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H14455 One of the most progressive Yuma Indians. Arizona.

H14456 The Yuma Indians hate to be photographed. This man threw down his bucket and fell on his face when he noticed the camera. He is one of the "progressives" too. Arizona.

H14457 A typical reservation home of the Yumas, made largely of mud and willows. Arizona.

H14458 A Yuma Indian reservation home. It is intensely hot here. Arizona.

H14451 Yuma Indian girl and typical house wall. Arizona.

H14452 A young Cocopah s[***]. Arizona.

H14453 A young Cocopah s[***]. Arizona.

H14454 Typical costume of Cocopah and Yuma Indian women. Arizona.

H14067 A very old Yuma Indian.

H14068 A Yuma Indian boy, son of progressive Indian.

H14065 Christian Yuma Indian woman and child.

H14779 A Navajo Indian shepherd.

H14066 Yuma Indian boy.

H14093 A centenarian Yuma Indian. Arizona.

H14094 Yuma Indian blind and decrepit. Arizona.

H14095 Old Yuma Indian. Arizona.

H13864 Coroner's party investigating Indian remains found in cave near Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona.

H13865 Indian skull and leg bone near Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona.

H13866 Indian's bones in cave near Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona.

H13867 Party investigating partly decomposed bodies of Indians found in cave near Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona.