Engage History - Transcription of Mission Photograph Albums

Between 1910 and the late 1920s, The Methodist Church Board of Missions sent photographers around the world to document the work of the Board. The result was over 200 photograph albums containing more than 45,000 pages of images; near to 200,000 images in total. The images were assembled into these albums in the 1930s and handwritten captions were added to the images. Many of the captions were from the photographers' logs or notes.

The images capture what life was like in many places around the globe at the beginning of the twentieth century along with the work of the Methodist Church in creating schools, hospitals and churches.

We are asking if you would like to participate in transcribing these handwritten captions allowing a more complete and robust searching ability for these important images. Here is how it works:

What if you're not interested in transcribing

Then feel free to click on the search box and activate the search features of this site. The images are here for you to browse and enjoy.

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