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H40221 Three Spanish American Girls. Chilili, New Mexico.

H40222 Spanish American boy.

H40223 Spanish American family. Rural New Mexico.

H40224 Spanish American and son in New Mexico rural community.

H40225 Sheepherder. New Mexico.

H40226 Spanish American sheepherder.

H39522 Bertha La Londe, Mexican nurse.

H39530 H. O. Costales and family.

H39563 Adviser and Mexican woman in Plaza church. Los Angeles, California.

H39585 Mexican family at Emporia, Kansas.

H39751 Sunday-School group, Plaza Church. Los Angeles, California.

H39752 Young People's Department. Mexican Church, Los Angeles, California.

H39252 The Albuquerque College. New Mexico.

H39370 The Plaza Community Center. Los Angeles, California.

H39372 Latin American Mission Session 1934.

H39390 Mexican Sunday School Convention. Emporia, Kansas.

H39521 A Large Mexican family.

H38900 A Public home established for exiled Indian children from Old Mexico. Tuscon, Arizonia.

H39060 A mexican wedding. California Mexican Church. Santa Ana, California

H39248 Ladies Aid. Selma, California

H39249 Day nursery. Spanish Mission. Kansas City, Kansas

H39250 The Spanish M. E. Church. Albuquerque, New Mexico

H39251 The Spanish M. E. Church Albuquerque, New Mexico.

H38747 Group of Mexican workers. Jerome, Arizona

H38748 Remodeled Simi M. E. Church now a Mexican Church. Simi, California

H38822 Two Mexican Girls. Pasadena, California.

H38844 A Mexican girl and teacher. Los Angeles, California

H38899 A Public home established for exiled Indian children from Old Mexico. Tuscon, Arizona

H38554 Long Beach M. E. Church. California

H38555 Bulletin board. Spanish speaking church. California

H38556 A Mexican wedding. California.

H38746 Epworth League group. Mesa, Arizonia

H38549 Latin American nurses. California.

H38550 (See H39521) Latin American family. California

H38551 Latin American family trained at the Gardena Institute & Francis DePauw school. Los Angeles, California.

H38552 Original building of Plaza Community Center. Los Angeles, California

H38553 Shipping Cotton. Calexico.

H38543 Plaza Community Center. Los Angeles, California

H38544 Mexicali Methodist Church. _ _ _ California.

H38545 A Mexican girl watering flowers. California.

H38546 Group of children of Vacation Bible School. Denver, Colorado

H38547 The Spanish Methodist Episcopal Church. Seneca B. Garcia, Pastor. Denver, Colorado

H38548 Children of Migrant fruit camp. California

H38533 Oldest Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico

H38534 Street scene in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

H38540 Rachel Holguin. California

H38541 Latin American mission California

H38542 Rev. Vernon McComb in his office. California

H38529 Seneca Garcia. Mexican Pastor at Denver, Colorado

H38530 Rev. Seneca Garcia Mexican Pastor and two Epworth League members at Denver, Colorado.

H38531 Harwood Boys' School. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

H38532 Spanish architecture. Santa Fe, New Mexico.