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H39732 The Sklutua Federal School

H39733 The Seldovia School building

H39734 The Russian Church. Seldovia

H39735 The Juneau Church

H39737 Leon S Vincent and family

H39709 Mission boat bringing orphan children to Jessie Lee. Nome

H39738 Mission boat at Square Harbor

H39740 Mission boat on the beach

H39658 Church and Congregation. Seward, Alaska

H39725 Columbia Glacier. Alaska

H39729 Natonuaka landscape

H39659 Reverend Charles S Hutton and Reverend P Gordon Gould. Alaska

H39726 Castle Rocks. Alaska

H39730 Apple tree in blossom at Hope, Alaska

H39662 The Unga Sunday Group in Alaska

H39727 Landscape at Seldovia

H39728 Mountains along Alaska Peninsula

H39731 Garden flowers. Alaska

H39576 Church and parsonage at Seward, Alaska

H39586 The Vincents' Alaska boat

H39592 The Diesel engines used in the Alaska mission boat

H39632 David Vincent

H39638 Trapper's Cabin

H39657 Jesse Lee Choir

H37763 Eskimo mother and children Alaska

H38756 Reverend and Mrs Leon S Vincent Missionary at Cook Inlet, Alaska

H37766 Drying fish, Alaska

H37764 Eskimo Mother and Children, Alaska

H37765 Dog sled ready for a journey

H39253 The Methodist Church and Hospital which escaped the great fire, Nome, Alaska

H39036 Leon S Vincent's missionary boat on which he reaches the isolated sitters along Cooks Inlet. Alaska

H39575 Church at Seldoria, Alaska

H33977 Lumber mill in Hyder, Alaska

H36342 Reindeer and sleds. Alaska

H36343 Eskimo women making baskets

H37761 Eskimo woman. Alaska

H37762 Eskimo women. Alaska

H33906 Terminal Premier aerial tram near Hyder, Alaska

H33907 Headquarters of the Texas Creek Cornstock Mining company near Hyder, Alaska

H33908 Two prospectors crossing Texas creek on cable tram, propelled by their own power near Hyder, Alaska

H33911 Site of rich surface ore vein near Hyder, Alaska

H33909 Daly Camp Alaska in mid- winter eleven miles from Hyder

H33910 Camp on Mountain from which prospectors cross the glacier into rich ore claims. Hyder, Alaska

H33912 Part of the Mountain View mining crew near Hyder, Alaska

H33901 Riverside Mine on Salmon River Road. Hyder, Alaska.

H33902 View of Premier mining camp near Hyder, Alaska

H33903 Pack train en-route to Premier near Hyder, Alaska

H33904 Premier Mining Company. 9 miles near Hyder, Alaska

H33905 Prospector's Cabin at Premier mining camp near Hyder and 1800 feet uphill from Daly Camp, Alaska

H33895 Intermediate girls' Sunday school class. Hyder, Alaska

H33896 Junior Boy's Sunday school class. Hyder, Alaska

H33897 Beginners Sunday school class 1925. Hyder, Alaska

H33898 Sunday school group at picnic dinner. Hyder, Alaska

H33899 Bible class on picnic day. Hyder, Alaska

H33900 Intermediate boys on picnic day. Hyder, Alaska

H33888 Methodist Episcopal Parsonage and church. Hyder, Alaska

H33890 District Superintendent and Pastor and family on a ten mile boat trip from outlying point near Hyder, Alaska

H33894 Intermediate Boys Sunday school class. Hyder, Alaska

H33889 Methodist Episcopal Parsonage in winter time. Hyder, Alaska

H33891 Pastors' children in the snow. Hyder, Alaska

H33892 Children going to Sunday school on dog sled. Hyder, Alaska.

H33893 Boys Scout troop on salmon glacier. Hyder, Alaska

H33882 Gathering sweet peas. Skagway, Alaska

H33883 "The Line" segregated district. Hyder, Alaska

H33884 Scene near Hyder, Alaska

H33885 Transporting lumber on horseback over a glacier near Hyder, Alaska

H33886 Pioneer Hall. Hyder, Alaska

H33887 Public School. Hyder, Alaska

H31517 An Alaskan mother and baby. Nome, Alaska

H31518 A pretty type of Eskimo girl. Nome, Alaska

H31519 Two little Alaskan children. Nome, Alaska

H31520 Group of Alaskan children. Nome, Alaska

H31581 Two Alaskan types

H26935 Eskimo with Arctic hares for sale. Nome

H26936 Eskimo with hair seal. Nome

H29926 Methodist Church and parsonage. Juneau, Alaska

H29927 New 22,000 dollars hospital, opened December 1, 1922, old hospital in the rear. Nome, Alaska

H26932 Eskimo woman and children. Nome

H26933 Eskimo tom-cod fisher. Nome

H26934 Eskimo tom-cod fisher. Nome

H26929 Eskimo man in "parka" and "muck lucks" Nome

H26930 Eskimo woman. Nome

H26931 Eskimo Mother and child. Nome

H26926 Eskimo girl. Nome

H26927 Eskimo girl. Nome.

H26928 Eskimo family. Nome

H26923 Eskimo youth. Nome

H26924 Eskimo boy. Nome.

H26925 Eskimo. Numivak Island

H26920. Half Eskimo boy at Nome Nome.

H26921. H[***] Eskimo girl. Nome.

H26922. Eskimo girl. Nome.

H26917 H[***] girl. Nome.

H26918 H[***] girl. Nome.

H26919 H[***] Eskimo boy. Nome.

H26914 Eskimo and daughter Diomede Island.

H29615 Type of Eskimo man. Nome.

H29616 Teller Eskimo man.

H26910 A sled deer. Nome

H26911 Members of United States Bureau of Education ready to start for reindeer fair.

H26912 Siberian Eskimo Mother and Child.

H26913 Eskimos at Nome on 4th of July.

H26906 Siberian Eskimo, and sled reindeer. Nome.

H26907 Carl Lomen, Alaska reindeer King.

H26908 Alaska Eskimos "mushing" with sled deer.

H26909 Eskimo Reindeer and men "mushing."

H26902 Reindeer herd. Seward Peninsula

H26903 Reindeer herd. Seward Peninsula

H26904 Sled reindeer Nome

H26905 A "deer" entanglement. Nome

H26898 Reindeer feeding. Sinook

H26899 Eskimo and trained sled deer. Seward Peninsula.

H26900 Reindeer herd. Seward Peninsula

H26901 Reindeer herd. Seward Peninsula

H26894 Dog team of E.R. Jordan. Nome

H26895 Eskimo "Mushing" in Alaska

H26896 School girls' races, Nome.

H26897 Reindeer herd near Sinook.

H26890 Kayak race roadstead near Nome.

H26891 Kayak race July 4th Nome

H26892 Dog race. Nome

H26893 Dog race in March. Nome

H26886 Entrance to an Alaska cabin snowed in

H26887 An Alaska ranch in mid winter

H26888 Kayaks. Nome

H26889 Kayaks race. Nome

H26882 Walrus head.

H26883 Walrus heads.

H26884 A home in mid winter, Nome.

H26885 A home in mid winter, Nome.