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Mission Photograph Album - Cities #5

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Mission Photograph Album - Cities #5


Images related to Methodist mission work in various U. S. cities taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


United States


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Cities #5




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Cities #5 Collection

H10405 Polish boy living near Oehloff Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland,

H10406 A co-operative store. Cleveland, Ohio

H10407 Old country Bohemian women. Cleveland, Ohio

H10408 Girl employee of one of Cleveland's Industrial Plants, Ohio

H10409 Girl employees of one of Cleveland's Industrial Plants. Cleveland,

H10410 Two of the girls of Cleveland's Industrial Plants. Cleveland, Ohio

H10411 Bohemians buying their supplies of food for Sunday dinner in the
open air market place. Cleveland, Ohio

H10412 Same caption as H10411

H10413 Bohemians buying their supply of food for Sunday dinner in the open
air market. Cleveland, Ohio

H10414 Bohemian woman bargaining on the price of geese for Sunday dinner

H10415 Bohemians buying their rabbits for Sunday dinner in the open air
market. Cleveland, Ohio

H10416 Coming from Sunday school at Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10417 Employees of one of Cleveland's factories during their noon rest.
Cleveland, Ohio

H10418 Young Bohemian of the second generation in America. Cleveland, Ohio

H10419 Rev. Pearce, left, pastor of Broadway Methodist Episcopal and one of his few
American members. Cleveland, Ohio

H10420 Mr. Henry L. Mach. Cleveland, Ohio

H10421 Bohemian grandmother. Cleveland, Ohio

H10422 Italian laborer. Cleveland, Ohio

H10423 Bohemian women bargaining on the price of cabbage. Cleveland, Ohio

H10424 Tar heater for street repairing. Cleveland, Ohio

H10425 Italian girls watching for the "Birdie." Cleveland, Ohio

H10426 Bohemian women starting to call on a neighbor. Cleveland, Ohio

H10427 Hungarian woman on her way to the grocery store. Cleveland, Ohio

H10428 Typical Bohemian girl of the poorest class. Cleveland, Ohio

H10429 Typical Bohemian girl of the poorest class. Cleveland, Ohio

H10430 Bohemian woman buying her vegetables for dinner from a peddler.
Cleveland, Ohio

H10431 Miss Lancaster, Deaconess at Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10432 Worried over the difference in price between geese and rabbits.
Cleveland, Ohio

H10433 Bohemian children at play. Cleveland, Ohio

H10434 Bohemian boy telling Miss Lancaster, the Broadway Methodist Episcopal Deaconess,
about his broken shoes. Cleveland, Ohio

H10435 Hauling scrap lumber to build a hen house. Bohemian boys from near
Broadway Methodist Episcopal; Cleveland, Ohio

H10436 Fine type of Bohemian American Boy. Cleveland, Ohio

H10437 Bohemian children playing soldier. Cleveland, Ohio

H10438 Typical Bohemian Store near Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10439 American Bohemian mother and her children. Cleveland, Ohio

H10440 A Bohemian grandmother. Cleveland, Ohio

H10441 Bohemian children "Fighting the Germans" in Cleveland Street near
Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10442 Fine type of Bohemian girl. Cleveland, Ohio

H10443 In the Bohemian Section. Cleveland, Ohio

H10444 Fine Bohemian couple. Cleveland, Ohio

H10445 Just arriving from Pittsburg. Cleveland, Ohio

H10446 Shooting craps. Cleveland, Ohio

H10447 Bohemian type of the better class

H10448 Young Bohemian. Cleveland, Ohio

H10449 Bohemian woman. Cleveland, Ohio

H10450 Roumanian type. Cleveland, Ohio

H10451 Miss Lancaster, Deaconess at Broadway Methodist Episcopal and some of the Bohemian
Proteges. Cleveland, Ohio

H10452 Coming from the store near Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10453 Bohemian children at play. Cleveland, Ohio

H10454 Giving the girls a ride on the side walk - Bohemian Chivalry.
Cleveland, Ohio

H10455 Bohemian children playing "Fighting the Germans" near Broadway Methodist Episcopal
Church. Cleveland, Ohio

H10456 Saloon and free lunch counter. Cleveland, Ohio

H10481 Happy little Italian girls. Denver, Colorado

H10482 Happy little Italian girls belonging to the Methodist Church.
Denver, Colorado

H10483 Sons of cattlemen. Denver, Colorado

H10484 Same caption as H10483

H10485 Mexican types. Denver, Colorado

H10486 An Italian type. Denver, Colorado

H10487 The stockyards Christmas morning. Denver, Colorado

H10488 Same caption as H10487

H10489 Italian boy. Denver, Colorado

H10490 Negro children. Denver, Colorado

H10491 Negro children. Denver, Colorado

H10492 Negro children. Denver, Colorado

H10493 Just street Urchins Christmas Morning. Denver, Colorado

H10494 "Please mister take a pitcher of my dawg." Denver, Colorado

H10495 "Aw gwan." Denver, Colorado

H10496 An American type. Denver, Colorado

H10497 In Epworth Relief store. Denver, Colorado

H10498 A real American boy. Denver, Colorado

H10499 A "Hobo" Christmas morning. Denver, Colorado

H10500 An American. Denver, Colorado

H10501 An American of a large family who is a regular customer at Epworth
Relief store. Denver, Colorado

H10502 An American. Denver, Colorado

H10503 Fine Italian type. Denver, Colorado

H10504 Fine Italian type living near the new Italian Methodist Episcopal Community
Church. Denver, Colorado

H10505 Slavish man coming from Epworth Relief Store. Denver, Colorado

H10506 An Italian boy. A member of Epworth Methodist Episcopal Sunday School. Denver,

H10507 The boy who wanted his "dawg's" pitcher taken. Denver, Colorado

H10508 Italian woman with her purchases from Epworth Relief store.
Denver, Colorado

H10509 Italian children out cleaning the side walks. Denver, Colorado

H10510 The Pastor of the Japanese Church and his wife and the Evangelist.
Denver, Colorado

H10511 The Pastor of the Japanese Church and his wife and the Evangelist
with some of their Japanese boys. Denver, Colorado

H10512 Italian boys and Methodists. Denver, Colorado

H10513 Mrs. Shirato, wife of Japanese Pastor. Denver, Colorado

H10514 Mrs. Shirato with the Evangelist Rev. Araucho. Denver, Colorado

H10515 Members of the Epworth Methodist Episcopal League out singing Christmas Carols.
Denver, Colorado

H10516 Members of Epworth Methodist Episcopal Denver, Colorado

H10517 Members of the Epworth Methodist Episcopal League - out singing Christimas Carols.
Denver, Colorado.

H10518 Same caption as 10517.

H10519 A Jewish type - fast passing. Denver, Colorado

H10520 Interior of a Polish house of a better class than seen in H10521.
Pittsburg, PA

H10521 Interior of the kitchen of a Polish home of two rooms. Pittsburg,

H10522 Mrs. Mary McKaskey - one of the old ladies in the Frances Hamilton
Home for the aged who, at the age of 78, is an exceptional pianist and
singer and who leads all the singing in the home. Near Pittsburg, PA

H10523 Mrs. Mary McKaskey

H10524 Mrs. Mary McKaskey

H10525 Polish girl - who wondered what it was all about. Pittsburg, PA

H10526 New Italian Roman Catholic Church and school in the downtown
section. Pittsburg, PA

H10527 Rear view of group of dwellings. Pittsburg, PA

H10528 Three months away from Alabama. Pittsburg, PA

H10529 Polish children just out of school. Pittsburg, PA

H10530 Chums. Pittsburg, PA

H10531 Concrete mixing machine repairing street beside Smithfield St. Methodist Episcopal
Church. Pittsburg, PA

H10532 Same caption as H10531.

H10533 The adopted child of Rev. and Mrs. Pastor of Trinity Industrial
Community Church. Kansas City, Kansas

H10534 Transferring steel ingots from a damaged car to a good one, en
route for a munition factory. Kansas City, Missouri

H10535 Children at play in the Trinity Day Nursery. St. Louis, Missouri

H10536 Same caption as H10535

H10537 Children at play in the Trinity Day Nursery. St. Louis, Missouri

H10538 Telling the minister how she cut her foot on a piece of glass.
Joplin, Missouri

H10539 Rigs of church - going farmers hitched a block below the Methodist Episcopal
Church. Conception, MO

H10540 Watching the girls play baseball. Kansas City, Kansas

H10541 Typical entrance to many homes near Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church. Kansas
City, Kansas

H10542 Street scene near Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church. Kansas City, Kansas

H10543 Children of the Kansas State Orphanage out for an hour of play,

H10544 Same caption as H10543

H10549 A new way to attract customers, near Atchison, Texas

H10546 Swinging "Twisting the old cat's Tail." Salina, Kansas

H10547 Coming home from Kindergarten. Salina, Kansas

H10548 "Gwan Mistah, at don' wan' mah pitcher tooken." Oklahoma City,

H10577 Socialist speaker. Park Row, New York City

H10583 Boating scene in Olentangy Park - Columbus, Ohio

H10584 Boat house in Olentangy Park. Columbus, Ohio

H10585 Scene in Olentangy Park. Columbus, Ohio

H10586 Swimming pool in Olentangy Park. Columbus, Ohio

H10587 Buildings of Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio

H10588 The Gymnasium of Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio

H10589 Ohio State School for the blind

H10590 Deshler Hotel. Columbus, Ohio

H10591 Broad St. Methodist Episcopal Church where William McKinley worshipped when
Governor of Ohio. Columbus, Ohio

H10592 Ohio State Capitol and the McKinley Monument, Columbus

H10593 The Filter basin where the water supply for Columbus is purified,

H10594 Memorial Hall. Columbus, Ohio

H10595 Union passenger station. Columbus, Ohio

H10596 The Athletic Club. Columbus, Ohio

H10597 The Masonic Temple. Columbus, Ohio

H10598 Wiley University Main Buildings. Burned Feb 22, 1918. Marshall,

H10599 Scene at Wiley College on Washington's Birthday 1918. Marshall,

H10600 Projection for the proposed new Main College Building. Marshall,

H10601 President M.W. Dogan and his Secretary in the office. Marshall,

H10602 Wiley University Domestic Science Room. Marshall, Texas

H10603 The Football Squad. 1912 Wiley College. Marshall, Texas

H10604 Football Team Wiley College. Marshall, Texas

H10622 Base Hospital #1 Bronx, New York City

H10623 Same caption as H10622.

H10624 Hadley Rescue Mission, New York City

H10625 Base Hospital #1 Bronx, New York City

H10626 Entrance to the Government Transport Piers - always guarded by the
military police. Hoboken, NJ

H10627 A group of Officers on board the Leviathan in front of one of the 6
in. guns. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10628 Transport Leviathan just after arriving at the dock. 27th Division
on board. Hoboken, NJ

H10629 Entrance gate to the Government Transport Piers. Always guaded.
Hoboken, New Jersey

H10630 View showing some of the many life rafts on the Transport
Leviathan. Hoboken, NJ

H10631 The bow of the Transport Leviathan, formerly the Vaterland.
Hoboken, New Jersey

H10632 The World's famous Hero Major General John F. O'Ryan at left
General Vanderbilt in center, just after getting off the Transport
Leviathan. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10633 Transport Leviathan docking, ready to unload its passengers, the
heroic 27th Division. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10634 The upper decks of the Transport Leviathan. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10635 U.S. Transport Leviathan docking. Hoboken, NJ

H10636 The stern of the Leviathan, showing some of the men of the 27th
Division. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10637 Transport Leviathan with the 27th Division on board being towed
into dock. Hoboken, New Jersey

H10638 Gymnasium boys exercising, Boys Club. 10th Street and Avenue A., New
York City

H10549 Deaconess in Railroad station. Iowa, Des Moines

H10639 Same caption as H10638

H10640 Art Class. Boy's Club - 10 Street and Avenue A., New York City

H10641 Crowd of boys after a swim. Boy's Club, 10th Street and Avenue A.,
New York City

H10642 Girls of New Orleans, University of Louisiana

H10643 Interior of John Street Methodist Episcopal Church showing altar (taken from
Balcony in rear), New York City

H10644 Interior of John's Street Methodist Episcopal Church (taken from Altar), New York

H10645 Business men's Prayer Meeting, New York City

H10646 Library open to all. Boy's Club - 10th Street and Avenue A., New
York City

H10647 Old John Street Methodist Episcopal Church. 44 John Street, New York City

H10648 Hell Gate Bridge - Front View - New York City

H10649 Hell Gate Bridge - Side View - New York City

H10650 Group of Chinese - Philadelphia Mission Methodist Episcopal Church, PA

H10651 Luncheon tables - East along Front Street. Hog Island, PA

H10652 En Route to the West Basin. Hog Island, PA

H10654 Quistconck Launching - Sliding into Delaware. Hog Island, PA

H10653 Crowd on Main wharf to witness launching. Hog Island, PA

H10655 Mrs. Wilson Christening the Quistconck. Hog Island, PA

H10656 The Quistconck's Bow to the Public. Hog Island, PA

H10657 Classmates of S.H.C. Austin, Texas

H10661 Protestant Hospital viewed from Goodade Park. Columbus, Ohio

H10662 Baby Camp. Columbus, Ohio

H10663 Samuel Huston College. The hike during the "Flu" epidemic.
Austin, Texas

H10664 Samuel Huston College. Some of the Professors. Austin, Texas

H10665 Samuel Huston College. The cooks for the picnic. Austin, Texas

H10666 Samuel Huston College. One of the boys crossing campus. Austin,

H10667 Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas

H10668 Samuel Huston College. Austin, Texas

H10669 Grand Stand of Ohio State Grounds. Columbus, Ohio

H10670 Methodist Episcopal Church of Our Savior. 111th Street and Lexington Ave., New
York City

H10671 Sunday School at Salem Methodist Episcopal Church (colored). 102 West 133rd
Street, New York City

H10672 Sunday congregation at St. Marks Methodist Episcopal Colored Church. 53rd Street,
7th and 8th Avenue, New York City

H10674 General view of works. Wilmerding, PA

H10675 Main Aisle in machine shop. Wilmerding, PA

H10676 View in Compressor Testing Room. Wilmerding, PA

H10677 Riveting Reservoir. Wilmerding, PA

H10678 View in the Forge Department. Wilmerding, PA

H10679 Assembling and testing Brake Cylinder. Wilmerding, PA

H10680 General view in Reservoir Department. Wilmerding, PA

H10681 View in one of the bays in machine shop. Wilmerding, PA

H10683 State and 47th Street. Chicago S.S. taken in 1888 where the
Auditorium annex now stands. Chicago, Illinois

H10684 Women worker Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia,

H10685 Workmen's Homes. Philadelphia, PA

H10686 The Baldwin Locomotive Works. Philadelphia, PA

H10693 Study Hall - Clark University. Atlanta, GA

H10694 Library Building - Gammon Theological Seminary. South Atlanta, GA

H10696 Interior of Gammon Refectory. South Atlanta, GA

H10697 President P.M. Watter's Residence

H10701 Group of students of Gammon Theological Seminary on the steps of
the Library. South Atlanta, GA

H10702 Group of Students cottages. South Atlanta, GA

H10705 Italian Baseball Team - Judson Memorial Baptist Church, New York

H10711 Kids at play in the sand near the shores of Lake Michigan. Gary,

H10723 As seen in the Italian section. Italian boy at play in the poor
foreign section. Springfield, IL

H10722 The three replicas of the Columbus Carvarels in the Lagoon.
Chicago, IL

H10724 All aboard for R.O.T.C. Camp, 1918. Peoria, IL

H10726 "Sunshine Hollow" or "Tin Can Hollow" where the Hill Billies live.
Joplin, MO

H10728 As seen in the Italian Quarters. Springfield, IL

H10729 The only boy in Tin Can Hollow. Joplin, MO

H10738 Cafeteria - Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.
Philadelphia, PA

H10739 Workman at Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.
Philadelphia, PA

H10740 Group of workmen Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.
Philadelphia, PA

H10741 Workmen's houses. Neighborhood of Westinghouse Electric and
Manufacturing Company. Philadelphia, PA

H10744 Oregon State Capital Building. Salem, Oregon

H10752 Textile Factory. Philadelphia, PA

H10753 Textile Worker. Philadelphia, PA

H10754 Crap game, Camp Hancock. Augusta, GA

H10755 The Picket Line, Camp Hancock. Augusta, GA

H10756 The Georgia mule and his attendant. Augusta, GA

H10757 Part of Camp Hancock. Augusta, GA

H10758 Signal Corps Insignia Formation, Camp Hancock. Augusta, GA

H10780 Fire in the home of Marshall's wealthiest man. Marsahll, Texas

H10781 Same caption as H10780

H10782 Same caption as H10780

H10783 Same caption as H10780

H10784 Fire in the home of Marshall's wealthiest man. Marsahll, Texas

H10785 Same caption as H10784

H10786 Same caption as H10784

H10830 Repairing the streets of Terra Haute, Indiana

H10831 Street repairs with a steam shovel. Terra Haute, Indiana

H10841 Girl worker in dipping department. Terra Haute, Indiana

H10875 A typical Pennsylvania Winter Road. Brookville, PA

H10974 Parade of the 131st Reg, home from France. Cleveland, Ohio

H10975 Crowd watching parade of 131st Reg. just back from France.
Cleveland, Ohio

H10976 Negro mammy waiting for the parade of the boys of the 131st
regiment home from France

H10983 Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia

H11020 Bethany Methodist Episcopal Church, 11th and Mifflin Streets. Philadelphia, PA

H11021 The Russian Congregation at the 5th Street Methodist Temple.
Philadelphia, PA

H11022 Italian Sunday School at Scott Methodist Episcopal Church - 8th and Tasker
Streets. Philadelphia, PA

H11023 Types of Italian girls in the Italian Sunday School. Philadelphia,

H11024 Interior of 11th Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Philadelphia, PA

H11025 Group of Bible Class boys. Philadelphia, PA

H11026 Bible Class composed of the older boys of the Syrian Sunday School
Class. Philadelphia, PA

H11027 Syrian Sunday School Class at the 11th Street Methodist Episcopal Church. 11th
Street and Washington Ave. Philadelphia, PA

H11028 Eleventh Street Methodist Episcopal Church, 11th Street and Washington Avenue.
Philadelphia, PA

H11030 Arch of Victory taken from 22nd St. and Fifth Ave., March 24, New
York City

H11031 Altar of Liberty with a great mass of people around it, New York

H11032 Aeroplane following the course of march of the 27th Division Wecome
Home Parade up 5th Ave., New York City

H11033 View of the Arch of Victory the day before the Parade - not yet
completed, New York City

H11034 View of the top of the Arch of Victory showing the inscription, New
York City

H11035 The Crystal Arch at 60th Street and 5th Ave., New York City

H11036 27th Division Welcome Home, New York City

H11037 Picture showing the great crowd of people watching the parade.
27th Division, New York

H11038 The 27th Division Welcome Home Parade up 5th Avenue at Madison

H11039 The 27th Division Welcome Home Parade up 5th Avenue at Madison
Square in column of squads, New York City

H11040 Major General O'Ryan passing under the Arch of Victory, New York

H11041 Some of the boys of the famous 27th Division, New York City

H11042 Troops about to pass under the Arch of Victory, New York City

H11043 Some of the boys halted at the Arch of Victory, New York City

H11044 A subway construction house camouflaged. 59th Street and 5th Avenue,
New York City

H11045 Top of the Arch showing the four baloons, New York City

H11046 The Crystal Arch at 60th Street and 5th Avenue, New York City

H11048 View up Fifth Ave., New York City

H11049 Italian woman carrying some boxes on her head, New York City

H11050 Group of Italian boys, New York City

H11051 Group of Italian children, New York City

H11052 Little boy in neighborhood of Five Points Mission, 129 Worth St.
This section is mostly Italian, New York City

H11053 Group of Italians, New York City

H11054 Crowd of Italians, New York City

H11055 Boy of Italian Parentage, New York City

H11056 Group of men, mostly Italians, New York City

H11057 Group of Italians, New York City

H11058 Two little Italian boys, New York City

H11208 A view of the town square, Marshall

H11211 Italian Methodist Episcopal Church. New Orleans, LA

H11212 Coming home from market. New Orleans, LA

H11213 A couple talking to the tin-type camera man, who wants to take
their pictures. New Orleans, LA

H11220 Shipyard employees starting home at quitting time. New Orleans, LA

H11221 Same caption as H11220

H11222 Pile drivers. New Orleans, LA

H11223 Jitneys waiting at the shipyard gate to take the workmen into the
city or the car lines. New Orleans, LA

H11224 Traveling derrick at the shipyard. New Orleans, LA

H11225 Same caption as H11224.

H11226 Children playing in the sand. New Orleans, LA

H11227 Hunting sea-shells in the sand of the old sea bed south of the
city. New Orleans, LA

H11229 Shoe-blacks watching a street tin-type picture taker beginning to
appeal for trade. New Orleans, LA

H11231 A tug moving a cooling crane up the Mississippi River. New
Orleans, LA

H11232 One of the great Mississippi River excursion steamers lighted up,
about ready to start on a night trip up river. New Orleans, LA

H11233 Ferry boat across the Mississippi River. New Orleans, LA

H11234 Same caption as H11233.

H11235 Jackies coming to New Orleans for shore leave. New Orleans, LA

H11236 Part of an Italian family. New Orleans, LA

H11237 One of the Italians of Algiers. New Orleans, LA

H11238 Dr. Fuller, Supt. of Flint Goodridge Hospital. New Orleans, LA

H11279 Italian Day Nursery, conducted by the W.H.M.S. New Orleans, LA

H11314 The way railroad accidents happen, New York City

H11317 Marbles

H11318 The gardener raking the lawn

H11319 An oil tank wagon

H11320 The cop on duty at his favorite post

H11321 "Thrift" bringing home a load of brush for kindling

H11322 The man who tends the street lights

H11323 Peddling milk from a cart

H11324 The milk peddler

H11325 Little girl raking leaves to help daddy

H11326 Italian children at play on the street

H11327 South Station. Boston, MA

H11328 Polish sewing school of Miss Rosinsky A. McCrum. Graduate, in
Milwaukee, WI

H11329 Some of the girls of the McCrum School. Uniontown, PA

H11330 McCrum Girls. Uniontown, PA

H11334 Students and teachers McCrum School on a 1918 Picnic. Uniontown, PA

H11335 Teachers and students McCrum School. Uniontown, PA

H11336 Saturday at McCrum School. A practical lesson in housework.
Uniontown, PA

H11343 First Methodist Episcopal Church of Baltimore, Maryland

H11349 Victory Arch almost completed, New York City

H11350 Boy of Italian parentage making mud pies, New York City

H11351 Italians in front of the Bank, New York City

H11352 Three Italian boys in neighborhood of the Five Points Methodist Episcopal Mission,
New York City

H11353 Penn R.R. Station. 32nd St. and 7th Ave., New York City

H11354 Penn. Hotel. 33rd St. and 7th Ave., New York City

H11355 Residences used for business purposes. 125th St. near Lenox Ave,
New York City

H11356 Same caption as H11355.

H11357 Health Station, New York City

H11358 Same caption as H11357.

H11359 Essington Community Church. Philadelphia, PA

H11361 No. 6 East bound main line passenger train on O.S.L.R. San
Francisco, CA

H11360 Lee Memorial Cemetery. Salem, Oregon

H11364 Immigrants looking at Statue of Liberty from Battery, New York City.

H11380 "Allies United for Liberty." Plaster cast group over United Cigar
Store Window, New York City

H11381 The Brokaw residence 5th Ave. and 79th Street, New York City

H11382 View up Fifth Ave. showing some of the beautiful residences, New
York City.

H11383 Some of the fine residences on Fifth Ave, near 72nd St., New York

H11384 One of the beautiful residences on Fifth Ave, New York City

H11385 The Grand Stand along Fifth Ave. The longest grand stand ever
built. Runs from 60th St. up to 110th St. New York City

H11386 National City Bank Building 55 Wall Street, New York City

H11387 View down Wall St. showing the National City Bank Building, New
York City.

H11388 Grand Reformed Church, New York City

H11394 Climbing the ladder. Pittsburg, PA

H11395 Pittsburg in 1817, PA

H11396 Pittsburg playground, Flower Day. Pittsburg, PA

H11397 Scene in Schenley Park. Pittsburg, PA

H11398 Homeopathic Hospital. Pittsburg, PA

H11399 Old Blockhouse at Pittsburg, PA

H11400 A bit of China in the heart of New York City

H11401 Victory Arch at 24th St. and 5th Ave. showing crowds, New York City

H11402 Bread wrapping machine, New York City

H11403 Factory, New York City

H11404 Building freight cars, New York City

H11405 34th Street and 6th Ave. showing Herald Bldg. Modern Coal Mine,
New York City

H11423 Every girl who handles bacon has her fingers and hands carefully
gone over by an expert manicurist

H11427 One of the New York cleaners. Street known as a "White Wing"