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Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1

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Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1


Images documenting the work in the 1910s through the 1920s among African Americans begun by the Freedman's Aid Society which was later merged into the Board of Education in the Methodist Episcopal Church. There are also some images documenting the work done by the Woman's Home Missionary Society.




Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


United States
African Americans


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Negro #1




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Negro #1 Collection

H1842 Cape May, NJ. Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church in which the Delaware (colored) Conference was held April 1918.

H1844 Bishop Mitchell and his cabinet. Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Delaware (Colored) Conference. April 1918. Cape May, New Jersey

H1951 Day nursery connected with Saint Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church. Chicago. Rev. J. W. Robinson, Pastor. This church without outside help supports a day nursery.

H1952 The store in which St. Mark's Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in Chicago. Pastor standing in front

H2101 Negro cabins in the Bayou Region, Louisiana.

H2103 Short term Negro convicts working the roads. Their food is corn
bread, bad molasses with a little salt pork twice a day, with beans at
noon. White prisoners serving less than a year are put on same program.

H2329 Negro Church, Brook Haven District, Mississippi

H2330 Negro Church, Brook Haven, Mississippi

H2331 Negro Church, Brook Haven, Mississippi

H2332 Church awaiting Red Cross Drive. Brook Haven District, Mississippi.
Red Cross Committees made up of white merchants from adjoining villages
appeared at this Colored church and compelled them to accept the Red Cross
program and subscribe to Red Cross Fund under penalty of being branded as

H2333 Negro Church, Brook Haven District, Mississippi

H2334 Negro School, Brook Haven District, Mississippi. This school will
ultimately be the center of a wide educational effort.

H2335 Negro Church, Brook Haven District, Mississippi.

H2336 Church and Parsonage, Brook Haven District, Mississippi. It is an
example of what a pastor can accomplish when he gets hold of his community
by identifying himself with their home and farm problems.

H2337 Sabbath School just out. (Note that the window panes are also out.)

H2338 Negro Church congregation in the Black Belt of Mississippi, Brook
Haven District, Mississippi.

H2339 Negro School, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2340 Negro School, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2341 Negro School, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2342 Negro Parsonage, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2343 Negro Parsonage, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2344 Church and Schoohouse, Brook Haven, Mississippi.

H2345 Parsonage of a prosperous negro church, Brook Haven, Miss.

H2346 Parsonage of a preacher in the remote districts, Brook Haven, Miss.
In order to gain a living, this preacher has to run and till a 60 acre
farm, and the result is pastoral visits are few and far between. The
people complain they see little of their preacher in their homes. His
influence amounts to practically nothing in the community.

H2347 A school house in a remote district, Brook Haven, Miss.

H2348 A church in the back districts, Brook Haven, Miss.

H2349 Negro parsonage. This preacher and his family can not subsist on
the meagre salary paid by his congregation. He has to supplement his
income by farming. Brook Haven, Miss.



H2352 Row of Magnolias, Atlanta, Ga.

H2353 Red Cross Drive in New Orleans, La.

H2354 Federal Prison at Atlanta, Ga. Here many German spies are confined.


H2356 Red Cross Drive in Atlanta, Ga. The Shriners selected a day to take
the Red Cross subscription.

H2357 Historic Locomotive. This engine is one that chased and overhauled a Union engine that started on a tour of burning bridges.

H2358 U.S. Troops in New Orleans, La.

H2359 Spellman's Institute, Atlanta, Ga.


H2361 Tugboat on the Mississippi, New Orleans, La.



H2364 Large Liveoak Tree. This liveoak in one of the New Orleans parks is
so large that it is assigned for a picnic party. A little further distant
is the famous "suicide oak" where the despondent and disappointed come to
end their lives. New Orleans, La.

H2365 Students at one of the colored colleges in Atlanta, Ga.

H2366 Mother and Children on College Campus, Atlanta, Ga.

H2367 Washingtonia Palms in New Orleans, La.

H2368 New Orleans Mansion, New Orleans, La.

H2369 House on forty acre demonstration farm. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2370 Forty acre demonstration farm. Brookhaven District, Miss. Barn and

H2371 Site for Community House. Demonstration farm. Brookhaven District,

H2372 Grove in front of house demonstration farm. Brookhaven District,

H2373 Wash day at the farm. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2374 The farm equipment. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2375 The County farm agent starting for field work on bicycle.
Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2376 Potatoes one month old - demonstration farm. Brookhaven Distict,

H2377 County agent and club boy standing in the midst of the two acre
cornfield which has been planted and tilled by this boy. Brookhaven
District, Miss.

H2378 Ditch dug by boys under supervision of county agent draining a
swamp. This field which was useless on account of an overlfow during
freshets is redeemed and is growing its first crop. Brookhaven District,

H2379 Ground broken for planting. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2380 Baptist Church. The preacher travels a distance of 30 miles to
preach here every alternate Sunday. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2381 Old Spanish Fort near Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, La.

H2382 Same caption as H2381.

H2383 New brick colored Church at Warren Memorial, Atlanta, Ga.

H2384 Warren Memorial Colored Church, New Brick Church, Atlanta, Ga.

H2385 Dilapidated Church. Students of Clark University are compelled to
worship here. Atlanta, Ga.

H2386 Grave and Tomb of Booker Washington at Tuskeegee, Alabama.

H2387 Old Union Barracks. These barracks were occupied by Union soldiers
at the close of the Civil War and were not vacated until the administration
of President Hayes. Atlanta, Ga.

H2388 Colored troops at Tuskeegee. The U.S. Government sends troops to
Tuskeegee to train them in the industrial arts needed in the army. They
come in battalions of 400 and are housed and trained in the regular
buildings of Tuskeegee Institute. Tuskeegee, Alabama.

H2389 Colored troops at Tuskeegee. Another detachment of colored troops
learning to repair automobiles. Tuskeegee, Alabama.

H2390 Dairy barn presented to Tuskeegee by Eastman of Kodak Camera Co.
Tuskeegee, Alabama.

H2391 A negro Lodge Hall near one of the negro churches in the black belt
of Miss. Note the razor back hogs in front of building grazing.

H2392 Sawmill and lumbering. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2393 Negro children on way to Sunday School. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2394 Negro family on way to market. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2395 A fallen log across highway necessitating a detour of 18 miles.
Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2396 Bridge where lynching has recently occurred. Brookhaven District,

H2397 Bridge where lynchings have recently occurred. A prominent Southern
newspaper recently stated that unless the Southern States put down lynching
that the Federal authorities will. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2398 Bridge where lynchings have recently occurred. Brookhaven District,

H2399 Bridge where lynchings have recently occurred. Brookhaven District,

H2400 Busy day in the trucking regions. The shortage of cars compelled the
truckmen to wait from 7 in the morning until nightfall before unloading and
getting home. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2401 Garden truck awaiting shipment. Crates of cabbages and hampers of
beans delayed by the shortage of cars. From one station 120 carloads of
strawberries were shipped to northern markets in a single day. Brookhaven
District, Miss.

H2403 Hauling heavy lumber to market. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2402 Farm buildings of prosperous negro. In some sections the white
sentiment tolerates the erection of modern and adequate buildings on negro
farms. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2404 Convict Labor. Note guard with whip. This is a form of slavery
that still exists in spite of the Emancipation Proclamation. Brookhaven
District, Miss.

H2405 Red Cross delegation visiting negro churches. Brookhaven District,

H2406 Negro Funeral. The victim died of Pelegra. This disease results,
we are told, from malnutrition. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2407 Cultivating Cotton. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2408 Rural scene in the black belt of Mississippi. The children in the
distance are on their way to Sunday School. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2409 Mineral Springs. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2410 Summer resort where many negroes are employed. Brookhaven District,

H2411 Farm for white farmers conducted by the Illinois Central Railroad.
There are more than 30 of these demonstration stations in this area.

H2412 Thoroughbred Hog. Brookhaven District, Miss.

H2417 Flashlight of Sunday evening audience in East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church.
Dr. C.A. Tindley, Pastor.

H2420 Flashlight of Sunday School of East Calvary Colored Methodist Episcopal Church,
Phila., Pa. Dr. C.A. Tindley, Pastor.

H2498 Commissionary sugar plantation. New Iberia, La.

H2499 Where white and colored meet.

H2500 Negro quarters - sugar plantation, New Iberia, La.

H2501 Planters' southern home. Iberia, La.

H2502 Post Office, Sugar Plantation. New Iberia, La.

H2503 Home in the South, Lake Charles, La.

H2504 Discussing conference politics. New Iberia, La.

H2505 A southern white home. New Iberia, La.

H2506 Negro quarters, sugar plantation. New Iberia, La.

H2507 Beginning settlement, Lake Okechobee, Fla.

H2508 Beginning settler's hut, Everglades, Fla.

H2509 The settlement, Lake Okechobee, Fla.

H2510 Taking supplies, Lake Okechobee, Fla.

H2511 Taking supplies to the settlement, Lake Okechobee, Fla.

H2512 Getting her picture, New Iberia, La.

H2513 The white man's home, New Iberia, La.

H2514 North New River Canal leading from Fort Laududela to Lake Okechobee,

H2515 West Virginia Hill where circuit system must be continued.

H2516 Colored conference group, New Iberia, La.

H2517 White Church, Gulffort, Miss.

H2740 Colored members discussing the prospects of dinner after one of the
morning sessions at Columbus, Ohio, 1918.

H2744 Rev. Oscar Huddleston, of the Phillippine Islands, at the Columbus
Centenary Meeting, June 1918 talking to Dr. A. Tindley of Calvary Church,
Phila. Columbus, Ohio.

H2745 Jos. C. Sherrill, colored representative of the Foreign Board.
W.A.C. Hughes, field secretary of the colored work, Home Board.

H2746 Dist. Supts. of the Mississippi Conference who are putting the rural
church program across - and by so doing, breaking the backbone of the
peonage on the Mississippi plantations.

H2747 Dr. P.J. Maveety of the Freedman's Aid Society, Dr. P.M. Waters,
Pres. of Gammon University and Dr. I.G. Penn.

H2748 Dr. P.J. Meveety of Freedman's Aid Society Dr. P.M. Waters, Pres. of
University, Dr. Penn at Columbus, Ohio 1918.

H2749 Some of the negro quarters in the South End with one of the great
factories in background. The houses are mostly from three to five rooms
and much crowded. Columbus, Ohio.

H2750 Typical negro backyard. Mammy was out hoeing the tiny garden, but
ran at the approach of the photographer. Columbus, Ohio.

H2751 Mr. Blanpied, at left. Rev. C.A. Tindley, D.D. Calvary Church,
Phila. - one of the largest enrolled churches of Methodism.

H2752 The negro section called the South End. The houses are rather
crowded and to escape the heat and the crowd the laborers from the glass
and other nearby factories often take their rest as seen in the picture.
Columbus, Ohio.

H2754 Typical street scene in the negro section of Columbus known as the
South End. Columbus, Ohio.

H2755 South End. Typical negro section. Columbus, Ohio.

H2758 Colored Baptist Mission Church seating 100 to 125 and located near
factories near South End. Two and a half miles away is a Methodist Episcopal Church for
colored folks. These are the only two churches for negroes in the district
where there are not less than 7,000 negroes, most of them recently from
Alabama or Georgia. Columbus, Ohio.

H2761 The colored Dist. Supt's. of Columbus. They formed an integral part
of the Centenary meeting. This picture was taken at dinner when everyone
felt especially happy. Columbus, Ohio.

H2762 Colored Dist. Supt's. at Columbus who formed an integral part of the
Centenary meeting. This picture was taken at dinner when everyone felt
especially happy. Columbus, Ohio.

H2766 Street scene on the South End where the negro exodus problem is
becoming a serious one. These houses, typical of this section of the city,
are filled to overcrowding with negroes and a few foreigners who are
employed in the glass factory in the distance. Columbus, Ohio, June 1918.

H2790 Negro Cabin.

H2794 Typical Southern cabin in south (negro).

H2815 Zion Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilmington.

H2816 Negro Methodist Episcopal Church - St. Paul's - Winston, Salem.

H2892 Some of the colored workers.

H3006 Methodist Episcopal Church, Charlotte, N.C.

H3008 St. James Methodist Episcopal Church (colored) Columbus, Ohio.

H3010 Mt. Zion Church, Federalsburg, Md.

H3087 Zoar Methodist Episcopal Church, Phila., Pa.

H3936 Two souls but with a single thought and that of a watermelon. The
melon was tied with a cord in such a way that both could carry it and they
were starting out for a picnic. It is said the Georgia negroes have the
science of eating melons worked to absolute perfection so they can feed a
stream of melon into one side of the mouth and exclude a stream of seeds
from the other side at the same time. Chattanooga, Tenn.

H4170 Colored children living in a very congested district. Note the
happy faces. Phila., Pa.

H4171 A colored child. Phila., Pa.

H4172 A woman of the street and her companion. Kater St., Phila., Pa.

H4174 A woman of the street just out of a saloon. Phila., Pa..

H4175 An alley inhabited by colored people. Phila., Pa.

H4176 Playground for colored people. Fitzwater and 18th St., Phila.

H4177 Pure negro blood members of East Calvary Colored Methodist Episcopal Church,
Phila., Pa.

H4178 This colored man earns $65 per week in a machine shop.

H4179 East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Colored Church. There was no more room in the
church, therefore the crowd stood outside during the morning service.

H4180 Blind man. East Calvary Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, Phila.

H4181 Blind man - Sweet Charity. East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church.

H4182 East Calvary Colored Church after the morning service. Phila.

H4183 Members of East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church going home after service. Phila.

H4184 Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. One of its members.

H4185 East Calvary Colored Methodist Episcopal Church after the morning service. Phila.,

H4186 Women workers of East Calvary Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. Phila.

H4187 Men workers of East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church. Phila.

H4189 Fox's Court, Phila., Pa.

H4190 Tenement houses. Phila., Pa.

H4191 Tenement houses showing congestion. Phila.

H4196 Rubbish and dilapidated backhouse in No. 701, South and Juniper Sts.,

H4197 Morning Service - East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church, Phila., Pa.

H4198 Girls' Day Program in St. Peter Claver's Hall for the benefit of the
Colored Girl Scouts. Phila., Pa.

H4520 Tent Meeting of Calvary Church conducted by Dr. Tindley, Delaware
Conference. Phila., Pa.

H4521 Outside view of people seated at tent meeting of Calvary Church,
Phila., Pa.

H4522 Outside view - people standing - Tent meeting of Calvary Church.
Phila., Pa.

H5414 Scene - 36 Vesey Street.

H5415 The Bethlehem House cooperates with the Negro Public Library in the
conduct of a union Story Hour.

H5416 Negro Tenement, 79 Somerset Street.

H5417 Corner of Searing and Summit Place.

H5418 Scene - 155 Spruce Street.

H5419 52 Oliver Street.

H5420 Apartment Entrance - 148 Broome St. - 9 per month, 2 rooms - one

H6393 W.A.C. Hughes, Field Secretary of the Board of Home Missions of Methodist Episcopal
Church and J.C. Sherrill of the Board of Foreign Missions.

H6398 The home of Wright Wilson and family. Webb, Mississippi.

H6399 This home built and furnished cost $8,000. Webb, Miss.

H7205 Metropolitan Baptist Church and Summer High School, Kansas (colored).

H7231 Some boys of the colored school. Oklahoma City.

H7232 Same caption as H7231.

H7233 Colored school. Oklahoma City.

H7234 Two little colored school girls. Oklahoma City.

H7235 Colored School girls. Oklahoma City.

H7475 Another cotton gin picture.

H7476 Mammy and all the Pickaninnies picking cotton. So. Carolina.

H7480 "Jiffy" a typical shiftless young negro. Georgia.

H7481 Cotton is packed everywhere, even in the dwellings, during the
picking season.

H7486 A water carrier in Eastern N.C.

H7495 John Robeson, an ex-slave who was sold 9 times in one day in the
Richmond, Va. slave market.

H7531 "Jiffy," a typical lazy young negro roust about in Geo.

H7533 Negro hauling cotton seed with his ox.

H7534 A negro laborer, Ga.

H7539 Wagon loads of cotton at the gin, Tenn.

H7542 "Confederate apples" (Persimmons) grown in the tall tree which is
being robbed by a negro boy.

H7739 Young negro women (notice deformation of an ear of one on the
right.) Charlotte, N.C.

H7740 83 years old, a slave from birth until the Emancipation. Charlotte,

H7741 Group of North Carolina Conference preachers, N.C.

H7742 Neighbors - Charlotte, N.C.

H7743 A group of school boys, Charlotte, N.C.

H7744 Southern Beauties. Charlotte, No. Carolina.

H7745 Group of Conference preachers. Charlotte, N.C.

H7746 A matronly girl and her brothers. Charlotte, N.C.

H7747 An unwilling poser. Charlotte, No. C.

H7748 Day School and Kindergarten, Sharpe St. Memorial Church, Baltimore,
Md., and teams of men who are to visit Colored District Conferences.

H7791 Colored boys in canefield.

H7792 Colored boys smoking.

H8291 Street scene. Selma, Alabama.

H8292 Colored residences. Selma, Alabama.

H8294 Colored section in Selma.

H8295 Bringing cotton to gin. Selma, Alabama.

H8297 Colored man's live stock. Selma, Alabama.

H8301 Colored home and live stock. Selma, Alabama.

H8308 Colored school, stone church. Rosedale, near Birmingham, Alabama.

H8309 Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. Rosedale near Birmingham, Alabama.

H8310 Colored Homestead. Birmingham, Alabama.

H8311 Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. Rosedale, Birmingham, Alabama.

H8313 Colored apartment house. Columbus, Georgia.

H8766 American Negroes. Helena, Montana.

H8771 Colored mammy. This is an insane woman. Salem Oregon Asylum.

H10031 Members of the South Florida Mission with Bishop Burt and visiting
friends. South Florida.

H10044 Negro woman and daughter. Florida.

H10043 Negro boy by palms. Florida.

H10029 Nurse and child. Gainesville, Florida.

H10045 A fine old negro woman. Florida.

H10046 Negro man and family. Florida.

H10047 Loafing, middle of afternoon. Sarasota, Florida.

H10048 Young and hopeful. Bradentown, Florida.

H10200 A thrifty and prosperous colored man of Bradentown, Florida.

H10202 Dining room porter with a plea for a tip in every move at the
Hotel Florida.

H10204 Faculty at Academy in Gainesville, Florida.

H10642 Girls of New Orleans University. New Orleans, La.

H10658 Samuel Huston College, Easter Ramble. Austin, Texas.

H10659 A melon feast near Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas.

H10660 Cadet Scouts of Samuel Huston College out for a hike. Austin,

H10701 Group of students of Gammon Theological Seminary on the steps of
the Library. South Atlanta, Ga.

H10702 Group of students cottages. South Atlanta, Ga.

H10759 A typical negro school girl. Marshall, Texas.

H10760 Rural colored school house. Marshall, Texas.

H10761 Typical negro cabin of the poorer sort. Marshall, Texas.

H10762 Colored farmer plowing his little "truck patch." Texas.

H10763 Typical negro farmer. Marshall, Texas.

H10764 Spring plowing. Marshall, Texas.

H10765 Negro woman helping her husband with the spring garden. Marshall,

H10766 Negro woman helping with the plowing. Texas.

H10767 Tendin' the baby while mammy's a washin' and daddy's a plowin' the
garden. Marshall, Texas.

H10768 Mindin' the baby. Texas.

H10769 "Mindin the baby." Texas.

H10770 "Mindin' the baby." Texas.

H10771 Enjoying Sunday all dressed up for church. Marshall, Texas.

H10772 Type of poor boy. Texas.

H10773 A typical "po" boy. Marshall, Texas.

H10774 Sticking out his tongue at the photographer and daring him to
"shoot." Texas.

H10775 Wiley College "Fussers." Marshall, Texas.

H10776 Colored children at play. Marshall, Texas.

H10777 At play. Texas.

H10778 Pickaninnies. Texas.

H10779 Just playing. Texas.

H10787 The President of the Mercy and Help Society of the school talking
to "Henderson Harry." Texas.

H10788 Wiley College - coming from class. Marshall, Texas.

H10789 Going from class to dinner. Marshall, Texas.

H10790 Wiley College - Campus scene at close of a class period. Marshall,

H10791 Wiley College - coming from classes. Marshall, Texas.

H10792 Wiley girl whose father is a graduate of Meharry Medical College
for colored. Texas.

H10793 Colored child at play. Marshall, Texas.

H10794 Loafing on the campus. Marshall, Texas.

H10795 College girl enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun. Marshall, Texas.

H10796 Preparatory school boys "sittin' round" on a Sunday afternoon.
Marshall, Texas.

H10797 Same caption as H10796.

H10798 Wiley College - Enjoying a good laugh. Marshall, Texas.

H10799 The pet of the campus. Marshall, Texas.

H10800 One of the spots reserved for seniors. Marshall, Texas.

H10801 Wiley College - Colored girl with adenoids. Marshall, Texas.

H10802 Wiley College - a strong negro face from among the students.
Marshall, Texas.

H10803 Taken while being posed by the college photographer on the library
porch. Marshall, Texas.

H10804 Wiley College - Coming from Sunday service in the chapel over the
library. Marshall, Texas.

H10805 Wiley College - Coming from chapel. Marshall, Texas.

H10806 Wiley College - Faculty and students. Texas.

H10807 WileyCollege - Sunday scene on the lawn of the temporary girls
dormitory. Texas.

H10808 On the lawn in front of the temporary girls dormitory. Texas.

H10809 Campus group by the corner of the office. Texas

H10810 An interval between classes. Marshall, Texas.

H10811 A "vacant period" when they had no classes. Texas.

H10812 President Dogan talking to a discharged sailor boy. Texas.

H10813 Rev. M.W. Dogan, Pres. of Wiley College for Natives. Texas.

H10814 Wiley College - a box of "goodies" from home. Texas.

H10815 An African Prince from Liberia. Marshall, Texas.

H10816 Playing with one of the faculty children. Marshall, Texas.

H10817 A game of croquet on the campus. Marshall, Texas.

H10818 Colored college girls playing croquet. Marshall, Texas.

H10819 The old ex-slave who introduced himself by saying "Mahster, ahm
Henderson Harry, ah wuz a growed up young man when the Civil War come." He
doesn't know his age. Marshall, Texas.

H10820 Henderson Harry - an old ex-slave. Marshall, Texas.

H10821 President Dogan of Wiley College talking to Henderson Harry.
Marshall, Texas.

H10822 President M.W. Dogan talking to Henderson Harry, an old ex-slave
who is helped by student charitable agencies in the school. Marshall,

H10823 President M.W. Dogan of Wiley College talking to Henderson Harry,
an ex-slave. Marshall, Texas.

H10824 Samuel Huston College. Basket ball on the campus. Austin, Texas.

H10825 Samuel Huston College - watching a basket-ball game on the college
campus. Austin, Texas.

H10826 Samuel Huston College - girls coming from classes. Austin, Texas.

H10827 Samuel Huston College - colored boys playing basket-ball. Austin,

H10828 The Minstrel Band in parade. Terre Haute, Indiana.

H10829 Same caption as H10828.

H10857 All dolled up and nowhere to go.

H10858 Throwing baseball at ten pins, a side show game. Memphis,

H10859 The negro will always take a chance. Memphis, Tennessee.

H10860 "Winding up" for a throw at the ten pins. Memphis, Tennessee.

H10861 At a semi prominent circus side show. Watching the throw.
Memphis, Tenn.

H10862 Meharry Medical College. Medical student having a good laugh at
the idea of anyone wanting his picture. Nashville, Tennessee.

H10863 Meharry Medical College. A visitor leaving the office of the
President. Nashville, Tenn.

H10864 Meharry Medical College. Waiting for his big brother, who is
interviewing the President of the college. Nashville, Tenn.

H10865 Meharry Medical College. Medical students between classes.
Nashville, Tennessee.

H10866 Medical students out of class hours. Nashville, Tenn.

H10867 Medical students discussing a "test." Nashville, Tennessee.

H10868 Coming from an examination. Nashville, Tennessee.

H10869 A dental student. Nashville, Tennessee.

H10870 Medical student, one of the college quartette. Nashville,

H10871 A student at Meharry Medical College for negroes. Nashville,

H10872 A typical old negro "mammy." Nashville, Tenn.

H10873 A "dicker" for a mule in the stock market. Nashville, Tenn.

H10874 Buying a horse. Nashville, Tennessee.

H10976 Negro mammy waiting with her flag for the parade of the boys of the
131st regiment, home from France. Cleveland, Ohio.

H10977 Two negro mammies waiting for the parade of the 131st regiment,
home from France. Cleveland, Ohio.

H10978 Two negro mammies waiting for the parade of the 131st regiment,
home from France. Cleveland, Ohio.

H10980 Along the levee, the toughest part of the city. Cincinnati, Ohio.

H10981 "Hobo" rag pickers near the levee. Cincinnati, Ohio.

H10982 Rag pickers off hour. Cincinnati, Ohio.

H11000 Women's Home Missionary Society work. Colored kindergarten. New
Orleans, La.

H11001 Colored kindergarten. Busy little Pickaninnies. New Orleans, La.

H11002 Colored kindergarten. "A pause in the days' occupations." New
Orleans, La.

H11003 An interested neighbor of the Faith kindergarten. New Orleans, La.

H11004 A prospective "Jack Johnson." New Orleans, La.

H10979 Part of the old levee. Cincinnati, Ohio.

H11005 Colored kindergarten "caught in the act." New Orleans, La.

H11006 Colored kindergarten. A very serious occasion. New Orleans, La.

H11007 Candidates for "Black Pershing's Buffaloes." New Orleans, La.

H11008 Leader of the kindergarten "Jazz Band." New Orleans, La.

H11009 A parade in kiddieland. New Orleans, La.

H11010 Colored kindergarten making mud pies. New Orleans, La.

H11011 Determined not to be out done by their athletic "white sisters."
New Orleans, La.

H11012 A fine group of kindergartners. New Orleans, La.

H11013 Doing the honors. New Orleans, La.

H11014 A happy corner of the playground. New Orleans, La.

H11015 Colored kindergarten playing see-saw. New Orleans, La.

H11016 Three staunch friends. New Orleans, La.

H11059 Over Old Cat. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11060 Same caption as H11059.

H11061 Having a drink at the fountain on the Claflin University Campus.
Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11062 Using an impromptu cane to help out a game leg. Orangeburg, So.

H11063 Typical negro cabin of the poorer sort. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11064 Children of poor negro families. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11065 Good type of young negro. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11066 Rural negro log cabin. South Carolina.

H11067 A negro "trusty" from the county prison in town for Saturday
afternoon. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11068 In the distance a colored "Little Lord Fauntleroy" who distained
playing with rough poorly dressed "chilluns." Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11069 Little Lord Fauntleroy and two other children. Orangeburg, South

H11070 Little Lord Fauntleroy, a study in brown. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11071 The little dude and others. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11072 The little dude. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11073 Colored children. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11074 The typical negro farmer with his team of mules. Orangeburg, So.

H11075 A child study of the one girl to the right of and slightly between
the crowd. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11076 Wrestling. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11077 An average negro cabin. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11078 A poor negro cabin in the suburbs. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11079 When everybody wanted a ride. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11080 Negro farmer coming to town for a load of lumber. Orangeburg,
South Carolina.

H11081 Making a smoke. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11082 The only blossom out on a chilly day. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11083 A little mother. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11084 "Heppin' mah poppah work." Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11085 Coming out to plow his garden. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11086 Rough house on the lawn. Primary boys rolling and pushing each
other over the logs. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11087 Same caption as H11086.

H11088 Same caption as H11086

H11089 Colored boys on the campus of Claflin University. Orangeburg, So.

H11090 Recess time on a windy day, Claflin University. Orangeburg, South

H11091 At the campus fountain. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11092 One of the co-eds of Claflin University coming around the corner of
the main building. Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11093 One of the students of Claflin University

H11094 The ROTC boy who has charge of the military training at Claflin University. Orange burgh, South Carolina

H11095 The instructor in military training taking to Mr. Dean in charge of missionary Education. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11096 Claflin University girls -during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11097 Claflin University girls during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11098 Claflin University girls during a recess period. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11100 Riding double. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11101 Claflin University, school boys spinning tops. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11102 A couple of soldier students of Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11103 Piling up. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11104 Snap the whip - Claflin University campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11105 Watching the boys wrestling. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11106 Just standing' round on the campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11107 Part of the boys class at recess. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11108 Claflin University, watching the game. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11109 A study period in the sun. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11110 Studying on the Chapel steps. Claflin University Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11111 Claflin University campus. 'Ring around a rosy.' Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11112 Colored children at play. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H111134 Claflin University recess time. Orange burg`, South Carollina

H11114 The sunny side of the main building of Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11115 Matron of boys' dormitory. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11116 "Drop the handkerchief" on Claflin University campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11117 "Hop-Scotch" Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11118 Girls from the grades at Claflin University playing hop-scotch. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11119 Claflin University Chapel Exercises. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11120 4th Grade including pupils from 8 years to 40 years. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11121 Class in shorthand and typewriting. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11122 Claflin University - First and Second grades. Orangeburg, South Carolina

H11123 Girls drilling on campus. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11124 Scene in laundry where the girls do their own washing. Orangeburg,
So. Carolina.

H11125 General view of buildings, Claflin University. Orangeburg, South

H11126 Library of Claflin University during an hour when it is used as a
study room. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11127 Here boys of Claflin University learn the elements of printing.
Orangeburg, So. Carolina.

H11128 Press room of Claflin University. Orangeburg, South Carolina.

H11129 Boys at military drill on rainy morning. Orangeburg, South

H11130 Boys at military drill on rainy morning. Orangeburg, South

H11131 Same caption as H11130.

H11132 Waiting for teachers instruction. Atlanta, Ga.

H11133 Happy faces in the Methodist kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11134 Some of the negro children in the kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11135 Fine type of boy from W.H.M.S. kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11136 Two little girls of the W.H.M.S. kindergarten.

H11137 One of the kindergarten girls of the W.H.M.S. Atlanta, Ga.

H11138 Fine types of children in W.H.M.S. kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11139 Children in the W.H.M.S. kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11140 Children in the W.H.M.S. kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11141 Same caption as H11140.

H11142 Group of girls at the colored kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11143 Negro girl types in Methodist Episcopal kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11144 The teacher of the kindergarten. Atlanta, Ga.

H11145 The janitress of the new Methodist Episcopal church, who served 12 yrs. at the
old. Atlanta, Ga.

H11146 The janitress of the new Methodist Episcopal church directing Dr. King, President
of Clark University. Atlanta, Ga.

H11147 The janitress of the new Methodist Episcopal church. Atlanta, Ga.

H11148 Same caption as H11147.

H11149 Quitting work on the old Ford, to go to lunch. Atlanta, Georgia.

H11150 Anxiously waiting for discarded tabs from the photographers film
packs. Atlanta, Ga.

H11151 "Ah got de penny mistah." Atlanta, Georgia.

H11152 Negro rural preachers coming to Gammon Theological School for a
conference. Atlanta, Georgia.

H11153 Two of the colored preachers of Atlanta Conference at Gammon
Theological School.

H11154 Kindergarten of Thayer Home. Atlanta, Georgia.

H11155 Girls sewing class in Thayer Home. Atlanta, Georgia.

H11156 Thayer Home. A lecture to a cooking class. Atlanta, Georgia.

H11157 A class of older women in dress-making, Clark University. Atlanta,

H11158 The Choral Society of Clark University. Atlanta, Ga.

H11159 South Atlanta Methodist Episcopal Church to be called University Methodist Episcopal Church. So.
Atlanta, Georgia.

H11160 Boys of Samuel Huston College sawing wood for the college kitchen.
Austin, Texas.

H11161 Same caption as H11160.

H11162 President Davadge of Samuel Huston College talking to the
accompanist for Mme. Adelina Path Brown, the famous negro singer. Austin,

H11163 Model school boys. Austin, Texas.

H11164 One of the model school boys at Samuel Huston College. Austin,

H11165 Model school boys, Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas.

H11166 Negro boys gathering wood for kindling. Austin, Texas.

H11167 Same caption as H11166.

H11168 Boys scrambling for a penny thrown among them. Austin, Texas.

H11169 Same caption as H11168.

H11170 Planting corn on the little farm belonging to Samuel Huston
College. Austin, Texas.

H11171 Same caption as H11170.

H11172 Congress St., the main street of Austin, with the Texas Capitol at
the head of the street. Austin, Texas.

H11173 A type study. Austin, Texas.

H11174 Child study in color, Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas.

H11175 General view of campus of Samuel Huston College showing the chief
buildings. Austin, Texas.

H11176 Dressmaking dept., Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas.

H11180 Music Dept. The chorus from Samuel Huston is frequently asked to
sing for the State Congress. Austin, Texas.

H11181 Class in Stenography and Typewriting, part of the regular business
college course. Austin, Texas.

H11177 Manual Training Dept., Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas.

H11178 Senior normal class in mechanical drawing, Samuel Huston College.
Austin, Texas.

H11179 Tailoring Dept. Austin, Texas.

H11182 Eliza Dee Home. Samuel Huston College property, W.H.M.S., the
finest Freedman's Aid Society Home. Austin, Texas.

H11183 Social Hall and parlors of Eliza Dee Home, W.H.M.S. Austin, Texas.

H11184 Eliza Dee Home, W.H.M.S., Domestic Science class in cooking.
Austin, Texas.

H11185 Eliza Dee Home, kitchen. Girls all work together washing dishes
and cleaning up after meals. Austin, Texas.

H11186 Colored High School. Austin, Texas.

H11187 A fine negro farm home. Austin, Texas.

H11188 Two residences of the better sort owned and occupied by negroes.
Austin, Texas.

H11189 Typical street of the better class of colored people. Austin,

H11195 Panorama of college buildings showing President's house (right) 2
recitation halls, and site of main building, burnt Feb. 1918. Two other
buildings and dormitory are not shown.

H11196 Same caption as H11195.

H11197 Class in Zoology, Wiley College, Marshall, Texas.

H11198 Department of plain sewing and dressmaking. Marshall, Texas.

H11199 Freshman class in trigonometry. Marshall, Texas.

H11200 8th Grade, preparing for college. Marshall, Texas.

H11201 Wiley College, student body in chapel. Marshall, Texas.

H11202 Freshman class in chemistry, Wiley College. Marshall, Texas.

H11203 Students in dining hall. Marshall, Texas.

H11204 Henderson's Harry. This old darky doesn't know his age, but was a
full grown man at the outbreak of the Civil War. Marshall, Texas.

H11205 Average negro farm house such as is found in Northeast Texas.
Marshall, Texas.

H11206 Same caption as H11205.

H11207 Typical negro cabins of the poorer sort. Marshall, Texas.

H11209 Same caption as H11207.

H11210 Old negro mammy and her prize cabbage. New Orleans, La.

H11214 Prying a truck out of the mud 50 feet from Canal Street. New
Orleans, La.

H11215 Same caption as H11214.

H11216 Same caption as H11214.

H11217 Prying a truck out of the mud. New Orleans, La.

H11218 Same caption as H11217.

H11219 Same caption as H11217.

H11228 Shoe-blacks watching a street tin-type picture faker beginning to
appeal for trade. New Orleans, La.

H11230 The mound in the background is the levee along the Mississippi
River. New Orleans, La.

H11239 Coming from class, New Orleans University, La.

H11240 Smaller boys at New Orleans University, practising the broad jump.
New Orleans, La.

H11241 Same caption as H11240.

H11242 A view of part of the main building of New Orleans University. La.

H11243 The residence of the president of New Orleans University. New
Orleans, La.

H11244 Two colored boys playing together. New Orleans, La.

H11245 Same caption as H11244.

H11246 Loafing on the campus of New Orleans University. New Orleans, La.

H11247 New Orleans University. Military drill compulsory for all
students. New Orleans, La.

H11248 Same caption as H11247.

H11249 Same caption as H11247.

H11250 Same caption as H11247.

H11251 New Orleans University. Military drill compulsory for all student.
New Orleans, La.

H11252 Same caption as H11251.

H11254 Same caption as H11251.

H11255 Same caption as H11251.

H11253 Same caption as H11251.

H11256 New Orleans University. Military drill compulsory for all
students. New Orleans, La.

H11257 Same caption as H11256.

H11258 Watching the drill. New Orleans, La.

H11259 Military drill on the campus. New Orleans, La.

H11260 Same caption as H11259.

H11261 New Orleans University. New Orleans, La.

H11262 New Orleans University, showing presidents house. New Orleans, La.

H11263 Dining Hall, New Orleans University, La.

H11264 New Orleans University campus during military drill. New Orleans,

H11265 New Orleans University campus. New Orleans, La.

H11266 Typical classroom. New Orleans, La.

H11267 The diet kitchen - Flint Goodridge Hospital, where the food for the
patients is prepared. New Orleans, La.

H11268 Nurses station in the Flint Goodridge Hospital. New Orleans, La.

H11269 Flint Goodridge Hospital from the outside. New Orleans, La.

H11270 Women's Ward, Flint Goodridge Hospital. New Orleans, La.

H11271 Men's Emergency Ward. New Orleans, La.

H11272 Operating room. New Orleans, La.

H4192 Front view of house Bainbridge and Clifton Sts. Philadelphia.
This house was built 100 years ago, no improvements ever since!

H4193 Rear view of same house as above. Philadelphia, PA.

H4194 Improved alley Philadelphia, PA.

H4195 Court in Kater St. Notes back houses. Philadelphia, PA.

H5450 Darkey woman coming from garbage dumps.
Here she found two basket loads of usable material. Joplin, MO.

H5951 Methodist Episcopal Church at Gary, West Virginia

H5952 Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.