosy victim playing banjo.

C18139 Okinawa at Mrs. Shinabukuro's house (thatch roof).

C18140 Japan students awaiting arriving of Dr. Brumbaugh.

F2738 Naha church (old Methodist) Okinawa.

F2739 Okinawa - Chaplain McQueen and family (Southern Calif. Conf.)

F2740 Okinawa - One of few Buddhist temples.

F2741 Okinawa - Calla lilies in pastor's garden.

F2742 Okinawa Christian and missionaries.

F2743 Takabaru Church in rural Okinawa.

F2744 Episcopalian hdqtrs and car.

F2745 Okinawa - Rev. and Mrs. Yoshio Higa (moderator)

F2746 Okinawa - Missionaries' concrete residences (Rickaed and Bell)

C172747 Nago, Okinawa Christian congregation.

F2748 Okinawa - Pastor Higa of Univ. of Ryukyus.

F2749 Okinawa - country market.

F2750 Okinawa - View from American officers' club.

F2751 Okinawa - view across rebuilt city of Mawashi.

F2752 Okinawa - village scene.

F2753 Village scene in rural Okinawa

F2754 Okinawa - country girls near Suicide Cliff.

F2755 Okinawa - Typical rural scene with church.

F2756 Okinawa - Thatched roofed homes in Leper Colony, on Island of Yagaji.

F2758 Okinawa - All that is left of a castle.

F2759 Okinawa - war debris collected at old Japanese Scrine.

F2760 Naha, Okinawa - Ruins of former Presbyterian church.

F2761 War scrap and pearl culture in Okinawa.

F2762 Where 85 high school girls died in Okinawa.

F2763 Skull and bones of early defendees of Okinawa against Japan.

F2764 Okinawa - Country girls at crypt of bones from recent war.

F2765 Okinawa - Outdoor Kindergarten.

F2766 Okinawa - Christian Kindergarten, with no roof for shelter.

F2767 Okinawa - OUtdoor Christian Kindergarten.

F2768 Okinawa, Kind church drum beats rythm for hymn singing.

F2769 Okinawa - Village primary school.

F2770 Okinawa - Yoshio Higa, Otis Bell and Pres. of Univ. of Ryukyus.

F2771 Shuri, Okinawa Admin. Bldg. Univ. of Ryukyus.

F2773 Congratulatory wreaths at opening of new restaurant, Japan.

F2774 Boys' festival carp flying - rural Japan.

F2775 Beppu, Japan seller of flowers.

F2776 Beppu, Japan hot springs park.

F2777 Beppu Japan. Commercialized "Hell Valley" Hot Springs center.

F2778 Beppu, Japan. Beppu Orphanage (Katherine Stevens)

F2780 Children at Christian orphanage, Beppu, Japan.

F2522 Nikko. Boy in Religious Festival parade.

F2781 Hakodate, Japan. Iai Girls School.

F2782 Hino, Japan. Women students working at Rural Training School.

F2783 Hiroshima, Japan New Classroom bldg. Hiroshima Woman's Univ.

F2784 Hiroshima, Japan - New dormitory and Bldg. of Hiroshima Woman's Univ.

F2785 Hiroshima, Japan - Roof of Hiroshima Girls College.

F2786 Hiroshima, Japan. Dormitory at Hiroshima Woman's College.

F2787 Hiroshima, Japan. GIrls' High School.

F2788 Hokkaido, Japan. Evyn Adams and pioneer Christian.

F2788 Kamojima, Japan. Kindergarten at play (Chas. Germany)

F2790 Komojima Church, Kyushu, Japan (built by Chas. Germany)

F2791 Drying cereals in Kamojima, Japan.

F2792 Nagasaki, Japan. Atomic bomb ruins, Catholic Catheral.

F2793 Nagasaki, Japan. Social Center and Church (from rear)

F2794 Nagasaki, Japan D.F.M. home of E.E. Best.

F2795 P.F. Warner and teachers at Nagoya Boy's School.

F2796 Paul Warner recieves farewell present from mayor of Nagoya.

F2797 Nagoya Boys School at recess time, Japan.

F2798 New Campus and Bldg. at Nagoya Boy's School, Japan.

F2799 Swimming pool and chapel at Nagoya Boys' School, Japan.

F2800 Sapporo church (former Methodist) Japan.

F2801 Outstanding laymen, Sapporo, Japan.

F2802 Ginza street, Tokyo, Japan.

F2803 C.L.S. Bookstore on Ginza st. - Tokyo, Japan.

F2804 Ginza shopping street. C.L.S. Bldg. in background - Tokyo, Japan.

F2895 Marunouchi Bldg. in front of Tokyo station.

F2806 Largest movie house in Orient - Tokyo, Japan.

F2807 Piccadilly Theater, Tokyo, Japan.

F2808 Imperial Palace moat and Diet Bldg. Tokyo, Japan.

F2809 Dr. and Mrs. Troyer and Dr. and Mrs. E.E. Tuck in lounge on 3rd
floor. J.I.C.U. Tokyo, Japan.

F2810 Hangar for Physical Educ. Int'l Christian Univ. Tokyo, Japan.

F2811 Prof. Herman Sacon, (former Methodist) Tokyo Union Theological
Seminary, Japan.

F2812 Chapel and campus of Tokyo Union Theologica Seminary.

F2813 Classroom Bldg. at Union Theol. Seminary - Tokyo, Japan.

F2814 Teachers of Union Theol. Sem. Tokyo, Japan.

F2815 Classroom Bldg. and Refrectory - Tokyo Union Theol. Seminary.

F2816 Entrance to Aoyama Gakuin College - Tokyo, Japan.

F2817 Home economics and H.S. Bldgs. Aoyama Gakyuin, Tokyo, Japan.

F2818 New missionary residence, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan.

F2819 Girls weeding athletic ground at Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan.

F2820 Garden party at Chaplain's center - Tokyo, Japan.

F2821 Cooks and food at Chaplains' Garden party, Tokyo, Japan.

F2822 Japanese mother and daughter - Tokyo, Japan.

C18155 Sign on rebuilt Shuri Church larged in Okinawa.

F18156 Students in Yichon Girl's School former buildings destroyed.

C18157 Both lost their legs in war - Japan.

C18166 Hino Rural Training school - getting practical experience.

C18167 Beggars Village Church, Beppu, Japan.

F2874 Farm scene in area of Kariuzawa, Japan.

F2875 Farm scene in area of Kariuzawa, Japan.

F2876 Farm scene in area of Karuizawa, Japan.

F2877 Farm scene in area of Karuizawa, Japan.

F2878 Farm scene in area of Karuizawa, Japan - Threshing.

F2879 A rural scene.

F2880 New Year's clothes on small girls in Osaka.

F2881 Close-up shot of silkwarms feeding on mulberry leaves.

F2883 Scene shots taken in a near Karuizawa, Japan.

F3005 Shrine in Japan.

F3063 Chinzei Gakuin Isahaya, Japan - starting foundation for gym.

F3064 Students of work in fields.

F3065 Farmers watching demonstration of modern agricultral methods.

F3066 Chinzei teachers and Bldgs. at cherry blossom time.

F3067 Students at work in field.

F3068 Junior H.S. Bldg. from beyond the pond.

F3069 Junior High Bldg. wearing completion, grading fro gym. at side.

F3070 Students working in peanut fields.

F3071 Students coming in from work.

F3072 Moving out of old barracks class rooms.

F3073 Junior High girls help with moving.

F3074 Old funiture moves to new bldg.

F3075 Chinzei buildings from hillside.

F3076 Chinzei buildings in valley, looking toward bay.

F3077 Chinzei J.H. bldg. under construction.

F3078 Chinzei Sr. High bldg. and pond.

C18385 Mobile Hospital gift to Okinawa from the Church go-era of the First
Methodist Church, Glendale, Calif.

C18286 Same as C18385

C18393 Dr. Linus Bittner and Akiro Oshiro of Hushi, Okinawa, in front of
mobile hosp. presented to Okinawa by the people of First Methodist Church
of Glendale, Calf.

F3181 Farm land near Beppu, Japan.

F3182 Terraced hills in Kobe City, Japan.

F3183 View in Kobe city, Japan.

C18754 New bldg. - Tokyo Union Theological School dormitory.

C18755 Country woman carrying produce.

C18757 Farmer.

C18758 A farm wife working in the field.

C18759 Harrowing the field far planting.

C18760 Farm youth.

C18761 Farm youth at work.

C18762 Family shrine alter.

C18763 Farm child.

C18766 Farm mother and children.

C18767 Farm children.

C18756 Merry-go-round at cherry festival time.

C18764 Slum street, Nagoya.

C18765 Valley ball - Chinzei Gakuin Isahaya.

C18768 Nagasaki - girls in library of Kwassei Girls' School.

C18769 Nagasaki - Restored building Kwassei girls' school (had been
damaged by atom bomb.)

C18773 Nagasaki - Gymnasium in Kwassei Girls' School.

C18770 Nagasaki social center.

C18771 Nagasaki social center.

C18772 Children playing in Ai Kei Gakuin social center.

C19502 A Buddhist pilgrim Shikaku, Japan.

C19503 Shikaku - a Buddhist pilgrim making the rounds of the 88 Shingon
Sect temples on the island.

C19504 Kachi, Shikaku old fisherman by the see.

C19505 Kachi, Shikaku old lady mending fishing net.

C19506 kachi prefecture, Shikaku - fishermen discussing days catch.

C19507 Fishing harbor in southern Fakushima prefecture, Shikaku.

C19508 Shikaku winding in a large net laid out in the sea by boat. Here
the 2nds are wound in.

C19509 Shikaku Fishermen pulling in the net.

C19510 Shikaku pulling in the net.

C19511 Shikaku shovelling small white fish into basket.

C19512 Shikaku a Shinto shrine.

C19513 Shikaku a Shinto shrine.

C19514 Murato Cape, Shikaku a Shrine dedicated to god Jizo, deep in a cave.

C19515 Chas. Germany presents dictionary of the Bible and other books to
M. Y. F. of Church in Kamojima - the gift is from youth of Linwood
Methodist Church, Okla. City.

C19516 A quartet of the Church youth group in Kamajima.

C19517 Mr. and Mrs. Kyozo Iwai of Wakimachi before the tokanoma in their
home Mr. Iwai is a Christian leader.

C19518 Kobe - Rev. John B. Cobb speaks of dedication of Palmore English
Inst. (at new bldg.)

C19519 Kobe - a "yubiningyo" (finger doll) show at a kindergarten.

C19520 Miss S. Deguchi and Miss R. Noda prepare the Japanese brush to
write anouncements fro youth meeting at Kamajima Church.

C19521 Rev. Seimatsu Kimura of Kamajima.

C19522 Rev. Kimura preaching at the Easter service in Kamajima.

C19523 Little girls in their finest Kimonos with their mothers at the
kindergarten program.

C19524 Little girls join in a dance at the kindergarten.

C19525 Mr. and Mrs. Kikus Hamaguchi, Christian lay workers Shishikui
Takushima Prefecture.

C19526 Prayer time before mid-morning snack at nursery school in Shishkui -
this is the work of Mr. and Mrs. Hamaguchi.

C19527 Children in the nursery at meal time - food provided largely
through Christian relief pragrams in America, Shichikui.

C19528 Playtime at the nursery school - Shishkui.

C19529 Grandmother with grandchild on her back watch nursery school
children play, Shishikui.

C19530 Not all moments at the nursery are happy ones. Shishikui.

C20052 The new Shishikui Church.

C20053 The new Iraks Shinsie Church.

C20066 Nishinomiya, The main campus of Kwansei Gakuin.

C20066 Nishinomiya The main Campus of Kwansei Gakuin.

C21331 Christian service center, Jahuson Air Force base.

C21332 Christian sericemen's center - Sasebo.

C21519 Mr. and Mrs. Shigemi Yokobiki in their daily devotions, using the
Bible, Hymnal and "Christian Evangelistic News." Hyago-ken, Japan.

C21518 Rev. Yasuyuki Umeda fumigates books from lending library in this
chest books are loaned to hospital patients. Hyogo -ken.

C21517 Rev. Yasuyuki Umeda, Rev. Y. Nishizaka and Dr. John Cobb, preparing
issues of hte paper, "Kerisuts Dendo Schimbun." Hyogo-ken.

1555 Japanese Christian University - 1956, Tokyo.

1557 TV Station, Tokyo 1956.

1558 Audio - Visual Aids Commission - 1956, Tokyo.

1559 Inside AVACO - Tokyo 1956.

C22112 Kobe, Palmore Inst - Oxford Hall.

C22113 Kobe, Palmore Institute's new prayer chapel.

C22145 Dr. E.S. Jones and Dr. Suyuki (D.D.S.) Dr. Jones makes the 3
fingers sign for "Jesus is Lord" as a salvation and a farewell.

1142 Dr. Takuhi Muto, moderator of Kyodan, wife and friends Tokyo, Japan.

1143 President Yuasa, of Japan International Christian University, Tokyo,

1144 In library of Japan International Christian University - Tokyo, Japan.

1145 Chapel (left) and Diffendorfer memorial, Japan International
Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.

1146 Diffendorfer Memorial, Japan International Christian University. -
Tokyo, Japan.

1147 The Reverend and Mrs. Glen Bruner - Tokyo, Japan.

1195 Rev. Banki Yamashita - Otoru, Hokkaido.

1196 Rev. and Mrs. Hojima Yoshioka Kuriyama, Hokkaido.

1198 Hokkaido, Four Japanese ministers listen to Rev. Kanuo Kirono, the
D.S. of the Hokkaido Dist.

1199 Obihiko, Hokkaido Rev. and Mrs. Osamu Doboshi of Obihiro Church.

1200 Obihiro, Hokkaido preachers who attended ministers meeting.

1201 Hokkaido Kushiro, Church.

1202 Hokkaido, The Methodist Church.

1203 Hokkaido, Mrs. Teruo Konai and son of Joonai Church. Boy was healed
of a dread skin disease.

1204 Shintoku Hokkaido two little girls on way to Sunday School.

1556 Tokyo Japanese Christian University Chapel.

1560 Mt. Fuji countryside.

2501 Hiroshima Japan. Hiroshima Junior College for girls class in Home

2502 Hiroshima Junior College for girls Dr. Hamako Hirosi, Pres. of

1197 Hokkaido, Rev. Wallace Brownlee and Rev. Susumu Nishida during recess
of the Hokkaido Preachers' meeting.

2503 Hiroshima Jonior College for girls - Mary Mae Millan teacher with

2504 Hiroshima Junior College for girls - the Library.

2505 Hiroshima Junior College for girls - class in session.

2506 Hiroshima Junior College for girls - pattern making in dressmaking

2507 Hiroshima Junior College for girls - English class in session.

2508 Hiroshima Junior College for girls - The Choir.

2509 Hiroshima Junior College for Girls - entrance.