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Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1

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Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1


Images documenting the work in the 1910s through the 1920s among African Americans begun by the Freedman's Aid Society which was later merged into the Board of Education in the Methodist Episcopal Church. There are also some images documenting the work done by the Woman's Home Missionary Society.




Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


United States
African Americans


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Negro #1

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1 Collection

H1842 Cape May, NJ. Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church in which the Delaware (colored) Conference was held April 1918.

H1844 Bishop Mitchell and his cabinet. Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Delaware (Colored) Conference. April 1918. Cape May, New Jersey

H1951 Day nursery connected with Saint Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church. Chicago. Rev. J. W. Robinson, Pastor. This church without outside help supports a day nursery.

H1952 The store in which St. Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in Chicago. Pastor standing in front

H11093 One of the students of Claflin University

H11094 The ROTC boy who has charge of the military training at Claflin University. Orange burgh, South Carolina

H11095 The instructor in military training taking to Mr. Dean in charge of missionary Education. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11096 Claflin University girls -during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11097 Claflin University girls during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11098 Claflin University girls during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11100 Riding double. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11101 Claflin University, school boys spinning tops. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11102 A couple of soldier students of Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11103 Piling up. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11104 Snap the whip - Claflin University campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11105 Watching the boys wrestling. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11106 Just standing' round on the campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11107 Part of the boys class at recess. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11108 Claflin University, watching the game. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11109 A study period in the sun. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11110 Studying on the Chapel steps. Claflin University Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11111 Claflin University campus. 'Ring around a rosy.' Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11112 Colored children at play. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H111134 Claflin University recess time. Orange burg`, South Carollina

H11114 The sunny side of the main building of Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11115 Matron of boys' dormitory. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11116 "Drop the handkerchief" on Claflin University campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11117 "Hop-Scotch" Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11118 Girls from the grades at Claflin University playing hop-scotch. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11119 Claflin University Chapel Exercises. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11120 4th Grade including pupils from 8 years to 40 years. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11121 Class in shorthand and typewriting. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11122 Claflin University - First and Second grades. Orangeburg, South Carolina