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Mission Photograph Album - Maps and Charts #2

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Mission Photograph Album - Maps and Charts #2


Maps, charts and statistics used to characterize aspects of missions.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Maps and Charts #2

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Maps and Charts #2 Collection

H30040 Articles on Crimes and Tragedies associated with Race Tracks

H30041 Base Ball Pool Tickets arranged by H. N. Pringle

H3042 Pamphlets on Vices

H30043 The Voice

H30176 Gambling Fatalities

H30177 Methodist Deaconess pin

H30227 Drawing of John N. Snead Seminary

H302236 The American People Spent in One Year chart

H30381 Negro Work of Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. map

H30293 Map of the city of Binghamton, New York 1917

H30284 unmarked Clinton parish street map

H30293 The Clinton Street Methodist Episcopal Church Parsh

H30292 Sunday Eve Discussions poster

H30298 Clinton Street Methodist Episcopal Church sign board

H30300 signage of Untaxed church properties and Uncle Sam

H30302L'Asino (the Donkey?)

H30299 Automobile given away, benefit of St. Joseph Church, Binghamton, New York ticket

H30301 Foreign newspapers

H30303 Literature

H30305 The State and Revolution. Marxist Teaching

H30304 Newspaper

H30306 "Moteris ir Baznycia" (Woman and Church)

H30307 The Social Teachings of Jesus.

H30317 Religious literature

H30400 Family Religion pamphlet

H30354 Map of Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama

H30360 "The Future of Applachia"

H30361 Schools and Colleges of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Southern Mountains

30522 A setup of books on Family Religion.

H30594 Home Department Extension Work Albion Parish. Rev. K. O. Pearson map

H30554 A proposed nurses Building. Wesley Memorial Hospital

H30658 Map of Ohio

H31033 Statement from an American Indian. slide

H31034 Additional statement from an American Indian. slide

H31035 "Whether, therefore ye eat or drink, whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." slide

H31225 Map

H31258 Receipt for Christian Advocate and Journal.

H31324 Bible lessons in various language available.

H31325 Christian literature available in various languages.

H31326 Christian newspapers available in various languages.

H31334 The Julius Rosenwald Fund. Schoolhouse Construction map to June 30, 1923

H31406 International Border of the Southwest map

H31416 John Wesley's Provision for Visiting the Sick.

H31417 Wesley's Hospital Association.

H31418 John Wesley's Medication Qualifications statement slide

H31419 Influence of Christian Hospitals on the Community poster

H31421 Hospital and Homes of the Methodist Episcopal Church under the Board of Hospitals and Homes map

H31450 United States map of Forests

H31451 Loggers of Puget Sound Conference map

H31452 Statement from Governor Hart about logging.

H31509 A Physician said: "Heaven only will be able to reveal the silent influences set going by this servant of the Church." slide

H31541 Poster about the effects of child labor.

H31558 "The saddest page in the history of Christian Church is that which records the spiritual neglect of childhood in the home." Interchurch World Survey

H31496 Races in the Parish of the Clinton Street Methodist Church. Binghamton, New York map

H31497 Plot of Property, Clinton St. Methodist Church Binghamton, New York map.

H31559 The United States in 1923 granted 165,139 divorces, an increase over 1922 of 16,324, or 11 per cent. slide

H31560 Survey of magazines available .

H31578 List of subscriptions for World Service News February, 1925

H31562 Another survey of magazines available.

H31561 Another survey of magazines available.

H31585 West Virginia Conference, Epworth League Institute, Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, West Virginia. August 11th to 18th, 1924 poster

H32132 Photo of "The Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois

H32155 Epworth League of the Methodist Episcopal Church certificate issued June 15, 1889

H32156 Hymn tune Selvin by Lowell Mason

H32157 "Soon shall our doubts and fears all yield to Thy control; Thy tender mercies shall illume the midnight of the soul," poster"

H32158 "Teach us in every state to make Thy will our own; an when the joys of sense depart, to live by faith alone." poster

H32288 "Our brown old row of college halls our campus fair and green." poster

H32289 "The Gentle Maiden's Laughing eye Oft Lures Us from Our Love." poster

H32290 "And on the field of sport we vie to gain a laurel more." poster

H32292 "Our brown old row of college halls Our campus fair and green" poster

H32293 "The very ideals of our civilization are fostered chiefly by our Homes and Churches and Playgrounds and by our Schools and Colleges and Universities." poster

H32294 Serious Moments poster

H32295 President Coolidge Says: statement about government and religion slide

H32296 The Wesley Foundation Field map

H32297 Student Religious Census 80 State Universities 1921 chart

H32298 Iowa State College photo

H32299 In 1921 at 80 State Institutions the ranking of the Methodist Students photo

H32300 Welcoming the Freshman photo

H32301 500 of these 2000 Freshmen at the University Of Nebraska are Methodists. poster

H32302 "Calm soul of things make it mine to feel amid the city's jar that there abides a peace of Thine Man did not make and cannot mar." poster

H32303 Multitudes, multitudes in the Valley of Decisions. poster

H32304 "The General Conference of 1916 created a Joint Committee of the Board of Education and the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension to develop a Wesley Foundation program." poster

H32305 "The Board of Home Missions and Church Extension and the Board of Education are contributing a total of $100,000 yearly to the maintenance of Wesley Foundations." poster

H32306 The Board of Home and Missions and Church Extension has also contributed a total of $500,000 to twenty or more new Wesley Foundation Churches and parish houses of which this picture of our new parish house at Minneapolis is an example.

H32307 Members of the Wesley Foundation Movement

H32308 The Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois

H32309 A Wesley Foundation offers to Students poster.

H32310 Where the college assembles the students during the week and the church invites them to Sunday morning worship.

H32311 Organization of Student Council of the Wesley Foundation chart

H32312 Where Our Ministers Are Coming From slide

H32313 1917 verses 1923 missionaries trained at tax supported schools.

H32349 World Service poster

H32350 World Service chart for Tyson

H32351 World Service charts of Tyson and Bethany

H32352 World Service charts of Tyson and Bethany

H32413 St. Paul Methodism chart

H32402 Growth of St. Paul chart

H32403 Sectional Map of St. Paul

H32404 Population Composition St. Paul chart

H32405 Chart of Industrial Activities in St. Paul.

H32414 Slide on the 'nots' and 'buts' of churches.

H32418 Relative numbers of different nationalities within a mile radius of Central Park Methodist Episcopal Church chart

H32419The Cream City Milwaukee Survey by Charles E. Carroll 1925 poster

H32421 Growth of Milwaukee chart

H32422 Population Milwaukee by Nativity Groups chart. 1920

H32423 Proportionate Distribution of Foreign Born Population in Milwaukee chart

H32424 Map of Predominate language Groups in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

H32425 Map of 50,000 attracted to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from every State in the Union

H32426 Citizenship among the Foreign Born in Milwaukee, chart

H32427 What Milwaukee Did in 1924 chart

H32428 What "Made Milwaukee Famous" chart

H32429 What Milwaukee Breweries Meant to Labor chart 1916

H32432 What is Happening at the Pabst Plant! slide

H32434 Religious Faiths of Milwaukee chart

H324355 Church Membership and Edifices of Milwaukee chart

H32436 Milwaukee Methodist Episcopal Churches by Language Groups chart

H32437 Milwaukee map

H32438 Growth of Methodism Compared with Increase of Population chart

H32440 Asbury, A Church of all Nations

H32450 Churches in Kenwood District of Milwaukee, Wisconsin map

H32469 Growth of Milwaukee Goodwill Industries since establishment in 1920 chart

H32470 Milwaukee Goodwill Industries Compared with Those of Other Cities chart

H32471 Milwaukee Goodwill Industries Service for Year Ending July 31, 1925 chart

H32518 Map of Kansas City Area

H32523 Methodist Episcopal Church Extension Projects St. Paul map

H32527 Population Growth of Minneapolis chart

H32529 Composition of Populations chart

H32531 Protestant Church Strength chart

H32532 Representative Churches of Minneapolis poster.

H32558 New Locations Assigned to the Methodist Church by Comity Committee chart

H32560 Outstanding needs of Minneapolis Methodism slide

H32625 Minneapolis map

H32627 Some Outstanding Needs for Milwaukee Methodism slide

H32628 Think This Over! Slide

H32629 Listen again to these Word of Jesus slide

H32721 St. Paul, Minnesota Slide

H32722 Central Park Methodist Episcopal Church Old Program verses New Program slide

H32723 Results of the New Program, Central Park Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

H32792 Hibbing Parish, Hibbing, Minnesota chart

H32793 Chisholm, Minnesota and Its Locations chart

H32822 "Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest" poster

H32823 poster

H32824 Out of the Dusk comes the Dawn and out of the Church comes civilization poster

H32825 Attend Church poster

H32826 Lest Ye Forget poster

H32827 A Mighty Refuge is the Church, unshaken as Eternal Hills poster

H32828 The Church is the Light poster

H32829 Go to Church poster

H32830 Go to Church poster

H32831 The Church poster

H32832 Faith, Go to Church, "Man shall not live by bread alone." slide

H32833 Faith, the Vital force binding church and Mankind. slide

H32834 "The same yesterday, today and forever poster

H32852 World Service slide

H32853 World Service Needs slide

H32854 Receipts First World Service Year slide

H32855 Ratio of Distribution slide

H32856 Every Church Advancing slide

H32894 Map of Methodist Students at State (Washington) College, Pullman

H32900 Coal Operations in Logan Fields slide

H32901 Huntington District, West Virginia Conference, Logan County map

H32902 Topographical map of Pigeon River Section of Tennessee

H32903 map of Logan County West Virginia and Section of Boone County.

H32904 Progress on the Huntington District slide

H32919 Map of the island countries around the Caribbean Sea.

H33062 Wicker Park Methodist Episcopal Church $5.00 bond.

H33776 Sketch of a church

H33777 Floor plan for an addition to a church

H33779 Sketch of a church

H33780 Architectural rendering of a proposed Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33781 Architectural rendering of proposed Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church and Wesley Foundation in Fresno, California

H33782 Floor plan

H33783 Second Floor Plan

H33784 Top Floor Plan

H33793 Proclamation

H33794 Architectural rendering of a proposed Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33795 Architectural rendering and floor plan for a Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33797 Floor plan for Methodist Episcopal Church in Woodside, Maryland.

H33804 Architectural rendering of a proposed Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33805 Floor plan of the main floor.

H33807 Main Floor Plan of a church

H33808 Rendering for a small rural church

H33809 Floor plan for a church

H33810 Plan for remodeling one room church for worship, religious education and fellowship.

H33811 First Floor Plan, Bureau of Architecture of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33819 Architectural rendering of a church

H33821 Plan for a small colonial church

H33822 Floor plan for a Methodist Episcopal Church

H33827 Every Church Advancing in its missionary giving poster

H33828 Home Mission Receipts chart

H33829 Maps of Hawaiian Islands and Puerto Rico.

H33830 Territorial Acquisitions of the United States map

H33856 Ground Floor Plan of the Bureau of Architecture of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33857 First Floor Plan of the Bureau of Architecture of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33858 Balcony and Second Floor Plan of the Bureau of Architecture of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H33864 Plat Setting Civic Centre S----- of San Francisco California Map

H33915 Floor plan of the Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Indianapolis, Indiana

H33921 Map of the United States

H34003 Educational Statistics of Ministers of Methodist Episcopal Church admitted in 1925 chart

H34004 The Benevolent Board of the Methodist Episcopal Church chart

H34005 What We Gave to Centenary and World Service slide

H34006 If Methodist Paid The Tithe chart

H34008 Exodus 26 thru 30 and 2 Chronicles 2 thru 5 chart

H34041 100 Years of Climbing chart

H34032 General Death Rate chart

H34033 Alcoholism chart

H34034 Arrests for Intoxication chart

H34035 Arrests All Causes charts

H34036 Atlanta, Georgia Arrest for Intoxication chart

H34037 Illustrating Wet misrepresentation Intoxication Arrests chart

H34038 Public Education chart

H34039 College and University Attendance chart. 1914 thru 1924

H34040 Milk Consumption For Household purposes chart

H34041 Juvenile Delinquency chart

H34042 Crime chart

H34043 Pauperism chart

H34044 Percentage of Insanity Due to Alcohol chart

H34045 Intoxication Arrests per 10,000 population

H34046 Keeley Institutes chart

H34047 Savings Deposits chart

H34048 Building and Loan Assets chart

H34049 Automobile Registration chart

H34050 Increased us of Household Conveniences chart

H34051 Electric Household Apparatus and Appliances chart

H34052 Smuggling (alcohol) chart

H34053 Coast Guard Expenditures chart

H34054 Bonded Liquor chart

H34055 How the Problem of Bonded Liquor was Solved: chart

H34056 Annual cost of government poster

H34057 Co-operation poster

H34058 Stand Together poster. Business man, Preacher, and Editor

H34510 caricature of the farmer.

H34524 Churches aided by donations and loans. 1879 map

H34525 Churches aided by donations and loans
1888 thru 1901 map

H34518 Poem, To A Nurse by Mrs. A.H. Lawrence

H34528 Four stages in the evolution of the American church building chart.

H34608 Distribution of Church Extension Projects by States, 1920 thru 1923 inclusive map

H34609 Appropriations for Church Extension, 1920 thru 1927 chart

H34637 Stereopticon Lecture Distribution chart. 1924 thru 1927

H34888 The Home Mission Field map

H34958 Map of United States

H34960 Methodists Paid The Tithe, 1920 thru 1927 chart

H34959 World Service Income chart

H34962 Map of Territory Annexed to the City of Los Angeles, California map

H35029 How We Gave slide

H35039 Except the Lord build the city. slide

H35042 Post Office 100 Proof Whiskey poster

H35043 Post card

H35044 Sobriety Safety Success poster

H35045 St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church Schedule of activities 1927 thru 1928

H35050 Liquor Traffic poster

H35051 Saloon Keeper poster

H35052 Prohibition poster

H35053 Alcohol and prohibition poster

H35054 Public Opinion about prohibition poster

H35055 Board of Temperance Methodist Church poster

H35149 map of the Methodist Work in Alaska

H35195 Poster for the First Annual Banquet of the National Temperance Society. Wednesday, February 18,1852

H35204 Nine For Me and One For Him. Poster on tithing

H35107 Growth of Cities in United States 1870 through 1920 slide

H35205 World Service Thermometer of this church 1929 poster

H35316 The Lord's Prayer poster

H35320 "Give us this day our daily bread" poster

H35427 "The Church must adopt a new program which will register in the social, economic, moral and religious life of the modern city." M.P. Burns

H35428 Methodist Episcopal Church slide

H35429 Methodism and the Negro slide

H35430 Rural Service Objectives slide

H35431 Self Government House Rules slide

H35432 Foreign Language Work slide

H35433 Bilingual Mission Churches slide

H35434 Latin Americans slide

H35435 The Department of Evangelism Proposes slide

H35436 Continued slide of the Department of Evangelism Proposes.

H35437 Missionary Maintenance chart

H35438 The Board of Home Missions and Church Extension chart

H35439 Distribution of Church Extensions Projects by Sections in Two Quadrenniums

H35440 Methodist Activities in Hawaii chart

H35450 Skyscraper Churches.

H35457 Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. Shelbyville, Indiana. Old Church and New Church

H35461 Bishop Asbury's First Episcopal Tour, 1785

H35460 Blueprints for church expansion.

H35506 Wilmington Conference Territory. Showing location of the Sudlersville Group

H35505 Sudlersville larger parish Sudlersville. Wilmington Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church

H35562 Photo of a church

H35595 Photo of two buildings

H35596 Bremerton Church ministers to serve men from these localities map.

H35608 Chart of the General Conference

H36352 The Entrance to They Words Giveth Light.

H36354 poster for Such an Age as This, American Bible Society.

H36356 The Society's Four fold Service poster

H36357 The Best Seller poster

H36358 Responsive reading from Bible poster

H36362 Book of the Bible poster

H36622 Where the American Bible Society is at work poster

H36624 Bibleless Homes poster

H36942 A. J. Kynett and D. D. Forsyth

H37085 Territory of Hawaii map

H37183 Unique Hawaii poster

H37690 Pioneer Portraitures

H37224 The Bilingual Mission chart

H37303 The Negro goes to school poster

H37362 Methodist Work in Puerto Rico map

H37368 Our Missionary and Benevolent Skyline chart

H37398 Religious education unit of the Japanese Methodist Episcopal Church, Oakland, California

H37433 There are towns in this territory with enough children for a school which have never been touched by church influence.

H37445 Understanding Oriental Americans poster

H37448 The Nation's expenditures of 1916 poster

H37451 General death rate poster

H37446 Over a hundred years of progress, used for Temperance Lecture "Bare Facts"

H37449 Wage earners per $1,000,000 capital

H37452 Alcoholism death rate poster

H37447 Liquor consumption before prohibition poster

H37450 Corn used in production of liquor poster

H37453 Cirrhosis of the liver poster

H37454 Disappearance of "Blue Monday" poster

H37457 Milk for household purposes poster

H37460 Building and loan assets poster

H37455 College and University attendance poster

H37458 Grain now used to produce milk poster

H37461 World registration of automobiles poster

H37456 Expenditure for public education poster

H37459 Drunkenness among New York youth chart

H37462 Federal prison population poster

H37463 Keeley Institutes

H37464 Possible alcohol production in U.S. poster

H37465 Cana's liquor consumption poster

H37466 Life insurance in force in U. S. poster

H37467 Cost of prohibition enforcement 1929 poster

H37468 Opposition to prohibition poster

H37655 Prohibition Fact book

H37768 Each of these thirty eight children represents a different nationality

H37769 Map showing building projects

H37770 World Service Emblem

H37771 Logs and Men poster

H27772 "Follow Me poster

H37773 Boy Scouts poster

H37774 A White Cross Baby

H37812 Natural sources of Ethyl alcohol

H37907 Location of Goodwill Industries map

H37797 Map of Indiana showing saloon territory. Black indicates territory

H37908 Slide denoting what Goodwill Industries are.

H37937 Advice on worship service

H37938 "Our Heavenly Father, prayer

H37939 John 3:16

H37940 A Declaration of Faith

H37941 Advice on spoken announcements during worship service

H37942A Responsive reading after offering

H37942B Responsive reading after offering

H20644 Verse from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised!"

H20645 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H20646 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H20647 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H20648 Verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised!"

H20649 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H20650 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H20651 Additional verses from the hymn, "May Jesus Christ be Praised."

H38042 poster for Goodwill

H38058 Some Legitimate Commercial Uses for Alcohol poster

H38059 Alcoholic Content in Different Liquors poster

H38060 A Comparison of the Properties of Alcohol and Water poster

H38061 poster about alcohol

H38096 Our Work in the Kentucky Mountains poster

H38164 Death Rate Among Users of Alcohol poster

H38166 Map of Jason Lee route in 1834

H38170 Map of the Oregon Territory

H38262 The Church School Journal poster

H38297 Photo of Jason Lee, Missionary Hero

H38298 The Last Great Journey of Jason Lee, 1844 map

H20743 April, 1920 copy of "Hobo News"

H20744 Keep America American posters

H21863 "Bring Ye All the Tithes" music

H21864 Statement by John Spargo

H21865 Need for seasonal workers in California slide

H21866 Beets and beet sugar produced in the United States, 1917 slide

H21873 The City poster

H21874 The City poster

H21875 The City poster

H21876 The City poster

H21877 The City poster

H38300 Places visited by Jason Lee on his first trip east, 1838, chart

H38322 "Rise up, O men of God.! poster

H38323 Invocation

H38299 Stations of the Oregon Mission as laid out by Jason Lee

H38324 Adults, youth, and children must be led in definite, living experiences of Christian Service poster

H38325 Schedule of worship periods chart

H38326 Chart of the Methodist Episcopal Church

H38348 We learn by doing chart

H38380 Translation Acrostic chart

H38349 Spread of Religious education material. Chicago, Illinois

H38388 A relief map of Colorado

H38391 Map of Pennsylvania and Delaware in comparison to the Grand Junction district of Colorado

H38733 Map of states where Latin American mission is working

H38734 Map of Marquette District Parish Upper Peninsula Michigan

H38394 Slide of If We Should Fail

H38749 Graph showing growth of Pacific Japanese Mission

H38757 Poster of The Desert Shall Rejoice.

H21878 The City slide

H21879The City slide

H21880 The City slide

H21881 The City slide

H21882 The City slide

H21883 The City. Where a thousand people live on acre of ground that they never see. poster

H21884 The City, Where thousands live in a single block and never know they have a neighbor poster

H21885 The City, all desert for some all oasis for others. poster

H21886 The city, Land of plenty where men die of starvation poster

H21887 map of Western most United States with Utah highlighted

H21889 Work for the night is coming slide

H21890 Work while the day grows brighter, slide

H21891 poster, Work for the night is coming.

H21892 poster, give every flying minute something to keep in store.

H21893 poster, Work for the night is coming

H21894 poster, Work till the last beam fadeth,

H21895 poster The City

H21896 poster The City

H21897 poster telling what do I owe?

H21898 poster tell what do I owe to all the world around?

H21899 poster telling what do I owe to this dear land of ours?

H21900 poster telling what do I owe to those who follow on?

H21901 poster telling what do I owe to Christ, my Lord, my King?

H21902 poster tell what shall I give to Thee who gave Thyself?

H21904 Slide of encouragement for the church

H21907 Alike at work and prayer, To Jesus I repair. May Jesus Christ be praised. slide

H21908 In heaven's eternal bliss, the loveliest strain is this, May Jesus Christ be praised.slide

H38758 Comparative Area Map of the Southwest with the United States

H38802 The 23rd Psalm poster

H38943 Marriage and divorces in the United States comparative chart

H38931 Historic moments and today's opportunities

H38982 The Farmer's Best Crop poster

H39037 Asbury's Resolve poster

H39038 Relation of Europe to the Colonies map

H399039 map of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

H39070 map Where the American Bible Society Is At Work

H39072 American Bible Society emblem

H39096 map of Jason Lee's trip from New York to St. Louis

H39171 Alaska superimposed on the United States.

H39195 Institutions under the Supervision of he Board of Hospital, Homes and Deaconess Work map

H39196 Law School Gardens, Northwestern University, Chicago

H39197 Deering Memorial Library, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

H39198 University and Harris Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

H39199 College Hall, Genesee Wesleyan, Lima, New York

H39200 Faling Hall. Main Building. Genesee Wesleyan, Lima, New York

H39201 Presser Hall, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois

H39202 Buck Memorial Library, Illinois Wesleyan University. Bloomington, Illinois

H39203 Hedding Hall, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois

H39204 "The Drew Forest" the lovely wooded Campus of Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.

H39205 Mead Hall, the Century old Administrative and Social Center of Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.

H39206 Brothers College, Drew University's fine new liberal arts unit, Madison, New Jersey

H39207 Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania, Founded in 1815

H39208 Reis Library, Allegheny College, Contains over 103,000 Volumes

H39246 The Route of the "Lausanne" map.

H39247 Map of the Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church Educational Institutions and Projects in the United States

H39367 Reflections of the missionary work of Jason Lee and today slide

H39368 Reflections of the missionary work of Jason Lee and today slide

H39374 The Southern Highlands map

H39520 Latin American Mission Methodist Episcopal Church emblem

H39560 The Home Mission Parish of the Illinois Conference map

H39579 Chart showing the effects and water and oil and alcohol.

H39578 Anatomy Avenue

H39556 slide about work of the Illinois Conference

C39557 slide of the Illinois Conference.

H39580 Chart showing how alcohol reacts on every part of the body.

H39581 Alcohol prevention poster

H39582 Alcohol affects on man's work comparison charts

H39593 A white corpuscle taking in and destroying germs poster

H39594 Brain chart

H39595 Healthy nerve verses Diseased Nerve

H39596 Anti Alcohol poster

H39771 National Methodist Sanatorium for Tuberculosis chart. Since August 15, 1926

H39597 Comparison of how alcohol works in the body as it does in a lamp

H39768 Summer Institutes of Methodist Youth map

H39940 Hedding Hall, Illinois Wesleyan, erected 1870 Major Powell Monument in foreground

H39941 Front Campus, Ohio Northern University

H39942 Presser Hall, Illinois Wesleyan Music School, erected 1929

H39943 College of Law, Ohio Northern University

H39944 John H. Taft Gymnasium. Ohio Northern University

H39945 Taft Gymnasium, Ohio Northern University

H39946 Presser Music Hall, Ohio Northern University

G39947 Illinois Wesleyan University Science Hall

H39948 Illinois Wesleyan Memorial Gymnasium honoring World War Service Man

H39949 Campus View, The University of Denver

H39950 Gates to Campus of Mount Union College

H39951 Chapman Hall, Mount Union College

H39952 Elliot Hall, Girls' Dormitory Mount Union College

H39953 Mary Reed Library, The University of Denver

H39954 Brothers College of Drew University

H39955 Brothers College of Drew University

H39956 Gymnasium Drew University

H39957 Cornell Library, Drew University

H39959 A Bible School in Vicques Island, Puerto Rico, without a Chapel other than what this tree affords.

H39960 By following the designs and building plans of accredited church architects, many communities now have a most churchly edifice as a place of worship.

H39961 Church edifices ought to be well planned and expressive of religious life and activities. The Department of Church Extension assists in providing advice and counsel and preliminary sketched for mission chapels.

H39962 The recently erected Nicholson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, Aibonito, Puerto Rico. The only Protestant sanctuary in a community of 3,500

H39963 Salem Church, St. Louis, Missouri

H39964 Community Church, Burbank, California

H39965 Ohmer Park Church, Dayton, Ohio

H39966 Webster Hills Church, Webster, Groves, Missouri

H39967 Warren Temple, LaGrange, Georgia

H39968 Tucson, Arizona

H39969 Normal Heights Church, San Diego, California

H39970 photo saying 500 churches are struggling with unfinished buildings, pleading for aid to finance their completion.


H39972 South College and North College. Wesleyan University. Middletown, Connecticut


H39974 Wesleyan University. Middletown, Connecticut

H39977 Seniors leaving last chapel. Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

H39976 Bruce Baxter, President Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

H39978 May Day, Willamette University. Salem, Oregon

H39979 Capitol of Oregon View from Willamette University. Salem, Oregon

H39980 Eaton and Waller Halls Willamette University. Salem, Oregon

H39981 Boys' Dormitory, Patton Hall, Baxter Seminary, Baxter, Tennessee

H39982 Layout of campus, Baxter Seminary, Baxter, Tennessee

H39983 Sewing Class. Baxter Seminary, Baxter, Tennessee

H39984 Mechanical Drawing Baxter Seminary, Baxter, Tennessee

H39985 A truck load of gifts from Friends Baxter Seminary, Baxter, Tennessee

H39986 Administration Building, Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama

H39987 First Freshman Class, Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama

H39988 A

H39989 Day Students at Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama

H39990 Library, Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama

H39992 Industrial Arts, Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama

H40160 Charleston District South Carolina Conference map

H39991 Vocational Work, Snead Junior College, Boaz, Alabama



H40186 Anti war poster

H400260 Anti enlistment league poster.

H40187 newspapers collected together.

H40245 THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE METHODIT EPISCOPAL CHURCH Educational Institutions and Projects in the United States map.

H40249 Alaska poster


H40289 University of Iowa Football Season Schedule

H40337 Map of the Republica Domincana and Haiti

H40358 ANTI LIQUOR campaign poster

H40361 "For such a Time as This..." bulletin

H40362 Poster of Christianity.

H40363 Chart of the percentages of divorces to marriages in the United States. 1900 through 1935


H40474 Layout of magazines.

H40490 Children's day offering envelope





H40648 Youth Literature


H40767 Four Years' Growth in the Latin American Mission chart

H40768 One year of sowing and reaping in the Latin American Mission chart

H40837 Map of Methodist Youth Institutes


















H41680 Does the church school care enough about its 17,000,000 unchurched children? poster

H41681 One of these boys said: "If half as many people had come to see me, or cared about me, before I was arrested, as have come since, I wouldn't be here!" poster

H41682 The burden of poverty falls heaviest on those who are least to blame, the children! poster


H41688 A Mountain Mother and A Mountain Boy

H41689 Building Together a More Christian World Through Home and Church. poster


H41812 THIS CHURCH poster

H41917 Chart on number of Methodist in colleges and universities.


H41818 Wesley Foundations charts


H41921 photos of Wesley Foundations


H41974 Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois 1913 emblem

H42014 Call and response of the Psalm 23



H42070 So Long As There Are Homes poster

H42071 Torch Bearers poem by Clare Tree Major

H42072 "The Church School Advance" poster

H42073 Example poem adapted from poem by C. D. Meigs poster

H42074 (?) The Home and Church working together poster

H42075 (?) "The Church School Advance" poster

H42076 Suggestions for grace at meals, poster

H42077 The Church Advance poster for courtship, marriage and home-making.

H40278 The Church School Advance poster

H42079 The Church School Advance poster for intermediates.

H42080 The Church School Advance suggestions for grace at meals.

H42081 The Church School Advance poster.

H42082 The Church School Advance poster

H42084 Results of Community Survey poster

H42095 Poem, I think God feels himself the owner here.

H42096 A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi

H42097 Continued prayer by St. Francis of Assisi

H42098 Continued prayer by St. Francis of Assisi

H42164 The romance of the Christian home poster

H42165 "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." poster

H42166 "The heavens declare the glory of God. poster

H42167 "When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers poster

H42168 God still keeps his ancient promise poster

H42210 A letter to parents from their son Charles who is leaving home.

H42214 The Board of Education of the Methodist Church and the Church School Advance present slide

H42215 poem about the church

H42450 During this time the College has graduated..." slide

H42451 During the first three decades of it history Rust College....slide

H42452 Mississippi Public School Data slide

H42456 "Behold I send you forth" on Bible slide

H42691 "The Little Brown Church" slide

H42453 "To be a Negro in a day like this" slide

H42580 Photo of an open Bible

H42938 Map of Methodist Home Missions, map of the United States

H42939 copy of the Methodist World Missions map

H42965 The World To Serve poster

H42970 Prayer, page 504 of Methodist Hymnal

H43404 Chart of the ministry

H43405 Word Slide


H2305 Sunday School Education poster

H23406 Home Missions, Church Extension poster

H23407 Freedman's Aid, Woman's Home Missionary Society poster

H23408 Epworth League, Freedman's Aid poster

H23409 map of The Gardner, Massachusetts Demonstration Circuit

H28212 The Advocate Broadcast

H28213 Why Smith Subscribed for The Advocate

H28242 map of Washington Coal

H28243 Centenary projects in Wyoming Conference

H28260 edited pages

H28261 Photos of churches

H28262 edited papers

H28263 edited pages

H28264 edited pages

H28265 copy of a Home Mission Board in Action

H28267 edited papers

H28268 The Council of Cities of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1922

H28269 Edited pages

H28271 Hand drawn map

H28270 Photos collection

H28272 Powell Valley Circuit, Oregon map

H28273 Edited pages

H28274 The City News Letter

H28275 Criticism should never exasperate us. On the contrary, it should benefit us, and even occasionally amuse us

H28276 photos

H28312 Our Home Mission Allies poster

H28346 For rent As mission Social Settlement or Sunday School. sign

H28462 Salary Increases Negro Conferences and Districts chart.

H28470 Bad Location of Churches chart

H28486 The Negro In the City slide

H28511 Idaho Conference LA Grande District map

H28529Hamden Plains Church, New Haven, Connecticut

H28569 Fifty six years of Negro Progress slide

H28512 North Dakota Conference, Bismarck District map

H28570 The Methodist Episcopal Record of Fifty five years in the education of the Negro slide

H29022 Statement of King George V of England

H29023 Statement of Teddy Roosevelt

H29024 "As the ark of Jehovah remained in the house of Obed-edom the Gittite three months: and Jehovah blessed Obed edom, and all his house.

H29025 Copy of the North Western Christian Advocate, Wednesday, January 5, 1853

H29035 Receipt and disbursements for the fiscal year ending October 31, 1922 chart

H29073 "We can have war or civilization but we cannot have both." Harry Emerson Fosdick

H29074 Wall of Leaflet and Pamphlet literature issued during the year 1922 for pastors, church workers and for general distribution among the membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H29075 Bulletin board of information for pastors and their congregation of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the year 1922

H29076 Bulletin board of samples of newspaper publicity concerning activities of the Methodist Episcopal Church during the year 1922

H 29077 The Light of the World poster

H29078 Berber of North Africa, Methodist Church, Sunday March 14, You are Welcome poster

H29079 "I will place no value on anything I have or may possess except in relation to the kingdom of Christ." David Livingston

H29080 Palm Sunday poster

H29081 Central Christian Advocate subscription drive poster

H29082 Our New Church poster for the Methodist Episcopal Church of Eudora, Kansas

H29134 The indispensable preliminary to a Christian society is a Christian family life. state of Professor Elwood

H29135 The level of our American civilization statement by Rufus M. Jones

H29136 Unless religion flourish at the fireside it will present but a sickly appearance in the sanctuary. state by F. W. Boreham

G29137 In 1916 Boston granted four times as many divorces ad Ireland granted in the preceding thirty five years. slide

H29138 In 1916 Rhode Island granted one and one half times as many divorces as Canada granted in the preceding forty years. slide

H29139 The United States from 1888 thru 1916 granted 945,625 divorces more than double the number granted by the nineteen leading European nations combine.slide

H29149 "If everybody lived..." slide

H29150 "If everybody lived..." slide

H29151"When the fortunes of thee other man have so direct an influence..." slide

H29152 "Whoever you are, wherever you are..."slide

H29153 This branch of learning so indispensable to citizens of today's world, is called Missionary Education. slide

H29154 Those who set before you Missionary Education offer you…" slide

H29200 Wanted Christian Leaders poster

H29206 Map of Hospital and Homes in the United States. Each pin represents A Hospital or Home. poster

H29265 Architectural drawings of a projected Church Educational Building in Los Angeles, California

H29344 Form The Drift from 1919 thru 1922

H29310 Marriages per divorce in the United states chart

H29345 Apportioned Benevolences 1922 chart

H29346 Growth Record 1919 thru 1922 in United States.chart

H29347 Suggested Distribution chart

H29348 Per Capita By the Week Apportioned Benevolences 1922 chart

H29349 Per Capita Record Apportioned Benevolences 1922 chart

H29350 What is Involved? chart

Growth Record 1919 thru 1922

H29352 The Tithing Standard chart.

H29358 Up and Down Apportioned Benevolences 1919 thru 1922 chart

H29379 Every Member Canvass chart

H29380 Education chart

H29381 Church Training Night chart

H29382 Apportioned Benevolence Record chart

H29506 Love Never Asks slide

H29507 The Resources of God slide

H29508 5000 A Day Turned Away by Protestant Church Hospitals In the United States slide

H29509 The Christ we will not Share we may not keep. slide

H29512 Christian Advocate January 1881 slide

H29550 Architectural rendering of Wesley Foundation, Urbana, Illinois

H29569 Memorial Gifts slide

H29571 A Threefold Gospel slide

H29570 Christ's Charter for a Christian Hospital slide

H29572 The Commission Give to His Followers slide

H29573 The Importance of the Ministry of Healing slide

H29591 Growth Record for 1919 thru 1922 chart

H229914 Patients admitted in Tuberculosis Sanatorium during 1922 chart.

H29615 The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce map

H29616 United States map

H29617 "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me." slide

H29618 Dedication Hymn by Mrs. Frances E. Peck slide

H29619 Tubercular patients have come to Beth-El Hospitals from: slide

H20620 Dr. C.E. Harris' statement about eradication of tuberculosis. slide

H29701 Layout of the publications of the Foreign Language Commission of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H29720 Sketch of the proposed First Italian Methodist Episcopal Church and Community House. Chicago, Illinois

H29749 From Yesterday's Slaves slide

H29866 The Church Dollar chart

H29750 Go the whole world over, and proclaim the Good News to all mankind. Mark 16:15

H29870 Program of Religious Education for children slide

H29867 "And I give to each child his and her own place at the fireside at night with all the pictures that may be seen in the burning wood."

H29868 Child Welfare Activities chart

H29869 "Last Will and Testament" poster

H29817 Protestant Children and Youth Under 25 years Not Enrolled in Sunday School map

H29872 Children In The United States Under 14 years map

H29894 Methodism Meets Obligations chart

H29895 Distribution of Methodist Episcopal Churches in the Middle Atlantic States map

H29896 Approved Needs. Board of Home Missions and Church Extension chart.

H29897 Approved Needs of the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension. slide

H29898 Approved Needs of the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension. slide

H29899 Receipts and Administration Expense, Board of Foreign Missions slide

H29900 How To Approach the Problem slide

H29901 The Board of Home Missions and Church Extension Dollar chart

H29902 The Board of Sunday Schools Dollar chart

H29903 The Board of Epworth League Dollar chart

H29904 The Committee on Conservation and Advance Dollar chart

H29905 The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Dollar chart

H29906 The Woman's Home Missionary Society Dollar chart

H29907 Distribution of Italian Church and Missions in the United States map

H29908 Educational Institutions of the Methodist Episcopal Church map

H29909 Annual Maintenance Requirements, Education Institutions of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1921 thru 1922

H29910 Religious and Educational Leadership from One of Our Methodist Colleges poster

H29911 A Seven Day A Week Program, Lincoln Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Chicago, Illinois poster

H29912 A District Evangelist Summary of a Year's Work slide

H29913 Graduation and resulting teachers supplied to the South poster

H29914 Claflin College Has Sent Out: poster

H29915 Hospitals and Homes of the Methodist Episcopal Church map



H27901 The Negro in the Rural South slide

H27902 Continuation of "The Negro in the Rural South article slide

H27903 Some Hopeful Signs slide

H27904 Continuation of "Some Hopeful Signs" slide

H27905 Sample Program of the Quarterly Conference Program slide

H27906 Negro class room.

H27907 Photo of 1916 graduates

H27908 Payments to Apportioned Benevolences in the C[***] Conferences from 1912 thru 1921 chart

H27909 Attendance, Rural Summer Schools At Gammon & Wiley 1920 map

H27977 Collage of Methodist publications.

H27978 Ohio State University and Student District map

H28016 Agricultural Missionaries from Ames poster

H28017 "Boundaries of the Ten German Speaking Conferences in the United States" map

H28025 Proposed National Methodist Episcopal Sanatorium For Tuberculosis. Colorado Springs, Colorado rendering.

H28044 Negro Accomplishments in 54 years slide

H28046 Assortment of Newspapers.

H28047 chart of Intended callings of Borrowers Student Loan Fund.

H28048 The Community Church. Lindley Methodist Episcopal Church, 5th and Fishers Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

H28059 Who's Who in America book.

H28170 Population of Mississippi. United States census, 1920

H28171 The State of Mississippi Maintains For Whites/For Blacks chart.

H28172 Statement by Mr. S. D. Redmond, an attorney of Jackson, Mississippi on the contributions of the Negro in Mississippi. slide

H28173 Reflections on Mound Bayon, Mississippi. slide

H28174 Appropriation for Higher Education for One Year by Mississippi Legislature chart.

H28175 Reform School in Mississippi statement.

H28176 slide of Social Institutions in Mississippi

H28177 slide stating Mississippi is largely rural.

H28178 Results at Tupelo, Mission slide

H28179 Results at New Albany, Mississippi slide

H28180 Benevolent Giving in the Upper Mississippi Conference slide.

H28181 Statement by J. W. Golden on the percentage of Negro Churches in the Upper Mississippi Conference served by the Baptist. slide

H28182 Centenary Aid to Upper Mississippi Conference slide

H28183 Our task is not finished, Nay, just begun, Most of our rural church are of the following type: slide

H28210 Closeups of Methodism's Practical Christianity

H28211 Picturing some of the work being done in the needy parts of the world by the Methodist Church.