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H7320 A revival meeting congregation, Montana

H7321 Luther Church dedicated November 23, 1913. A Real Frontier Pattern, Montana

H7322 A Canvas Church, Laurel, Montana. (A fine building (modern) has taken its place.)

H7323 Roberts Church dedicated April 19, 1914. A real pioneer type, Roberts, Montana

H7316 Yellowstone District Conference on an outing while in session at Bridger, Montana, 1912

H7317 Rev. Edward Smith and wife in cutter Then presiding Elder G. M. Booth standing. Starting on a long journey. Montana

H7318 Bishop Charles Cardwell McCabe and wife and group in Yellowstone National Park. This trip was made immediately on adjournment of Montana Conference at Livingston in 1903, Montana

H7319 Corner stone laying at Three Forks, Montana. August, 19,1913. Bishop Lisscocs conducting ceremony

H7312 Corner Stone Laying of the New First Methodist Episcopal Church, Montana

H7313 Isabel A. Reeves Memorial Church, Montana

H7314 A street meeting with hundreds present on Main Street. Billings, Montana. State Epworth Convention, June, 1914

H7315 Montana Annual Conference in session at Livingston, Montana

H7286 Emergency Hospital in First Methodist Episcopal Church, Tacoma, Washington during influenza epidemic

H7287 Record charts of patients in Emergency Hospital in First Methodist Episcopal Church, Tacoma, Washington

H7288 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Tacoma, Washington. 1918

H7311 Council Meetings of Helena Area under Bishop N. Luceock Montana

H7268 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Phoenix, Arizona

H7273 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Alameda, California

H7266 Desert Land near Phoenix, Arizona. Little drops of water on little grains of sand make a difference in the price of land

H7267 Leading business street, Phoenix, Arizona

H7055 Apple tree loaded down with fruit near Espanola, New Mexico (Unfortunately fruit does not show)

H7056 Denver and Rio Grande Railroad north of Santa Fe winding track into Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico

H7055 Gateway rock formation. Denver and Rio Grand Railroad north of Santa Fe, New Mexico

H7038 Bishop thomas Nicholson. Espanola, New Mexico

H7043 Denver & Rio Grande Railroad station and narrow gauge Railroad train. Sante Fe, New Mexico

H7044 "Black Mesa's" Tugo a few miles south of Espanola, New Mexico.

H7052 Along Denver and Rio Grande Railroad north of Espanola Settler's hut and children. New Mexico

H7001 Adobe houses. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H6996 General Offices of the Mormon Church

H6997 Chapel in Temple Court. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6994 Mormon Temple. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6995 Temple Court area showing Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Utah

H6992 Mormon Temple and Temple Court from roof of Utah house across the street. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6993 Mormon Temple. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6990 Temple grounds. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6991 State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah

H6971 Beet Industry California

H6972 Beet Industry. Mexicans at work. California

H6973 Factory Beet Industry. California

H6960 Here the "Spider of Point Loma waits for golden winged butterflies. Point Loma, California

H6968 Men holding skulls

H6936 A refugee home. Arizona

H6958 Methodist Episcopal Church, Long Beach, California

H6847 Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

H6848 Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

H6918 Madam Tingley's Theosophical Headquarters. Point Laura

H6926 San Juan Capistrano, California

H6836 A child with a Mexican mother and a Chinese father.

H6837 A child with a Mexican mother and a Chinese father.

H6845 Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

H6846 Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

H6826 Entrance to Golden Gate, California

H6827 Entrance to Golden Gate, California

H6830 A neighbor to the Eucalyptus Tree is the White Oak whose scraggly grace is pleasing. California

H6831 A neighbor to the Eucalyptus Tree is the White Oak whose scraggly grace is pleasing. California

H6769 Soldiers, Soldiers, everywhere

H6789 Puget Sound

H6799 Fording the Gila River, Arizona

H6800 An Arizona Highway on either side of which are mi les of reclaimed irrigated land supplied with water from the Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

H6756 Street Scene, Phoenix, Arizona

H6766 Men in training at the University of Arizona, Tucson

H6767 Marching men, a few of the 26,000 who departed from Camp Kearny in one week for somewhere in France.

H6768 Ready to entrain for France.

H6743 Where the desert buds and blossoms, but not as a rose. Arizona

H6747 Young Mens Christian Association Phoenix, Arizona

H6750 Arizona Deaconess Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

H6753 Cotton field near Phoenix. The area of land now under irrigation by water from the dam is 182,000 acres. New settlers are rapidly moving into the region, creating new missionary problems as the communities build up. Arizona

H6739 Main business street of Salt Lake City, Utah

H6740 A city crowded down into a mountain canyon, Bingham, Utah

H6741 A Mormon ward meeting house

H6742 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Phoenix, Arizona

H6735 Bee Hive House. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6736 Intersection of one of the busy corners of Salt Lake City, Utah

H6737 The Mormon building in Salt Lake City

H6738 Deaconess home. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6731 Thomas J. Tramel, pastor of the Methodist Church. He went to Bingham with nothing awaiting him but an opportunity. He is the most popular man of the town. Utah

H6723 Location for the greatest copper mining camp in the country. The Utah Copper Company with profits amounting to $36,000,000 annually, a pay roll of $500,000 monthly. Bingham, Utah

H6733 Mormon Chapel in Temple Court, Salt Lake City, Utah

H6734 Mormon Temple. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6728 On one of the terraces of which there are 23 on one mountain side at Bingham, Utah. The great copper producing city of America

H6730 Our church at Bingham in process of construction. Utah

H6729 A Bingham miner just returned from work. Bingham, Utah

H6724 Looking down upon a section of Bingham, Utah

H6725 A Mormon meeting house. A Bishop presides over a ward meeting; an Apostle presides over a stake. Sunday School in every ward building each Sunday. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6726 Dr. J. J. Lack, Superintendent Utah Missions and Rev. Thomas J. Tramel, pastor of our work at Bingham. Taken by the side of our partly constructed new church, Utah.

H6727 Bingham, Utah is a city of 10,000 and is built mainly along one street. This is a necessity because the city is located in a canyon. The main business street is very narrow and the only places for the children to play are in these dark alleys.

H6720 San Juan Capistrano, California

H6721 Police Department Building, formerly the Young Mens Christian Association Building, Salt Lake City, Utah

H6722 The Mormon President's home. Salt Lake City, Utah

H6723 Just from the mines, These men make $8.00 per day. Bingham, Utah


H6717 Monument to Father Serra, dedicated on 201st year of his birth, November 24, 1914. San Juan Capistrano, California

H6718 San Juan Capistrano, California

H6719 San Juan Capistrano, California

H6707 Ruins of the old mission building. San Juan Capistrano

H6713 Bells of mission San Juan Capistrano

H6714 Bells of mission San Juan Capistrano


Along the border
H6693 Factory where a girl named Beatrice is employed, one of an indiscriminate company of men and women and where her beauty enlarges her danger. Thirty dollars would take her out of this place, enroll her in school where it is her ambition to prepare for life of Christian service.

H6699 The World Outlook

H6705 In Fairyland, California

H6656 Truck gardening in vicinity of San Francisco. Wind Mills furnish water for irrigation. California

H6663 Truck gardening in vicinity of San Francisco. Wind Mills furnish water for irrigation. California

H6664 Dr. Johnson, Superintendent (center) of our Methodist Japanese work in California, and two prominent official laymen of our Methodist Church.

H6684 Benigua Fandora's family. Westminster, California


H6621 Madam Tingley's Headquarters Theosophical Society. Point Loma near San Diego, California

H6635 A stately memorial of the cherished name of Bishop Taylor. The Eucalyptus Tree.

H6636 Where weeds seem to be foreign to the soil and flowers its natural offering.

H6583 Methodist Church at Florin, California

H6608 Theosophical Society Headquarters Madam Tingley holds forth. Point Loma, California

H6610 On the highway between Los Angeles and San Diego, California

H6613 One of the gateways opening into the ground of the Point Loma Theosophical Society, California

H6588 Portuguese Methodist Church, Oakland, California

H6068 Woman's Home Missionary Society Tuberculosis Hospital, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5947 Marking out and first cut (on good roads) Montana

H5948 Third cut (on good roads) using tractors and twenty ton rollers, Montana

H5949 Air compressor employed in drilling the granite of the stubborn formation in construction work.

H5950 Rock drilling at the foot of Pipestone Slope

H5943 Gallatin Canyon, Montana

H5944 Water Power, Montana

H5945 Bozeman Pass. This gateway for westward traffic was found in early trapping days and has become famous in the development of the rich mines of the gem state. Montana

H5946 Eastern Slope of Rocky Mountains, Montana

H5938 Graves of Road Agents. Virginia City, Montana

H5941 Sacajawea Tablet. Three Forks, Montana

H5939 First house built in Virginia City, Montana

H5940 Virginia City, looking up Alder Gulch, Montana

H5942 Source of the Missouri River

H5934 Gold saving plant in the Valley Elkhorn, Montana

H5935 Cowboy and auto meet in road along Fish Creek, Montana

H5936 Elkhorn nestling in the mountains in Jefferson County where $13,000,000 in gold has been taken out of Montana

H5937 Old placer workings on Fish Creek where fabulous gold was found. Montana

H5930 Boulder Hot Springs, Montana

H5931 Butte Reservoir and Water Supply, Montana

H5932 Eagle Nest Tunnel, Montana. One of the rugged barriers pierced to shorten the trail of the Olympian on it way westward.

H5933 Train in deep gorge making its way up the steep grades among the mountain gorges, Montana

H5926 Kootenai Canyon, Montana

H5927 Grain fields near Bozeman, Montana

H5928 Sheep on the Boulder Whitehall Road, Montana

H5929 Mountain cactus in bloom where rocks abound. Montana

H5923 Roadway through Douglas Fir forests. Washington

H5924 A cedar near Snohomish, Washington

H5925 A cherry tree, Washington

H5919 Donkey Engine. packs up great piles of waste wood

H5920 The old hand stump puller

H5921 Mount Index is the gate port of the entrance to Puget Sound by way of the great northern railway at the west slope of the Cascades. Washington

H5922 Fishing down the streams from the mountains. Washington

H5915 Lake Cour D'Alene, Idaho

H5916 Lake Pend D' Oreile, Idaho

H5917 Henry Lake nestles among the snowy peaks of the Continental Divide at the east side of Idaho near Montana

H5918 Hemlock on a cedar log, Washington

H5905 A bad road made by loads of ore and narrow tires

H5906 Life Saving Station. Willipa Bay

H5907 Picturesque Beach at Callam Bay, Washington

H5914 Pine timber, Idaho

H5895 Ames Shipbuilding Plant. Puget Sound has made an enviable record in shipbuilding

H5896 Landing whale, Neah Bay, Washington

H5897 Indians watching the landing of a whale. Neah Bay, Washington

H5898 Cutting up the whale, Neah Bay, Washington

H5892 Rev. and Mrs. D. E. Blaine in 1853. The first to carry the gospel to Seattle, Washington

H5893 Ships in Elliott Bay Seattle, Washington

H5894 Wing Dikes to divert the river channels, are used with great success. Sherlock, Washington

H5888 Lagoon and Mills at Port Angeles. The abundant water is an asset the mill men appreciate and take advantage of for power and floating the giant logs. Washington

H5889 Old Port Blakely Mills, Forest have been cut into lumber and loaded on waiting vessels to be taken to distant ports. Washington

H5890 After the fire in June, 1889. Seattle, Washington

H5891 Seward Monument. Seattle, Washington

H5884 Long Lake Power Plant below Spokane, Washington

H5885 A typical western Washington Forest

H5886 McMurray Lake with great booms of logs awaiting their turn at the mill. Washington

H5887 Port Angeles waterfront on the Straits of Juan de Fuca with the Olympics in the southern horizon, Washington

H5880 Loading Lumber, Tacoma, Washington

H5881 Dairy Ranch, Washington

H5882 "The Beaver" The first steamer to round the Horn into the Pacific Ocean

H5883 Coast South of Cape Flattery, Washington

H5876 Hogs feeding in the Kittitas Valley, Washington

H5877 Sunny side at Mount Adams, Washington

H5878 Orchard on the Little Spokane Northern Idaho

H5879 Old Fort at Vancouver, Washington

H5872 Celilo Falls of the Columbia River

H5873 Combines cutting wheat in two mile stretches in the Big Bend country, Washington

H5874 Big Bend Bluestem wheat going to market at Waterville, Washington

H5875 Grapes Eastern Washington

H5867 A hopeful community north of Omak, Riverside, Washington

H5868 Hells Gate, Columbia River

H5870 Basalter formations. These pillars are grim sentinells of "The Wallula Gateway" Columbia, River

H5871 The Celilo Canal, and Bridge, Oregon

H5863 Chelan landing and station, Washington

H5864 Cauliflower. Irrigated section, Washington

H5865 Palouse Wheat Field in shock, Washington

H5866 Omak, up the Okanogan, Washington

H5859 Peaches in baskets, Yakima Valley, Washington

H5860 Yakima River, Horseshoe Bend, Washington

H5861 Apple picking In the orchards anywhere in Wenatchee Valley, Washington

H5862 View of the snow and ice source of the Snittle River, Lake Chelan Dist, Washington

H5855 Birdseye view of a rich irrigation district, Washington

H5856 Up the Yakima River the seat of a State School, Ellensburg and Environs, Washington

H5857 Yakima Gorge and Rapids, Washington

H5858 Yakima Valley scene, Washington

H5851 At the union of the Chewach and Methow River, Winthrop, Washington

H5852 Columbia River at Colville Indian Reservation, Washington

H5853 At the mouth of the Twisp River, Washington

H5854 Grand Coulee. The former bed of the Columbia River in the central part of Washington

H5847 The aspen flower with its delicate foliage and the wild sunflower

H5848 Seaton's Ferry across the Columbia River at Colville Reservation Washington

H5849 Methow Valley below Twist Washington. Railroad projects to connect with Puget Sound are held back more by war than by the Cascade Mountains.

H5850 Where the Methow empties into the river. Peteros, Washington

H5843 Well up the Okanogan River near the British Columbia Line, Oroville, Washington

H5844 Apple Orchards and Bee Culture bring profits that attract a contented people. Washington

H5845 Fishing. Methow River, Washington

H5846 Methow Valley Washington. The auto drive between the river and mountain is characteristic of western enterprise.

H5839 Saint Mary's Mission, Washington

H5840 Carlton Stage, Washington

H5841 County sea of Okanogan County, Conconully, Washington

H5842 Dry Farming hear Conconully, Washington

H5829 Snow Eels, Washington. They are found only in the massive snow beds. The chill of the ice seems to be essential to their existence.

H5830 Secretary Land and party, snowballing in summer. Mount Rainier, Washington.

H5831 Cattle Stampede

H5832 Old bed of the Columbia

H5824 Cedar trees near Elbe, Washington on the road toward Mount Rainier from Tacoma, Washington

H5827 Camp in Indian Henry Rainier National Park

H5825 Paradise Park with the Tatoosh Range Rainier National Park as a background. Washington

H5826 Mirror Lake Mount Rainier Washington

H5828 Glacier Trail, Rainier National Park. Washington

H5820 Crossing the Elwha Olympic Mountains. Washington

H5821 Lake Cresent. Washington

H5822 The Flag Raising by mountaineers. Olympic Mountains, Washington

H5823 Rhododendrons, flower of the state abound in the forests where the soil is light.

H5806 Grave of Montana Bandits Bannock. Dr. John Chirgwin in charge of the Deacon's School at Helena, Montana is standing beside the grave.

H5817 Elks in the Olympic Mountains Washington

H5818 Forest Road in Elwha Valley leading from Port Angeles into the mountains. Washington

H5819 Fording the Elwha, Washington 1907

H5743 The High Lead or Spar Tree. A cable is attached and by the donkey engine great trees are brought in and loaded on waiting cars. Washington

H5745 Up in the mountains from Darrington are several stations occupied by Government forest rangers. Mount Pugh in distance. Washington

H5744 New method for handling logs. A tree climber after cutting the branches from a selected tree, has cut the top off. He has his climbers and hand rope which enable him to climb the tree. He must be careful not to cut his belt when handling his axe, lest he fall to his death. Washington

H5746 A winter scene when the work of the foresters is less perilous and the mountains appear in their best holiday dress. Washington

H5747 The North Sauk Falls, 17 miles upstream from Darrington, American Nitrate Company is building a great plant with dams to manufacture nitrates from the air and to produce power for manufactures down in the towns and cities.

H5737 no caption

H5738 Crowding bolts into the mill pond of Giles Lumber and Shingle Company, Washington

H5739 Rev. L. C. Schultz, a western preacher

H5740 The view from the bungalow parsonage, White Horse Mountain in background, Washington

H5733 Poling the river, Washington

H5734 Skilled canoemen; become so skillful as to make the cedar dugout slip over the rapids as on wings Washington

H5735 Bolt cutters of musical turn. Washington

H5736 Poling the cedar bolts into the current. Washington



H5616 photo of A and J DeGrand Company

H5613 Associated Gasoline truck

H5614 Associated Gasoline truck

H5585 Our church at Darrington, Washington

H5623 Sultana Community, Methodist Episcopal Church, Sultana, California

H5732 Fording the river. The horses are not afraid of the broad stream. Washington state

H5557 Old ferry on Columbia River, Vancouver, Washington

H5558 "Some Pumpkins and Some Flag." The former grew in fertile Clarke County and the latter has long floated in glory at the Barracks at Vancouver, Washington

H5559 Prune Dryer. Clarke County, Washington

H5560 Lava rocks on Mount Saint Helens, Vancouver, Washington

H5553 A quiet stream

H5554 Moss. Washington and Oregon. There is a vast amount of moss that is now sought for surgical dressings, for use overseas, and it is of high value.

H5555 Cape Horn on Columbia River, Washington

H5556 Looking up Inspiration Canyon. Yellowstone Park

H5479 Panorama Water front Everett Washington

H5480 Epworth League Convention, Billingham District, Sumas, Washington, Panorama

H5405 The humble potato. It is here crowned as King Spud. It is not difficult to get 300 bushels per acre for market.

H5406 Great Wheat fields at harvest time exceedingly attractive and profitable. Eastern Washington State

H5401 The log jam

H5402 Ranch in the blue mountains

H5403 Meachan Creek in the Blue Mountains

H5404 Topping sugar beets. Northern Oregon

H5397 Sage brush. View shows the great stretch of waste land.

H5398 Spruce log entering the mill

H5399 Log raft on the Columbia River

H5400 Pioneer cabin in forest.

H5392 Mouth of the Columbia the entrance was discovered by Robert Gray

H5393 Crossing Powder Valley Eastern Oregon

H5394 Shoshone Falls of the Snake considered the most imposing in America

H5395 American Falls of the Snake River, Idaho

H5388 Portland, Oregon, 1854

H5389 A Fish Wheel, One of various devices designed to catch the salmon in its eager race upstream

H5390 Saint Peter's Dome

H5391 The needles. Numerous pinnacles are seen along the Columbia

H5383 The Deschutes Valley

H5384 Wallowa Lake a gem of the picturesque Powder River Mountains

H5386 Mount Saint Helens the queen of mountains crowned throughout the year. From Portland Heights. Mount Rainier to the left 100 miles away

H5387 Elephant Rock a mute sentinel on the summit of the Blue Mountains. Eastern Oregon

H5379 Submerged forest. Snags uncovered when the river is very low

H5380 Cascades Locks with river boat. The old Dalles City

H5381 Old Blockhouse near the Cascades built as a protection against troublesome tribes, erected by Sheridan

H5382 The Deschutes River with a delightful ranch near where it flows into the Columbia River, just above the Celilo Falls

H5375 Oldest church standing in Montana built in 1877 by Brother Van. Bainock, Montana. This group includes some of the early members.

H5378 Celilo Falls. Huge lava boulders crowd the river and over these obstructions the river pours its resistless volume. The fall is 20 feet at low water.

H5376 Hermiston Buttes near the great bend of the Columbia

H5373 View of the hills along the road. Bainock, Montana

H5374 Street scene. This was an old gold mining camp. Bainock, Montana

H5371 This group includes Dr. John Chirgwin, Dr. W. Van Orsdel, Dr. J. A. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boone and children. Mr. Boone is a direct descendant of the great Daniel Boone. Dillon, Montana

H5372 Road agents Rock on the road between Bainock and Dillon, Montana

H5369 The Poindexter meeting house. The first one built in Montana, 1873, Dillon, Montana

H5370 The Poindexter meeting house. The first one built in Montana, 1873, Dillon, Montana

H5365 Leaders of 32nd Annual Montana Conference. Left to right, Dr. Ed Smith, Dr. Charles L. Bovard, Bishop W. O. Shepard, Dr. W. Van Orsdel, Dr. J. A. Martin, Dillon Montana

H5366 Left to right: Dr. Ed Smith, Dr. Charles L. Bovard, Rev. Freeman, Dr. Faulkerson, Bishop W. O. Shepard, Dr. W. Van Orsdel, Dr. J. A. Martin. Leaders of 32nd Annual Montana Conference, Dillon, Montana

H5363 Group, Annual conference held here in 1918 ( includes Dr. W. Van Orsdel) Dillon, Montana

H5364 Group, Annual conference held here in 1918 ( includes Dr. W. Van Orsdel) Dillon, Montana

H5233 Sacred Heights Church.
Rev. I.M. McCutcheon, Pastor who is 72 years old and has a circuit of 100 miles to cover. He lives in the little shack beside the church. Dawson County, Montana

H5334 Casper Methodist Episcopal Church, Wyoming

H5333 Epworth League Vespers Service held under an old apple tree. Vancouver Barracks, Washington

H5229 Where bituminous coal is mined. Rock Springs, Wyoming

H5230 Tillamook Head is the bold promontory at the Oregon side of the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon

H5231 Cape Disappointment so named as a reminder of the Failure of English and Spanish navigators to discover mouth of the Columbia River.

H5232 Irrigated wheat, Latamie County, Wyoming

H5225 Willamette Valley scene, Oregon

H5226 Birds eye view. East Sound, Washington

H5227 Salmon being loaded into scows Puget Sound, Washington. There are perhaps 1400 salmon here.

H5228 Dahlia Day at the Old First Church, Vancouver, Washington

H5221 Cross blazed upon a tree, Idaho

H5222 Blasting stumps, 77 sticks of dynamite were used to dislodge the giant stump

H5223 Methodist Episcopal Church, Allen, Washington

H5224 Muckelteo Light House, Washington. This is at the elbow of the mainland to the south of Everett.

H55216 A hole in the wall at La Conner, Washington

H5217 Roche Harbor Lime Works. Island of San Juan, Washington

H5218 Big Timber west of the cascades, Washington

H5220 Father Balston and his catch, Washington

H5212 Friday Harbor and Mount Baker, Washington

H5214 Birds Eye view of East Sound, Washington

H5213 East Sound from the Inn. Orcas Island, Washington

H5215 The Foxglove grows promiscuously over the lower peninsula of Orcas Island, Washington

H5208 Castle Rock is a signal station of the middle Columbia

H5209 Castle Rock and the Railroad; Washington The North Bank Road presents a series of tunnels through the cliffs sand hills and it has a well developed track along the river.

H5210 The Dalles of the Columbia, Oregon

H5211 Methodists at the old English camp Island of San Juan Washington


H5206 Cliff on north bank of Columbia River, Cape Horn, Washington

H5207 Bridalveil Falls, Oregon

H5200 The Congress afire at sea. Pacific Ocean

H5201 Epworth League Party climbing Mount Baker. Their guide was their pastor and though caught in a storm they returned safely.

H5202 New Methodist Church

H5204 A typical ranch in the foothills. Acme, Washington

H5196 Light ship station. Astoria, Oregon

H5197 Columbia River Salmon Fisheries

H5198 Wreck of Peter Iredale, Point Adams on Clatsop Beach

H5199 Old Nooksack River Ferry, Washington

H5192 Washington Rock is located on the western shore of Waldron Island.

H5193 Old British Blockhouse at English Camp where the rights of the Hudson Bay Company were defended. It is now used as a storage house for apples

H5194 Salmon catch Puget Sound

H5195 Stadium Tacoma, Washington

H5188 Hudson Bay Camp or Headquarters. San Juan Island, Washington

H5189 San Juan II a sturdy small vessel that plies the strait of Georgia in American waters. Puget Sound, Washington

H5190 Community party at Methodist Episcopal Church Belfast, Washington

H5191 Bellevue Poultry Farm. Roche Harbor, Washington

H5184 Church and Parsonage. Basin, Washington

H6185 Sunday School Picnic on Puget Sound, Whidby Island, Washington

H5186 University Church and Parsonage. Seattle, Washington

H5187 American Camp or Old Fort San Juan, San Juan Island, Washington

H5180 Tatoosh Island, Washington

H5181 Methodist Episcopal Church, Nooksack, Washington

H5182 A fallen giant. Vancouver District, Washington

H5183 Lighthouse at Gate of Columbia River

H5176 Methodists on the beach. Leadbetter Point, Ocean Park, Washington

H5177 Sea gulls, "the scavengers of the sea."

H5178 The Big Horn Mountains

H5179 The gun that killed the pig.

H5171 Digging clams. Puget Sound, Washington

H5172 West from Turnpoint Light Station, Washington

H5174 Deception Pass at Eventide, Washington

H5175 Traps are built where it has been found that the salmon run. Puget Sound, Washington

H5167 Campers whose fire may spread and destroy valuable timber

H5168 Methodist Episcopal Church Lyman, Washington

H5169 The old river warehouse town for oat shipments down the Skagit River, Avon Skagit County, Washington

H5170 Birthplace of American Government in old Oregon. At Champoeg.

H5163 Beach scene near Hotel Moore. Seaside, Oregon

H5164 Raymond Church, Parsonage and Club House

H5165 Methodist Episcopal Church built in 1891 by R. J. Davenport, Douglas, Wyoming.

H5166 Spokane County, Washington

H5158 Crowd watching the bathers. Seaside Oregon. (In front of Hotel Moore)

H5160 Mule deer caught coming down the trail.. Lake Chelan, Washington

H5161 Deer Hunt, Orcas Island

H5162 A Poultry raiser of Whidby Island, Washington

H5153 Ezra Mecker at Chimney Rock, Nebraska

H5154 Scotts Bluff. Pioneer Guide Post Nebraska

H5156 Where sky and lake is reconciled. This upper Chelan scene in Washington cannot be surpassed anywhere.

H5157 In the big woods, Washington

H5149 White Horse Mountain above Darrington, Washington

H5150 Shingle bolt drive. Washington. Giles Lumber and Shingle Company

H5151 Wallace Falls, Washington in the foothills of the Cascades

H5152 Salmon caught in seine on Columbia River

H5144 Lyman Glacier and Lakes, Washington

H5146 Nature's flashlight in the mountains


H5148 Darrington and White Horse Mountain, Washington

H5140 Roosevelt Glacier Mount Baker, Washington

H5141 A Roman Wall
Mount Baker, Washington

H5142 Surf on Oregon Coast

H5143 Tillamook life crew in the surf

H5137 Wapato Project, flumes 14 miles long supplying water for the Wapato irrigation project.

H5138 Okanogan sheep men. Okanogan Washington

H5139 Crossing ice bridge on Roosevelt Glacier, Mount Baker, Washington

H5134 A forest ranger's camp in the timber

H5135 The first train on Crooked River Bridge 1911

H5136 A forest ranger's home. Steliko Station on the east slope of Cascades.

H5130 First preaching place and parsonage. Douglas, Wyoming

H5131 A thrill on the Chelan Road. This stage transports passengers from the railway station and the river to the scenic lake and its thriving settlement.

H5132 Columbia River Light ship from the station at Astoria. The fog and rain bring peril to sea faring ships and the strong lights of the light ship direct those endangered.

H5133 A chelan timber scene

H5129 Home Missionary Property owned by Board of Home Missions, El Paso, Texas. Rose Gregory Houcher Settlement house in background.

H5125 Catholic Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5126 Catholic Church, Tuscon, Arizona

H5122 Homes of some of the refugees Deming, New Mexico

H5123 Catholic Church Deming, New Mexico

H5115 Church and congregation. Douglas, Arizona

H5121 Rose Gregory Houcher Settlement House, El Paso, Texas

H5113 El Paso and Southwestern Railway station, Douglas, Arizona

H5114 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Douglas, Arizona

H5102 Woman's Home Missionary Society Settlement House,
El Paso, Texas

H5104 El Paso and Southwestern Railway station. Douglas, Arizona

H5105 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona

H5109 New Archaeological Building. Santa Fe, New Mexico

H5098 Calumet and Arizona Smelter. Douglas, Arizona

H5099 Copper Queen Smelter. Douglas, Arizona

H5100 Young Mens Christian Association Building, Tucsan, Arizona

H5101 Abandoned Baptist Church
Tucson, Arizona

H5079 Southern Pacific Railway Station. Tucson, Arizona

H5080 Old Governor's Palace. In this building Lew Wallace wrote a part of his immortal "Ben Hur" Santa Fe, New Mexico

H5090 Our first church Bisbee, Arizona

Along the border
H5091 Young Men's Christian Association Building, Douglas, Arizona

H5067 Showing terraces of Sacramento mine. Bisbee, Arizona

along the border
H5068 Children of the settlement house. Material on which the El Paso Settlement House operates. El Paso, Texas

H5070 Catholic Church. Deming, New Mexico

H5074 Catholic Church, Tucson, Arizona

H5063 Our English speaking First Church, Bisbee, Arizona

H5066 Old town church. Our leading Mexican Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5058 Overlooking Bisbee, Arizona

H5059 Sacramento mine where American obtains much of her copper. Bisbee, Arizona

H5062 Our leading church at Douglas, Arizona

H5054 Young Mens Christian Association Building Bisbee, Arizona

H5055 Looking into the open mouth of the Southwestern mine

H5056 Barelas Church, one of our three Mexican churches Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5057 Overlooking Bisbee, Arizona

H5043 Farm house of Albuquerque College, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5050 Soldier boys on street, Tucson, Arizona

H5052 Oleander Aisle leading to Railway station of the El Paso and Southwestern. Tucson, Arizona

H5053 Soldier boys after a long hot ride from Camp Kearney, leaving the train and marching through streets and to Young Mens Christian Association Pool for a cooling plunge.

H5039 Terraces of Sacramento mine. Bisbee, Arizona

H5042 Albuquerque College, Albuquerque, New Mexico

H5036 Over looking Lowell, a suburb of Bisbee Lowell, Arizona.

H5038 The Den mine and the Sacramento, Lowell, Arizona

H5034 Customs house Agua Prieta, Mexico. Just across the river from Douglas, Arizona

H5035 The smelter of the copper queen, Douglas, Arizona

H5030 Calumet and Arizona Properties where they watch you like a hawk as you go about with your camera. Arizona

H5032 Busy mining district above Bisbee, Arizona

H4530 Group of workers in temporary welfare building, Los Angeles, California

H4486 Methodist Episcopal Parsonage, Espanola, New Mexico

H4487 Methodist Episcopal Church, Espanola, New Mexico

H4485 H. W. Stevens and wife, missionaries in New Mexico

H4467 Nara Visa Fairbanks Morse Electric lighting plant for Methodist Episcopal Church. This man, S. E. Turner, over 60 years of age installed this plant and has a splendid community plant now at Methodist Episcopal Church, Nara Visa, New Mexico

H4468 Church plant Roswell New Mexico Parish Hall and Parsonage

H4469 Tubercular girl, 21 years old, Roswell, New Mexico

H4471 Dr. Marion Browning and Family Pastor of Spanish American Church, Deming, New Mexico

H4462 Great stretches of wheat fields in the west

H4466 Methodist Episcopal Church, Nara Visa, New Mexico. S. E. Turner, Pastor

H4460 Prairie Schooner

H4461 young orchards. California, north west6

H4457 View on Puget Sound looking from Seattle west, Washington

H4435 Lumber forest in McKinley, New Mexico

H4436 Loading timber for transportation to mill. New Mexico

H4438 Dr. Herwood when he come to New Mexico in 1869

H4439 Mrs. Emily J. Herwood

H4426 Apple Industry Chaves County, New Mexico

H4427 Apple Orchard scene near Roswell, New Mexico

H4433 Copper mine in Grant County, New Mexico

H4434 A smelter, New Mexico

H4422 Sheep Industry Chaves County, New Mexico

H4423 Dairy Industry Sierra County, New Mexico

H4424 Irrigation from artesian wells. Chaves County, New Mexico

H4425 Irrigation from artesian wells. Chaves County, New Mexico

H4418 Group of horses on ranch in Chaves County, New Mexico

H4419 Alfalfa field. Chaves County, New Mexico

H4420 Hog raising. Chaves County, New Mexico

H4421 Angora goats. New Mexico

H4412 Irrigation ditch. New Mexico. Aztec

H4411 Methodist Episcopal Church which General Pershing attended. Laclede, Missouri

H4415 Church and school combined built in 1870 by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Harwood. Tiptonville, New Mexico

H446 Melon field, Chaves County, New Mexico

H4417 Bee Culture, Chaves County, New Mexico

H4377 Church at Douglas, Arizona. Built for parsonage the large room now being used for church services

H4378 Calumet and Arizona Smelter, Douglas, Arizona

H4375 Agua Prieta showing the post marking the boundary between the United States and Mexico

H4376 Showing the battle fields of Agua Prieta where Villa first heard of the recognition of Carranza's Government by the United States. Up to this time he had been very careful not to do harm to Americans. During the battle of Agua Prieta he shifted his guns to avoid the possibility of hitting some American Soldiers just across the boarder. Note the trenches from which the Mexican fought. Many of Villa's men were left dead upon the field. He failed to take the city.

H4370 Catholic Church at Tucson, Arizona

H4373 University at Tucson, Arizona

H4367 How Bisbee is built, New Mexico (along the border)

H4369 How Bisbee is built, New Mexico (along the border)

H4347 Catholic Church at San Domingo, New Mexico

H4366 Showing the business section of Bisbee, New Mexico [Arizona]

H4340 The International Bridge. El Paso, Texas

H4342 Methodist Episcopal Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico

H4002 A new home among the old pines and firs near Colville, Washington

H4013 Home of president of Albuquerque College, New Mexico

H4014 Albuquerque College New Mexico

H4000 Center of rich irrigated section, Oroville Okanogan County, Washington

H4001 Section of Wenatachee Valley, showing Wenatachee City, Washington

H3998 Panorama of city. Tonasket, Okanogan County, Washington

H3999 County seat of Okanogan County. Methodist Episcopal Mission here. Washington state.

H3990 A homesteader's cabin near Colville, Washington

H3993 Annual Community Gathering at the Keystone Farm under auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. A.A. Callander, Pastor speaking to 500 people. Dayton, Washington

H3994 Annual Community Gathering at the Keystone Farm. C. J. Thoronson owner.
Gathering under auspices of Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. A. A. Callander, Pastor. Dayton, Washington

H3520 Lighthouse and bluff. Port Townsend, Washington

H3602 View over San Jacinto Vally, South California. 1918

H3603 Good roads for autos in the mountains of New Mexico

H3604 Southern Pacific Railroad train with triple leader going over the Siskeyon Mountains of Northern California. 1918

H3467 Pulpit Rack near Dalles, Oregon

H3468 McKendree Chapel, first Methodist church erected west of Mississippi River by Jesse Walker in 1809. still stands in Southeast Missouri

H3521 Immigration Station for Puget Sound. Washington. Port Townsend

H3473 Evanston Church, Wyoming. This is a Mormon town therefore the growth of the church is impeded. Built by Dr. Thomas Corwin Iliff, when he was at Salt Lake, 47 years ago.

H3442 Around the campfire. The story of camp life along the Platte River in Western Nebraska is here mutely told.

H3445 The Whitman mission at Walla Walla. Dr. Whitman settled here two years after Methodists began on the Willamitte. Below is the neglected grave. An imposing Whitman monument now commands the site.

H3462 Kanaka Bay, on the west shore of the Island of San Juan, Puget Sound. It is a haven for seine boats.

H3464 Church and Parsonage at Blaine Washington. The old church was destroyed by fire, set by saloon enthusiasts during a "wet and dry" fight. Church was rebuilt and now every saloon has been closed up.

H3432 First church and Parsonage on Pacific Coast. Oregon City. Built by Rev. A. F. Waller, 75 years ago.

H3433 Lighthouse in the Columbia at the mouth of Willamette River to guide ships of the world to port of Portland or to Vancouver, the seat of famous Columbia Barracks now alive with shipbuilding and various kinds of war preparation.

H3438 Monument at Tacoma, Washington

H3434 The cable ferry propelled by the current. Ressop's Ferry on the north fork of the Lewis River. Southwestern.

H3440 Pocatello, Idaho

H3425 Forest Ranch being cut out of the big woods. It requires tireless efforts to exterminate the stumps but the bumper crops are assured.

H3428 Fort Astor 1811. Astoria, Oregon a century ago, was the western port of a brave business begun by John Jacob Astor and his company in establishing a fur and fish station at mouth of Columbia

H3426 Officers Quarters Vancouver Barracks. Originally a log house rebuilt in later years. Generals Grant and Sheridan had their quarters here when subordinate officers, stationed there before the Civil War.

H3429 Old Mission House, Oregon. Present the most ancient church structure in all the old Oregon country, preceded on the coast by only Catholic Missions of South California

H3427 Green River Butte, Wyoming. The shadows in the river and an occasional tree give cheer to an otherwise wasteland of grotesque formation.

H3430 Outside view of Fort Hall on Snake River or Lewis Fork of the Columbia River. Built by Captain Wyeth in 1834 the year our missionaries sent to Oregon

H3405 Fossil, Oregon. This is a stock community in East Central part of the state. The Board has put missionary money into our work here for years.

H3412 Columbia river bridge and Railroad train; the greatest bridge on the Pacific coast built by the North Bank Road.

H3e407 Alkali Desert. There are vast stretches of county of no real value, owing to alkali deposits that prevent vegetation.

H3409 Mountain climbing. View of Saint Helen's district with some Methodist merchants from Vancouver and their burrows and their burdens.

H3415 This boy scout or midget of the early type is very happy over his future prospects. The lad grew up under the shadow of the Columbia Barracks and has exchanged his toy for a machine gun in France.

H3205 Southern Pacific railroad train. California

H3208 Mount Shasta from the southwest, California

H3210 Mount Shasta from the northwest,. California



H3188 Map of the Old Oregon Trail

H3189 Old Fort Wayne, Indiana

H3167 Valdez from the water-front

H3181 Methodist Preachers in the Northwest. Washington

H3183 Old split log school house. Indiana

H3184 Pioneer church Brookville, Indiana

H3156 Salt Lake City, Utah

H3160 Salt Lake City, Utah

H3165 Parsonage at Blackfoot, Idaho

H3166 A charming rural scene. Wiser Laker.

H3152 Wiser Lake and charming rural scene. The Sunday School meets in the school house and an acre lot is held for the church. $300 is in the bank to start a building campaign. Help from the Board is needed.

H3153 Salt Lake City, Utah

H3154 Salt Lake City, Utah

H3155 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Siletz, Oregon.

H3103 Sylvare Lake, Washington

H3104 First Methodist Episcopal Church on Puget Sound

H3120 Girls Dormitory. Price Academy, Utah

H3148 Cordwood Camp, Marcola, Oregon

H3073 Ore train. Ely Nevada

H3074 A parsonage in the west

H3077 a Mormon Parade

H3085 Methodist Episcopal Church, Chester, Montana

H3064 A mountain road

H3067 Farm house near Joseph, Utah

H3069 First preaching in 1875. La Conner, Washington

H3072 A mining town where a church is needed.

H3050 Richfield, Utah

H3053 Built in 1915. Burlington, Washington

H3057 Roundup General view of cattle ranch, Wyoming

H3058 Joseph Methodist Episcopal Church, Joseph, Wallowa County, Oregon

H3042 Rocking out gold

H3043 a mountain home

H3044 Swinging Bridge over Sauk River

H3047 A remarkable harbor and industrial City, Anacortes, Washington

H3020 Sylvan Lake Shoreline, South Dakota

H3025 German Methodist Episcopal Church, Edwall, Washington

H3026 Result of cyclone in 1896, Emergency case. Eldon, Missouri

H3028 First Methodist Episcopal Church built and dedicated by Rev McMence, 1909. Langley, Washington

H3040 Central part of Bingham, Utah

H2986 State Street in 1864, Helena, Montana

H2989 Homesteading

H2991 A window full, one of the mission schools

H2994 Methodist Episcopal Church, Winnemucca, Nevada

H2974 Mount Baker, Washington from Mazama Trail, Washington

H2975 White Horse Mountain. Darrington, Washington

H2977 Church at Carson City, Nevada

H2978 Sonora Church, Built in 1852 California

H2963 State School on Reservation

H2968 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Everett, Washington

H2970 San Juan Canning Company, Friday Harbor, Washington

H2971 A typical scene on the Puget Sound.

H2949 Pack train leaving Darrington, Washington bound for Bolt Camp, 15 miles up the Sauk River, White Horse Mountain 6,820 feet. Darrington, Washington

H2951 a home economics club, Richfield, Utah

H2953 Methodist Episcopal Church, Three Forks, Montana

H2955 Ladies Aid Society, Pagosa, Springs, Colorado

H2943 Ely, Nevada

H2944 Fishing resort near Meeker, Colorado


H2947 Mount Rainier in the distance. Shelton, Washington

H2929 Ely, Nevada

H2931 Harvest scene on Whidby Island

H2933 Hole in the wall at LaConner where the tide struggles in and out. LaConner, Washington

H2940 Oregon Institute erected by Jason Lee, 1942. Oregon

H2921 Ely, Nevada

H2923 Gray's River Church, Vancouver, Washington

H2925 Ski Komisch Bridge, Sultan, Washington

H2926 High School Building Elsinore, Utah

H2916 Pastor Bradshaw and his scouts

H2918 School at Ely, Nevada

H2919 Off for a picnic

H2910 Cannery, Bellingham, Washington

H2909 Boy Scouts of America. Grove and Mesa Mission

H2911 Mothers Class Mesa Mission, Sunday School, Pueblo, Colorado

H2912 Pioneer Pass, Ferndale, Washington. A strong Methodist Center, Washington

H2915 One of many San Juan Island scenes, East Sound, San Juan, Washington

H2904 A home in the mountains

H2886 Swedish Congregation

H2905 A night class in dressmaking. Pueblo, Colorado

H2906 Threshing near Edison, Washington
Record Oats.

H2907 Methodist Episcopal Church, Richfield, Utah

H2896 Mount Shasta from McCloud, California

H2900 Methodist City-Evangelistic Union. Italian Class. Mesa, Colorado

H2898 First Methodist Episcopal Church built in 1864

H2901 Mission home with Superintendent Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert and Miss Rauls

H2903 Methodist Episcopal Church. Schurz, Nevada

H2889 Pioneer Missionary, Oklahoma

H2890 Methodist Episcopal Church, Meeker, Colorado

H2891 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Dungeness, Washington

H2895 Minkler Lake and Mill near Lyman, Lyman, Washington

H2878 In the early days

H2880 Beginning a new town

H2883 Home of a missionary. Washita, Washita County, West Oklahoma

H2888 Wilber Church, San Juan County. Friday Harbor, Washington built in 1891 at a cost of $1,650

H2865 Lakeview Methodist Episcopal Church. First Sod Church. S. D. Tripp company

H2867 Methodist Episcopal Church, Bishop, California

H2875 Result of cyclone, July 5, 1918. Baxter Springs, Kansas

H2877 Methodist Mission School. Elsinore, Utah

H2839 Nearcoba Circuit, Wendling, Oregon

H2842 Tucson, Arizona

H2845 Ramona Methodist Episcopal Church, California

H2849 First School House in, Montana

H2832 Methodist Episcopal Church, Schurz, Nevada

H2836 Mabel Church, Oregon

H2837 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Flagstaff, Arizona

H2838 Parsonage. Needles, California

H2826 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Custer, South Dakota

H2828 Wendling, Oregon

H2830 Methodist Episcopal Church, Big Pine, California

H2831 Methodist Episcopal Church, Phoenix, Arizona

H2812 Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Kingsbury, California

H2820 A Portable Frontier Church, College Avenue, Berkeley, California

H2824 Sparks, California

H2825 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Loyalton, California

H2804 Young Mens Christian Association workers in camp. Mount Baker

H2805 Two of our Sunday school girls

H2806 Where business and pleasure need a church

H2809 Friday Harbor in foreground and Mount Baker in background. Bellingham District lies between the most scenic of Districts. Washington

H2810 Methodist Episcopal Church center of Orcas Island. East Sound, Washington

H2795 Methodist Episcopal Church and (old) Kingmon, Arizona

H2801 In the South East corner of Bellingham District, Washington

H2802 Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. Colone, South Dakota

H2803 Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

H2774 Jason Lee Memorial Church. Blackfoot, Idaho

H2779 Residence of Jason Lee, Salem, Oregon

H2781 Boys' Dormitory. Princes' Academy, Utah

H2791 Sod Church

H2660 Lake near mountain top Cascade Range, Washington

H2666 Camp in the Cascades

H2661 Cascade Range Washington

H2667 The night shift. Wayside Mine, 1904

H2164 Boundary line monument between United States of America and Mexico

H2658 Toothpick near Sultan, Snohomish County, Washington

H2519 Saint Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, South City, California

H2621 Copper mine Railroad in Monte Christo District of Washington State

H2310 Farming on a big scale in the "Big Bend" section near Hartline, Washington

H2311 Irrigation ditch Wenatchee, Valley, Washington

H2312 Lake Chelan from Rex Creek to Railroad Creek, Washington

H2306 Deaconess Hospital, Wenatchee, Washington

H2307 Combination fruit and passenger train to Oreville, Washington

H2308 Water power, Okanagan, Wenatchee District, Washington

H2309 Wentzkes Ditch, Flume, Washington

H2302 Public School, Riverside, Okanogan County, Washington

H2304 Harvesting in the "Big Bend" Grant County, Washington

H2303 A Colville Reservation Indian. Wenatchee District, Washington

H2305 Gathering fruit near Wenatchee, Washington

H2298 Unit Central Packing Plant. Brewster, District, Washington

H2299 Community gathering place, Wenachee City, Washington

H2300 City editor in his country orchard. Wenatchee, Washington

H2301 Twisp. A important point in Methow Valley, Washington

H2293 Orchards and homes, Wenachee District

H2294 Fruit pickers, Wenachee District

H2296 Boy Scouts of 1911, Wenachee District

H2295 Methodist Episcopal Sunday School, Wenachee District

H2297 A picnic in the mountain woods.

H2289 Typical Washington ranch house

H2290 Methodist Church, formerly a school house, Tonasket, Wash.

H2291 Hartline M.E. Church

H2292 Wenatchee District some of its products.

H2109 Water course in the desert shortly after the spring rains. Arizona

H2110 "The American Boy Mine" in the heart of a rapidly growing copper mining region where there were a good percentage of Christians, but no religious work of any sort. There is still little done for the spiritual well being of the men in these camps Arizona

H2111 Tree or organ cactus in the North of Tucson, Arizona

H2112 Victor, the mining center of Cripple Creek gold mining district with Pikes Peak in the distance at the right Colorado.

H2096 Pikes Peak Colorado, view from near Colorado Springs

H2105 Dry water course showing growth of tree cactus or organ cactus Arizona

H2106 Various cactus growth in the desert Arizona

H2107 The Alamo one of America's most historic spots Texas

H2108 Present Day Cowboy in full blast. Arizona

H1814 Lumber Camp

H 1953 Rev. T.F. Royal -Circuit Rider. Pioneer in Oregon Country with his saddle -bags - lived at Eugene, Ore.


H.60 Souvenirs of White Swan Wash.

H.61 Frontier town, 6 weeks old