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Mission Photograph Album - Maps #1

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Mission Photograph Album - Maps #1


Maps used to characterize aspects of missions.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Maps #1

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Maps #1 Collection

28560 Challenge of the World Task map

44901 World Parish Map of the Methodist Episcopal Church

41267 Map showing Spain cedes her last foothold in America to Republicanism

28772 Large outline of United States

60137 Map of Territory to be controlled by the League of Nations

60195 Map of United States comparing population of United States to South America and monetary wealth of United States and the whole world minus Europe

43099 Map comparing the size of the United States with the size of Mexico

map of Mexico and Central America

7228 World map showing "The Panama Cut Off" with comparative distances.

19666 map

20433 map

28781a Map of South America, Mexico, and Central America

88284 Map of Panama with Panama Canal included

38055 Map show Methodism in Panama

44651 Map of the Panama Mission

3888 Map denoting the situation in the Republic of Chile in South America

Map of the Territory of Magallanes

3890 Map of the Province of Arauco, Chile

3891 Map of Province of Valparaiso, Chile

3892 Map of Province of Acongagua, Chile

3893 Map of Province of Antofagasta, Chile

3894 Map of Linares Province

3895 Map of Maule Province

3896 Map of South America

3898 Map of South America

3899 map of Mendoza to Buenos-Aires

3900 Map of Concepcion

2585 Map of South America

3878 Map of Malleco Province (Malleco Province is one of two provinces in the southern Chilean region of La Araucanía)

3879 Map of Nuble Province (Ñuble Province is one of four provinces of the Chilean region of Bío Bío)

3886 Map of Tarapaca' Province (Tarapacá is a region in northern Chile, bordering Bolivia.)

3880 Map of Santa Rosa de los Andes

3882 Map of The Bío Bío Region It is one of Chile's fifteen first-order administrative divisions; it is divided into four provinces: Arauco, Bío Bío, Concepción, and Ñuble.

3883 map of Copiapo rail system

3885 Map of Tarapaca'

3887 Map of Colchagua

2201 Map of Africa

3167 Map of Central Africa 1915

3318 hand drawn maps of Africa

3343 Map of Africa showing Colonial Possessions

3345 Map of Central Africa

9975 Map of South America and Chile

9976 Map of Argentine Republic, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

9972 Map of Bolivia

9973 Map of Chile

Map of Central Argentine Railway 1913

7191 Map of South America

7213 Map of Bolivia comparing size with Germany, France, British Isles, Japan, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Connecticut

7226 Map of South American, The Land of Opportunity

9970 Study of Comparative Areas of South America map

9971 Map of the Peruvian Railroad

3906 Map comparing Islands of South America

3907 Map of the Providence of Tacna

3908 Map of the Railway system from Concepcion to Lebu' and Canete

3909 Map of Valparaiso

28549 O.P.
Map of South America

39322 Map of South America denoting Animal Products

39323 Map of South America denoting minerals

28771 Outline map of Chile

28781 Outline map of Mexico and South America

33286 South America Methodist Territory map

33287 Map of South America
Educational Institutions
Board of Foreign Missions

33200 Map of Latin America

38054 Map of South America showing the location of Methodist Churches

39321 Map of South American Vegetable Products

26516 Map of Southern South America

26647 Poster of South American, The Continent of Opportunity

27883 Map of North Andes Mission Conference

28549 Map of South America

21163 Map of South America with added caption, "Of such is the Kingdom"

26442 Comprehensive map of South America

26507 Map of South American

19897 Outline map of South America

1997 Map of the Continent Opportunity of South America

20412 Map of the Continent Opportunity of South America

21130 Map of part of the city of Santiago, Chile denoting Catholic Churches.

21162 Map showing the location of Indians Tribes in Bolivia, South America

9977 Map of Argetina

9978 Map of Argentine Republic, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

9980 Cook' Karte of Central Europe

9981 Cook's map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe

9979 Bartholomew's Railway and steamship Map of Europe and the Mediterranean.

39349 Strategic Center of Methodism in Europe map

39552 Territory involved in Teutonic Peace Proposals map

39553 Nationalities in Europe Demanding Self-Determination map

39649 European Russia map

9980 Cook's map of Central Europe

16997 Map of Balkan States

20141 Map of Eastern Europe

7186 Map showing Paris, Lyons and Mediterranean Railway system and it's connections

3995 Map

72335 Map of Mediterranean Sea and surrounding Countries

26515 Map of Europe

9985 Map of Sweden and Norway

20182 Map of Sweden and Norway

27902 Map of the Norway Conference

33270 The Methodist Episcopal Church in Europe map

38557 Map of Europe and surrounding countries

38982 map of Alsace Lorraine and France

16996 map of Span and Portugal

3976 Mediterranean map

28791 France Mission Conference map

3697 Map of Italy in 1810

3698 Map of Italy 1796

3699 Map of Italy in 1799

3700 "present day" Italy map

3701 Map showing the states into which Italy was divided by the Congress of Vienna (1815) and their incorporation into the modern kingdom of Italy (1859-1870)

3702 Map of Italy in 1806

33700 Map of Italy Methodist Mission Stations

39348 Map of Rome the Center of Methodist Influence

22972 Map of Africa

22973 Map of Africa

22974 Map of Africa

23418 Map of Africa

24914 Map of Africa with Approximate Railways

25207 Map of European Countries

38074 Map of Africa Methodist Lighthouses

38555 Comparative map of Africa and other countries of the world in size.

38558 Comparative map of Mohammedans, Pagans, and Christians

39703 Map comparing Africa with British Isles, Canada and India

38638 Map of Methodist Episcopal Church in Africa

93053 Map showing the vastness of Africa

44020 Map showing the Atlas Mountains in Africa

44021 Map comparing the Shara Desert with the United States

44022 Central part of Kabylia map

28750 Map of Asia

28782 Map of Asia

40001 Map of Europe and Asia

39272 Map of Europe and Asia

42275 Globe like map of China and surrounding countries

62552 map of Countries between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer







14784 See China 4, 48

14795 See China 4, 51

14796 See China 4, 51










33269 (44787)




29547 Proposed building at Mintsing





23329 see Korea 2-156


27549 See 27547

27550 See 27547







38553 Showing languages













55526 Map of North India Conference

55539 Map of Insulindia (Insulindia is a somewhat archaic geographical term for Maritime Southeast Asia, equivalent in usage to Australasia and Indochina, and encompassing the entire area situated between the two. or The Malay Archipelago - The Malay Archipelago is the archipelago between mainland Indochina and Australia.)

55575 Map of Evangelistic Tour of James M. Taylor through Malaysia, Dutch East Indies and Philippine Islands.

62739 Map of Banka

39050 Map of Sumatra

39051 Map of Sumatra

39052 Map of Borneo

38279 Map of Malaysia

33280 Map of Malaysia

38547 Map of Malaysia

39049 Map of Java

19899 Map of Burma Malaysia and Philippine Islands

2275 Map of Malaysia

20701 Map of Malaysia

26212 Map of the United States

26510 Map of Malaysia and Philippines

28538 Map of Malaysia

25910 Map of Philippine Islands

26448 Map of Board of Foreign Missions Methodist Episcopal Church Luzon, Philippine Islands.

27890 Philippine Islands Conference map

3971 The Moslem World map

21334 The Mohammedan World map

26509 The Mohammedan World map

55373 The Challenge of the Mohammedan World map