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1467 Soldotna. Dr. Donald Ebright speaking at a luncheon meeting in
interest of the Alaska Methodist University.

1468 Nome. Little Eskimo youngster (Rev. G. T. McCray, pastor, in

2100 Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska Meth. Univ. Cornerstone laying. Mr.
Robert Atwood, a trustee and Pres. Donald Ebright check articles in box
behind the cornerstone.

2101 Anchorage, Alaska. Bishop Grant, presides at cornerstone laying


1292 Ketchikan, Alaska. Aerial view.

1169 Ketchikan, Alaska. New homes on the mountainside.

1293 Ketchikan, Alaska. Aerial view.

1608 Seward - TB Sanatorium - patient studying in bed.

1465 Homer. The new parsonage - basement used as a youth center.

1466 Anchorage. New sanctuary, First Church.


1163 Clover Pass, Alaska. Miss Grace Weaver (Pastor) and D.V.B.S.

1164 Clover Pass, Alaska. Miss Grace M. Weaver and girls at games.

1165 Clover Pass, Alaska. Miss Grace M. Weaver and girls at games.

1167 Clover Pass, Alaska. Miss Grace M. Weaver, only woman pastor in

1166 Clover Pass, Alaska. Some pupils in D.V.B.S.

1168 Ketchikan, Alaska. First Methodist Church.


1158 Juneau, Alaska. First Methodist Church.

1157 Alaska. Mendenhall Glacier.

1159 A view of Juneau, Alaska.

1161 Fishing boats in Juneau.

1160 Juneau, Alaska. Along the waterfront.

1162 Alaska - Church at Clover Pass.


1151 Alaska - Chugiak rural church.

1152 Bet. Anchorage and Seward. A modern farm, Mutatusku Valley.

1153 Moose Pass, Alaska. The Methodist Church.

1155 Fairbanks, Alaska. "Trailer Town" along river.

1154 Seward, Alaska. The Methodist Church.

1156 A view of Fairbanks, Alaska.


1605 Anchorage - Methodist University campus survey team 1957.

1606 Anchorage - Methodist University campus site 1957.

1607 Anchorage - site of Methodist Univ. campus 1957.

1613 Anchorage 1957.


H46081 First Board of Trustees, Alaska Methodist College. Anchorage.

H46083 Youth Dept. of the Juneau Methodist Church. Juneau.

H46084 Juneau girls of the Junior Dept. of the Juneau Methodist Church.

1604 Anchorage. Trustee meeting - Alaska Meth. Univ. 5/57.


K1859 Seward Sanatorium - main entrance - Seward, Alaska.

K1860 Seward Sanatorium - Admin. Bldg. - main driveway - 1941. Seward,

K1861 Seward Sanatorium - dining room - 2/48. Seward, Alaska.

K1862 Seward Sanatorium - Winter '47. Seward, Alaska.

K1863 Seldovia Hospital. Seldovia, Alaska.

K1864 Maynard - Colombus Hosp. - ruined by fire - 6-26-48. Nome, Alaska.

K1865 Mr. and Mrs. Hatch and daughter and Gordon Gould - Alaska.

H46011 D.S.'s in a prayer circle at site of Alaska College.


H45480 Nome. Jesse Lee Home. Alaska Indian boys seeing first cabbage

H45481 Introducing modern methods to Alaskan Indian boys.

H45482 Gold panning.

H45589 Nome, Alaska. Eskimo Sunday School class.


H45452 Mobile Unit.

H45453 Forest and Lake.

H45454 Glacier.

H45455 Auke Lake.

H45456 Anchorage. Air View.

H45457 Nome. Lavinia Wallace Social Center.

H45458 Annual Conference.


K1492 Metlakatla. Sunday School children.

K1493 Metlakatla. Indian women working in cannery.

K1494 Metlakatla. Bible used Father Duncan.

H45275 Moose Pass. Gene Eliot with new station wagon.

H45405 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

H45406 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

H45407 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

H45408 Seward. Jesse Lee Home boy.

H45450 Nome Esk. Church.

H45451 Waifs.


K1483 Ketchikan. Rev. Wyburn Skidmore in pulpit.

K1484 Clover Pass. Work campers painting Methodist Church.

K1485 Clover Pass. Work campers painting Methodist Church.

K1486 Clover Pass. Work campers painting Methodist Church.

K1487 Ketchikan. Totem poles.

K1488 Ketchikan. Top of totem pole.

K1489 Ketchikan. Face on a totem pole.

K1490 Metlakatla. Sunday School class.

K1491 Metlakatla. Sunday School class.


K1474 Juneau. Mendenhall Glacier.

K1475 Juneau. River formed by Mendenhall Glacier.

K1476 Douglas. Methodist Church.

K1477 Ketchikan. MYF meeting.

K1478 Ketchikan. MYF meeting.

K1479 Ketchikan. MYFer's singing.

K1480 Ketchikan. MYFer's study group.

K1481 Ketchikan. MYFer's in study group with Religious Education leader.

K1482 Ketchikan. Two young people looking over plans for addition to
church with Rev. Wyburn Skidmore.


K1465 Juneau. Methodist Church - Rev. Fred McGinnis in pulpit.

K1466 Juneau. Methodist Church - WSCS meeting.

K1467 Juneau. Methodist Church - WSCS ladies having tea.

K1468 Juneau. Russian Church.

K1469 Juneau. Russian Church.

K1470 Juneau. Looking across Auk Lake towards Mendenhall Glacier.

K1471 Juneau. Looking across Auk Lake towards Mendenhall Glacier.

K1472 Juneau. Mendenhall Glacier.

K1473 Juneau. Mendenhall Glacier.


K1456 Juneau. Fishing fleet.

K1457 Juneau. Street scene.

K1458 Juneau. Street scene showing liquor store.

K1459 Juneau. Street scene showing liquor store.

K1460 Juneau. Entrance to Red Dog Saloon.

K1461 Juneau. Methodist Church.

K1462 Juneau. Methodist Church Congregation.

K1463 Juneau. Methodist Church Choir.

K1464 Juneau. Methodist Church - Rev. Fred McGinnis preaching.


K1447 Anchorage. Methodist Church.

K1448 Forest lands, suitable for pulp.

K1449 Fishwheel along the Tanana.

K1450 Alaska farm - potato field.

K1451 Alaskan school for Indians.

K1452 Juneau. View of Juneau from across channel.

K1453 Juneau. View along harbor showing sawmill.

K1454 Juneau. Alaska - Juneau gold mine.

K1455 Juneau. Fishing fleet.


K1438 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

K1439 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

K1440 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

K1441 Seward. Jesse Lee Home girl.

K1442 Seward. Jesse Lee Home boy.

K1443 Fort Yukon. Indians in tuberculosis sanitarium.

K1444 Fort Yukon. Indian girl in tuberculosis sanitarium.

K1445 Seward. Rev. and Mrs. Gordon Gould turning over new station wagon
to Rev. and Mrs. Gene Eliot.

K1446 Seward. Rev. Gene Eliot making a visit to a homesteader on the
Kenoi Penisula in the new mobile church.

K1429 Seward Quartet singing at Alaska Mission Conference, 1951

K1430 Seward Bishop Gerald Kennedy speaking at Alaska Mission Conference

K1431 Seward P. Gordon Gould, Superintendent Alaska Mission Conference

K1432 Seward Mrs. P. Gordon Gould

K1433 Seward Jesse Lee Home

K1434 Seward Jesse Lee Home - Children singing in chapel.

K1435 Seward Jesse Lee Home - Children in chapel

K1436 Seward Jesse Lee Home - Nurse giving injection to boy

K1437 Seward Jesse Lee Home - School bus taking children to ??? school.


K1420 Fairbanks Street scene

K1421 Fairbanks Locomotive of first train to reach Fairbanks from Seward

K1422 Fairbanks housing project

H1423 Fairbanks gold dredge

H1424 Fairbanks dairy farm

H1425 Fairbanks University of Alaska

H1426 Fairbanks University of Alaska

H1427 Fairbanks University of Alaska, construction of New Mines Building

H1428 Seward Alaska Mission Conference, 1951


H45270 Ketchikan, Alaska. Methodist work campers from the states paint
the Clover Pass Methodist Church.

H45271 Ketchikan, Alaska. Work campers from the states paint a church at
Clover Pass.

H45272 Nenana. Alaskan Indian girls singing in church.

H45266 Ketchikan, Alaska. Rev. Wyburn Skidmore at pulpit.

H45267 Metlakatla, Alaska. Rebuilding of Church.

H45268 Metlakatla, Alaska. Sunday school for Indian children.

H45269 Metlakatla, Alaska. Rev. J.P. Porter in pulpit.


H45262 Ketchikan, Alaska. MYFer's gather around piano for songfest.

H45263 Ketchikan, Alaska. MYFer's look over copy of "Highroad."

H45264 Ketchikan, Alaska. Religious education worker discuss lesson
matrial with MYFers.

H45265 Ketchikan, Alaska. Rev. Wyburn Skidmore shows blueprints for
addition to church to MYFers.


H45258 Juneau, Alaska. Rev. Elliot Fischer, Gov. Ernest Gruening and Rev.
Fred McGinnis.

H45259 Ketchikan, Alaska. MYF Class.

H45260 Ketchikan, Alaska. MYF class in religious education.

H45261 Ketchikan, Alaska. Officers of MYF conduct meeting.


H45254 Douglas, Alaska. Rev. Fred McGinnis at Douglas Methodist Church.

H45255 Douglas, Alaska. Congregation at Douglas, Alaska.

H45256 Douglas, Alaska Little girl at Douglas Methodist Church.

H45257 Juneau, Alaska. Rev. Elliot Fischer, Home Division, and Gov.
Ernest Gruening of Alaska.


H45250 Juneau, Alaska. Rev. Fred McGinnis speaking at Juneau Methodist

H45251 Juneau, Alaska. Juneau from across the channel.

H45252 Juneau, Alaska. Juneau goldmine from across the channel.

H45253 Douglas, Alaska. Rev. Fred McGinnis speaking at Douglas Methodist


H45246 Juneau, Alaska. WSCS at Juneau Methodist Church.

H45247 Juneau, Alaska. Rev. Fred McGinnis speaking at Juneau Methodist

H45248 Juneau, Alaska. Congregation at Juneau Methodist Church.

H45249 Juneau Alaska. Choir at Juneau Methodist Church.


H45242 Juneau, Alaska. WSCS having discussion.

H45243 Juneau, Alaska. Members of WSCS having refreshements after a

H45244 Juneau, Alaska. Members of WSCS sewing for Bazaar.

H45245 Juneau, Alaska. Members of WSCS sewing for Bazaar.


H45238 Anchorage, Alaska. Congregation in Methodist Church.

H45239 Anchorage, Alaska. Rev. Groseclose in pulpit of Methodist Church.

H45240 Anchorage, Alaska. Rev. Groseclose speaking over radio station

H45241 Juneau, Alaska. WSCS having meeting.


H45234 Anchorage, Alaska. Methodist Church.

H45235 Anchorage, Alaska. Rev. Groseclose speaking in Methodist Church.

H45236 Anchorage, Alaska. Rev. Groseclose speaking in Methodist Church.

H45237 Anchorage, Alaska. Congregation in Methodist Church.


H45229 Seward, Alaska. Indian girls of Jesse Lee Home during devotions.

H45230 Seward, Alaska. Indian girls of Jesse Lee Home during devotions.

H45231 Seward, Alaska. Indian girl of Jesse Lee Home during devotions.

H45232 Seward, Alaska. Children of Jesse Lee Home singing during

H45233 Anchorage, Alaska. Methodist Church.


H45224 Seward, Alaska. P. Gordon Gould at Alaska Mission Conference.

H45225 Seward, Alaska. Mrs. Gordon Gould at Alaska Mission Conference.

H45226 Seward, Alaska. Delegates to Alaska Mission Conference.

H45227 Seward, Alaska. Bishop Gerald Kennedy presiding at Alaska Mission

H45228 Seward, Alaska. Indian girls of Jesse Lee Home during devotions.


H45220 Seward, Alaska. Quartet singing during Alaska Mission Conference.

H45221 Seward, Alaska. Rev. Fred McGinnis and Bishop Gerald Kennedy at
Alaska Mission Conference.

H45222 Seward, Alaska. Bishop Gerald Kennedy speaking at Alaska Mission

H45223 Seward, Alaska. Ministers and wives rededicate their lives at
Alaska Mission Conference.


K1409 Alaska - King of the King Islanders.

K1410 An airplane view of Nome.

K1411 Seward - Alaska. Jesse Lee Home. Boy Scouts.

K1412 Nome - Alaska. Eskimo Homes.

K1413 Nome - Alaska. Eskimo Homes.

H45219 Seward, Alaska. Alaska Mission Conference. P. Gordon Gould,
Sup't., Elliot Fischer of Home Division, and Bishop Gerald Kennedy.


K1186 Moose Pass - Rev. Gene Elliot and mobile unit.

K1187 Jesse Lee Home - Seward.

K1188 Seward - Meth. Church.

K1189 Seward - Paul Nelson, Seward TB Sanatorium.

K1190 Seward - Miss Alice Hussey, Occupational Therapy. Seward TB

K1191 Seward TB Sanatorium - Miss Alice Hussey, OTR Occupational Therapy.

K1192 Seward - Boy Scouts. Jesse Lee Home.

K1193 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Mr. Brown and son, and Boy Scouts.

K1194 S. S. Aleutian - Party group picture.


K1177 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Pianist.

K1178 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Albert Heinrick and children.

K1179 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Girls dress up.

K1180 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Johnson.

K1181 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Girl who makes bread.

K1182 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Girl serving dessert.

K1183 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Girl serving dessert.

K1184 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Child.

K1185 Anchorage - Rev. A. E. Purviance and wife.


K1168 Indian cleaning salmon, near Fairbanks.

K1169 Scene - Fairbanks to Anchorage.

K1170 Anchorage - Meth. Church.

K1171 Fairbanks - Fort Richardson. Major Roy Davis and soldier.

K1172 Fairbanks - Chapel at Fort Richardson.

K1173 Seward - Mrs. Esther Mayokuk in parka.

K1174 Jesse Lee Home - Seward Nursery.

K1175 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Dressing Bull.

K1176 Jesse Lee Home - Seward. Girl in sewing room.


K1159 Nome - Dogs, dogsled, drying salmon.

K1160 Nome - Earle Clark teaching Sunday School class.

K1161 Nome - Mrs. Norman Bellury teaching Sunday School class.

K1162 Tanana River.

K1163 Nanana River.

K1164 Fairbanks - Saloon.

K1165 Fishwheel - near Fairbanks.

K1166 Indian, near Fairbanks.

K1167 Indian, near Fairbanks.


K1150 Eskimo skin boats. Nome.

K1151 Nome - Eskimo homes.

K1152 Nome - Eskimo homes.

K1153 Nome - Meth. Church.

K1154 Nome Hospital - Dr. Fred Langsam.

K1155 Nome Hospital. Dr. Fred Langsam.

K1156 Nome - Girl with baby.

K1157 Nome - Husky.

K1158 Nome - skin drying.


K1141 Nome - Dr. Fred Langsam and plane.

K1142 Nome Hospital - Dr. Fred Langsam and Mrs. Marie Miller in clinic.

K1143 Nome Hospital, clinic patients.

K1144 Nome Hospital, clinic patient.

K1145 Nome - Eskimos.

K1146 Nome - Eskimo woman cooking.

K1147 Nome - Eskimo woman making moccasin.

K1148 Nome - Eskimo man oiling gun.

K1149 Nome - Eskimo girl stirring salmon (cooking).


K1132 Nome - Rev. Jordon Detzer, minister of the Nome Meth. Church.

K1133 Nome - Eskimo at prayer meeting.

K1134 Nome - Eskimo prayer meeting.

K1135 Nome - Eskimo prayer meeting.

K1136 Nome - Eskimo prayer meeting.

K1137 Nome - Juanita Fagerstrom, Eskimo pianist.

K1138 Nome.

K1139 Nome.

K1140 Native Meth. Church. Nome.


K1123 Nome Hospital - Nurse's quarters.

K1124 Nome Hospital - Miss Hanson and Dr. Fred Langsam.

K1125 Nome Hospital - Dr. Fred Langsam.

K1126 Nome Hospital. Dr. Fred Langsam examining room.

K1127 Nome Hospital - Miss Roby - Nurse.

K1128 Nome Hospital. Laundry.

K1129 Nome Hospital. A Kitchen.

K1130 Nome Hospital. Medical Supplies.

K1131 Nome Hospital. Miss Iredale, nurse.


K1114 Nome Hospital - Dentist and Dr. Fred Langsam.

K1115 Nome Hospital.

K1116 Nome Hospital. Baby Clinic.

K1117 Nome Hospital - Baby Clinic.

K1118 Nome Hospital. Baby Clinic.

K1119 Nome Hospital - Baby Clinic. Mother dying of TB.

K1120 Nome Hospital. Baby Clinic. Mother dying of TB.

K1121 Nome Hospital. Baby Clinic.

K1122 Nome Hospital. Nurse's quarters.


K1105 Nome Hospital. TB patient.

K1106 Nome Hospital. TB patient and nurse.

K1107 Nome Hospital. A diet kitchen.

K1108 Nome Hospital. Xray for T.B.

K1109 Nome Hospital - Dr. Fred Langsam and Xray equipment.

K1110 Nome Hospital. Labor Room.

K1111 Nome Hospital. Operating Room.

K1112 Nome Hospital. Delivery Room.

K1113 Nome Hospital. Dr. Maxwell R. Kennedy, Dentist.


K1096 Eskimo ivory carving. Nome.

K1097 Nome - Eskimo ivory carving.

K1098 Mrs. D. Emmons, secretary at hosp.

K1099 Nome Hospital. Patients waiting.

K1100 Nome Hospital. TB Wing.

K1101 Nome Hospital. Nurse and TB patient.

K1102 Nome Hospital. TB patient.

K1103 Nome Hospital. TB patient.

K1104 Nome Hospital. TB patient.


K1087 P. Gordon Gould leading Alaska Mission Conf. Juneau.

K1088 Miss Sue Kennedy, Sect. P. Gordon Gould presiding, Alaska Mission

K1089 Alaska Mission Conf. Juneau.

K1090 Miss Sue Kennedy, P. Gordon Gould, Ed Purviance - Anchorage.

K1091 Eskimo children. Nome.

K1092 Eskimo children. Nome.

K1093 Goldmining dredge. Nome.

K1094 Eskimo women. Nome.

K1095 Eskimo boy. Nome.


K1078 Juneau Street.

K1079 Juneau Methodist Church.

K1080 Juneau Methodist Church.

K1081 Gov. and Mrs. Ernest Gruening. Alaska Missionary Conf. Juneau.

K1082 W. E. Hendrickson, Mayor, Juneau. Alaska Conf.

K1083 Gov. Ernest Gruening - Alaska Annual Conf. Juneau.

K1084 Chaplains at Alaska Annual Conf. Capt. W. F. Beadle, Maj. Roy
Davis, Capt. F. Armstrong, Com. J. W. Weise and Maj. Gen. C. I. Carpenter.

K1085 Mr. Ronald Lester, Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Hielburn, Mrs. Lester.

K1086 Rev. J. P. Potter (Douglas) Rev. Robert Treat (Nome.)


K1069 Mendenhall Glacier.

K1070 Mendenhall Glacier.

K1071 Mendenhall Glacier.

K1072 Unloading halibut - Juneau.

K1073 Unloading halibut - Juneau.

K1074 Unloading halibut - Juneau.

K1075 Unloading halibut - Juneau.

K1076 Boy in Juneau.

K1077 Juneau Salmon Derby sign.


K1060 Street scene - Ketchikan.

K1061 Waterfront - Ketchikan.

K1062 Street scene - Ketchikan.

K1063 Wrangell Narrows.

K1064 Wrangell Narrows.

K1065 Juneau.

K1066 Mendenhall Glacier.

K1067 Mendenhall Glacier - Mrs. Robert Huston.

K1068 Mendenhall Glacier.


K1051 Sailing - Seattle.

K1052 Dock - Seattle.

K1053 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lynch on the S. S. Alaska.

K1054 Enroute to Alaska - Mt. view.

K1055 Approaching Ketchikan.

K1056 View of Ketchikan.

K1057 View of Ketchikan.

K1058 Methodist Church - Ketchikan

K1059 Methodist Church - Ketchikan.


H44853 Mrs. Robert Stewart, Mrs. Frank Brooks and Mrs. A. C. Johnson at
Dedication of Woman's Division Hospital in Nome, July (1950).


H44840 Chapel - Ft. Richardson. Fairbanks.

H44841 Chapel - Ft. Richardson. Fairbanks.

H44842 Interior of Chapel. Ft. Richardson - Fairbanks.

H44843 Street scene. Fairbanks.

H44844 Petersburg - Alaska.

H44845 Petersburg - Alaska.

H44846 Petersburg - Alaska.

H44847 Yukon River - Alaska.

H44848 Yukon River. Alaska.

H44849 Wrangell, Alaska. Totem Park.

H44850 Wrangell, Alaska.

H44851 Map of Alaska.


H44828 Employee of Nome Hospital shingling his house for winter.

H44829 Eskimo prayer meeting. Nome.

H44830 Fish drying sacks, (near Nome.)

H44831 Eskimo woman. Alaska.

H44832 Mrs. Esther Mayokuk, Eskimo. Alaska.

H44833 Eskimo boy with puppy, (near Nome.)

H44834 Eskimo boy, (near Nome.)

H44835 Eskimo children with wild flowers, (near Nome.)

H44836 Eskimo children (near Nome.)

H44837 Ketchikan. Alaska.

H44838 Methodist Church. Ketchikan, Alaska.

H44839 Gene Elliot and Mobile Unit. Moose Pass, Alaska.


H44816 Gold mine dredge. Nome.

H44817 View of Nome. Hospital in center.

H44818 Nome Hospital.

H44819 Reception Room, Nome Hospital.

H44820 Serving Pantry. Nome Hospital.

H44821 Ambulance corridor. Nome Hospital.

H44822 Delivery Room. Nome Hospital.

H44823 Operating Room. Nome Hospital.

H44824 Operating Room. Nome Hospital.

H44825 Clean-up room, near operating room. Nome Hospital.

H44826 Labor Room. Nome Hospital.

H44827 T.B. Area. Nome Hospital.


H44804 Dinner - Annual Conf. 1950 - Juneau.

H44805 P. Gordon Gould. Annual Conf. 1950. Juneau.

H44806 Group at Annual Conf. 1950 - Juneau.

H44807 Gov. Ernest Gruening. Annual Conf. 1950 - Juneau.

H44808 Major Roy Davis, Dr. Ezra Cox and Mr. Stanley Lynch, at Annual
Conf. 1950 - Juneau.

H44809 Street scene. Juneau.

H44810 Unloading Halibut. Juneau.

H44811 Unloading Halibut. Juneau.

H44812 A view in Nome.

H44813 A street scene. Nome.

H44814 Airline building. Nome.

H44815 Ferry Boat. Nome.


H44792 Fun Time. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44793 Group of children. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44794 Group of boys. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44795 Three brothers. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44796 Four brothers. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44797 Cutting up bull. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44798 Cutting up bull. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44799 Cutting up bull. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44800 Methodist Church. Juneau.

H44801 Juneau Methodist Church.

H44802 Banquet at opening of Annual Confrence, 1950. Aubrey More, P.
Gordon Gould and Gov. and Mrs. Ernest Guening. Juneau.

H44803 Dinner - Annual Conf. 1950, including Gov. and Mrs. Ernest
Gruening. Juneau.


H44780 Dining Room. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44781 Girls Room. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44782 Miss Sarah M. Garrett and girls. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44783 Boys at work. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44784 Boys working. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44785 Piano Lesson. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44786 Sewing Room. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44787 Children playing gameof Jacks. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44788 Playing a game of Dominoes. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44789 Nap time at the Nursery. Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44790 Nap time at Jesse Lee Home. Seward.

H44791 Nap time at Jesse Lee Home. Seward.


K964 Alaskan Scene.

H44775 Plane - Anchorage to Seward. Alaska.

H44776 Methodist Church. Seward.

H44777 Lion's Club, at Seward Meth. Church.

H44778 Mrs. Esther Mayokuk, Eskimo. Seward.

H44779 Jesse Lee Home. Seward.


K952 Nome - Alaska.

K953 Alaskan Church and Congregation.

K954 Church at Seward.

K955 Cabin in winter.

K956 Family in parkas.

K959 Maynard - Columbia ruins, Nome 1948.

K960 School used as hospital.

K961 Nurse Viola and Child.

K962 Seward Sanitarium.


K886 Totems in Alaska.

K887 Alaskan Range.

K888 Annette Island.

K890 Jessie Lee Home - Alaska.

K891 Eskimo Children.

K892 Meth. Church at Anchorage.

H893 Building a Church.

K893 Kindergarten Children.

K951 Mt. Primrose.