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Mission Photograph Album - China #20

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Mission Photograph Album - China #20


Images related to Methodist mission work in China taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s. And a view volumes from the early 1950s.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - China #20




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - China #20 Collection

C12432 This young lad stops his play long enough to listen to the Bible
story as read by this old church "uncle."

C12433 "At Home" in the Missionary home with students in for an evening of
games and fun and fellowship.

C12434 The West China Union University Hospital's wash hangs on the line.

C12435 Public Health under the able leadership of Alma Eriksen, holds a
demonstration in the church courtyard.

C12436 Lepers at worship service at West China Union University leperarisum

12436A Sunday school at the Changtu Missionary Church

C12468 Children in line for milk, provided by the Chinese National Relief
and Rehabilitation Administration at the YWCA nutritional center in
Nanking, China

C1246 Marisa Pozan is taking up her studies once again after their
interpretation by the Japanese

C12473 Nurse Sato Bik trading the "amoks" (women) servants in Tung
Huarking Hospital in Hong Kong how to read

C12476 Kitchen has had no repairs or equipment since Pearl Harbor, but to
many girls it means the difference between life or slow situations

C12477 Nurses at the Tung Hira Tung Hospital in Hong Kong China attend a
meeting of their YWCA club in the dining room of their own hospital.

C12478 Five cent lunch, the difference between eating and not eating.

C12480 Chinese children line up at the YWCA food station at Changshau for
their daily supply of soup bean milk.

C12481 Basic health is basic wealth.

C12494 Miss Cushman and Dr. Chen Nai Ping enjoying the music.

C12495 (From left to right) Mrs. Fe Jim-Shawhaikwan, (her husband was
presiding Elder at Sharohai Kwan), Mrs. Chou I-Se-Tich Changli - Bible
woman. Mrs. Wary Ching Yeing-Lauchow, wife of presiding elder.

C12496 No caption

C12497 No caption

C12498 Three Theological college lads who are cionsulting with Ohin
Stockwell on Visual Education matters. This tram of three became a Visual
Education Evangalism tram, spending two weeks at church visiting five or
six churches during the summer, and showing pictures of Christ, a life to
sen? thousand people. The resuet - a deepening of Christian understanding,
the winning of more than a hundred now counts.

C12499 Sheet music hurbished by Christian friends in America.

C12500 The West China Theological College Choir.

C12501 Graduation day procession at the Theological College in West China.

C12502 Pastors, Bible women, teachers and laymen for two weeks at special
training conference.

C12503 Methodist Relief is helping to supplement in slim diet of Chinese

C12504 A little country school-church the students facing one way for the
school days and turning their seats toward the pulpit at the other end of
the back on Sundays.

C12505 At Home - is a marked event in the missionary home.

C12506 Photo - graphers a May Day.

C12507 May Day festivities include drills by the educational group

C12508 May Day festivities - West China Union University Women, a College.

C12509 Wallace Wang and Dr. George Sparking - West China Theological

C12510 Rev. and Mrs. J. Olin Stockwell and their jeep.

C12511 The congregation singing.

C12512 Children in the church at showing of religous picture.

C12513 Dr. S.H.Lilpis trand "Capping" a nurse at Tzichung Hospital.

C12633 Chinese Boy

C12641 Soochow Christian Fellowship Bible Class

C12642 Law School Associate: Dean, Principal, Professor of procedurative,
Dean of administration watching the Moot Court

C12643 Soochow Girls basket ball game

C12644 Soochow Classroom

C12645 Main building - Soochow

C12646 Soochow Law School Student Judge with procurator and recorder

C12671 10:10-10:30 Morning Milk

C12675 12:00-12:30 Grace

C12670 9:30-10:00 Outdoor Play

C12672 10:30-11:00

C12676 10:00-10:10 Quiet Time

C12674 2:40-3:00 Free Play

C12673 12:30-2:00 Nap time

C12677 11:30-12:00

C12678 2:00-2:20 Getting Up

C12681 8:30-9:00

C12684 2:20-2:40

C12679 9:00-9:30 Morning Inspection

C12682 11:00-11:30

C12841 Nanping Methodist Hospital Mobile Health Unit

c12680 3:00-3:30 Going Home

C12683 9:00-9:30

C12861 Chapel and gardens of Leper Colony, Tungkun

C12867 Farm House, West China

C12868 a street in a market town in West China

C12869 Planting rice West china

C12870 A Szechwan farm house surrounded by stack of drying sugar cane

C12862 Women peasants carry clay for pottery, Tungkua

C12891 The messenger of Budahism from India is supposed to have ridden to
China on a white elephant.

C12892 One of the most loved idols is the "Kwang Yin" a female goddess,
who is the protector of all mothers and children

C12873 One temple hhouse a multitude of small idol each one different.

C12874 Buddhist pilgrims returning from the sacred mt. where they
worshipped at each shrine.

C12875 The 32 ft. God. At his side are the emblems of power.

C12876 Sunday morning service in a market village

C12877 Each morning church finds a group gathered for morning prayers

C12878 On parents day the old people of the church are given special honor
all over 60 are invited to come forward and stand together on platform.

C12879 A small school and church out in open country.

C12880 One country mother teaches her children their A. B. C.s

C12881 May Day and the physical education girls at the Women's College
Chengtu China West China union University are putting on a demonstration.

C12882 May pole dance Women's college West China Union University

C12883 Reading the bulleting board at the Blind school.

C12884 A small organ a blind organist and a quartetto of blind singers

C12885 The harvest is in - in West China these schocks are rice staws.

C12887 plowing the fields after harvest.

C12888 Rice harvest.

C12898 A Chinese temple god West China

C12897 A Jade Buddha in temple in Chengtu

C12899 Chinese gate West China

C12900 Bus travel in China

C12901 Interior of country home West China.

C 12902 Preparing the family meal West China.

C 12903 Man carrying his child on way to market.

C 12904 Spinning cotton West China.

C12905 Spinning cotton West China.

C12906 Salt Well West China.

C 12907 Large rice mill West China.

C 12908 Rice mills on boats mills river by current.

C 12909 Sugar refining in West China.

C 12910 Sugar refining coaling in earthern wares pots.

C12911 Basket makers West China.

C12912 Basket seller West China.

C12915 Kindergarten children on way to school.

C12913 Cloth peddler West China.

C12914 Children Chengtu.

C12916 Motor scooter in West China.

C12917 Mrs. Philips and Mrs. Kigihough inspecting motor scooter.

C12918 Bishop Chen of Olion Stockwell on way to the conference on motor

C12919 Mrs. E.L. Philips and Ohio Wesleyan graduation in West China.

C12920 Bishop and Mrs. on visit to China Bishop Carliton Locky on the
stone house.

C12921 Dr. Glen Frye preaching through interpreter in Grace Methodist
Church. Chengtu China.

C12922 Hospital ward Methodist Hospital. Tzechung China.

C12923 Mrs. Alma Erickson of Nurse giving oil and klim to udner nourished
baby. West China.

C12924 Weighing baby in better Baby Clinic. West China.

C12925 Recreation Methodist youth group West China.

C12927 Girl student at West China Union Theo-Seminary. Chengtu.

C12929 Student of West China Union Theological College.

C12926 X-ray of student at West China.

C12928 Students of West China Union Theo Seminary. Chingtu.

C12930 Woman Evangelist preaching to prisoners. Chingtu.

C12931 Dr. Irmis Highbrough visiting family in the country. West China.

C12933 Personal evangelism. West China.

C12934 Communion service small Village Church near Chengtu.

C12932 Country women learningto read the Bible. West China.

C12935 English Bible class Methodist Church. Chengtu.

C12936 Pastor of Chentu Methodist Church with 3 of his oldest members and
granddaughter of the oldest member.

C12937 An ex-Buddhist priest applying to Miss Shearer and pastor Yang-Sao-
Chung for Chistian Instruction.

C12950 Clearing eye in the lie home.

C12940 Choir school West China Union Theological College led by Mrs.

C129385 5 Mennonite missionaries conferring with Bishop Chen before going
to their field. West China.

C12939 Bishop Chen and 4 men ordained by him gam. 1948 at West China
Annual Conference.

C12941 Dan Lee and Young Christian Leader of West China.

C12942 Dr. Daniel Lee Wifo, Director of Rel. Education. West China

C12944 Daniel Lee family singing hymns in the home.

C12946 Children of Daniel Lee playing in the home.

C12943 Daniel Lee family making sugar ball for Chinese new year.

C12945 One of Daniel Lee boys reciting to the family.

C12947 Lee boys carrying Chinese new year lanterns.

C12948 Helping bathe the baby in the Lee home.

C12951 Daniel Lee and wife working in the garden.

C12953 The Church kindergarten attended by the Lee children.

C23949 The Lee baby nap hour.

C12952 The Lee family on the way to Church.

C12954 Professor Wm .Overholt of Fukien Christian in Foochow working with
agriculture student.

C12958 Worship in oldest Church in East Asia Foochow at 100th celebration
of Mission. December 1947.

C12969 Three Methodist students of Medicine at West Union University, West

C13847 Chiense nurse feeding baby.

C12958 Isabella Fishen Hospital training school for nurses. Tunsin, China.

C13863 In a Chinese school room.

C13892 Acherman Dormitory, West China Union University.

C13893 Reading the newspapers.

C13894 An old country woman.

C13895 Teaching deaf and dumb to talk.

C13896 Teaching deaf and dumb to talk.

C13897 Woman and child in poor surroundings.

C13899 Easter morning sunrise service, West China.

C13900 Field Day for bright selwoes in Chengtu.

C13902 Bullock grinding flour.

C13904 Bishop and Mrs. W.Y. chen of West China.

C13901 Dr. C. Stanley Jones (with Bishop C.T. Jung translating) addresses
Christian leaders.

C13903 North China workers who have come to West China to help out during
these days of crisis.

C13905 Girls competing in relay race. Field Day at West China Union

C13906 Six orphan babies awaiting adoption.

C13836 Chinese writing.

C13943 Chinese signatures.

C14136 Two Chinese boys with free milk cups. Canton, China.

C14137 Children waiting in line for the morning feeding at the Free Milk
Clinic in Canton, China.

C15168 Pres. Wallace Wang of the West China Theological College talks with
one of his new Methodist students. China.

C15169 Mrs. E.L. Philleps, member of the Board of Missions, visits West
China and have her first ride in a sedan chair. China.

C15170 A boy and his dog - the same whether in China or Amer. China.

C15171 The opening of a wide paved street did not move the well, as it is
a neighborhood necessity.

C15172 Crusade funds are building new buildings in Chingtu. Total cost
less than two thousand US dollars.

C15231 Soochow University China Hall. (Science).

C15232 Soochow University Nance Memorial Pavillion.

C15233 Soochow University Marshall Hall, Dormitory for boys in the Middle

C15234 Soochow University Girl's Dormitory.

C15235 Soochow University Li Vi Keh Dormitory for college boys. (Anderson
Hall at back).

C15236 Soochow University Anderson Hall, housing the library and Middle

C15237 Soochow University Gymnasium.

C15340 Hinghwa City Church.

F3221 Hostel and pagoda newly erected by Buddhists near Hong Kong. 1953.

F3222 General view - construction of stadium in foreground. Hong Kong.

F3223 View of hillside site for MCOR housing project. Hong Kong. 1953.

F3224 Playing field and city building. Hong Kong. 1953.

F3225 Making adobe bricks. Hong Kong. 1953.

F3226 Street scene. Hong Kong. 1953.

F3227 Street scene. Hong Kong. 1953.

F3228 A boy in the "New Territory" back of Kiwloun, Hong Kong. 1953.

F3229 Center of a town in "New Territory". Hong Kong. 1953.

F3230 Movie theatre used on Sunday mornings for evangelistic services Hong
Kong, 1953

F3231 Catholic school and church at a refugee housing center Hong Kong -

F3232 Catholic Church in housing project - Hong Kong - 1953

F3233 Protestant Church in background near a Catholic housing project -
Hong Kong 1953

F3234 British Methodist church loaned to Chinese Methodist for worship
Hong Kong - 1953

F3235 New Cantonese Methodist Church Hong Kong - 1953

F3236 Garage being remodelled for temporary use as church and S. S. by
refugee Methodists, Hong Kong - 1953

F3237 The way refugees fix up the cheap homes now being provided as low
rentals - Hong Kong - 1953

F3238 New housing units for Chinese refugees from Red China, Hong Kong,

F3239 New housing for refugees- Hong Kong - 1953

F3240 Refugee squatter area. (S. R. Anderson in area) Hong Kong - 1953

F3241 outskirts of Tainan Formosa - 1953

F3242 Newly constructed Southern Baptist church Tainan - Formosa 1953

F3243 Typical farm house set in field of rice Formosa - 1953

F3244 South Formosan women in distinctive dress - 1953

F3245 South Formosa woman at work in field - 1953

F3246 Crude church erected by new converts among formosan aborigines - 1953

F 3247 Aboriginies in modernized mountain home. Formosa - 1953.

F 3248 E.K. Knetther trying to talk with family of mountain aborigines.
Formosa - 1953.

F 3249 Street scene. Taichung, Formosa - 1953.

F 3250 Rev. Paul Shen's parsonage at Taiching. He is an independent
evangelist-pastor. Formosa - 1953.

F 3251 Gov't school building. Taichung, Formosa. 1953.

F 3252 Children at roadside. Formosa - 1953.

F 3253 Group at gate of kindergarten for soldier's orphans - sponsored by
Min. Chiang. Formosa - 1953.

F 3255 Morshippers gathering at Shih Ling, the Church where Pres. and Mrs.
Chiang Kai Shek worship. Formosa - 1953.

F 3256 Parade honoring draftees leaving for military training. Formosa -

F 3257 Review on National holiday. Formosa - 1953.

F 3258 Chinese operated-tanks in review on national holiday. Formosa -

F 3259 Taipei building used by the Taiwan school of Soochow University.
Formosa - 1953.

F 3260 Street in Taipei. Formosa - 1953.

F 3261 126 ft. street leading to capital building. Taipei. Formosa - 1953.

F 3262 One of the ancient gates at Taipei. Formosa - 1953.

F 3263 Church at leprosarium at Taipei. Formosa - 1953.

F 3264 Residence at Wesley Grave, near Taipei, Formosa (Mrs. Don Mac
Jnaiss). 1953.

F 3265 Mountain rice fields seen from Wesley Grove. Taipei, Formosa.1953.

F 3266 Part of garden, Wesley Grove. Taipei, Formosa - 1953.

F 3267 This row of garages was converted into what is now the North Point
Methodist Church. Hong Kong.

F 3268 Dr. Timothy Y.H. Chow preaching in North Point Methodist Church.
Hong Kong.

F 3269 The choir of North Point Methodist Church. Hong Kong.

F 3271 The Congregation of North Point Methodist Church. Hong Kong.

F 4048 Wesley Village, Hong Kong.

C 22467 FreeChina President C.Y. Stone of Methodist-affiliated Soochow
University. Taipei, Taiwan.