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Mission Photograph Album - Korea #2

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Mission Photograph Album - Korea #2


Images related to Methodist mission work in Korea taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Korea #2

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Korea #2 Collection

20200 Government general building, Seoul.

20201 R.R bridge over River Han near Seoul.

20202 Village Scene

20203 Chusilee who walked 900 miles carrying a baby on her back to receive a diploma

20204 Chusilee who walked 900 miles carrying a baby on her back to receive a diploma

20205 Express starting from Fusan Pur in Korea on an overland journey, this train and its connections will land you in Paris or Berlin

20206 Ferry steamer between Shimonaseki and Fusan, connecting Japan and Asia proper by rail

20207 Fusan station

21384 Country women's class 1909, Pyeng Yang

23329 Map showing Union Mission Schools in China and Korea

21999 Natives looking at clay dragon, Wangju

24968 Group. Japanese and Korean. Seoul.

24969 Bank in Seoul.

24970 Corner in city wall.

24971 Stone image

24972 Man with pig on back

24973 Stone image.

24974 Boys selling candy.

24975 River and city walk.

24976 Woman in coat.

24978 Street market.

24979 Making ironing sticks

24980 City Korea

24981 Women with big hats

24982 Children

24983 Pottery stone

24984 Shrine.

24985 Map.

24986 The guardian spirit of the canyon, Yungbyen

25320 Village Scene

25321 Two women on hillside (no caption)

25322 Sunday school rally at North Palace, Seoul


25324 Sunday school rally at North Palace, Seoul

25325 Korean family

25326 Crown - Seoul, Korea.

25327 Offering to picture. Korea

25328 Children gathering fuel. Korea

25329 Horse in procession, Korea

25330 Procession

25331 Washing in street, Seoul near R R Station of Seoul & Chemulpa Railroad, In distance "Grand Hotel" for foreigners under construction

25332 S S Rally at North Palace, Seoul

25797 Motorcycle ridden by Missionary itinerating in Yungbyen District

25823 Pyeng Yang ladies costume

25945 Blind woman offering socks in payment for cure as she had nothing else to give

26084 No caption, Two buildings with hills in the background

26243 Union Theological Seminary Faculty, Seoul?


26550 Washing in Korea, in the distance the new Grand hotel for foreigners managed by an Englishman

26737 Six new converts in Gov't school


27697 Congregation in front of church

27793 A Korean smile

27797 Where are put some of the in-patients, not fit for a barn

27798 Dr Fallwell in native

27799 One of our cases cured after a severe case of erysipelas

27802 Patient who came with infected arm and hands.

27800 Patient of Dr Falwell at Pyeng Yang dispensary.

27801 Two of Dr Falwell's women patients listening to their history.

27803 Enlargement of neck glands - this patient came to the dispensary for cure, the round spots in the form of a necklace shows where the burning "syonk" has been applied by the quack doctor to remove the enlarged glands

27804 Enlarged neck glands (Same case as shown in 27803)

27805 Mr Kang, one of Dr Fallwell's out-patients treated for a fracture of the leg, he joined the church and is a fine Korean Christian gentleman

27806 This patient was stabbed in the abdomen and was brought into the dispensary apparently in a dying condition, pulseless and prostrate with severe hemorrage from the wound, and a quantity of his intestines wrapped in a dirty towel on top his abdomen, discharged cured three weeks later

27807 This patient had his arm nearly severed by the bite of a horse, came 50 miles for treatment, amputation of his arm saved his life, he and his son joined the church

27808 Tumor of scalp in boy 16 years old, removed by Dr Falwell, Pyeng Yang

27809 Case of tumor of the scalp, as he looked after tumor was removed

27810 Horse lip in baby six months old, cured at Dr Falwell's dispensary, Pyeng Yang

27811 A patient treated at the dispensary for a large ulcer of the leg, discharged, cured

27812 Patient with tuberculosis of the lung

27813 As you sow, so shall you reap, discharged after weeks of treatment much improved

27896 A graduate nurse

27947 Shovelling with a nine-man shovel

27948 Afforestation is carried out on the mountain slope by building terraces

27949 Iron bridge over Han River (Kanko) near Seoul

28434 Bishop Lewis preaching to an evening congregation during a District Conference

28492 General view of hospital, Dr Avison's house and the city wall, (Severance hospital, about 1905)

28493 Operating room of Severance

28494 A view in the large surgical ward showing off the ten beds in the room

28571 Kitchen of Korean pastor's home

28842 Irrigation in Korea

28881 Mother, wife and son of a native preacher

28883 Korean Kuk-soo-dong

28884 A circuit preacher and his wife

28885 School children at our Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Hospital where Dr Rosetta Hall is vaccinating according to Japanese regulations

28886 The most northern mission station of the Methodist Episcopal Church

28887 Women's bible class, Pyeng Yang

28888 A tithing calss in North Korea

28889 Grave of Kai Jo, traditional founder of Korea

28890 "Krinsie" with her school girls

28891 Buddhist priests with two boys preparing for the priesthood

28892 A cucumber lodge


28894 A native Korean village street on market day, Yeng Byin

28895 Kongju, where church has its most southern station

28896 Water carrier

28897 El Rita Wachs a lonely little missionary girl carrying her doll on her back

28898 Members of one family in the lower or c[***] class

28899 A happy school boy of fifteen years

28900 Native ruin on bank of the stream

28901 Korean Pokiyo or native chair carried by c[***], the curtains must be drawn when a native woman is within

28902 Bible class of women with their native and missionary teachers in front of their native class house

28903 Native rest house and pleasure pavillion on a hill top overlooking Kongju


28905 Mary and Pyrinsee, two faithful talented, beloved bible women under our Methodist Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Ying Byin

28906 San Chung Do and Kum U Shoon

28907 A missionary's little girl

28908 A converted priestess

28909 A beautiful Korean girl, widow at 18 years

28910 On way to market with loads of brushwood

28911 Easter service, 1912, Bishop Bashford preached a wonderful sermon to over 5000 Christians seated on the campus of our Methodist Boy's School, Chai, Haktang

28912 Easter Service, 1912, Chai-Haktang

28913 Native house used as girl's school, it was the former home of two lady missionaried before their new home was built, Kongju

31858 City Church, Haiju

32126 Express on the Korean Railway

32316 Express train across the river

33131 Church at Kang Sa Pyeng Yang District

33173 One of the Methodist homes for missionaries

33417 Pai Chai High School, Seoul, founded by Rev Henry G Appenzeller, one of our first missionaries



37581 Wonju, Korea, child before operation showing deformed

37582 Wonju, Korea, child after operation showing correction

38026 Dr Hartman at the annual conference, Seoul




38131 Little Korean child

38132 Self supporting Methodist local preacher and his grandchild, Pyeng Yang

38133 A Korean perambulator



38134 Brother and sister


38135 Mother and child, Korea

38137 My traveling companion on ferry boat. Pying Yang

38138 A Korean boy

38139 Corwin Taylor's son

38140 A husky boy

38141 Character study, Korean lads

38143 At the R R Station

38142 Waiting for another load

38144 Electric car, Pyeng Yang

38145 A Korean village home

38146 Breakfast while you wait

38147 Two most common types of Korean hats, the big one is the mourner's hat, the small one the ordinary Korean hat

38148 In the park, Seoul

38149 Street scene Japanese flag flying for Emperor's birthday, Pyeng Yang

38150 A Korean home, shoes outside the door

38152 Court yard of a potter's home, Kongju

38153 Sweeper along mountain road, lake Chuzenji

38154 Silk worms at work, Korea

38155 Our ferry boat, Pyeng Yang

38156 Street scene, Seoul

38157 A burden-bearer, Seoul

38158 Buddhist priest at university, Pyeng Yang

38159 A.R.R Station scene

38160 A character study, Pyeng Yang\

38161 Along the river bank, Pyeng Yang

38162 Washing in the native way

38163 Dr Sheets, Mrs Fisher and Mr Cynn in the distance on their way to the banker's house

38164 Asleep in a Korean park, Seoul

38166 Cabinet organs for sale, Seoul


38167 Out for a ride

38168 Companions in labor, Pyeng Yang

38169 Jiggy men carrying fuel

38171 Washday at the riverside, Pyeng Yang

38170 On a Korean river across from Pyeng Yang

38172 Fruit for sale and babies to let, Japanese section of Kongju, Korea

38173 On the way to market, Pyeng Yang

38174 An old lady by a country lane, Korea

38175 At a Korean station

38176 On the street at Seoul, farmer's hat

38177 Impatient for the ferry-boat, Pyeng Yang, Korea

38178 Asleep by the roadside, with pipe and staff

38180 Stone tablet in park

38179 Big bell at Seoul

38181 Gate at Seoul

38182 Two scholars and their mutual horse, queen's tomb, Seoul

38183 A bit of scenery outside Pyeng Yang

38185 Matting at R R Station

38184 Garden entrance, Anata Palace

38186 Department store, Kangju


38188 Warrior and scholar group, queen's tomb, Seoul

38189 Pagoda, Seoul

38190 The warrior and his horse, Seoul

38191 Mountain and wallround about, Seoul

38192 Mountain scene

38193 Dispensary, Dr Stewart's hospital, Seoul

38194 At a buddhist monastery, Pyeng Yang

38195 Warrior and scholar group, old tomb, Seoul

38196 Monument to massacred Christians, Pyeng Yang

38198 Korean tomb

38197 At a Buddhist monastery, Pyeng Yang

38199 Queen's tomb, Seoul

38200 Queen's tomb, Seoul

38201 Rev C Taylor and child

38202 Rev F E C Williams and family

38203 Rev C Taylor and family

38204 Union Bible School, Seoul

38205 Mr and Mrs Van Buskirk at the dispensary, Kongju

38206 Saying goodbye, Kongju

38207 Bishop Burt, Paula Burt and Mr Cable

38208 Mrs Fisher, Miss Bieler, Miss Wachs and Mr Wachs

38209 Mr Wachs and his son, Pyeng Yang

38210 Episcopal residence, Seoul

38212 Home of Bishop Welch

38211 The building, the bishop and the Principal, Pai Chai, Seoul, Korea

38212 Home of Bishop Welch

38213 Dr Van Buskirk at the "view" hospital site, Kongju, Korea

38215 Women's bible class, Kongju


38217 Faculty, William's School, Kongju

38218 Mr Phang

38219 Pastor, Kongju

38220 Assistant principal William's School, Kongju

38221 Two Korean women out for an afternoon walk

38222 At the railroad station

38223 An afternoon walk in a Korean park

38224 Preachers and principal of school, Pyeng Yang

38225 H H Cynn, principal of Pai Chai School, Seoul

38226 Korean pastor, Pyeng Yang

38230 Private home for unfortunate Koreans, Haiju Asylum

38231 A new Sunday School outside the west gate, Haiju

38232 Hon Teisabura Sekiya, Minister of Education, Chosen

38233 Agricultural School, Picking American cotton (It grows better down at Tusan and Mappo), Korea

38234 Kiur Maksa, East gate

38235 North palace gates, Seoul

38236 Pagoda Park, Seoul

38237 Oriental Development Company, Seoul, A Japanese colonization company

38238 Bank of Chosen, Seoul

38239 East palace gates, Seoul

38240 Two thousand Christian students, Pyeng Yang

38241 Woman's hospital, Pyeng Yang

38242 Student's faculty on athletic field, new buildings at left, Pai Chai, Haktong, Seoul

38243 Kang Sa Church, left- Boys' School, right- Girls' School

38244 Dedication day, May 7, 1917, Kang Sa Church, Pyeng Yang

38834 On road, 80 miles from Seoul

39044 Korean children

38273 Farmer's hat

38274 Korean Children

38275 Group of children on the college site at Seoul

38276 Child type

38277 At Korean R R Station, Kongju


38279 A man of burden, Kongju



C5795 Baby clinic at rural center, Kongju

c5796 Baby clinic at rural center, Kongju

C5797 Baby clinic at rural center, Kongju

C5798 Baby clinic at rural center, Kongju

C5799 Bishop Welch, Kim Tuk Soo (Principal of Kwang Sung High School) and Frank T Cartwright, Pyeng Yang

C5800 Tea party on lawn of Dr J Z Moore, welcoming Bishop and F T Cartwright, Pyeng Yang

c5801 Worshippers leaving church, Pyeng Yang

c5802 Worshippers leaving church, Pyeng Yang

c5803 Worshippers leaving church, Pyeng Yang\

c5804 Worshippers leaving church, Pyeng Yang

c5805 Worshippers leaving church, Pyeng Yang