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C 2702 Buildings. Gingling College. Nanking.

C 2703 Buildings. Gingling College. Nanking.

C 2704 Buildings. Gingling College. Nanking.

C 2705 Buildings. Gingling College. Nanking.


C 2894 Mouth of a Tributary of the Yangtze River and village. Note tall
trees on the banks. Anwhei province.

C 2695 Road near Susung. Anwhei province.

C 2696 Cattle market. Suchow, Anwhei province.


C 2690 Stretching an ox hide. Wusih.

C 2691 A village in the forest. Wusih.

C 2692 Girl students in a stick drill. Government school. Wusih.

C 2693 View of Fuchow, Kiangsu Conference.


C 2685 A beautiful archway. Wusih.

C 2686 An arch bridge. Wusih.

C 2687 A brook scene. Wusih.

C 2688 Logs in a narrow river. Wusih.

C 2689 Man selling candy. Wusih.


C 2680 Small boy scouts. Quinsan, Kiangsu province.

C 2681 Four buddhas. Sungkiang, Kiangsu province.

C 2682 Garden scnee. Sungkiang-Kiangsu province.

C 2683 The birds' eye view of Wusih.

C 2684 Public park. Wusih.


C 2676 Native hut and pagoda in distance. Quinsan, Kiangsu Province.

C 2677 Small native hut. Quinsan , Kiangsu Province.

C 2679 Younger boy scouts. Quinsan. Kiangsu province.


C 2672 School and temple grounds at the foot of the hill. Quinsan, Kiangsu

C 2673 Buddhist temple at the foot of the hill with canal boat in
foreground. Quinsan, Kiangsu Province.

C 2674 Marble dragon bridge. Quinsan, Kiangsu Province.

C 2675 An arch way built on the road. Quinsan, Kiangsu Province.


C 2668 Chinese surveyors at work. Kiangsu Province.

C 2669 Celebration of a national holiday by school children. Quinsan,
Kiangsu Province.

C 2670 Celebration of a national holiday by school children. Quinsan,
Kiangsu Province.

C 2671 School and temple grounds at the foot of the hill. Quinsan, Kiangsu


C 2661 A religious service. Kiangsu Province.

C 2662 Huts built after the flood. Kiangsu Province.

C 2663 A beggar. Kiangsu Province.

C 2664 An old mother. Kiangsu Province.

C 2665 A small childs. Kiangsu Province.

C 2666 Boy wearing fur cap. Kiangsu Province.

C 2667 Close up of Chinese boys. Kiangsu Province.


C 2651 Boats in Woosung River. Shanghai.

C 2654 Wheat from foreign seeds is higher than from Chinese seeds.
Nantungchow, Kiangsu province.

C 2655 Famine refuge peasant women. Whaian.

C 2656 A three wheeled ox cart. Kiangsu Province.

C 2659 Cigarette advertisement in the interior. Kiangsu Province.

C 2660 Boat bridge on grand Canal. Kiangsu Province.


C 2644 Woman story teller. Soochow.

C 2645 Mouth of the Woosun river. Soochow.

C 2646 A light type of intinerary restaurant. Soochow.

C 2648 Soldier working in field in his leisure time. Soochow.

C 2649 An old Chinese woman. Woosung.

C 2650 Chinese girl. Woosung.


C 2639 Pagoda. Soochow.

C 2640 Roof decoration. Soochow.

C 2641 Street scene. Soochow.

C 2642 Peddlers in front of a Taoist's Temple. Soochow.

C 2643 Woman story teller. Soochow.


C 2634 Bridge. Soochow.

C 2636 Country scene. Soochow.

C 2637 Road up to FuChu. Soochow.

C 2635 View in a garden. Soochow.

C 2638 Pagoda. Soochow.


C 2630 Soochow river scene.

C 2631 View of small canal thru bridge. Soochow.

C 2632 Canal lumber yard. Soochow.

C 2633 Woman washing rice in canal. Soochow.


C 2620 The directions committee 1922. Shanghai.

C 2626 China Christian Council of 100- 1922. Shanghai.

C 2627 Morrison's Bible at British and Foreign Bible Society. Shanghai.

C 2628 Popular education conference of Methodist Episcopal Church. May 1924. Shanghai.

C 2629 Red Cross making garments for wounded soldiers. Nantao Christian
Institiute. Great East Gate. Shanghai.


C 2621 Story hour. Model School. Y.M.C.A. Shanghai.

C 2622 Playtime Model School. Y.M.C.A. Shanghai.

C 2623 Vaccinating. Shanghai.

C 2624 Preparation for vaccination. Shanghai.


C 2617 Law School. Methodist Episcopal Church South. Shanghai.

C 2618 General view of model school. Y.W.C.A. Shanghai.

C 2619 Morning wash. Model School. Y.M.C.A. Shanghai.

C 2620 Learning to wash their teeth at the Model School. Y.M.C.A. Shanghai.


C 2612 Day nursery. Shanghai.

C 2613 Day nursery. Shanghai.

C 2613 Day nursery. Shanghai.

C 2614 Day nursery. Shanghai.

C 2616 Day nursery. Shanghai.


C 2607 Treating eyes in clinic for poor. Nantao Christian Institute. Great
East Gate. Shanghai.

C 2608 Boys' Club. Nantao Christian Institute. Great East Gate. Shanghai.

C 2609 Girls Scouts Fait East Olympic Games. Shanghai.

C 2610 Day nursery. Shanghai.

C 2611 Day nursery. Shanghai.


C 2600 McTyeirri School. Shanghai.

C 2602 McTyeirri School. Shanghai.

C 2603 A rally day of the D.U.B.S. at old McTeirre school grounds on
Thebet Road. Shanghai.

C 2604 D.V.B.S. Students. Shanghai.

C 2605 D.V.B.S. parade. Shanghai.

C 2606 Treating foot in clinic for poor. Nantao Christian Inst.


C 2594 American school. Shanghai.

C 2595 Students pulling roller over yard, American school. Shanghai.

C 2596 Students pulling roller over yard. American school. Shanghai.

C 2597 Playing a game. American school. Shanghai.

C 2598 Students pulling roller over grounds. American school. Shanghai.

C 2599 Lambuth Hall. McTyeirri School. Shanghai.

C 2601 Part of McTyeirri School. Shanghai.


C 2590 American school. Shanghai.

C 2591 American school. Shanghai.

C 2592 American school. Shanghai.

C 2593 American school. Shanghai.


C 2585 Gateway to Nan Yang College. Shanghai.

C 2586 Nang Yang College. Shanghai.

C 2587 Two of the recitation buildings. Shanghai College.

C 2588 Physical directors summer school swimming. Shanghai College.

C 2589 American School. Shanghai.


C 2578 Cloud effect and trees. Shanghai.

C 2579 Scene near Shanghai.

C 2580 Cows. Shanghai.

C 2581 View of Catholic Mission Cathedral at left zikasei. Shanghai.

C 2582 Saint Saviour Church. Shanghai.

C 2583 Saint Saviour Church. Shanghai.

C 2584 Methodist Episcopal Church, Quinsan Road. Shanghai.


C 2573 Sorting rubbish by washing. Shanghai.

C 2574 Fishing near Shanghai.

C 2575 Pagoda Loong Hwa Pagoda. Shanghai.


C 2569 Men pulling a roller on the road. Shanghai.

C 2570 Steam roller. Shanghai.

C 2571 Steam roller. Shanghai.

C 2572 Road overflowed with water. Shanghai.

C 2576 "Door of Hope". Kiang Wang. Shanghai.

C 2577 Zig-zag bridge on a pond. Shanghai.


C 2563 A workman's hut it houses his whole family. Shanghai.

C 2564 Country house among the trees. Shanghai.

C 2565 Ice storage house. Shanghai.

C 2566 Wheelbarrow and cotton fields. Shanghai.

C 2567 Working girls wheelbarrow. Shanghai.

C 2568 The wheelbarrows passing. Shanghai.


C 2558 Women worshipping. Shanghai.

C 2559 Worship at the family temple lantern festival time. Shanghai.

C 2560 Worship at the temple lantern festival time. Shanghai.

C 2561 A fort was built on the roof for the idols to fight against coming
evils. Shanghai.

C 2562 A counseling house for head men of villages to settle village
affairs. Shanghai.


C 2553 A birds eye view of Lung Hwa temple. Shanghai.

C 2554 Idols in a temple. Shanghai.

C 2555 Idols chair. Shanghai.

C 2556 Women burning spirit money in front of a temple. Shanghai.

C 2557 Women burning spirit money in front of a temple. Shanghai.


C 2549 Young workers eating on the sidewalk factory. Shanghai.

C 2550 Two young workers from cotton mill. Shanghai.

C 2551 Lung Hwa Pagoda from Lung Hwa Temple. Shanghai.

C 2552 Entrance to a temple. Shanghai.


C 2545 Guard on running machinery to prevent accident - commercial press.

C 2546 Taking food to the cottom mill for their families working. Shanghai.

C 2547 Waiting with fodd for factory workers. Shanghai.

C 2548 Cotton mill workers come to ther gate to get food-sent by their
family. Shanghai.


C 2540 Decorated motor car in funeral parade. Shanghai.

C 2541 Motor-car decorated with greene in a funeral procession. Shanghai.

C 2542 Coffin houses. Shanghai.

C 2543 Making educational toys - commercial press. Shanghai.

C 2544 English composing room - commercial press. Shanghai.


C 2535 Mourning decorations in front of house of deceased. Shanghai.

C 2537 Funeral procession.Shanghai.

C 2537 Funeral procession. Shanghai.

C 2538 Funeral procession. Shanghai.

C 2539 Funeral parade in front of Methodist mission photo bureau. Shanghai.


C 2530 A girl slave. Shanghai.

C 2531 Chinese girl typist. Shanghai.

C 2532 A wedding carriage. Shanghai.

C 2533 Wedding chair. Shanghai.

C 2534 Wedding chair. Shanghai.


C 2526 Girls and boys sitting in the sun during the winter time. Shanghai.

C 2527 Chinese children. Shanghai.

C 2528 The youngest workers in the cotton mill. Shanghai.

C 2529 Girl with curly hair. Shanghai.


C 2522 Girls playing cards. Shanghai.

C 2523 Boy playing marbles. Shanghai.

C 2524 Children with modern childs' auto. Shanghai.

C 2525 Group of children. Shanghai.


C 2518 Girl knitting. Shanghai.

C 2519 Older children telling stories. Shanghai.

C 2520 Children reading outside of their home. Shanghai.

C 2521 Girls hopping. Shanghai.


C 2513 Child with two queues. Shanghai.

C 2514 Girls with queues. Shanghai.

C 2515 Chinese girl with a headache. Shanghai.

C 2516 A Yangtzee river girl. Shanghai.

C 2516 A small Chinese girl. Shanghai.


C 2505 Boy with nose running. Shanghai.

C 2506 Boy candy peddler. Shanghai.

C 2507 Boy peddler and girl buyer. Shanghai.

C 2508 Girl peddler. Shanghai.

C 2509 Type of Chinese girl. Shanghai.

C 2510 Chinese girls with queues. Shanghai.

C 2511 Girls with queue on her head. Shanghai.

C 2512 Girl with two queues. Shanghai.


C 2497 Child with clothemade tiger on its back. Shanghai.

C 2498 Street waif at Chow. Shanghai.

C 2499 Type of Chinese boy. Shanghai.

C 2500 Type of Chinese boy. Shanghai.

C 2501 Boy type of the better class. Shanghai.

c 2502 Boy type of the better class. Shanghai.

C 2503 Type of boy of the street. Shanghai.

C 2504 Smiling street warf. Shanghai.


C 2492 A child's head-dress. Shanghai.

C 2493 Baby wearing hat decorated with silver idols. Shanghai.

C 2494 Chinese child. Shanghai.

C 2495 Small child with silver chain on neck to protect from evil.

C 2496 A small child. Shanghai.


C 2487 A servant and baby. Shanghai.

C 2488 Child with baby on his back. Shanghai.

C 2489 Girl caring for her small sister. Shanghai.

C 2490 Small girl carrying a baby. Shanghai.

C 2491 Baby wearing hat decorated with silver idols. Shanghai.


C 2488 Mother teaches her baby to walk. Shanghai.

C 2484 Mother and son watching Punch and Judy show. Shanghai.

C 2485 Mother and son watching Punch and Judy show. Shanghai.

C 2486 Baby in hand-car. Shanghai.


C 2479 Poor beggar women carrying two children. Shanghai.

C 2480 Mother and daughter who work in silk-mill. Shanghai.

C 2481 Woman and baby. Shanghai.

C 2482 Mother dressing small child. Shanghai.


C 2475 Coolie types. Shanghai.


C 2471 Man with long nails can not work so becomes a beggar. Shanghai.

C 2472 New Years beggar. Shanghai.

C 2473 A blind beggar. Shanghai.

C 2474 Smiling c***s. Shanghai.

C 2476 Modern fashions of Chinese ladies. Shanghai.

C 2477 Old woman as sweet fruit peddler. Shanghai.

C 2478 Two old beggar women. Shanghai.


C 2466 Crowded streets on Chinese New Years Day. Shanghai.

C 2467 "The New World" building. Shanghai.

C 2465 Crowded streets on Chinese New Years Day. Shanghai.

C 2468 Man selling spear-mint gum. Shanghai.

C 2469 Chinese fireman. Shanghai.

C 2470 A vegetable peddler. Shanghai.


C 2460 Bamboo basket-day on the Bubbling Well Road. Shanghai.

C 2461 On festival day lanterns are hung on two posts in front of temple.

C 2462 Large dummy figures in parade. Shanghai.

C 2463 Crowded streets on Chinese New Years Day. Shanghai.

C 2464 Crowded streets on Chinese New Years Day. Shanghai.


C 2456 Coolies asleep on the docks, Shanghai

C 2457 A movable dispensary, Shanghai

C 2458 Vaccination in municipal headquarters, Shanghai

C 2459 Free vaccination in a yard, Shanghai

C 2456 Coolies asleep on the docks. Shanghai.

C 2457 A movable dispensary. Shanghai.

C 2458 Vaccination in Municipal headquarters. Shanghai.

C 2459 Free vaccination in a yard. Shanghai.


C 2451 Drying clothes over a street, Shanghai

C 2452 A Chinese house drying clothes in the front yard, Shanghai

C 2453 Laundry drying, Shanghai

C 2454 Landry drying, Shanghai

C 2455 Ricksha's c***s asleep in a shed provided by municipal council,

C 2451 Drying clothes over a street. Shanghai.

C 2452 A Chinese house drying clothes in the front yard. Shanghai.

C 2453 Laundry drying. Shanghai.

C 2454 Laundry drying. Shanghai.

C 2455 Ricksha Coolies asleep in a shed provided by Municipal Council.


C 2446 Searching among dirt, Shanghai

C 2447 Peddler with tent, Shanghai

C 2448 Weaving cloth, Shanghai

C 2449 Women sewing, Shanghai

C 2450 Moving out of house to any place, Shanghai

C 2446 Searching among dirt. Shanghai.

C 2447 Peddler with tent. Shanghai.

C 2448 Weaving cloth. Shanghai.

C 2449 Women sewing. Shanghai.

C 2450 Moving out of house to anyplace. Shanghai.


C 2418 A boy meat peddler.

C 2441 Scribe and fortune teller, Shanghai

C 2442 Street show, Shanghai

C 2443 Punch and Judy show, Shanghai

C 2444 Making birds with leaves, Shanghai

C 2445 Child labor, Shanghai

C 2441 Scribe and fortune teller. Shanghai.

C 2442 Street show. Shanghai.

C 2443 Punch and judy show. Shanghai.

C 2444 Making birds with leaves. Shanghai.

C 2445 Child labor. Shanghai.

C2435 Vendors of New Years Toys. Shanghai.

C2436 New Years road side gambler. Shanghai.

C2437 A candy peddler making a paper tower as advertisement. Shanghai

C2438 Spinning top at New Year time. Shanghai.

C2439 Boy playing a gambling wheel. Shanghai.

C2440 Street jugglers children. Shanghai.

C2429 Basket maker near Shanghai.

C2430 Tivo cobblers Shanghai.

C2431 The Chinese cut the kerosene tins to make dust pans and sell them. Shanghai

C2432 Selling second-hand clothes. Shanghai.

C2433 Outdoor shampoo "parlor" Shanghai.

C2434 Fire-cracker peddler opens his shop during the Chinese New Year. Shanghai

C2422 Girls on a holiday buying food from a peddler. Shanghai.

C2423 Children gather around the peddler to buy something to eat. Shanghai.

C2424 Child buying a whistle. Shanghai.

C2425 Open tea shop in winter. Shanghai

C2426 Selling peanuts at small stations. Shanghai

C2427 Candies and Idols for children. Shanghai.

C2428 Porcelain shop. Shanghai.

C2418 A boy meat peddler.

C2419 Making flour from rice for making New Year Cakes. Shanghai

C2420 Making Cakes (Niu Rou - Beef Dumplings) for Chinese New Years. Shanghai.

C2421 Little girls buying sweetmeats. Shanghai

C2411 A traveling baker. Shanghai

C2412 "Ice Cream" for Sale. Shanghai

C2413 Street kitchen. Shanghai

C2414 The fruit peddler used feather broom to drive the flies away. Shanghai.

C2415 Wheel barrow c[***] having a quick lunch of noodles. Shanghai

C2416 Eating at the road Ride kitchen. Shanghai.

C2417 Girls at a street show. Shanghai

C2405 A fan used as a sign board. Shanghai

C2406 Selling pictures which are hanging on the street wall. Shanghai

C2407 Selling Xmas Trees Shanghai

C2408 Egg market. Shanghai

C2409 Market scene. Shanghai.

C2410 Vegetable Market. Shanghai

C2399 Sailing boats. Shanghai

C2400 A fancy boat anchored in Whang Woo rivers.

C2401 A boat from South China has a fancy stern anchored at Shanghai.

C2402 Dragon boat festival. Shanghai

C2403 Little boy carrying paper sign board and ringing the bell for a moving picture. Shanghai

C2404 The eye doctor's sign board is painted with eyes. Shanghai.

C2394 - Brook scene near Shanghai

C2395 Canal scene near Shanghai

C2396 Boat has been taken on land and used for a house. Soochow Creek. Shanghai

C2397 Riverside residences Soochow Creek. Shanghai

C2398 Tivo Sampans waiting for customers. Shanghai

C2388 - River crowded by boats. Shanghai.

C2389 - House boats + North Szechuan Road Bridge. Shanghai

C2390 - Beggar village and boats on the Zikawei Canal. Shanghai

C2391 - Beggar village and boats on the Zikawei Canal. Shanghai.

C2392 - Family living in a boat. Shanghai

C2393 - Brook scene near Shanghai.

C2383 W.S. Submarines and mother ship in Shanghai harbor. Shanghai

C2384 Boats loaded with cotton near Shanghai.

C2385 Unloading of wheat flour. Shanghai

C2386 Mouth of Soochow Creek showing rafts. Shanghai.

C2387 Bamboo rack and river scene. Shanghai

C2378 Song Chan Ren's Monument. Shanghai

C2379 Spacious ground of a private foreign business man. Shanghai

C2380 Tender leaving jetty with passengers for America. Shanghai

C2381 Mouth of Soochow Creek showing U. S and German Consulates. Shanghai.

C2382 U.S Submarines and mother ship in Shanghai harbor. Shanghai

C2373 - Policemen arresting a man. Shangai

C2374 - Children's playground, Qiansan road. Shanghai

C2375 - Bench in the park along the bund, marked "for foreigners only" Shanghai.

C2376 - A womens new fashion of dressing. Shanghai

C2377 - New China St. Hongkow Park. Shanghai


C 2368 Motor cycle, Shanghai.

C 2369 Transportation of old cotton, Shanghai.

C 2370 Loading firewood, Shanghai.

C 2371 Water spreading car, Shanghai.

C 2372 Dirt carrier (cart), Shanghai.


C 2361 Crowded tram car, Shanghai.

C 2362 Trolley car, Shanghai.

C 2364 Preparing tram car track, Shanghai.

C 2363 Bubblin well road, Shanghai.

C 2365 Ricsha depot, Shanghai.

C 2367 Motor truck taking the place of c*** power, Shanghai.

C 2366 Coolie with heavy loaded wheelbarrow, Shanghai.


C 2355 A market. Shanghai.

C 2356 Crowds buying food for New Years. Shanghai.

C 2357 Traffic on the garden bridge. Shanghai.

C 2358 Tram way shelter. Shanghai.

C 2359 Waiting for the tram car. Shanghai.

C 2360 Crowding into a tram car. Shanghai.


C 2350 Cigarette sign "Golden Horse". Shanghai.

C 2351 Wine shop with biggest character on the front wall. Shanghai.

C 2352 Santa Claus with wine-bottle in his hand. (Wine shop ad.) Shanghai.

C 2353 Exhibition - NY San and Co. buscuits. Shanghai.

C 2354 A market. Shanghai.


C 2345 Store decorating for a sale. Wing On and Co.

C 2346 Sincene and Co. and Wing On Co. both decorated for a sale. Shanghai.

C 2347 Store decorated for a sale. Shanghai.

C 2348 Japanese shop during the X-Mas sale time. Shanghai.

C 2349 Cigarette sign board on the roof. Shanghai.


C 2340 A beautiful shop front. Shanghai.

C 2341 A beautiful shop front. Shanghai.

C 2343 Store decorated for a sale. Sinsene and Co. Shanghai.

C 2342 Modern store in Shanghai.

C 2344 Store decoration for a sale. Sincene and Co. Shanghai.


C 2336 The custom house. Shanghai.

C 2337 North Railway Station. Shanghai.

C 2338 Bund at Shanghai.

C 2339 Moving by wheelbarrow at the Bund. Shanghai.


C 2332 People crowded before the newspaper office to look at news.

2333 Spectators on roof of New Worlds building on racing day. Shanghai.

C 2334 The Nanking Road. Shanghai.

C 2335 Post office. Shanghai.


C 2328 View of Shanghai City and the river from the roof of New World
Building. Shanghai City.

C 2329 Russian, German, and U.S. Consulate's Setor house in background.

C 2330 Street scene. The corner of Ranger Road and North Szechuan Road.

C 2331 The "New World" and Nanking Road. Shanghai.


C 2185 Swasey Science Hall University of Nanking.

C 2217 Confucion Temple. Jungchang.

C 2278 Dental department. Methodist Episcopal Hospital. Peking.

C 2327 View of Shanghai City. Shanghai.


C 2183 Boy from Chungking.

C 2184 A Christian type. Chungking.


C 2180 Child.

C 2181 Type of mongolian child brought into this part of the country with
the caravans.

C 2182 The daughter of a Christian, this girls if a student at the
Women's Foreign Missionary Society Peking.


C 2175 Terraced fields.

C 2176 Plowing with water buffalo.

C 2177 Plowing with water buffalo.

C 2178 Fishing from boat.

C 2179 The main arch to the cloud temple at the new summer palace.


C 2170 Cookie pulling loaded cart.

C 2171 Cookies pulling loaded cart.

C 2172 Rice fields.

C 2173 Terraced fields on mountain side.

C 2174 Rice fields.


C 2140 A Pagoda West China.

C 2141 A Pagoda. West China.

C 2167 Man carrying load over shoulders.

C 2166 Travelling by chair.

C 2168 Man carrying load over shoulders.

C 2169 Man carrying load over shoulders.


C 2135 Street scene.

C 2136 Wheelbarrow colporteur.

C 2137 Making roads.

C 2138 Cookie carrying a load.

C 2139 Boats.


C 1967 Farmer working in rice field.

C 1968 Harvestors at work in rice field. West China.

C 1969 Ancient walls and towers. Peiping.

C 1970 Soldiers at work on YMCA grounds showing. Horace Tracy Pitkin
Memorial Building.

C 1971 The street water carrier. Peiping.

C 1972 Funeral procession with 32 bearers. Peiping.

C 1972 Funeral procession with 32 bearers. Peiping.

C 1973 Idol procession in street. Peiping.

C 1974 Shop built around spreading tree to keep from destroying it.


C 1822 Biology group (frog). Shanghai College.

C 1823 Student. Shanghai College.

C 1824 Student. Shanghai College.

C 1825 From the children's ward. Margaret Williamson Hospital. Shanghai.

C 1826 Nurse and babies. Margaret Williamson Hospital. Shanghai.


C 1818 Colporteur. Shanghai.

C 1819 Sunday school child. South gate church. Shanghai.

C 1820 The choir. South Gate Church. Shanghai.

C 1821 Treatment for leprosy. Hongkew Social Center. Shanghai.


C 1814 The gospel for new China. Shanghai.

C 1815 Colporteur selling gospels at the Ferry boat. Shanghai.

C 1816 Colporteur A.C. Koo and his bugle. Shanghai.

C 1817 Colporteur A.C. Koo and his bugle. Shanghai.


C 1810 Explaining the gospel. Shanghai.

C 1811 The Colporteur awakens interest. Shanghai.

C 1813 Colporteur. Shanghai.

C 1812 A Colporteur answers questions. Shanghai.


C 1806 Colporteur K.S. Sun. Shanghai.

C 1807 Colporteurs of the docks. Shanghai.

C 1808 Colporteur H.S.Sun. Shanghai.

C 1809 Colporteur teaches as well as sells. Shanghai.


C 1802 Botany student. True Light Middle School. Canton.

C 1803 Vendor of birds cages. American Bible Society depot. Shangai.

C 1804 T.H. Lin, Field Secretary (rear desk). American Bible Society
depot. Shangai.

C 1805 Binding the Mandarin Bible. Shanghai.


C 1798 A student. True Light Middle School. Canton.

C 1800 Chemistry class. True Light Middle School. Canton.

C 1801 In the garden. True Light Middle School. Canton.


C 1343 Independence Day celebration in front of Water of Life Hospital.

C 1797 At bat. True Light Middle School. Canton.


C 1338 Improved Chinese cotton. Nanking University. Nanking.

C 1339 Dr. Homer H. Lew harvesting his experimental Kaoliang. Yenching
University. Peiping.

C 1340 Volleyball. Rulison High School. Kiuking.

C 1341 Students. Rulison High School. Kiukiang.

C 1342 Students. Rulison High School. Kiukiang.

C 1344 Graduate nurses on staff at Water of Life Hospital. Kiukiang.

C 1345 A weekly evangelistic meeting held on Perking's lawn. Kiukiang.


C 1334 Students preparing corn for seed department of Agriculture. Peking
University. Peiping.

C 1335 Inspecting moths for egg production work. Peiping.

C 1336 Mulberry field early in season on campus of Lignan University.

C 1337 Planting a tree on Arbor day. Lignan University. Canton.


C 1330 Agricultural class harvesting rice at Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1331 Silkworm farmers' club organized by the Argriculture Bureau of
Canton in cooperation with Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1332 Wild silkworms spun their cocoons in artificial trees frames made
of ratton and bamboo. Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1333 Interior of reeling room showing experimental equipment at Lingnan
University. Canton.


C 1326 Group of students learning to raise poultry scientifically at
Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1327 Vegetable garden and fruit exhibit of Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1328 Interior of a greenhouse at Lingnan University. Canton.

C 1329 Agricultural students selecting rice at Lingnan University. Canton.


C 1321 Picking cotton on farm of College of Agriculture and Forestry
University of Nanking. Nanking.

C 1322 A dramatic presentation of bulletin on cotton raising. Agricultural
College. Nanking University.

C 1323 A shipment of wheat leaving the College of Agriculture and
Forestry. University of Nanking.

C 1324 Animal husbandry, teachers and students at Lingnan University.

C 1325 A class studying Indian buffaloes at Lingnan University. Canton.


C 1301 Summer school of Religious Education at play time. Changli.

C 1306 Patriotic parade. China.

C 1307 An official of old China wearing his official robes.

C 1319 Studying the Shropshire sheep of the department of Argriculture of
Yenching University. Peiping.

C 1320 Herd of swine Agricultural Dept. of Yenching University. Peiping.


C 1163 Students and faculty. Foochow Ding Anglo Chinese school.

C 1188 Pollyanna grown up.

C 1298 Every-boy Pentathlon winning team. Changli Academy.


C 570 Memorial to Dr. Sun Yat Sen near Foochow.

C 571 Memorial to Dr. Sun Yat Sen. near Foochow.

C 1073 The Hero who carried the message through the Boxer lines.

C 1299 Student Church commencement day. Chengli.

C 1300 Community sports day. Government girls' Primary at Changli.


C 565 College class and faculty Huan Nan College. Foochow.

C 566 Miss Lucy Wang, president of Huan Nan College. Foochow.

C 567 Three Presidents, Hua Nan College. Foochow.

C 568 Bishop Chih Ping Wang and John Gowdy. Foochow.

C 568 Bishop Chih Ping Wang and John Gowdy. Foochow.

C 569 Bishops Nielson Chih Ping Wang. Birney Gowdy and Keeney. Foochow.


C 503 Bishop Goudy laying the corner stone of the Arts hall of Fukien
Christian College. Foochow.

C 555 Chapel of Primary School. Chengtu.

C 653 Chinese children. Foochow.

C 564 A Chinese lantern. Foochow.


C 494 Member of the class of 1934, Rulison School. Kiukiang.

C 495 Members of the class of 1934. Rulison School. Kiukiang.

C 498 Student on completion of his five mile swim, receiving
congratulations of his friends. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

C 499 Setting rice plants.

C 500 Child playing in the sand.

C 501 Moving the school library. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

C 502 Moving school library. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.


C 492 Dr. H.T. Chen, Head of Dental Dept. Hopkins Memorial Hospital.

C 493 Drs. Li and Backus in x-ray laboratory. Hopkins Memorial Hospital.


C 490 Dr. S.F. Yao, Supt. of the Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peiping.

C 491 Rev. Mark Liu, Business manager of Hopkins Memorial Hospital.


C 488 Surgical ward. Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peiping.

C 489 Medical and eye ward. Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peiping.


C 486 Waiting room in the eye clinic. Peiping. Hopkins Memorial Hospital.

C 487 Hospital employees (except nurses) at Chapel Services. Hopkins
Memorial Hospital. Peiping.


C 484 Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peiping.

C 485 Nurses (men) home. Hopkins Memorial Hospital Peiping.


C 279 Public ward. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 280 Operating room. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 281 Mode of bringing patients. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 282 Christian funeral of workmen at Wuhu General Hospital.


C 275 Lobby. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 276 Patient. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 277 Women's Ward at Christmas. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 278 Childrens' ward. Dr. Liu and Dr. Brown. Wuhu General Hospital.


C 117 Patients. Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.

C 118 Evangelist and son, Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kang.

C 273 Main entrance. Wuhu General Hospital.

C 274 Rear view of Wuhu General Hospital.


C 113 Patients, Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.

C 114 Patients. Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.

C 115 Patients. Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.

C 116 Patients. Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.


C 109 Girls on vacation. Kuling.

C 110 Government and Water of Life Hospital Doctors. Kiu Kiang.

C 111 Staff 1929 - Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.

C 112 Patient, Water of Life Hospital. Kiu Kiang.


C 105 Day School pupils, Methodist Episcopal School. Kiu Kiang.

C 106 Student Rulison Fish High School. Kiu Kiang.

C 107 Student Rulison Fish High School. Kiu Kiang.

C 108 Students Rulison High School. Kiu Kiang.


C 101 Chinese mother and son. Kiu Kiang.

C 102 A cloth vendor. Kiu Kiang.

C 103 Women's Missionary Society. Hwashengtang Methodist Episcopal Church. Kiu Kiang.

C 104 Christian workers. Kiu Kiang.


C 97 Homeless, without food. Kiu Kiang.

C 98 Korean and Chinese girls. Kiu Kiang.

C 99 Chinese family. Kiu Kiang.

C 100 Chinese grandfather. Kiu Kiang.


C 93 Waiting for Bishop Birney to start off in hydroplane, So. Gate Lake.
Kiu Kiang.

C 94 Residential street. Kiu Kiang.

C 95 Wash day. So. Gate Lake. Kiu Kiang.


C 67 Reconstruction showing Chinese methods of windlass block and tackle
and man power. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

C 68 Celebration of American New Years Day. Foochow.

C 69 Celebration of American New Year Day. Foochow.

C 70 Scene on road showing improvements as part of road building program
of National Government. Foochow.

C 71 Reclamation project on Min River under direction of Dept. of Public
works. Foochow.

C 92 A steamer at the hulk. Kiu Kiang.


C 56 Community Christmas tree. Nushu General Hospital.

C 57 Children with Christmas dolls. Wuhu.

C 58 Bible woman teaching village people. Wuhu.

C 59 Dr. Brown Supt. of General Hospital, with "Polyana" patient. Wuhu.

C 63 Students of all ages ready for inspection, government military
training. Foochow.

C 65 President C.J. Liu, Fukien Christian University, greeting Dr. John
Edwards, on his arrival. Foochow.

C 64 Pupils of a Sunday school taught by students from deptarament of
Religious education, Fukien Christian University.

C 66 Reconstruction of burned dormitory into Arts Hall, Fukien Christian


99785 American Bible Society house. Peiping.

C 53 Corner of city wall. Peking.

C 54 Pagoda in silhouette. Keeling.

C 55 "Sail" type of irrigation pump.


99771 Pupils who shared in program which raised money for new Chapel
Primary School. Chengtu.

99772 Pupils who shared in program which raised money for new Chapel
Primary School. Chengtu.

99776 Rev. Lin Tin-Ho and leather bound Bibles.

99777 Bible Colportuer and his mule.


99760 Close up of the Dragon's Screen. Winter Palace. Peiping Peking.

99761 American Bible Society Building. Hatsmon Street. Peking.

99762 Blind man on the street. Peiping, Peking.

99763 Municipal water works (water wheelbarrow). Peking.


99756 Kuomin tang Propaganda over main entrance to forbidden city. Peking.

99757 Nationalist flag of China Kuomintag flag picture Sun Yat Sin
Auditorium Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99758 Kuomintang propaganda at Railroad Station. North China.

99759 The Dragons' screen, Winter Palace. Peking.


99752 Nurses home, Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peiping Peking.

99753 Class of 1929 Nurses Training School, Isabella Fisher Hospital.

99754 Hopkins Memorial Hospital. Peking.

99755 Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Loury with a dwarf patient in Hopkins Memorial
Hospital. Peking.


99748 Christian funeral North China.

99750 Peking Union Medical College. Peiping.

99749 Christian family. North China.

99751 Peking Union Medical College Chapel. Peiping Peking.


999742 Bible Training School. Changli.

99743 Six elders. Sept 1928. North China Conference. Peiping (Plking).

99746 Rev. Tang, Supt. Tsunhua District North China Conference.

99744 Six ordained deacons Sept. 1928. North China Conference. Peking.

99745 Local Deacons- First two women to be ordained in North China
Conference. Peiping (Peking).

99747 Part of a funeral procession. North China.


99738 Refugees leaving Methodist Refugee Camp for return home. Tientsin.

99739 Sunday school class. Tientsin.

99740 The farmer brings in a load of cabbages on his wheelbarrow. Tientsin.

99741 Bible Training School. Changli. Tientsin.


99734 Methodist Refugee Camp. Tientsin.

99735 Hot bread to be distributed at Methodist Refugee Camp. Tientsin.

99736 One family in one room Methodist Refugee Camp. Tientsin.

99737 Refugees get their travel money for return home after the war.


99730 Chinese Army travels. Tientsin.

99731 Chinese army travels. Tientsin.

99732 Camaflouged armoured train Chinese army. 1929. Tientsin.

99733 Missionaries teach country girls how to knit. Methodist Refugee
Camp. Tientsin.


99726 Some Idols. Peitaiho.

99727 God of the North. Shanhaikuan.

99728 Refugees entering Tientsin during warfare. Tientsin.

99728 Missionaries moving during war time. Tientsin.


99722 Choir. Keen Memorial Girls' School Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99723 Keen Memorial Girls' School. Tientsin.

99724 God of Medicine. North China.

99725 Brass Idols at the Brass Temple. Taian, Shantung.


99718 Science equipment donated by Chinese families. Hui Wen Academy.

99719 Typewriter in commercial dept. Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99720 Dr. Liu Fang principal of Keen Girls' School at Hui Wen Academy.

99721 Students Keen Girls' School and Hui Wen Academy celebrate National
Independence Day. Tientsin.


99714 Boys in Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99715 Students in Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99716 Students in Physics Laboratory Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99717 Botany class Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.


99710 A view of Foochow from Nantai Island

99711 Photographic dept. Exhibit. Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99712 Student in Photo dept. Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.

99713 Class of Boys, Photographic dept. Hui Wen Academy. Tientsin.


99677 Announcement carries by policeman at field meet held under auspices
of the Bureau of Education. Foochow.

99678 Missionary physician Dr. Merrill with memorial board presented to
him by Chinese officer. (etc. story in file)

99679 The banner stretched over street says "Buy national goods etc."

99680 Teaching games in experimental Sunday School under auspices of Dept.
of Rel. Ed. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

99681 A Student throwing the discus in Arhletic meet of Fukien Christian
University Foochow.

99682 Events at field meet. Fukien Christian College. Foochow.

99683 Events at field meet, Fukien Christian College. Foochow.

99684 Events at field meet Fukien Christian College. Foochow.


99668 Bridge built by a bandit from the money he extorted from the
countryside. It is inscribed with quotations from the sages near Foochow.

99669 Celebration of the ancient Dragon Boat Festival one of the three
great festival days of the Chinese year.

99670 Celevration of the ancient Dargon Boat Festival one of the three
great festival days of the Chinese year.

99671 Trekkers pulling cargo boats up the Min River. Fukien.

99672 Interior of a typical country house of the better class in rural
China near Foochow.

99673 Church nestled in a crowded village at Uang-Kau, Fukien.

99674 Chinese surveyors at work on the road building program of the new

99675 Cast of Christmas Pageant, second ward church. Kutien, Kukien.

99676 A Christmas Pageant, Second Ward Church. Kutien, Kukien.


99474 Birds eye-view of campus of Peking.

99625 Street scene in Foochow.

99626 New science building. Fukien.

99627 Faculty and students 1928. Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

99628 Fukien Christian University new science building. Foochow.


99473 Delegation from China to General Conference. Kansas City, 1928.


99377 A newly modern street. Note policemans booth and anti-foreign
poster. Foochow.

99378 A Buddha famous for curing pain. Cure is expected by banging with a
rock that park of anatomy correponding to patients place of pain. Hok Lu
Hill. Lungtien.

99381 Congested traffic-five seconds later the launch was jammed and
wrecked. Min River.

99379 Beggars reaching up bags at ends of bamboo poles. Yangtse River.

99380 Interior of a missionary residence ruined by looters March 24, 1927.

99387 The new and the old in Chinese pilows.


99369 Tearing down shops to comply with government order for wide modern
business street. Foochow.

99371 Lucie F. Harrison Hospital with rear of temple and village pond in
foreground. Futsing

99372 May celebration. Girls school. Futsing.

99373 Enthronement of May Queen. Girls School. Futsing

99374 European folk dance May celebration, Girls' School. Futsing.

99375 The Queen, accompanied by pages, May celebration Girls' School.

99376 Village school of better grade. Lungtien district.


99359 Construction of Memorial road to mausolium of Sun-Yat Sen (in the
distance at Purple Mountain. Nanking.

99360 Stone Dome above cyypt to hold body of Sun Yat Sen. Nanking.

99362 Dr. Sarah Fang- Sung a mission trained doctor and daughter one of
Foochow's best known preachers. Futsing.

99363 City Wall. Futsing

99364 An old style teacher who has taught village schools for 40 years.

99365 Island women and their babies who had just been baptized--Futsing

99366 Residence destroyed by fire. Altar and Banner erected by owner to
bring curses on one who atarted the fire. Kuliang


99141 Elders, deacons and deaconesses ordained at North China Conference.
Sept. 30, 1928

99354 New Post Office Woosung-creek. Shanghai

99355 New General Hospital. Wuhu

99240 Stern of Large Chinese junk.

99356 Entrance, new general hospital. Wuhu.

99357 The lobby new general hospital. Wuhu.

99358 New General Hospital. Wuhu.


98925 Preachers in a retreat in a bandit country. Yukie District

98926 House where retreat was held. bandit country, Yukie District

98927 A palatial house being erected by an emigre in bandit region. Yukie

98928 Son of the district Sup't Rev. Guck Gi, Yuke District

98929 The district supt't Yukie

98930 Our church at Deng-Odion. Yukie District

98931 Some villagers at out church at Sek-ek-dong bandit region. Yukie


98916 Rev. Ling Ming and family, Lungtien

98917 Students of a school supported by local government but meeting in
the church.

98918 Another pastor and family Lungtien

98919 Another pasotr and family. Lungtien.

98920 A church "mother" and her family

98921 Village types. Lungtien

98922 Village types. Lungtien

98923 Close-up of some Christian women as 98898

98924 A watch tower and fort for protection from bandits. Lungtien


98907 Straw figurines with red idol paper Lungtien.

98908 Students at Carolyn Johnson memorial academy Lungtien

98909 Countryside seen thru a village trees. Lungtien.

98910 Bound-footed girl on country road.

98911 Gathering peanuts from a field flooded from irrigating ditch,

98912 Winnowing the dried peanuts to sift out the dirt. Lungtien

98913 Drying the peanuts on the village floor. Lungtien

98914 View up a tidal creek from pagoda

98915 View up a tidal creek from pagoda


98898 A congregation after quarterly conference at seaside circuit,

98899 A peilow and low stone bridge in far end of district. Lungtien

98900 A glimpse of Koh-lu monastery thru massive rocks. Lungtien.

98901 The ancient and ruined water conduit at Hok-lu monastery.

98902 "Puff Ball Rock" Hok-lu

98903 A rather dilapildated idol in the monastery. Lungtien.

98904 Another idol in the monastery

98905 Quite a gateway for a monastery Hoklu. Lungtien

98906 Dam and dike. Lungtien.


9889 Gathering poppy milk for manufacture of opium. Futsing

98890 A couple of old church members. Futsing District

98891 A pastor and child. Lungtien District.

98892 Plowing, hoeing and planting all in one small field. Lungtien

98893 China's wheatreaper. Lungtien.

98894 Loadmen passing the courtyard side peilou. Lungtien.

98895 A stone bridge across tidal mud flats. Lungtien.

98896 New style haun shops built by wealthy emigres from South Seas.

98897 Checkerboard fields in early spring. Lungtien Dist.


98880 Boats loaded with lumber working up the tidal creek to Futsing.

98881 Miss Jennie Hones and Lois Hwang at the WFMS residence. Futsing

98882 A great banyan tree at the city wall. Futsing.

98883 Hand power water pump. Futsing.

98884 "Little North Gate" Futsing.

98885 Bill poster at work on a temple wall, Futsing.

98886 District Sup't and two pastors at dedication of Siang-tau Church

98887 A peilow (memorial arch) put to practical use. built into front of
a house. Futsing

98888 Gathering poppy milk for manufacture of opium. Futsing.


98871 A group of official members at a small island circuit, Bingtang

98872 A Bingtang preacher Ngu Hang Niong and his family. Bingtang.

98873 A funeral procession along the beach. Bingtang district

98874 The widow and fatherless sons. Bingtang.

98876 Country side covered with drying potatoes. Bingtang

98877 The whole family works at preparing potato money. Bingtang

98878 The whole family works at preparing potato money. Bingtang

98879 Rocky farmland on the island


98862 A sunrise picture from the front gate. Lek-du

98863 Bound-footed grandmother in difficult going, Mintsing district

98864 Pastoral loveliness. Mintsing

98865 A newly erected grave

98869 Pastor and official members demolish a devil shrine. Bingtang

98870 Fishermen unloading boats at Dai Ho


98853 A temple vista, Putu Island.

98854 Monks before one of the temples.

98855 A study in roofs.

98856 Preparing for the evening offerings. Putu Island.

98857 A Chinese moving picture company on location at Putu Island.

98858 A Chinese scarecrow in a newly seeded field. Mintsing district

98859 An anciet bridge. Mintsing District

98860 Rat-boats on the Mintsing creek

98861 Sunset thru the pines at Lek-Du


98844 Typhoon proff house erected at Kudiang, Fukien's summer resort.

98845 Nurses at Lucie F. Harrison Hospital Futsing loaded down with new
born babies.

98846 Stone and brick salvaged from Foochow's demolished south gate.

98847 Captured northern soldiers tearing down south gate to make room for
new roads. Foochow.

98848 Traffic officers "Kiosk" at the Foochow. The first sign of progress
in the police dept. Foochow.

98849 Mr. Cartwright.

98850 District Sup't and evangelistic missionaries at the recent gathering
to lay evangelistic plans. Foochow.

98851 Carrying a massive stone for repairs to a temple.

98852 A pilgram priest at Putu Island, near Ningpo.


98840 Market day in a country village. Chengtu.

98841 Shensi Kai Kindergarten. Chengtu.

98842 Shensi Kai day school for boys. Chentu.

98843 Chinese man and boys. West China.


98660 City wall at Futsing at sunset.

98661 A small girl, a goat-herder.

98662 View of one end of the new building, Girls' School. Futsing.

98663 View of the girls school from another angle. Futsing.

98664 Wedding party at Lucie F. Harrison's Hospital. Futsing.

98665 Some of the wedding presents in the heavy trays they are carried to
the groom's home. Futsing.

98666 Wedding presents of bedding.

98667 The wedding proccession being formed for the wedding at the
Hospital. Futsing.


98651 A cage in Shanghai used during the Anti-Japanese agitation as place
for imprisoning men who were selling Japanese products.

98652 A haystack of salt, near Ptinghufa.

98653 Bishop Brown and crowd of Church members at a remote church built
almost entirely with local money. Lu-Ha.

98654 All set for a picture.

98655 Widow's arches against the sunset, just outside Futsing.

98656 Children sitting along the road side inspecting the foreigners.

98657 A lovely bit of pathway, the only road near.

98658 Fued cutter's hut on the mountainside.

98659 A bridge over a tidal creek on the way to Chain-Tau.


98642 Another view of the babies. Futsing.

98643 Church and part of village of Hai Kau, near Futsing.

98644 District Supt. and ordained preachers on Bintang District.

98645 A wealthy foarmer in "heaven well" (courtyard) of his home on
Haitang Island, sweet potatoes in the yard.

98646 Drying sweet potatoes at a great level stretch in Haiting.

98647 Drying sweet potatoes in a fairly dry creek bottom. Haiting.

98648 Interesting rock formation. Haitang Island.

98649 A Ningpo boat beached at Haitang for calking and repairs.

98650 Upper room in center of picture was where first missionary was able
to secure quarters in Swatow.


98634 Wesley Church. Chungking.

98635 A hill-top Temple on that windswept penninsula, Lungtien District.

98637 View across Futsing taken from the Cartwright's porch.

98636 Dr. Ruth Wolcott and Miss Carrie M. Bartlett of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society on
itinerating trip with Bishop Brown.

98638 View of the newly dedicated Hospital of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society Futsing.

98639 Firecrackers by the yard. The celebration after the dedication of
the Hospital. Futsing.

98640 Twenty-four new born babies packed into these cribs at Lucie F.
Harrison Hospital. Futsing.

98641 Close-up of some of the babies at Lucie F. Harrison Hospital.


98629 Shensi Kai Kindergarten. Chengtu.

98631 Si Men Kwan Lama of the Yellow Sect standing beside prayer wheels.

98632 Tsakulao Lawesen from slope in the rear.

98630 Going out the south gate on New Year's Day. Chengtu.

98633 Log ladder on housetop in Tribes country. Gan Po.


98625 American Bible Society Depot showing street front.

98626 New Hospital and part of Women's Foreign Missionary Society School. Tzechow.

98627 Drying ground, "Fen Tiao". Hwaichow.

98628 An address against opium on market day, near Chengtu.


98620 Pin Min School, Students lined up on Athletic field. Chungking.

98621 Student meeting in commemoration of Sin Yat Sen. Chungking.

98623 High School campus. Chungking.

98622 Ma Chang Ji Chungking High School student.

98624 Three boy patients, Children's Ward, Syracuse - in China Hospital.


98615 Hsiac Me Me, daughter of Ass't Principal, Chungking High School.

98616 Human ragbag on Kialing river bank. Chungking.

98617 Boatloads of turnips, Lin Kiang Men. Chungking.

98618 Class in the old Study Hall. Chungking High School.

98618 High School Football Team. Chungking.


98610 Entering students, Chungking High School.

98611 Interior of cave, La Tong Keo Chin Fu Shan.

98612 American Bible Society Colporteurs Coalie examining a book.

98613 The North residence during the Marchuerite season. Chungking.

98614 Water buffalo plowing at agricultural school, Chungking.


98606 Lanchwan bridge.

98608 Flailing Rao Liang, near Chungking.

98609 Harvesting Roac Liang, Chungking. Lanchwan.

98607 A mountain family, Chin Fu Shan, near Lanchwan.


98296 Rickshaus for the many. An array of the man power carts ready for
some round the world tourists.

98297 A peep show and a street lunch room. Shanghai.

98298 A typhoon twisted tree by some memorial arches near Lugtien.

98299 A string of barrows on a Shanghai St.

98479 Yenching Union University. Peking.


98286 Monk before entrance to largest temple.

98287 Monks filing in front of the temple door on way to prayers.

98288 Tables arranged before a temple for an open air ceremony.

98289 A river scene at Ning-Poi.

98291 Howitzer's going up Nanking Road, Shanghai.

98292 Japanese troops marching on Nanking Road, Shanghai.

98293 Dr. R.E. Diffendorder, Dr. R.E. Lo (center) head of editorial wark
in China for our church and Rev. S.S.Ding of Religious Ed. Methodist Episcopal Church.

98294 Loading cotton on a Shanghai wharf.

98295 Small coasting steamers in Min River Foochow, decorated in honor of
nationalistic victories.


98276 Curved temple roofs and lovely courtyard.

98277 The incense burner and idol naper urn seen through the temple door.

98278 Unique roof tilings the nearer one in slver-gray, the farther in
canary glaze.

98279 Lotus bridge and Nagado in front of the largest temple in island.

98280 A moon gate at a seaside temple.

98281 More shadows and sunshine.

98282 Idol paper urn in brilliant sunshine.

98283 A vista of the silver gray and canary roofs through trees.

98284 The lotus pond from another angle.

98285 A pillar near the largest temple.


98267 A Pilgram pirest walking across one of the inviting beaches.

98268 China's drag system landing a new stone for a huge temple.

98270 Another court. China.

98271 Another court. China.

98272 Two blind monks telling their beads in the porch shade.

98273 A meditating priest pilgram.

98274 A bridge across a lily pond.

98275 The lonely spirit wall at one of the temples seen through the stone


98258 Rice time for some fisherman on the inland sea.

98259 Crowd coming to steamer at another stop.

98260 The landing at Ding-hai with the famous temple of hell crowning the

98261 Another landing with the waiting crowd.

98262 The beautiful arch at the landing, Putu Island.

98262 The beautiful arch at the landing, Putu Island.

98264 Foochow fishing boats beached at Futu harbor.

98265 A hunchbacked and practically helpless priest and pilgram.

98266 Fish lines drying with hooks fastened in basket edges at the village
near Putu landing.


98187 Bishop Birney itinerating in China. Neg. Retd. 6/15/32.

98250 A sunset on the Whampoo Creek.

98251 Fortified islands at mouth of river leading to Ming-Po.

98252 Loading a steamer with cotton at Ning-Po.

98223 The "modern" street of Nin-Po just nearing completion.

98254 The dragon encircles pillars of the Fukien Guild Hahl, Ning-Po.

98255 Crowd coming to steamer at another stop.

98256 A scene on China's inland sea near Nang-hai.

98257 Scene on an inland sea near Nang-hai.


98056 Northern army tent in front of Water of Life Hospital. Kuikiang.

98057 Northern Army wounded troops arriving at Water of Life Hospital.

98028 Dr. Perkins selecting most severly wounded for immediate attention
at Water of Life Hospital. Kuikiang.

98054 Singing a hymn together while Grandmother watched.


98017 Going up Mount Taishan.

98018 Roof of Chinese Temple.

98019 Temple of Heaven. Peking.

98020 Ruins of Buddhist temple near Peking.


97376 Academy boy scouts - Master. Peking.

97377 Y. L. Huang with wife and daughter. Tientsin.

97378 One of the college buildings in Chang Po Ling's school. Tienstin.

98015 Ruins of a bridhe near Peking.

98016 Mount Taishan.


97379 Winner of Middle school singing contest, American Board Middle
School. Fungchow.

97372 Peking Academy boy scouts. Peking.

97373 Academy boy scouts. Peking.

97374 Academy boy scouts. Peking.

97375 Academy boy scouts. Peking.


97366 Hua Shih Street Chapel. Peking.

97367 Hua Shih Church basement only completed. Peking.

97368 Chusih K'ou Church in southern city. Peking.

97369 Durdan Hall, now used for Peking Theological seminary. Peking.

97370 Students of Peking Theological Seminary in front of Durbam Hall.


97361 Former Bashford residence with Asbury Church in background,
Methodist compound. Peking.

97362 Methodist compound looking toward Bashford residence and Asbury
Church. Peking.

97363 Methodist compound, near Asbury Church. Peking.

97364 Methodist compound, Asbury Church. Peking.

97365 Shun Chih Men Church. Peking.


97356 Temple of the New Year. Peking.

97356 Temple of the New Year. Peking.

97357 General Smedley Butler at the Summer Palace. Peking.

97358 Summer Palace Temple Tower. Peking.

97359 Methodist compound, entrance gate. Peking.

97360 Methodist compoung, row of residences. Peking.


97351 Temple view in the Summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97352 Temple of the Tablet in Star of Heaven enclosure. Peking.

97353 Temple of the Tablet. Peking.

97352 Temple of the Tablet in Star of Heaven enclosure. Peking.

97352 Temple of the Tablet. Peking.

97354 Chinese architecture of 150 years ago building near Temple of
Tablets. Peking.

97355 Temple of the New Year. Peking.


97346 Bronze Phoenix Summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97347 Bronze Dragon Summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97348 Bridge in Summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97349 Bridge in Summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97350 Typical griffen, Summer Palace grounds. Peking.


97341 Empress Dowager's Residence. Peking.

97342 Ornamental gateway to lagoon in summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97344 View of Lagoon and island from temple summer Palace grounds. Peking.

97345 Vine covered rock used in Chinese gardens, Summer Palace gounds.


97336 C***s crowding on board S.S. Tungchow.

97337 Coolies crowding on board S.S. Tungchow.

97338 Stationary engineer on S.S. Tungchow. Chefoo Harbor.

97339 Unloading flour from S.S. Tungchow. Chefoo.

97340 Street group reading bulletin board. Peking.


97331 Harbor scene. Chefoo.

97332 Harbor scene. Chefoo.

97333 Harbor scene. Chefoo.

97334 Harbor scene. Chefoo.

97335 C***s crowding on board S.S. Tungchow. Chefoo.


97326 Foochow lumber junks in river below city. Shanghai.

97327 Chinese sailing junk. Shanghai.

97328 U.S. Marines erecting temporary barracks on Standard Oil Co.
property. Shanghai.

97329 Billboard advertising below city on river bank. Shanghai.

97330 S.S. Tungchow, modern Chinese woman 3 1/2 years in America,
interested ni social work.


97321 Warship in river. May '27. Shanghai.

97322 Warships in river. May '27. Shanghai.

97323 Warships in river. British, US, French, Japan. May '27. Shanghai.

97324 Chinese patrol boat. Shanghai.

97325 Foochow lumber junks in river below city. Shanghai.


97316 U.S. Battleships near Standard Oil Co. Shanghai

97317 U.S. Battleships near Standard Oil Co. Shanghai

97318 French warship. May 1927. Shanghai.

97319 British mother ship for sea planes. Shanghai.

97320 H.M.S. Hawkins. Shanghai.


97311 Lifting water for irrigating rice fields by tread power. Foochow.

97312 Group and celebration with firecrackers on wharf as R.E.D. and party
left city. Foochow.

97313 U.S.S. Pittsburg near Standard Oil C. Shangai

97314 U.S.S. Pittsburg near Standard Oil Company. Shangai

97315 U.S. Battleships near Standard Oil Co. May '27


97306 Union Kindergarten Training School. Foochow.

97307 American Board Hospital for men. Foochow.

97308 Grotto of former Chinese house now part of Institutional Church.

97309 Plowing paddy fields near Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

97310 Lifting water by tread from the Min River to irrigate paddy fields.


97301 Sum Yat Ren memorial set in lecture room of Fukien Christian

97302 View of Min River from Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

97303 New buildings Anglo Chinese College. Foochow.

97304 Union Kindergarten Training School. Foochow.

97305 Union Kindergaten Training School. Foochow.


97296 Field Finance Committee, April '27. Foochow.

97297 Mr. Chen, Chairman Administration Council, and Gen. Chang of the
Nationalist Army with R.E.D. Foochow.

97298 Mr. Chen, Chairman Administration Council, and General Chang of the
Nationalist Army, with R.E.D. Foochow.

97299 Lan La Seng, Principal of boys school, Wong Gang Huo, dist. supt.
and R.E.D. Foochow.

97300 Science laboratory, Fukien Christian University. Foochow.


97291 Entrance to city court. Foochow.

97292 Nationalist soldiers drilling recruits inside city walls. Foochow.

97293 Nationalist soldiers guarding gates.

97294 Carriage in use to Ana from Yamen. Foochow.

97295 R.E.D. and Mrs. D in Governors' Yamen. Foochow.


97286 General view of city showing location of An Chang Methodist
Episcopal Church. Foochow.

97287 Party viewing the city. Foochow.

97288 Inside old city walls, view from hilltop. Foochow.

97289 View of city from hill within the walls. Foochow.

97290 Inside the city walls; view from hilltop. Foochow.


97281 View of Min River from Fukien Christian University

97282 View of Min River from Fukien Christian University. Foochow.

97283 View of Min River at Fukien Christian University from Sites'
residence, April 21. Foochow.

97285 General view of city from Methodist residences. Foochow.


97035 Institutional church built with cemetary money. Chengtu.

97277 Chinese naval boats in Pearl river. Canton.

97278 Chinese father and boy on Goddess of Mercy Hill. Canton.

97279 View of Nagoda from Central Park. Canton.

97280 Dr. Chen and Dr. Lee with P.E.D. Canton.