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Mission Photograph Album - Frontier #2

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Mission Photograph Album - Frontier #2


Images documenting the American West and various ministries of the church.




Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


United States
western United States


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Frontier #2

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Frontier #2 Collection

H13527 A close shave from a serious accident when one of the driving rods broke. On the Burlington

H13528 On the Burlington

H13529 On the Burlington

H13530 On the Burlington

H13649 First machine to fly over Rocky Mountains

H13655 Modern type of Insane Asylum. Pendleton, Oregon

H13656 Modern type of Insane Asylum. Pendleton, Oregon

H13657 Deer

H13658 Deer

H13659 Deer

H13660 Continental Oil Company's refinery. Florence, Colorado

H13661 Freight train switching. Florence, Colorado

H13662 Water wheel lifting water for irrigation. Florence, Colorado

H13663 Point Lookout near Denver, Colorado

H13664 Bison grazing in the Rocky Mountains.

H13665 "Buffalo Bill's" grave. Mt. Lookout near Denver, Colorado

H1366 Bungalows in Bear Creek Canyon near Denver, Colorado

H13667 Quaking aspen in the Rockies.

H13668 Looking westward to the Continental Divide from mountains. Denver, Colorado.

H13669 Mrs. Hickman and others on Mountain Lookout near Denver, Colorado

H13748 Golden Gate. San Francisco, California

H13822 Tatoosh Range from Paradise Valley. Rainier National Park. Washington

H13876 Threshing in California

H13958 Enroute up Death Valley after rain. 10 miles south of Furnace Creek, California

H14210 Nevada, Goldfield Main Street

H14229 Bucking bronco on western prairie

H14237 Washington. Puget Sound. Loading logs on flat cars with donkey crane

H14239 Oregon Columbia River. A big raft on the Columbia River. Some rafts like this are 988 feet long.

H14249 Frontier cattle range on western prairie

H14258 New Mexico. The great American food production. drive mutton

H14345 The main street of Montrose, Colorado

H14346 Almost if not quite, the most popular place in town. Montrose, Colorado

H14347 Taken unexpectedly, one of the Methodist ladies and her daughter out on an errand of mercy. Montrose, Colorado

H14348 The real cowboy of the present day. Montrose, Colorado, 1919

H14349 A real cow puncher on his way into town. Montrose, Colorado

H14350 A specimen of the genus hobo just after having been put off the train. Montrose, Colorado

H14351 Old church and new A point on one of the Colorado circuits. Montrose

H14352 A newly made "home" in an irrigated section. Pueblo, Colorado

H14337 Scene along the Grand River south of the Grand Junction, Colorado

H14338 Irrigating wheel beside the Grand River near the Grand Junction. Grand River, Colorado

H14339 Newly plowed desert land near Grand Junction, Colorado

H14340 Haying on irrigated desert land near Grand Junction. Colorado

H14341 home of a pioneer farmer beside thee Grand River near Grand Junction, Colorado

H14342 Desert in the valley of the Grand River near Grand Junction, Colorado

H14343 Pikes Peak. Colorado Springs, Colorado

H14344 "Holland Dairy" from which Colorado Springs gets a large share of its milk. (near Colorado Springs, Colorado)

H14319 Beet sugar factory. Colorado

H14320 Beet sugar factory. Colorado

H14321 Rocky wall of cliff beside railroad, the rock slowly crumbles and is carried to the floor of the desert below and then having sun, needs only water to make it produce wonderful crops. Colorado

H14322 Cabin of a pioneer farmer. Western Colorado

H14333 A 120 foot bridge without a drop of water under it for 8 months in the year. The other four months it may be almost awash half the time. Near Denver, Colorado

H14334 A glance at the "Red Light" district of Grand Junction, Colorado

H14335 A glance at the "Red Light" district of Grand Junction, Colorado

H14336 A glance at the "Red Light" district of Grand Junction, Colorado

H14353 The beginnings of a ranch in the desert near Pueblo, Colorado

H14354 "House" where the Mexican employees of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad live. Pueblo, Colorado

H14355 In the foreground, desert; beyond the road worked by telephone poles, land that produced marvelous crops and is valued at from $300.00 to $1,000.00 an acre, as the result of irrigation. Pueblo, Colorado

H14356 In the foreground, desert across the road a very heavy crop of alfalfa. Pueblo, Colorado

H14357 Modern school house where ten years ago was a desert. Delta, Colorado

H14367 Big boar. California

H14368 Brood sow. California

H14369 a sow. California

H14370 A litter of pigs. California

H14371 Three pigs. California

H14372 The pig family. California

H14373 Pigs meal time. California

H14375 Tractor pulling 8 plows

H14376 The Cleveland tractor pulling double disc harrow.

H14430 Shipping cattle Bosler, Wyoming

H14431 Hydraulic mining Dutch Flat, California

H14731 A rural church south of Sacramento, Sacramento, California

H14784 Trimmer whale. Monterey, California

H14785 Ferry boat. Solano. Benicia, California

H15713 State prison on the shores of San Francisco Bay with Mount Tamalpias in the distance. San Quentin, California

H15873 High School Kersey, Colorado

H15874 Sugar factory and boarding house. Windsor, Colorado

H15483 Institute of Utah Home Missions Council. August 20 through 27th, 1919

H15928 Father Junipero Serra monument and Monterey Bay, Monterey, California

H15929 The Junipero Oak Mission San Carlos. Monterey, California

H15670 Young Mens Christian Association hut at a western camp.

H15931 The Arches Mission. San Fernando, California

H15932 Ruins of Mission Maria Santisima Soledad, California

H15933 Chapel mission San Antonio Pala near Oceanside. Very typical adobe Roman Catholic Church.

H15936 The stable mission San Luis Obispo, California

H15937 Old olive press. Romona's home. Camulos, California

H15938 The Placita. Romono's Home. Typical Spanish Architecture in California

H15939 First timber constructed house in California

H15940 First Custom House south end Monterey, California

H15941 Old custom house. Monterey, California

H15942 General Sherman gateway. Monterey, California

H15943 House of the Four Winds. Monterey, California (acquired its name in the mid-1800s, because it was the first house in Monterey with a weathervane on its hipped roof.)

H15944 An old home. Monterey, California

H15945 Washington Hotel. It is thought that this is the oldest hotel in the country. Monterey, California

H15946 First theatre in California

H15947 General Casto's headquarters. San Juan, California

H15948 Hop covered cabin as hops become obsolete for brewing. Butte Valley, California

H15952 Drying raisins. seasonable occupations. Mexican. Hanford, California

H15953 Sorting prunes. Hanford California

H15954 Drying peaches. Fresno, California

H15955 Picking table grapes. Fresno, California

H15956 Picking grapes. Seasonable occupation Orientals. Napa County, California

H15957 Fig trees. Barton, California

H15958 Foothill prune orchard. Los Gatos, California

H15959 Picking lemons, a cosmopolitan gang. Riverside California

H15960 Pear blossoms. Santa Clara Valley, California

H15962 Vineyard. Dixon, California

H15963 Tarpey Winery. Fresno, California

H15964 Distillery. Wahtoke vineyard. Fresno County, California

H15965 Interior Wahtoke Winery. Fresno County, California

H15966 Bottling machine California Wine Association. Winehaven, California

H15967 Wine Cellars. Winehaven, California

H15968 Shipping platform. Winehaven, California

H15969 Grape crusher winery Near St. Helena, California

H15970 Unloading grapes for winery. Modena, California

H15971 Pond of lilies part of an irrigation system beautified. Bakersfield, California

H15972 Irrigating canal the secret of California's agricultural wealth. Fresno, California

H15973 Alfalfa, Fresno, California

H15974 Sheep Colfox, California

H15975 Sheep Coalinga, California

H15976 Dairy herd. Tulare, California

H15977 Geese near Willows, California

H15978 Burros. Mojave Desert, California

H15979 Hemp. Near Likely, California

H15980 Sugar beet factory. Stockton, California

H15981 Residence near Stockton. How an Italian prospered. Stockton, California

H15982 Peach orchard. how an Italian prospered. Stockton, California

H15983 Italian bread oven. Stockton, California

H15984 Indian game played by prosperous Italian rancher. Stockton, California

H15985 Oil Lake Petroleum Development Company. Bakersfield. California

H15986 Lumber on carrier. Fresno Flume and Irrigation Company. Fresco, California

H15987 Furnaces Standard Oil Works. Modern industry. Richmond, California

H15988 Car repair shop. Pullman, California

H15989 Typical western mining town. Randsburg, California

H15990 Places mining districts. Randsburg, California

H15991 R. S. Dickinson mine. Randsburg, California

H15992 Hotel Modoc. California

H15993 Pacific mine. Placerville, California

H15994 Oak Hill Quick Silver Mine. Napa County, California

H15995 Colonist arriving at Macdoel. Butte Valley, California

H15996 First restaurant in Butte Valley, California

H15997 Dunkards. Butte Valley, California

H15998 Home of H. S. Maust. Butte Valley, California

H15999 Partly reclaimed land. Imperial, California

H16000 Montezuma Avenue. Macdoel, Butte Valley, California

H16002 Boiling mud pots. Mount Lassen, California

H16003 Devil's Kitchen. Mt. Lassen, California

H16004 A desert yet to be reclaimed. Salton Sea, California

H16005 Presbyterian and Methodist Churches rubbing shoulders. Los Gatos, California

H16014 Ostrich turning eggs. Phoenix, Arizona

H16015 Pan American Ostrich Company (5 day old chicks.) Phoenix, Arizona

H16027 Among the orange groves. San Bernardino, California

H16028 Great stretch of wheat field in west.

H16029 Colorado Wheat Field. Colorado

H16119 Rocks. Monterey Bay, California

H16120 First store in Butte Valley, California

H16121 Dunkard pioneers at opening of the Bette Valley, Caalifornia

H16006 Episcopal Church and Carnegie Library. Los Gatos, California

H16007 First Methodist Church, Richmond, California

H16008 Dunkard Church, Macdoel, California

H16009 Monitor "Wyoming" at Mare Island Vallejo, California

H16010 Alaska Packing Association. Alameda, California

H160113 Setting ostrich hen. A California industry. Phoenix, Arizona

H16012 Orange Grove

H16011 Oil Fields. Bakersfield, California

H16122 Dunkards ( members of the German Baptist Brethren) at railway station. Weed, California

H16123 Lumber industry, wheel carts for moving logs. California

H16124 Sunday Concert. Fresno, California

H16125 Eagle Lake near Susanville Eagle Lake, California

H16126 Panorama of the largest winery in the world. Winehaven, California

H16130 Here is a logging railway on a fifty per cent grade. A donkey engine is being drawn up the incline by a stationary "snubbing engine" at the top

H16129 G. H. Logging Company. Here is a typical group of men operating a "slide" or camp.

H16148 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

H16241 Mount Hood. Clouds. Mount Hood, Oregon

H16277 Boy Scouts of America. Alameda, California

H17047 Arizona enroute to Phoenix

H17067 Mountains Phoenix, Arizona

H17110 Sleeping Beauty Miami, Arizona

H17111 Sleeping Beauty and Old Dominion Miami, Arizona

H17112 Miami, Arizona

H17113 Miami, Arizona

H17114 Miami, Arizona

H17115 Miami, Arizona

H17116 Miami, Arizona

H17117 Miami, Arizona

H17118 Railroad Station. Williams, Arizona

H17119 Baby lions (mountains) Parker, Arizona

H17120 Farming Durans, New Mexico

H17121 Factories and mountains Durans, New Mexico

H17255 Farm plow.Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17256 Road drag Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17257 Boys Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17258 "Boys" Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17259 Boy farmers. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17260 Boy farmers. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17270 Rabbits at Harwood. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17271 Rabbits at Harwood. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17272 Little girl in back yard with rabbits. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17273 Rabbits Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17274 cow at Harwood, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H17333 Building an adobe hut. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17334 Huts and ruins Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17335 Huts among the hills. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17344 Farm. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17343 Rockies in the distance. Jainez Ridge. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17346 Mountain range

H17347 Farm in mountains. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17348 Goats by roadside. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17349 The old tin bucket. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17351 Reservoir emptied to clean out. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17352 Water supply for Santa Fe is obtained from lakes in Santa Fe Range. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17353 Artificial lake for electric power plants. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H17354 Circus. Deming, New Mexico

H17355 At the circus entrance. Deming, New Mexico

H17356 At the circus entrance. Deming, New Mexico

H17357 At the circus. Deming, New Mexico

H17358 Street garage. Deming, New Mexico

H17359 Waiting for the train. Deming, New Mexico

H17360 I. Methodist Episcopal Espanol. Deming, New Mexico

H17361 Nazarene Church. Deming, New Mexico

H17362 Church of Christ. Deming, New Mexico

H17368 Roman Catholic English Church. Deming, New Mexico

I. Methodist Episcopal Espanol. Deming, New Mexico

H17371 Methodist Episcopal Church South. Rev. Childress. Deming, New Mexico

H17372 Salvation Army hut. Deming, New Mexico

H17407 Whatcom Logging Company. Largest saw mill in the world. Bellingham, Washington

H17408 Whatcom Logging Company. Largest saw mill in the world. Bellingham, Washington

H17409 Big logs. Whatcom Logging Company. Bellingham, Washington.

H17410 Whatcom Logging Company. Largest mill in the world. Bellingham, Washington.

H17411 Coming down from the fish traps. Bellingham, Washington

H17412 Bailing fish trap. Bellingham, Washington

H17449 Santa Clara Methodist Episcopal Church, Alameda, California

H17583 Mormon Chapel Mesa, Arizona

H17584 Automobile Center. Mormon town near Salt River Valley, Arizona

H17585 Mormon Chapel Mesa, Arizona

H17586 Mormon Chapel Mesa, Arizona

H17587 Automobiles in front of Mormon Chapel Salt River, Arizona

H17588 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17589 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17590 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17591 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17592 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17593 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington.

H17594 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington

H17595 Mormon Sugar Factory. Toppenish, Washington

H17596 Lumber Factory. Flagstaff Arizona

H17597 Lumber Industry. Flagstaff Arizona

H17598 Lumber Industry. Flagstaff Arizona

H17599 Lumber Industry. Flagstaff Arizona

H17600 Federated Church. Flagstaff, Arizona

H178601 Federated Church. Flagstaff, Arizona

H17602 Federated Church. Flagstaff, Arizona

H17603 School house religious services. Methodist missionary. Grand Canyon, Arizona

H17604 Station Grand Canyon, Arizona

H17605 Cattle. Toppenish, Washington

H17606 Cattle Toppenish, Washington

H17607 Cattle Toppenish, Washington

H17608 The church at Toppenish, Washington

H1709 Town in the Imperial Valley of Southern California. A few years ago this was a desert. Southern California

H17611 Church in Salt River Valley which has become too small for its Sunday School. Arizona.

H17612 Temporary structure used for elementary grades. Salt River Valley, Arizona

H17613 Sunday school pupils for whom there is no longer room in the church. Salt River Valley Arizona

H17614 Baptist Hindu worker. Imperial Valley California

H17635 Puebla Fileta, New Mexico

H17653 Clear Lake Lumber Company. Club house. Clear Lake, Washington

H17654 Here is James M. Phillips one time mayor of Aberdeen addressing a crowd of shipbuilders. Washington

H17653 Averaged sized fir. Grays Harbor Logging Company. Aberdeen, Washington

H17656 These are the "rigging slingers" their work is to place the "chockers" round the "bucked" logs. Washington

H17742 Here Captain Harvell organized a S.S. in 1915 Greenbank, Washington

H17743 Church built by lumbermen. Oregon

H17744 Gospel Boat. "Life Line." Washington

H17745 In the cabin of Robert G. Seymour Yacht. Seattle, Washington

H17746 Boarding the Robert G. Seymour Yacht. Seattle, Washington

H17747 Sunday School in Loggers Chapel. Powers, Oregon

H17748 Puget Mill Company. Saw Mill. Port Gamble, Washington

H17749 First Baptist Church, Rio Vista

H17750 G. LeRoy Hall at the wheel in the cabin of the "Life Line"

H17751 Bible School or Carnet on Whidbey Island, Washington

H18476 Electric Donkey Engine. Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company. Washington

H18477 Clear Lake Lumber Company. Washington

H18478 High Lead Pole rigged for work. Clear Lake, Washington

H18479 Crowds on flat cars visiting Clear Lake Lumber Company. Washington

H18480 Giant band saws. Clear Lake Lumber Company, Washington

H18481 Donkey engine and workers. Copalis Lumber Company. Carlisle, Washington

H18782 Log on the "haul back" line. Copalis Lumber Company. Carlisle, Washington

H18483 Quarter cut giant log on carriage at mill. Aloha Lumber Company, Washington

H18485 Men working among the tall timber. Copalis Lumber Company, Washington

H18484 Here are God's Temple pillars. Washington

H18701 A Columbia County lumber camp. Columbia County Oregon

H18702 Another Columbia County lumber camp. Columbia County Oregon

H18703 Mill at Toledo, Oregon. Lincoln County

H18704 Bridal Veil Lumber Camp. Multnomah County, Oregon

H18705 Modern lumber camp on the Columbia River. Oregon

H18706 A rare winter scene ice on Oregon timber sections

H18707 Making roads with snow plow. Oregon. forests

H18708 Donkey engines at work. Oregon forests

H18709 Interior of lumber mill. Oregon

H18710 Working among spruce trees. Oregon

H18711 Logging crew. Bridal Veil Lumber Company. Multnomah County, Oregon

H18712 A logging crew. Detroit Marion County, Oregon

H18713 A typical bunk scene in the Oregon woods

H18714 Group of women who helped out in the plant of the Western Lumber Manufacturing Company. Oregon

H18715 Group of lumbermen. Deer Island Columbia County, Oregon

H18716 Working among the redwood timber. Oregon forests

H18717 Working on the rigging of the high lead pole. Oregon forest.

H18718 Box factory at Seaside, Oregon

H18719 Flag raising at the Noyes Holland Lumber Company. Rainier, Oregon

H18720 Sixty pound salmon caught in Sol
Duc River, Oregon

H18722 Trained bears reading a bulletin. Oregon Lumber camp.

H18721 Bear Hunting, timber section the end of a two year hunt. Eastern, Oregon

H18723 Field staff of the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumberman of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

H19017 Red fir trees of Washington

H19018 Pottery, stone axes and curios made by cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19019 Sun Temple of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde national Park, Colorado

H19020 Balcony house of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19021 Sun Temple of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19022 Sun Temple of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19023 Balcony houses of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde
National Park, Colorado

H19024 Spruce tree house of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

H19025 Spruce tree house of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

H19026 Balcony house of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado

H19027 Walled crevice in balcony house. Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado

H19028 Spruce tree house of the ancient cliff dwellers. Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado

H19029 Tablet marking the end of the Oregon Trail. Olympia, Washington.

H19030 Group of tourists at the half way house. Grand Canyon, Arizona

H19031 Watch tower commanding entrance to four canyons. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19212 Jason Lee's Grave Salem, Oregon

H19213 Flagstaff, Arizona

H19214 Flagstaff, Arizona

H19215 inadequate church. Glendale, Arizona

H19216 Toppenish church, Washington

H19217 Glendale church. Salt River Valley, California

H19218 Arizona Church

H19222 interdenominational preachers' meeting. Imperial Valley, California

H19412 Cliff Palace; largest cliff dwelling in the world. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19413 View of canyon near Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19414 Cliff Dwellings Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado




H19418 Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes and Mrs. Fewkes. Mesa Verde, National Park. Colorado

H19419 Doctor J. Walter Fewkes at Fairview house, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19420 Dr. E. E. Higley and Dr. Walter Fewkes. Fairview house. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

H19421 Mrs. Higley holding a wild cat. National Park, Colorado

H19428 Pima First Presbyterian Church. Arizona

H19523 Inspiration Copper Mine. Globe, Arizona

H19524 Inspiration Copper Mine. Globe, Arizona

H19525 Old Dominion Mines. Glove, Arizona

H19526 Old Dominion Copper Mine. Globe, Arizona

H19527 Old Dominion Mine. Globe, Arizona

H19528 Old Dominion Copper Mine. Globe, Arizona

H19529 Rock formation near Roosevelt Dam. Phoenix, Arizona

H19530 Rock formation. Phoenix, Arizona

H19531 Rock formation. Globe, Arizona

H19532 Rock formation. Phoenix, Arizona

H19533 Waste land. Phoenix, Arizona

H19534 Waste land. Phoenix, Arizona

H19535 Waste land. Phoenix, Arizona

H19536 Waste land. Phoenix, Arizona

H19537 Alkali desert land

H19538 Part of the Apache Trail. Phoenix, Arizona

H19539 Chasm on road to Globe, 1002 feet deep. Phoenix, Arizona

H19540 Automobile on the Apache Trail. Phoenix, Arizona

H19541 Hut for tuberculosis patients. Phoenix, Arizona

H19542 Tuberculosis bungalow. Phoenix, Arizona

H19543 Tuberculosis tent. Phoenix, Arizona

H19544 Tuberculosis tents. Phoenix, Arizona

H19545 Tuberculosis hut. Phoenix, Arizona