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50721 School building for the blind. Pyengyang, Korea.

50722 Deaf and dumb girl leading blind girl. Pyengyang, Korea.

50723 School for blind girls. Girls knitting to pay expenses. Korea.

50724 Blind girl knitting to pay her way. Pyengyang, Korea.

50717 Pyengyang kindergarten.

50718 Pyengyang kindergarten.

50719 Pyengyang teacher.

50720 Pyengyang teacher.

50714 Kindergarten children playing with paper houses. Korea.

50715 Same as 50714.

50716 Same as 50714.

50711 Kindergarten games. Pyengyang, Korea.

50712 Kindergarteners at play. Pyengyang, Korea.

50713 Pyengyang kindergarten slide.

50707 Kindergarten at prayer.

50708 Korean game of "Bean Porridge Hot" at kindergarten. Pyengyang, Korea.

50709 Same caption as 50708.

50710 Kindergarten Dove Dance. Pyengyang, Korea.

50705 (or 50706) Word pointed at means "note carefully," Pyengyang. Pyengyang kindergarten, lesson in mixed script. Chinese and Korean.

50703 Folding paper in kindergarten. Pyengyang, Korea.

50704 Pyengyang kindergarten, formerly Morris home. Korea.

50701 Children folding paper in kindergarten. Pyengyang, Korea.

50702 Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Primary Girls School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50699 Presbytery in session, largest in the East, larger than General Assembly of China. Pyengyang.

50700 Union Academy for women. Methodist building, Korea.

50696 Physics equipment. Pyengyang Boys School, Korea.

50697 Road and wall past the Presbyterian Academy and College. Korea.

50698 Presbyterian Academy and College. Pyengyang, Korea.

50694 Coming from chapel. Pyengyang.


50695 Physics charts. Pyengyang Boys School, Korea.

50690 Boys school. Chapel in background. Corner of Folwell Hospital at right. Pyengyang, Korea.

50691 Coming from chapel. Small building used for chapel. Pyengyang Boys School, Korea.

50689 High school boys, Pyengyang.

50687 Boys School (group). Pyengyang.

50689 High school boys, Pyengyang.

50684 First primary day school, now used as dormitory for high school boys. Pyengyang, Korea.

50685 Boys school on grounds as of high school. Pyengyang.

50682 Pyengyang Boy's Dormitory. Korea.

50683 Pyengyang Boy's Dormitory. Korea.

50680 Twelve boys asleep in one room. Pyengyang, Korea.

50676 Corner of boys dormitory. Standard Oil boxes for trunks. Pyengyang, Korea.

50677 Corner room occupied by ten boys in dormitory. Note San Yat Sen's picture. Pyengyang, Korea.

50678 Boys studying in dormitory of Boys School. Nine boys in one room 12x12. Pyengyang, Korea.

50679 Fourteen boys who sleep and study in one room. Pyengyang, Korea.

50672 Boys bowing to Principal Kim. Pyengyang, Korea.

50673 Entrance to one of the room of Boy's dormitory. (Wooden slabs indicate boys for this one room.) Pyengyang.

50674 Boy studying. Boys School dormitory. Pyengyang, Korea.

50675 Same caption as 50674.

50668 Putting on shoes. Pyengyang Boys School.

50670 Pyengyang boys. Korea.

50669 Lower school boys. Pyengyang, Korea.

50671 Principal Kim talking with boys near dormitory. Pyengyang, Korea.

50664 Boys putting on shoes. Pyengyang Boys School. Korea.

50665 Same caption as 50664.

50666 Same caption as 50664.

50667 Same caption as 50664.

50660 Examination in book-keeping. Pyengyang, Korea.

50661 Same caption as 50660.

50662 Getting Examination papers. Boys School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50663 Same caption as 50662.

50656 Principal Kim of Pyengyang Boys School receiving boy in his office, Korea.

50657 Magazine rack in teachers room, Pyengyang Boys School.

50658 Same as 50657.

50659 Examination in book-keeping. Pyengyang Boys School, Korea.

50652 Pyengyang boys class, drilling. Korea.

50653 Boys of Pyengyang Boys School, Korea.

50654 Boys of Boys School, drilling. Pyengyang, Korea.

50655 Principal Kim receiving boy in his office. (The boy is from 100 miles beyond Wonju, sent here because of Christian reputation of school.) Pyengyang, Korea.

50648 Boys primary school. Pyengyang, Korea.

50649 Boys going to chapel. Pyengyang, Korea.

50650 "God is love" in the five languages besides English, which the boys have to study. Pyengyang, Korea.

50651 Boys High School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50644 Kite flying, west of Folwell's Hospital. Pyengyang, Korea.

50646 Old city wall. Remade as wall of mission property. Pyengyang, Korea.

50645 Mission road and wall. Pyengyang, Korea.

50647 Boys school at left, new chapel building at right. Japanese law does not allow religious instruction in school building. Korea.

50640 Boy and Korean kite. Pyengyang, Korea.

50641 Boys flying kites in the streets of Pyengyang, Korea.

50642 Boys flying kites near Folwell's Hospital. Pyengyang, Korea.

50643 Kite flying, west of Folwell's Hospital. Pyengyang, Korea.

50636 Child holding ice in mouth when her hand got too cold. Pyengyang, Korea.

50637 Child asleep, and chicken. Pyengyang, Korea.

50638 Children in the street. Pyengyang, Korea.

50639 Mr. Kim's daughter's play house. Pyengyang, Korea.

50632 Korean pancake maker. Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50633 Buddhist Priests. Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50634 Boy on tree. Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50635 Korean child with lump of ice. Pyengyang, Korea.

50632 Ice cream make. Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50629 Eating ice cream. Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50630 Same caption as 50629.

50631 Same caption as 50629.

50624 Crowd at Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50625 Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50626 Women at Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50627 Women resting, Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50620 Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50621 Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50622 Crowd at Swing day festival. Pyengyang, Korea.

50623 Same caption as 50622.

50616 Old Korean watching Ford Car in mud. Pyengyang, Korea.

50617 Smiling Korean man, near ferry. Pyengyang, Korea.

50618 Old Korean. Pyengyang, Korea.

50619 Old Korean man. Pyengyang, Korea.

50612 Mourning hat. Pyengyang, Korea.

50613 Korean woman. Pyengyang, Korea.

50614 Hat merchant. Pyengyang, Korea.

50615 Hat merchant. Pyengyang, Korea.

50608 Ball game. Government School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50609 Same caption as 50608

50610 Fans at ball game. Government School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50611 Old Korean woman. Pyengyang, Korea.

50604 Summer kitchen to avoid heating flames in floors. Pyengyang, Korea.

50605 Tablet in Mr. Kim's house. Pyengyang, Korea.

50606 Inari or Fox Shrine in prostitute quarter. All red wood work. Pyengyang, Korea.

50607 New Japanese High School next to our boys school at Pyengyang, Korea.

50600 Ancient Korean screen in home of druggist. Pyengyang, Korea.

50601 Putting up powders to cure indigestion. Modern Korean drug store. Pyengyang, Korea.

50602 Korean gateway. Pyengyang, Korea.

50603 Typical korean tile roof. Pyengyang, Korea.

50596 Compounding room of Korean drug store. Pyengyang, Korea.

50597 Same as 50596.

50598 Home of Korean druggist. (Rebuilding store house for drugs and herbs) Pyengyang, Korea.

50599 Ancient Korean screen in home of druggist. Pyengyang, Korea.

50592 Shoeing a bull. Pyengyang, Korea.

50593 Old style druggist. Pyengyang, Korea.

50594 Old Korean drug store. Herbs and drugs drying on mats.

50595 Store houses of old Korean drug store. Pyengyang, Korea.

50588 Four men carrying a log up on to the pile. Pyengyang, Korea.

50589 Playing the flute while trade is slack. South Gate Street. Pyengyang, Korea.

50590 Shoeing a bull. Pyengyang, Korea.

50591 Shoeing a bull. Pyengyang, Korea.

50584 Women's chair. Pyengyang, Korea.

50585 Women's chair. Pyengyang, Korea.

50586 Sedan chair. Pyengyang, Korea.

50587 Koreans sawing logs. Pyengyang, Korea.

50580 Trunk maker. Pyengyang, Korea.

50581 Brass bowl maker. (casts and finishes at home). Pyengyang, Korea.

50582 Brass bowl maker and pile of charcoal. Pyengyang, Korea.

50583 Fish line maker biting end of silk threads. Pyengyang, Korea.

50576 Japanese jigglers in Korea.

50577 Korean chess. Pyengyang, Korea.

50578 Korean chess, Pyengyang.

50579 Girls washing near 1st Church. Pyengyang, Korea.

50572 Jiggy load of bamboo baskets, Pyengyang, Korea.

50573 Jiggy man and board. Pyengyang, Korea.

50574 Man asleep in jiggy, market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50575 Korean man asleep over a drain. Pyengyang, Korea.

50568 Cigarette signs. Pyengyang, Korea.

50569 Sign on Main Street in Pyengyang, Korea.

50570 Sign of shoe shop. Pyengyang, Korea.

50571 Boys at work in shoe shop. Pyengyang, Korea.

50564 Water carrier. Standard Oil Tins. Pyengyang, Korea.

50565 Children water carriers, stopping to watch Mr. Moore's Ford. Pyengyang, Korea.

50566 Singer Company. Pyengyang, Korea.

50567 Bicycle store. Pyengyang, Korea.

50560 Road side tailor, market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50561 Wayside tailor and Standard Oil sign, market day, Pyengyang.

50562 Standard Oil Co. Godown. Pyengyang, Korea.

50563 Water carrier. Standard Oil Tins. Pyengyang, Korea.

50556 Korean selling fans. Pyengyang, Korea.

50557 Buying corn for the baby. Pyengyang, Korea.

50558 Selling cloth, market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50559 Road side tailor at market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50552 Market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50553 Wayside shop. Pyengyang, Korea.

50554 Boy with chickens for sale at straw sandal shop. Korea.

50555 Straw sandal seller. Market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50548 Police station. Pyengyang.

50549 Barracks at Pyengyang.

50550 Barracks at Pyengyang.

50551 Market day. Pyengyang, Korea.

50544 River front, waiting for ferry, Pyengyang, Korea.

50545 Crowd on river bank waiting for ferry. Pyengyang, Korea.

50546 Pack donkey and pack. Presbyterian building in background. Pyengyang, Korea.

50547 Presbyterian College. Pyengyang, Korea.

50540 Looking east through East Gate. Pyengyang, Korea.

50541 Looking east thru East Gate. Pyengyang, Korea.

50542 East Gate by the river. Pyengyang, Korea.

50543 Through East Gate. Pyengyang.

50536 View from Old West Gate. Pyengyang, Korea.

50537 Looking through Old West Gate. Pyengyang, Korea.

50538 Looking west from West Gate. Pyengyang.

50539 Street leading from Old West Gate. Pyengyang.

50532 At Keijas Tomb. Pyengyang, Korea.

50533 Visitor at Keijas Tomb. Pyengyang, Korea.

50534 Old West Gate and Fire Guards watch house, Pyengyang, Korea.

50535 One of main fire watch towers. Pyengyang, Korea.

50528 Two Koreans by roadside. Pyengyang.

50529 Wall near Keijas Tomb. Pyengyang, Korea.

50530 Keijas Tomb, Pyengyang.

50531 Visitors leaving Keijas Tomb. Pyengyang.

50524 Seven Star Gate. Pyengyang.

50525 Shinto Shrine by Seven Star Gate. Pyengyang.

50526 Near Seven Star Gate. Pyengyang, Korea.

50527 Near Seven Star Gate, Pyengyang.

50521 Detail of Keijas Gate, Pyengyang, Korea.

50522 Oldest building in Pyengyang, Korea.

50523 Keepers house of Tangun Temple. Pyengyang, Korea.

50519 Native house. Pyengyang.

50520 Oldest Gate in Pyengyang built in King David's time. Korea.

50515 Korean part of Pyengyang from Woman's Foreign Missionary Society hospital roof. Primary Boys School at extreme right, next large building. Presbyterian Church, Catholic Church with steeple. Korea.

50516 Taking panorama of Pyengyang from Mr. Kim's house.

50517 Pyengyang from Men's Hospital. Church with spire. Roman Catholic, large church at right, Presbyterian. Korea.

50518 Pyengyang from Men's Hospital. Church at left with spire is Roman Catholic, Korea.

50513 Pyengyang from Mr. Kim's house, Korea.

50514 Boys Primary School, hospital. Pyengyang.

50511 Court of justice, Pyengyang, Korea.

50512 From Kim's roof. Pyengyang.

50509 Crowd waiting for ferry. Taitong, Pyengyang.

50510 Water works. Pyengyang. (On island filteration plant), Korea.

50507 River front Taitong River - muddy, Pyengyang.

50508 Boats at river front, Pyengyang, Korea.

50505 Watchers hut guarding cucumber and melons. Kang Sa road, Korea.

50506 West Gate street, looking east. Pyengyang.

50503 Sunset clouds, Pyengyang, Korea.

50504 Sunset over Boys School. Pyengyang, Korea.

50501 Sunrise over Pyengyang, Korea.

50502 Sunset clouds, Pyengyang, Korea.

50500 Union Academy for Women, Pyengyang.

50499 Boys coming from new chapel building, Pyengyang.

50497 Hall Memorial Hospital. Dr. Anderson, Pyengyang.

50498 Boy's day school. Pyengyang.

50495 Missionaries and pastors at reception. Pyengyang.

50496 Pastors and wives at reception, Pyengyang.

50491 River and clouds, Pyengyang.

50492 Girls from village, Pyengyang.

50493 Flowery almond blossoms, mostly white, Pyengyang.

50494 House boats on Taitong River, Pyengyang.

50306 Seeking protection from the photographer.

50307 A Korean sewage carrier.

50308 Little child, without school.

50302 Heathen funeral.

50303 Heathen funeral.

50304 Heathen funeral.

50305 Little girl, not over eight.

50298 On way to Heathen funeral.

50299 Heathen funeral.

50300 Heathen funeral, ancestral tablets.

50301 On our way through the mountains.

50294 Heathen funeral marching many miles.

50295 Heathen funeral, relative of man being buried.

50296 Heathen funeral, one of mourners, drunk.

50297 Heathen funeral, one of mourners, drunk.

50290 Heathen funeral, hired woman mourner.

50291 Heathen funeral, hired woman mourner.

50293 Heathen funeral marching many miles.

50292 Heathen funeral, hired woman mourner.

50286 Heathen funeral, hand hearse.

50287 Heathen funeral marching many miles.

50288 Heathen funeral marching many miles.

50289 Heathen funeral, the mourners.

50282 Hand hearse of heathen funeral.

50283 Heathen funeral, ancestral tablets.

50284 Heathen funeral, ancestral tablets.

50285 Heathen funeral.

50278 Little boy beggar with one hand.

50279 Little boy beggar with one hand.

50280 Heathen funeral near Kongju.

50281 Heathen funeral. The hand hearse.

50274 Native Methodist preacher's son.

50275 Native Methodist preacher's son.

50276 Native Methodist preacher's son.

50277 Men and oxen drawing wagons.

50270 Methodist Boys' School, boy preparing a meal.

50271 Son of Methodist preacher.

50272 A twin son of a Methodist preacher.

50273 Little son of a native Methodist preacher.

50266 Boys in Industrial School making hats.

50267 Methodist Boys School, Industrial Dept.

50268 Methodist Boys' School, Industrial Dept.

50269 Methodist Boys' School, Industrial Dept.

50262 Boys in Methodist Boys' School.

50263 Boys in Methodist Boys' School.

50264 Boys from our Methodist Boys' School.

50265 Boys in Methodist Boys' School.

50258 Methodist Boys' School. Industrial Dept. Kongju.

50259 Methodist Boys' School. Industrial Dept.

50260 Boys in Methodist Boys' School.

50261 Boys in Methodist Boys' School.

50254 Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Bible woman with her baby.

50255 Small pine trees.

50256 Small pine trees.

50257 Out in the mountains, photographing.

50250 Methodist property. Kongju.

50251 By the road side near Kongju.

50252 Field woman near, little cemetery.

50253 Woman's.Foreign Missionary Society Bible woman with her baby.

50246 Taken from top of mountain, Kongju.

50247 Hospital site with trees half grown but as yet no building commenced. Kongju.

50248 Taken from top of mountain. Methodist property. Kongju.

50249 Taken from top of mountain, Methodist property. Kongju.

44910 Stone Buddha.

44911 Protectors against ill-luck, which stand at the entrance of every village, Korea.

44912 Mykissho, a cliff with a bas-relief of Buddha (50 ft. in height), Inner Kongo, Korea.


44914 A stone lantern at Hoketsu-ri near Gesseiri on the Kei-Gen (Seoul-Wonsan) Line.

44906 Gyokuryu-do (Grotto of Jewel Stream) and peaks, Outer Kongo, Korea.


44909 Twelve Falls, New Kongo, Korea.

44123 South Gate, Seoul, Korea.

44124 Korean music store.

44195 A court of law in Korea.

43094 Glossing cloth. Korea and Japan.

44120 Newspaper office in Seoul.

44121 Korean children eating breakfast.

44122 East Gate, Seoul.

42868 Old tomb within the site for the new Christian college. Seoul, Korea.

42869 Staff and nurses of Lillian Harris Memorial Hospital, Seoul, Korea.

42884 Korean children.

42892 A Korean ready to carry anything from a grip to a house.

42377 A light weight and a heavy weight. El Rito, Korea.

42375 The load that got my goat. Korea.

42376 The side car is trying to get across. Korea.

42458 Threshing wheat. Korea.

40232 Case of bone disease.

40231 A basket of grapes for the doctor. A case of empyenio cured.

40233 After removal of 34 lb. tumor, later on enthusiastic personal worker.

40229 An improvised stretcher, a Korean "Jiggy." Leaving hospital minus a 34 lb. tumor.

40230 Paying her operation fee (pair of Korean socks) for cataract operation. She had no cash.

40227 Former church, Wonju, Korea. Average attendance.

40228 Paying subscription for new church by carrying bricks. Wonju, Korea.

40225 A medical missionary reproducing himself in Korean trained Christian physician.

40226 The patient's father reading the Bible to pass the time away.

40223 A Korean tither gave up purchase of rice field in order to tithe.

40224 Neglected case of tumor.

40221 Two disappointed blind brothers could not be operated for lack of equipment.

40222 Neglected case of cancer of face.

39776 Reaping.

39777 Dry plowing-good.

39772 Wash day.

39773 Wet plowing.

39774 Second plowing-machine.

39775 Dragging and riding.

39768 Wedding chariot.

39769 Seoul homes and school buildings.

39770 Carrying poles.

39771 Chemulpo House.

39764 Winnowing grain.

39765 Pavilion, Yungbyen.

39766 The narrow way.

39767 Broad way.