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Governor Pak, Mr. C. Sasaki (center) representative citizen visiting the sanatorium on the occasion of Imperial City to the sanatorium, Haiju, Korea

Ambulatory patients and staff of Korea Fint Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Haiju, Korea

Viscount Kim

The Red [...] ambulance. This man was brought one night 12 miles after an encounter with a blast in the mines. I took a large chunk of gold ore out of his leg. The day this was taken we treated 34 patients in 2 hours.

Korean children

Using American plow. Agriculture School, Kongju, Korea

Peen Yang Higher Common Boys' School, Korea

Silk worms, Government Agriculture school, 2 year boy, Kongju, Korea

Church built by congregation at Yung Chun, a small town among the mountains, Kongjiu, Korea

Chosen Christian College, Seoul, Korea. Laying of cornerstone. Charles M. Stinson Building, April 19, 1919, Left to right, Dean Becker, Mrs. H.S. Underwood, Bishop Welch, President Avison, Mr. Change (Chinese contractor), Professor Pack

Chosen Christian College, Seoul, Korea. Laying of cornerstone. Charles M. Stinson Building, April 19, 1919, Left to right, Professor Pack, Mrs. H.G. Underwood, Bishop Welch (in rear), Dean Becker and President Avison

"Great Bier" the coffin is in this one borne by 200 men, the rope pullers help the bearers forward and steady the Bier, Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Chosen Christina College, Seoul, Korea. Laying of cornerstone. Charles M. Stinson Building, April 19, 1919, Left to right, President Avison, Mrs. H.G. Underwood, Bishop Herbert Welch, and Professor S.Y. Pack

Pang Sang Si "Devil chaser" a mask carried by a man, it is supposed to ward off evil spirits, Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

"Cluk San Ma" Bamboo horses to be ridden be friendly spirits, Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Pavilions and enclosure for official ceremony Japanese, Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Korean mourners full cloth sack suits, Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Offerings from mobility, the procession leaving the street to go to the place for Japanese ceremony, Korea Old Emperors' Funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Officials going to the ceremony Administrative Superintendent I. Yaimagato in center, Korea Old Emperors' Funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Funeral procession leaving the palace the trees are presented by high Japanese nobility. There are offerings for the sacrifice covered with white. The long lines of rope - men are seen in the background with officials in front of them. Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

The bier leaving Palace home by about 200 men with another 200 pulling the ropes. Korea Old Emperors' funeral, March 3, 1919, Seoul

Bishop Welch laying cornerstone of Boys' High School built with centenary funds of Pyongyang, Korea

Stone figures about an ancient royal grave, Korea

For twenty five years the foot of a Buddha priest has not passed thru this great gate in Seoul

Pagoda Park, Seoul, Korea

70491 Northeast gate of the city of Seoul, Korea

The Queen's tomb outside of Seoul, Korea

69601 The approach to the gate of Seoul, Korea

The inside of a modern Korean shop, Korea

Making rice - mortar and pestile, Korea

The great South Gate, Seoul Korea

Great gate at Pyongyang, Korea

Inside of a spirit shrine, Korea

70182 Royal funeral, Korea

Koreans fishing in winter at the River Han. Holes are cut in the ice and the line in dropped, Korea

Bullock loaded with driftwood, Korea

Unusual Red Cross Unit, all are missionaries left Seoul, Korean August 8 for "somewhere in Siberia." Mrs. Ludlow, Dr. Ludlow, Miss Eslib, Miss Reinnir, Dr. Tipton, Dr. Mansfield, Presbyterian, Miss Roberts, Methodist Episcopal, Miss Butler, Methodist Episcopal , Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.

69684 Korean children

Nurses in the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Haiju, Korea

Babies born in the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Haiju, Korea

Korean nurse with hospital baby, Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Haiju, Korea

Delia M. Battles, Haiju, Korea

Severance Union Medical College, Nurse's Training School. Graduating class 1918, Seoul, Korea. Left to right standing: Dr. J.M. Hirst, Halma Myung Sook, Oh In Chul, Miss Esther L. Shields, R.N., Miss Elsie J. Shepping, R.N, Im Kwang Myung, Kim Yung Sil, Dr. Avison, Seated Mrs. J.P. Campbell

The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society's Woman's Hospital of Extended Grace and Hospital Board of Foreign Missions in the west gate of Pingipang Chosen. May 8, 1918, Korea

Pai Chai Haktang, Seoul, Korea. Students taking the morning exercise. In the center is seen the first modern brick, building built in Seoul in 1817. On the left is the new recitation hall just completed.

F.B. Fisher caught in the act by Bishop Welch's camera, Korea

F.B. Fisher caught in the act by Bishop Welch's camera, Korea

No information given

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Home, Wonju, Korea

25329 see Korea 2, page 162

25228 see Korea 2, page 161

25326 see Korea 2, page 161

26550 see Korea 2, page 165
Washing in Korea. In the distances the new "Grand Hotel" for foreigners and managed by Englishmen in process of creation. This river is near the railroad station of the Seoul and Chemulpo railroads, but the station cannot be seen

Fine rock scenery but rather poor trail for motoring, Yeng Byen, Korea taken January 29, 1916, V.H. Macks

25797 Reaching town on market day, Yeng Byen, January 31, 1916, V.H. Macks

Rice offerings to pictures. see Korea 2, page 162

25330 Funeral of Emperor, 2 days after, March 1, 1919
see Korea page 2, page 162

A Christian family exhorter Sa. and some of his children in their home, inside the East gate, George H. Jones, 1908

Stab wound of chest. This patient was very ppor and friendless. Discharged cured after being cared for at Dr. Follwell's dispensary.

This little patient came for treatment of short legs, a result of excessive burns. He was unable to walk when he came, being arrived from a distance by his father. This picture shows the patient 3 months later, Dr. Follwell.

Fatty tumor of neck removed by D. Follwell at dispensary. Pyeng Yang, Korea

Boys school, Kang Syo, Korea. Pyeng Yang District.

Plant of Methodist Church, Kang Syo, Korea, Pyeng Yang District Boys' Society, House Church Girls Society House

Plant of Methodist Church at Kang Syo, Korea Pyeng Yang District, Boy's Society House church, Girls Society House

Elkington 62, Two Korean Christians

Tug of war - Field Day Y.M.C.A.

Teaching deaf mute in Korea

A group of High School boys in Pyeng Yang. Most of these boys are graduates of the day school on West Circuit

Cornerstone laying Boys' School in Yeng Byen, Korea, August 16, 1912, (C.D. Morris)

Furniture making Seoul, Korea, Y.M.C.A.

60 year old birthday celebration

Mobile market

25322 Sunday School Ralley, North Palace, Korea, during the visit of the World's Sunday School Commission, April 19, 1913

1808 Sunday School Rally, North Palace, Korea, during the visit of the World's Sunday School Commission, April 19, 1913
see Korea 1, page 21

A Korean challenge to American money. Hearing of the quarter centennial movement in America and that $3000 was needed for a Boys' school in Pyeng Yang the Christians made contributions and build the first story of stone. After a year an American lady gave money to complete it. 218 boys now with an average attendance, September 1913 of B.W. Billings

Korea in transition "The boy shall be father of the man" (A. Becker)

Manual training class of the 3rd and 4th years, any one of these articles made may be obtained as a souvenir from S.K. Dong, Chelulpo, Korea

This is the office. The six teachers at their desks from right to left are. 1. Mr. P.H. Noe, 2. Y.K. Chai, 3. C.S. Chai, 4. Mr. P.C. Lee, 5. K. Song, 6. Y.S. Pong, Mr. Y.K. Chai, Mr. C.S. Chai and Mr. Lee were graduated

Third year class, Chinese language. The enrollment is 24, average attendance 23. Mr. Y.S. Pong is teacher.

Fourth year class, Japanese language. The enrollment is 14, average attendance 13. Mr. K. Song is teacher.

First year class ethics. The enrollment is 43 and the average attendance is 40. The teacher of this class, Mr. P.C. Lee was graduated from this school.

Second year class drawing. The enrollment is 20, the average attendance is 18. Mr. P.H. Lee is the teacher.

Third and fourth year classes exercising in the church yard as the school yard is too small.

Preparatory class, teaching arithmetic. The enrollment is 103 but the average attendance is 70.

Collins Day School, given by Mr. T.D. Collins, Nebraska, Pennsylvania. It is one of the best buildings in Korea. Many young men have gone out from this school all over the country.

First and second year classes exercising on the new playground, where we removed a big bank and built a stone wall. Here is an opportunity for a friend in America to help complete payment for it.