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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #2

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Mission Photograph Album - Japan #2


Images related to Methodist mission work in Japan taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1900s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - Japan #2




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Japan #2 Collection

15191 Sendai Christian Orphanage, Group of children

15192 Sendai Christian Orphanage, Arithmetic class

15193 Sendai Christian Orphanage, Large group of children

15194 Sendai Christian Orphanage, Miss Imhoff and some of the youngest

15195 Sendai Christian Orphanage, Main building looking through gateway

15195a Sendai Christian Orphanage, Play grounds and cottages

15195b Sendai Christian Orphanage, Bath time

15196 Nikko, The Lacquer bridge from upstream

15197 Nikko, The Lacquer bridge from below

15198 Nikko, Looking upstream from the heights above the bridge

15199 Nikko, Pagoda

15200 Nikko, Temple bell of the, The beam is seen swinging toward the bell

15201 Stone road and Torii

15203 Japanese garden in grounds of

15204 A sweeping roof

15205 Bronze dragon bowl and a pair of stone lanterns

15206 An avenue lined with great cryptomeria

15207 Boys of a school near Tokyo on sightseeing trip to Nikko,

15208 A kindergarten out for a walk

15209 Nikko, Giant cryptomeria trees on the road to Imaichi

15210 Girls' school out walking

15211 Nikko, A farmyard

15212 Giant cryptomeria on the Imaichi road

15213 Nagoya, Dr Spencer on his bicycle on the main street

15214 Nagoya, Business buildings

15215 Nagoya, Gate to Nagoya castle grounds

15216 Nagoya, Interior castle wall seen form gate

15217 Nagoya, Towers of inner castle

15218 Nagoya, Towers of inner castle

15219 Nagoya, Lumberyard and rafts by stream in Nagoya city

15220 A tree greatly reverenced by the superstitious

15221 Nagoya, A shrine of lanterns

15222 Nagoya, W F M S School, A class prayer meeting

15223 Nagoya, W F M S School, Japanese garden

15224 Kyoto, City from Miyako Hotel

15225 Kyoto, Panorama of City from Miyako Hotel 1

15226 Kyoto, Panorama of City from Miyako Hotel 2

15227 Kyoto, girls at tennis, Doshisha University

15228 Kyoto, boys at baseball, Doshisha University

15230 Kyoto, main gate to Higashi Hongwanji Temple

15231 Kyoto, Carving of interior gate

15232 Kyoto, Gate from nearby

15233 Kyoto, Gate of Hongwanji Temple seen from inside

15234 Kyoto, Gate of Hongwanji Temple seen from inside

15235 Kyoto, Gate of Hongwanji Temple seen from inside

15236 Decorative tiling

15237 Kyoto, Front of Higashi Hongwanji Temple from inside gate

15238 Kyoto, The Porch of the Temple

15239 Kyoto, The Belfry of the Temple

15240 Great coil of rope made of women's hair given by women devoted to
the temple and used by them with several other such ropes to pull the
timbers of the temple into place

15241 Kyoto, Higashi Hongwanji Temple

15242 Kyoto, Higashi Hongwanji Temple

15243 Kyoto, Higashi Hongwanji Temple

15244 Kyoto, Porch of the Higashi Hongwanji Temple

15245 Kyoto, Public subscription list of benefactors of the Hongwanji

15246 Kyoto, A corner of the porch of the temple, Worshippers may be seen
on it passing from shrine to preaching place

15247 Kyoto, Looking for "geta" (rainy day sandals) and umbrellas outside

15248 The great bell of the temple

15249 Kyoto, A corner in a park

15250 Roofs of Kyoto from a new department store

15251 Kyoto, Same as 15250

15252 Osaka, Bridge and public buildings

15253 Osaka, Bridge and houses on stream

15254 Osaka, A business street

15255 Osaka, Attractive street advertising

15256 Factory buildings across from Mint. Osaka.

15257 Dynamo room of Imperial Mint. Osaka.

15258 Factory chimneys. Kobe.

15259 Factory chimneys. Kobe.

15260 Building of Southern Methodist Boy's School.

15261 same as 15260

15262 Dr. Davison on his bicycle. Kumamoto.

15263 Japan Methodist Church. Kumamoto.

15264 Chemistry laboratory. Lutheran School. Kumamoto.

15265 Class in drawing in Lutheran School. Kumamoto.

15266 Kumamoto, A class in English in Lutheran School

15267 A well ventilated class room in Lutheran School

15268 Kumamoto, Refreshment houses in a park

15269 Kumamoto, A path in a park

15270 Kumamoto, view across lake in a park

15271 Kumamoto, view across lake in a park

15272 Street

15273 Two Japanese women in conversation

15274 Kumamoto, Reading newspaper bulletins

15275 Fukuoka, view from proposed site of WFMS girls' school

15276 Fukuoka, Main street near church property

15277 Fukuoka, Rev Mr and Mrs Bull in front of their home

15278 Fukuoka, Buildings of present WFMS girls" school

15279 Same as No 15278

15280 Fukuoka, Parsonage, Japan Methodist Church

15281 Fukuoka, Curioous Japanese about an auto

15282 Fukuoka, Curious Japanese about an auto

15283 Fukuoka, Japanese children watching an automobile

15284 Kumagawa River Scenery

15285 Kumagawa River Scenery

15286 Kumagawa River Scenery

15287 Kumagawa River Scenery

15288 Kumagawa River Scenery

15289 Kumagawa River Scenery, cargo boats

15290 Kumagawa River Scenery

15291 Kumagawa River Scenery

15292 Kumagawa River Scenery

15292 Kumagawa River Scenery

15293 Kumagawa River Scenery, A fisherman in the rapids

15294 Kumagawa River Scenery

15295 Kagoshima, reception in Miss Finley's garden

15296 Kagoshima, Tablet marking birthplace of Admiral Togs

15297 Kagoshima, Interior of Japanese Methodist Church; Left half of room
is matted in the old fashioned Japanese fashion, the other half with benches

15298 Kagoshima, Volcano Sakurajima; Town of Kagoshima in foreground

15299 Same as 15298

15300 Same as 15298

15301 Same as 15298

15302 Same as 15298

15303 Same as 15298

15304 Kagoshima, Volcano Sakurajima, town of Kagoshima in foreground

15305 Kagoshima, Volcano Sakurajima in eruption

15306 Kagoshima, Volcano Sakurajima in eruption

15307 Kagoshima, Hot lava from volcano

15308 Kagoshima, Kagoshima straits, ridge in center was originally an
island, at its right, steam is rising from hot lava

15309 Kagoshima, Girls of Government school

15310 Kagoshima, Girls of Government school in sewing class

15311 Kagoshima, Girls of Government school at tennis

15312 Same as 15311

15313 Tokyo, Farewells to Japanese Red Cross nurses

15314 Railroad, A bento-seller

15315 Railroad, School children waiting for train to pass

15316 Railroad, Bales of produce on a freight platform

15317 Railroad, Waiting for the train at a small station

15318 Railroad, Waiting for a train at a small station

15319 Railroad, Repairing the road after severe washouts south of Tokyo

15320 Same as No 15319

15321 Same as No 15319

15322 Inland Sea, from a railroad train

15323 Inland Sea, from a railroad train

15324 Inland Sea, A fishing village

15325 Agriculture, drawing water for fields

15326 Agriculture, drawing water for fields

15327 Agriculture, women in rice-field

15328 Agriculture, women in rice-field

15329 Agriculture, paddy-fields (rice-fields)

15330 Agriculture, paddy-fields (rice-fields)

15331 Railroad, A section of road bed

15332 Railroad, HIgh power transmission line

15333 Railroad, road bed, rice fields, high power transmission line

15334 Railroad, Advertising sign near track

15335 The difficulty of conversation from a ricksha

15336 The nesan or maid in a Japanese inn

15337 Japanese women and girls

15338 Japanese woman and baby carriage

15339 Japanese woman and children

15340 called the Fuji of the North

15341 Nagasaki, Coolie women coaling steamer

15342 Nagasaki, Coolies coaling steamer

15343 Nagasaki, Coolies coaling steamer

15344 (No place) Class in a girl's public school

15345 Nagasaki, Exhibition of pupils' work in a public school

15346 Nagasaki, Government primary school playing games

15347 Nagasaki, Japanese traveling cobbler

15348 The mail wagon (parcels post)

15349 Nagasaki, reeling silk from cocoons

15350 Nagasaki, woman working a hand loom

15351 Carpet weaving, Japan, interior of a carpet factory

15352 Mt Fujiyama in the autumn, Nagasaki

15353 Mt Fujiyama in the autumn, Nagasaki

15354 R R Bridge, Fujiyama in backgorund

16879 View of Osaka City showing large factory section

16913 Sunday school scholars and teachers of Tokyo in a gathering at
Aoyama Gakuin school dormitory in rear

19073 Yokohama, a glimpse of a wooded section

19074 Tokyo, general view of Aoyama compound

19075 Group of school girls, Tokyo

19076 Miss Maddock (now Mrs Dr Hart) H S Elliot and Chas H Lawes in
rickshas, Tokyo

19077 Same as 76, with Miss Maude Soper

19078 Pagoda

19079 View of palace from inside first (sp?) moat

19080 Another view of the same

19081 A Tokyo Park

19082 News boys with war extras (sp?)

19086 Artillery back from Port Arthur, 1906

19087 , back from Port Arthur, Tokyo

19088 Railroad station decorated for troops, 1905

19083 Advertisements along railroad near Tokyo

19084 Memorial Arch, 1906

19085 Gun captured at Port Arthur

19089 Japanese woman with baby at Hatoba pier

19091 Gate to temple and stone lamps, Kobe

19092 Street scene, Hiogo (sp?)

19093 Street scene, possibly Yokohama

19094 Street scene

19095 Shinto Shrine

19096 Largest Buddhist Temple

19097 View of Kiyomizu (sp?) Temple

19098 Bamboo drive on way to 19097

19099 Garden of Satsuma Factory, Kyoto

19100 Just outside Sraits of Shimonoseki

19101 Just outside Straits of Shimonoseki

19102 View of Strait

19103 no caption

19104 Town of Shimonoseki

19105 no caption

19106 no caption

19107 Japanese Emigrants on Manchwia (sp?)

19108 Sunset at sea

19109 Sea Gulls

19110 Coaling at Nagasaki (sp?)

19905 Group of smiling Japanese children

20143 Main office of Nipponophone Co Ltd at Kawasaki, 150ft long by 50ft
wide, from here 40 branches and 350 agencies are directed

21367 Priests praying, Zoyoyi Temple, Shiba

21368 Acolyte Zojoji Temple, Shiba, Tokyo, April 13, 1911

21369 Part of the crowd, Zojoji Temple, Shiba, Tokyo

21370 Crowd watching dancing, Zojoji Temple, Shiba, Tokyo

21371 Mrs D S Spencer in garden near azalia bush

21372 Bridge and Wistaria at Kameida, Apr 29, 1911

21373 Asakusa Buddhist Church, inside from corner

21374 Asakusa Buddhist Church, rear

21375 Asakusa Buddhist Church, inside front view

21376 Street store of staw, new year symbols, new years, 1911, Jap

21377 Ginza Church showing canal, Tokyo

21378 Ginza Church near view, Tokyo

21379 Joshi Shugei Gakko Industrial work

21380 Basket women by creek, Nikko, May 8, 1911

21381 Stone Buddhas, Nikko, May 8, 1911

21382 Approach to temple, Nikko

21383 Pagoda, Nikko

21433 Yoshiwara festival

21444 Mr K Obata, Japan, also 23409 of Theological Faculty, Anglo-Japanese
College, Tokyo

23222 Students and faculty Chinzei Gakuin-Nagasaki

23253 Miss Elizabeth Russell and Japanese child

23332 no caption

23336 Russian monument, Port Arthur

23337 Ear mound, buried in the mound are 38,700 pairs of ears cut from
Koreans captured or killed in battle in invasion of Korea by Taiko in 1597

23338 Alumnae gathering of Miss Russel's school, Nagasaki

23339 Group from Hirosaki Kindergarten

23390 Map chart of work of Board of Foreign Missions of UJMS

23405 Is Japan Evagelized?

23409 Mr K Obata, Japan, also (21444 Faculty, Theological School, Anglo-
Japanese College, Tokyo)

23458 Rev A D Berry, D D, Dean of Theological Seminary, Aoyama, Tokyo,
Winter 1911

23459 Rev and Mrs F N Heckleman and family of Sapporo, Japan, taken near
#5 Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo (Better picture)

23460 Garden Aoyama Jo Gakuin, Mrs David S Spencer and Miss Helen Russell,

23461 Office of Sappora Brewery, Ginza, Tokyo

23462 Children of Mr and Mrs Heckelman, Sapporo, Japan

23463 Children of Rev and Mrs Heckelman, Sapporo, Japan (Oct 1911)

23464 Wisteria, Aoyoma Jo Gakuin, Mrs David S Spencer and Miss Helen
Russell, Tokyo

23465 Office Force, Methodist Publishing House, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, Dec

23466 Wishio (sp?) San in stockroom of Methodist PublsihingHouse, Tokyo,
Japan Dec 1911

23467 White Azalia bush in front of #5 Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

23468 Japanese servant, Shibata San and her grandson in missionary family
of Rev D S Spencer, DD, Tokyo

23469 Buddhist flag carried by believer from one temple visiting the
celebration of another, The crest on the flag is that of the late Empress
Dowager's family, which the temple was permitted to use, Nov 5,1911, Flag
reads, " An adherent of __ temple, visitor to __ temple

23470 Missionary residence at Aoyama, Tokyo, #5, built under the
sepervision of Rev David S Spencer,D D

23471 Same as 23470

23472 Kabuto Beer Office on the main street of Tokyo (Ginza) There are in
Japan 950 beer producing factories centralized into 3 great brewing
concerns with paid-up capitals of 11, 820,000 yen, (5,910,000) in 1910 and
employing 20,200 people

23473 Famous Buddhist Temple at Asakusa, Tokyo which is the Coney Island
of that metropolis, The temple grounds practically adjoin the great
Yoshierara or prostitute reservation of Tokyo, On this temple ground is
also found a Buddhist preaching chapel (#21374 and #21375), There will be a
Methodist chapel near here, where Dr G F Draper will work

23474 Asakusa Buddhist church front outside (cf #21374 #21375) Tokyo

23475 Bridge and tea house at a pleasure resort under the maple shade,
near Tokyo

23476 Mr and Mrs Heckelman, Miss Moon and Robert S Spencer on their
return from the Imperial Review, Nov 3, 1911

23477 Rev and Mrs Heckelman, Miss Moon and Robert S Spencer on their
return from the Imperial Review, Nov 3, 1911

23478 Dr and Mrs G F Draper and son Otis, Aoyama, Tokyo, Winter 1911

23479 Missionary residents, Aoyama, Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan, known as #4 May
2, 1911

23480 The Heckelman family of Saporo, Japan, taken near #5, Aoyama, Tokyo,
(cf #23459 which is better)

24820 Japanese workmen clearing out the well, Aoyama, Tokyo

24961 Cut velvet industry, painting designs, Kioto, Japan

24962 Volunteer Bible Class, Nagasaki, Mr and Mrs H A Wheeler, Japan

24963 Japanese child (and mother), Japan

24964 Snow capped Fuji (sp?) 2365 feet mirrored in the still waters of
Lake Shopi, Japan

24965 Above the clouds of Summit, Japan

24966 Native shoe makers, Japan

24967 Baling rice in rice fields, Japan

25194 Tokyo Central Station in course of construction

25268 Steamer at sea

25382 Warship

25794 Japanese women

25818 Japanese children and wisteria

25822 Interior of Japanese house, showing tokonoma

25825 Women coaling steamer

25827 Putting fresh paper on Shoji

24864 At Shimbashi Station, Japan, Missionary party escorted by Dr Soper,
1902, Mrs Springer, John Gowdy, Miss Belle Cope, (now Mrs Caldwell) Dr
Soper, Mrs John Gowdy

26062 Coaling at Nagasaki, Japan

26088 Bishop Honda's house on Aoyama Gakuin grounds, Tokyo, Japan

26082 Coaling at Nagasaki, Japan

26092 The Red Lazquer bridge at Nikko, Japan

26093 An old pine tree on the grounds at Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

26095 The moat around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan

26096 A part of the grounds at Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

26097 Academy building Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

26098 Assembly Hall, "Grucher Hall" Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

26099 Girls school Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

26100 Dr Goucher on the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo, Japan

26101 Temples at Nikko, Japan

36063 no caption

26103 Academy building Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan

36064 no caption

26104 Academy building and corner of the Goucher Hall Aoyama Gakuin,
Tokyo, Japan

26114 Cherry blossom in full bloom, Tokyo, Japan, Miss Elizabeth
Gouchernin Rickshaw

26400 Charles Davison's little daughters with grass cutters (women) on
Aoyama compound, Japan

26401 The late Mrs Benjamin Chappell and daughters, 1912, two older ones
are now in Mission work in Japan

26402 Mrs D Spencer with Philipino boy on the SS Nile, May 1912, returning
to USA

26403 Mrs Julius Soper

26404 Dr and Mrs D S Spencer and Dr Julius Soper, near Los Angeles,
California, June 1912

26405 Soper residence, Glendale, Cal, June 1912

26406 Soper residence, Glendale, California, June 1912

26407 Miss Maude Soper and Mrs D S Spencer near Soper residence, Glendale
California, June 1912, Geraniums in background

26408 Aoyama WAMS School girls at exercises

26409 Aoyama WAMS school girls at exercises, Japan

26410 Dr and Mrs Wudman and Dr and Mrs D S Spencer on shipboard, Honolulu,
Hawaii, June 1912

26411 Wudmans, Spencers and Sites (China) on shipboard, Honolulu Hawaii,
June 1912

26412 Office of M C Publishing House, Tokyo showing Miss M Matsumoto,
stenographer, Japan

26413 Dr D S Spencer on shipboard returning to USA May 1912

26414 Wistaria blossoms at Kameido (turtle well) near Tokyo, Japan

26415 Aoyama Gakuin Tennis courts, taken from the steps of the Theological
School looking towards the chapel, Japan

26416 Rev Yoshimun Abe, graduate of Aoyama Gakuin, Aoyama Theological
School and Drew Theological Seminary, 1915 NYU, M A, student pastor at
Aoyama College, nephew of Bishop Honda, Japan

26441 The Japanese Empire including Korea and Sakhalin, Japan

26545 New Year in Japan

26576 Group of Japanese with missionary

26546 Ice cream in Japan

26577 Bird's eye view Aoyama, Gakuin, Japan

26578 Theological Department, Aoyama, Gakuin, Japan

26631 Rec H S Kimura, Tokyo, Japan

26632 Rev Earl Rankin Bull

26633 Mrs Bull

26634 Rev and Mrs Bull

26762 Children drawing pictures on Shoji, before new paper is put on

27152 Christian calendar in Japanese characters

26884 Students on campus, Anglo-Japanese University, Tokyo

27153 Buddhist calendar in Japanese characters

27435 Child and warrior doll

27436 Conference of Federated Missions 1912 representing practically all
the Protestant Churches in Japan, with fraternal delegates from Korea

27437 Bible class gathered from University students at Kudan Methodist
Church, Tokyo

27438 Spencer household, Tokyo, 1912, Dr and Mrs Spencer, Robert Spencer,
Miss Pidee and Miss White (NFMS) Miss Moon (teaching in Aoyama School,
1917) and Servants

27439 Dr and Mrs Herbert N Schwarts and daughter Ruth with her husband, Mr
Steiner of the Dutch Reformed Mission

27440 Miss Brown and Dr Robbins of the NFMS in China, when stopped in
Japan by Chinese Revolution 1912

27441 Pharmacy of the St Luke's (Episcopal) hospital, Tokyo

27442 Azalia bush in front of #5, Aoyama, Tokyo

27443 Miss White (at base) Mrs Bishop (nee Miss Vail) Miss St S Alling
(rabbit) Chas Davison, Miss Mythe (flower) Miss Fretz (Jap), Taken at #5,
Aoyama, Tokyo

27444 Dr Berry, an image, Miss Mabel Seeds, a visitor, Robert Spencer, Mrs
G F Draper, and Mrs D S Spencer

27464 Kindergarten, Hiroshima (Kimbers)

27465 Children playing in temple grounds, Kobe (Tamamura)

27467 Children in front of aibutsu (sp?) Kobe (Tamamura)

27468 Girls' school, Aoyama, Tokyo

27469 Kindergarten, Hiroshima (Kimbei)

27471 Children playing in temple grounds, Kobe, Tamamura

27472 Children and cherry blossom, Kyoto

27473 Temple gate, Kyoto (Kimbei)

27474 Children playing in temple grounds, Kobe (Tamamura)

27475 Children playing in temple grounds, Kyoto (Tamamura)

27477 Hiroshima kindergarten

27479 Children playing in temple grounds, Kobe, (Tamamura)

27536 Japanese mother and child

27537 Japanese mother and child under tree

27545 no caption

27576 First Church of Christ in Japan, erected by Rev J H Ballagh in 1871,
on the very spot at which the first Perry Treaty was signed

27688 Japanese girl students, Aoyama College, Dr Agata, President, Japan

27700 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27701 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27702 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27703 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27704 Corridor in Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27705 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27706 Girls at Switchboard, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27707 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27708 Display in the Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27709 Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan

27950 Carps, or paper fishes flying on roofs of houses, to celebrate the
Boy's Festival, May 5, Japan

27951 Fujiyama, boats on river in foreground

28456 Rev S Honda, DD, President of the Methodist College and Theological
School, Aoyama

28457 No I (at top of page) Doshisha Theological Hall, No II (in middle)
Rev J H Neesima, D D, No III (at bottom) Doshisha Recitation Hall (at
left), Chapel, Science Hall (at right)

28540 no caption

28541 no caption

28542 no caption

28543 Nagayo Sunday School, taught by Chinzei Gakuin Students

29702 In front of Buddha's Temple, Kobe, Japan

28713 Honda family just after the funeral

28747 Kaigan Church, Yokahama

33242 The Japanese woman is separating silk worms from mulberry leaves
while her family of children are around watching her

32101 Osaka YMCA, A hot August night, 1916, 116 in this Englsh class

32102 Osaka, the factory city of the East, a view from the castle

32281 Funeral of Bishop Yoitsa Honda, April 6, 1912

32349 no caption

32282 Funeral of Bishop Yoitsa Honda

33124 no caption

33125 no caption

33636 Chysanthemums

33637 Chysanthemums

38103 Ancestral shrines Karuizawa, Japan

38104 Real estate sign in amusing English

38106 Old Japanese

38107 Mrs Frederick B Fisher, Dr Berry

38108 Dr and Mrs D S Spencer, Robert Spencer, Louise Bangs

38109 Missionary in ricksha, Mrs Frederick B Fisher

38110 Dr and Mrs D S Spencer, Robert Spencer, Louise Bangs, Pauline Place,
Miss Wythe

38111 Japanese in park, Nagasaki

38112 At a Japanese R R Station

38113 At a Japanese R R Station

38114 Mt Fuji(yama)

38115 At a Japanese R R Station

38116 S Spencer in ricksha

38117 Bishop Herbert Welch and family

38118 Hotel at Nikko

38119 Waterfall near Chuzenji

38120 Japanese farms

38121 no caption

38122 Waterfall near Chuzenji

38123 Group of Japanese

38125 On the way to worship, Buddhist Temple, Kyoto, Japan

38126 Temple and lantern, Kyoto, Japan

38127 Missionary in ricksha

38129 Sitting Buddha at Kyoto with prayers pinned over him asking for
healing of sick, Japan

38151 Beautiful wayside shrine, teapot alley, Kyoto, Japan,

31645 Stream and old bridge, Nagasaki

31646 View in the native town, Nagasaki

31647 Brook scene, Nagasaki

38027 no caption

38245 Bishop Yoshiyas Hiraiwa, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan, Bishop of Japan
Methodist Church, Successor of Bishop Honda

38246 Missionary group showing most of our Japanese missionaries, those in
front 2 rows average 34 years of service

38247 Chapel of the Iai JoJakko at Hakodate (WFMS School)

38248 The graves of (right) Gen Nogi, (left) Mrs Nogi, Japan

38249 Dr Berry and students in Theological Dep, Aoyama Gakuin

38250 Japanese little mother

38251 Fujiyama

38252 Fujiyama

38253 See 38246

38254 Ohio Wesleyan reunion, Nagasaki, Feb 1917

38255 Miss Russell receiving congratulations and gifts, a 80th birthday,
Kwassui Jo Jakko, Nagasaki

38256 Portrait, Admiral Count H Togo, Japan

38257 Bishop Hiraiwa and family and grand children, his wife is at his

38258 Miss Moon of Aoyama Gakuin and Bible class

38268 Japanese on road

38269 Street scene

38270 Japanese women

38271 Temple in Kyoto showing fence and platform from which worshippers
used to jump, committing suicide down in the gully below, Japan

38272 An old Japanese with his beer bottle

38835 Bishop Welch keeping off the 57 varieties of bugs, Kanazawa, Japan

39123 Nagoya Station, Japan

39124 Coolie Carts, Japan

39699 Charity patients at morning clinic, St Luke's Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

40711 Primary School and Nipponophone, Phonograph nikombashi

40712 Pleasure boats on the Yedogawa River, Tokyo, Japan

40713 The smoking Chicago of Japan, Osaka, Japan

40810 Kindergarten building NFMS built in 1913

40811 no caption

41005 Training school, Tokyo

41125 Wistaria garden, Maibashi, Nakasindo, Japan

41876 Part of the street of shops leading to Asakusa Temple, one of the
greatest of Japan places of worship

41877 no caption

41878 Bell tower and pagoda in Asakusa Temple grounds

41879 Entrance to one of the smaller temples in Asakusa park

41880 Tokyo, Japan, Stone Diabutsu (sp?) (Buddhas) and other images within
the Asakusa Temple enclosure

41881 Tokyo, Japan, Diabutsu (Buddha) and some of his children in one of
the small temples in the Asakusa Temple area, The chest in foreground is
the receptacle for collections every worshipper must pay

41893 no caption

42251 buildings

42252 Fuji from the train

42314 Fuji Takamori, Suga Amezaki, Kwassui Jo Gakko, Nagasaki, Japan

42315 Fuji, Takamori

42277 Inside of tent, Mr Kimuras preaching, Japan

42457 Japanese farmer in his raincoat, Japan

42680 Dinner time

42681 Sannomiva Road at Kobe

42682 Young nurse

42683 Farmer

42685 Ornamental car drawn at festivals

42684 The farmer taking off the stalk of wheat

42686 Village street scene

42687 Thrashing grain by hand at a country farm house

42688 Wooden ware store, Nagasaki

42689 Fish market, Nagasaki

42690 Pounding rice

42691 Carpenter shop

42692 Vegetable man

42693 Vegetable man and customer

42792 Japanese women

42793 Coaling ship of Japan

42863 Bishop Welch, Bishop Burt and Doctor Spencer at Karuizawa, Japan

42870 Japanese shop scene

42871 Fair Japan, In the park at Kyoto, largest cherry tree in Japan in
the background

42872 Bishop Welch and Bishop Burt in Kyoto, Japan

42873 Bishops Welch and Burt in Kyoto

42898 Rev Burt in Japan

42934 Fuji, Japan

42935 Fuji, Japan

43017 Among the temples of Kyoto

43040 Among the temples in Kyoto

43041 Japanese stone lantern

43042 A Japanese sailing vessel in the inland sea

43046 Entrance to the temple, Kyoto

43047 In Kachiman, Omi Provinces

43048 Street in Kachiman, Japan

43049 Sacred horse which once got loose, Kachiman, Japan

43103 These two men compose an orchestra, Karuigawa

43382 Japan

43488 Gion festival, the crowds, Kyoto

43489 Gion Festival, the crowds, Kyoto

43490 Gion Festival, the crowds, Kyoto

43491 Gion Festival, escorts of the floats

43492 Gion Festival, one of the spectators

43493 Gion Festival, This little fellow has found a point of vantage from
which to view the procession, Kyoto

43494 Gion Festival, The floats represent the various traditions of Japan,
especially those connected with Shintoism, they were hung with beautiful
tapestries and brocades, many of them being European tapestries, presented
to the Emperor long ago (see 43495-6)

43495 Gion Festival, The floats were drawn by men in steel blue-gray
costumes, (see 43494-6-7-8)

43496 Gion Festival, (See 43494-5-7-8)

43497 Gion Festival, Kyoto, The floats represented the various traditions
of Japan, especially those connected with Shintoism, They were hung with
beautiful tapestries, many of them being European tapestries presented to
the Emperor long ago, Gion Festival, (See 43494-95-96-98)

43498 Gion Festival, The floats were drawn by men in steel blue-gray
costumes, (See 43494-95-96-97)

43629 no caption

43620 no caption

43631 no caption

43632 no caption

43633 no caption

43634 no caption

43635 no caption

43636 no caption

43637 no caption

43638 no caption

43639 no caption

43640 no caption

43641 no caption

43642 no caption

43643 no caption

43644 Street scene

43645 no caption

43646 Street scene

43647 no caption

44025 no caption

44026 no caption

44027 no caption

44028 Ginjiro Katsuta, A graduate of Aoyama Gakuin, Mayor of Kobe City

44133 Karnimatsu Oki, Owuta, Kyrishu, Japan, A converted Christian

44874 Mt Fuji, The height os 12,365 ft, last eruption took place between
Dec 16, 1707 and Jan 22nd 1708

44877 Painting, Japanese scene

44878 Painting, Japanese scene

44879 Painting, three Japanese women

44881 A missionary in a tent meeting, Japan

44880 Snow peak

44885 Selling vegetables, Japan

44886 Riding in jinrikshas under the cherry trees, Uerro (sp?) park, Japan

44887 Asakusa Temple, this temple is dedicated to Kwannon Sama, the sweet
faced goddess of mercy

44888 The unsurpassable fence surrounding the shrine in Nikko, In the 17th
Century wood carving and painting on wood were at their zenith in Japan

44889 The student body of our girls' school, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan

44890 Japanese Buddhist Priests

44891 Sawing trees, it may be interesting to know that this saw is pulled,
not pushed, note the decorated coats of the working men, Japan

44892 This building contains 6771 volumes, making up the Buddhist
scriptures, arranged in this octagonal revolving case, Japan

44893 Ancestor worship, Japan

44894 Village of Hakone and the royal palace in the distance, Japan

44895 Little bridges, pagodas, stone lanterns, dwarf pines and trees
trained into fantastic shapes abound

44897 The shrine at Muyajima, meaning the "Island of Shivers"

44898 One of the images called Nio

44899 Gate of Yomeimon at Nikko, this is called the Day Spending Gate,
because one is apt to stand a day in admiration of its merits

44905 Summer conference in Japan, The abnner in the front row shows the
delegation of our Tokyo Girls' School, Aoyama Jo Gakuin

44921 Fujiyama, from Odaki waterfall

44935 Tokyo GWCA Gymnasium

45469 A Christian funeral in the rice fields, Japan

45838 Japanese soldier, Mochinaga, Japan

45470 Binzuru Sama, it is said that Buddha conferred on him the power to
cure all human ills, Binzura is a highly popular object of worship with the
lower classes, Japan

4654 Women coaling the ship, Kobe, Japan

45840 Jiso, the compassionate Buddhist helper, Japan

45841 A shrine in a cave, Shintoism is a compound of nature and ancestor

45860 Japanese soldier, Japan

45842 Dr John R Mott addressing a student mass meeting in Osaka, YMCA

47268 Meal in a boat, Kyoto, Japan

47269 Meal in a boat, Kyoto, Japan

47270 Ox cart man, Kyoto, Japan

47271 Ox cart man, Kyoto, Japan

47272 Canal, Kyoto, Japan

47273 Canal decline, Kyoto, Japan

47274 Canal decline, Kyoto, Japan

47275 Canal tunnel, Kyoto, Japan

47276 Men pulling canal boat, Kyoto, Japan

47277 Men pulling canal boat, Kyoto, Japan

47278 Same caption as 47277

47279 Japanese saw mill, Japanese Buddhist sawing logs, Kyoto, Japan

47280 Japanese saw mill, Japanese Buddhist sawing logs, Kyoto, Japan

47281 Same caption as 47280

47282 Same caption as 47280

47283 same caption as 47280

47284 Japanese saw mill, Japanese Buddhist sawing logs, Kyoto, Japan

47285 Same caption as 47284

47286 Same caption as 47284

47287 Buddhist temple, Kyoto, Japan

47288 Buddhist Temple, Kyoto, Japan

47289 Buddhist Temple, Kyoto, Japan

47290 Library in Kyoto, Japan

47291 Methodist Episcopal Church South Kyoto, Japan

47292 Methodist Episcopal Church South, where Mr Hardie preached, Kyoto, Japan

47293 Street, Kyoto, Japan

47294 Kindergarten Methodist Episcopal Church South Kyoto, Japan

47296 Children, Kyoto, Japan

47295 Same caption as 47294

47297 Mother and child, Kyoto, Japan

47298 Kindergarten of the Methodist Episcopal Church South Kyoto, Japan

47299 Dan Dan Man, Kyoto, Japan

47300 Child, Kyoto, Japan

47302 Administration building, Tokyo, Japan

47303 Administration building of Aoyama College, Tokyo, Japan

47304 New administration building, Tokyo, Japan

47306 Same caption as 47304

47305 Same caption as 47304

47307 Dormitory, Tokyo, Japan

47308 Same caption as 47307

47309 Same as 47307

47310 Same as 47307

47311 College girls, Tokyo, Japan

47312 Same caption as 47311

47313 Same caption as 47311

47314 Edwin T Iglehart and child, Tokyo, Japan

47315 Japanese girl and child

47316 Water tank on road, Tokyo, Japan

47317 Candy man, Tokyo, Japan

47318 Rickshaw man, Tokyo, Japan

47319 Child in the street, Tokyo, Japan

47320 Same caption as 47319

47321 Woman on street, Tokyo, Japan

47322 Little Mother, Tokyo, Japan

47323 Dr James W Taylor, Tokyo, Japan

47324 Dr Draper, Tokyo, Japan

47325 Party in Tokohoma, Tokyo, Japan

47326 Methodist Church, Tokyo, Japan

47327 Methodist Church, Tokyo, Japan

47328 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Tokyo, Japan

47329 Industrial School, WFM Tokyo, Japan

50309 Nichiren Statue, Japan

50310 Statue of famous student, Japan

50311 Nichiren Statue, Japan

50312 Rev Robert Spencer looking at cylinder, Japan

50313 R S Spencer, Methodist Missionary, Japan

50314 Worshipper at the foot of Nichiren Statue, Japan

50315 Woman praying at the foot of the Nichiren Statue, Japan

50316 Buddhists worshipped and prayed to, Japan

50317 Rev Spencer, Methodist Missionary, Japan

50318 A place of worship for those praying for children, Japan

50319 Old woman praying to large idol nearby, Japan

50320 Woman praying to large idol nearby, Japan

50321 Rev Spencer talking with a Buddhist Priest, Japan

50322 Buddhist Priest, Japan

50323 Japanese lady on her way to worship, Japan

50324 Goucher College, Tokyo, Japan

50325 An old edict forbidding Christians to enter, Japan

52261 Federated Mission Conference, Kariuzawa, Japan

52262 Asawa from the Pass, S R U in foreground, Japan

52263 Hills thru which the rail road climbs by 26 tunnels to reach

52264 Volcano near Karuizawa, Asama Yama

52265 Asama from the pass

52266 Moon flowers at Karuizawa, blossom only at night

52267 Karuizawa Moon Flowers

52268 Moon flowers, Karuizawa

52269 Moon flowers, Karuizawa

52270 Sunset clouds over Asama

52271 Jap girl, Modern type hair

52272 Japanese girl and parasol

52273 Karuizawa, station vendors, Tokyo

52274 One of 26 tunnels, about the first for Tokyo

52275 Railroad bridge, Japan

52276 Sign at station, Names of next station, Distance given also, Japan

52277 Karuizawa, wayside, Buddhist idol

52278 Karuizawa, Japan

52279 Karuizawa, Japan

52280 Karuizawa, Japan

52281 Path up Toge, Karuizawa

52282 Karuizawa with Asama Japan

52283 Shinto Shrine with paper prayers, Karuizawa, Japan

52284 Scrambling for pennies near Karuizawa, Japan

52285 Group of Japanese at tea house, Japan

52286 R S Spencer talkinng to a group in tea house near Karuizawa, Japan

52287 R S Spencer at Shinto Shrine on hill near Karuizawa, Japan

52288 Mr R S Spencer at Shinto Shrine on hill, Japan

52289 Government Girls' School picnic, going to Shrine near Karuizawa,
There were 225 girls from Ueda, Japan

52290 End of procession of girls from Government School on picnic, Japan

52291 Clouds over Asawa, Karuizawa, japan

52292 Baby of rich Japanese wholesale druggist, Japan

52293 Rich Tokyo merchant and family at Shinto shrine near Karuizawa, Japan

52294 Boy of rich Tokyo Merchant worshipping at Shinto Shrine, near
Karuizawa, Japan

52295 Path up the Toge, Japan

52296 Hills around Karuizawa, Japan

52297 Landscape, Karuizawa

52298 Hill top above mist

52299 no caption

52300 Karuizawa, Japan

52301 Karuizawa, Japan

52302 Karuizawa, Japan

52303 Karuizawa, Japan

52304 Karuizawa, Japan

52305 Government School Girls climbing steps to Shrine, Japan

52306 Girls climbing steps to Shinto Shrine near Karuizawa, Japan

52307 Girls from Government School at Ueda, passing through Karuizawa on
way to Shinto Shrine, Japan

52308 Government School Girls passing through Karuizawa on their way to
Shinto Shrine, Japan

52309 Government School Girls on picnic at Shinto Shrine near Karuizawa,

52310 Government school teachers at lunch at tea house, These were the
teachers in charge of the girls' picnic near Karuizawa, Japan

52311 Girls and teachers of Government Girls' School at foot of steps
leading to Shinto Shrine near Karuizawa, Japan

52312 Office force packing, Karuizawa, Japan

52313 Same caption as 52312

52314 Same caption as 52312

52315 Japanese woman, Japan

52316 Japanese woman, Japan

52317 Same caption as 52316

52318 Same caption as 52316

52319 Same caption as 52316

52320 Signs of end of seasons sale, Japan, Karuizawa

52321 Sunrise clouds, Asama, Japan

52322 Basket tea house, Asama trip, Japan

52323 One of distance posts, Asama, Japan

52324 Tea house and Torii, Asama, Japan

52325 Asama trips, Japan

52326 Same caption as 52325

52327 Same caption as 52325

52328 Asama trips, Japan

52329 Hotel sign, Hot Springs near Karuizawa, Japan

52330 Asama from Karuizawa, Japan

52331 Clouds over Asama Karuizawa, Japan

52332 Asama, Clouds from steam, Japan

52333 Asama and steam, Japan

52334 Asama and clouds from the Togi, japan

52335 Asama, Japan

52336 Asama, Japan

52337 Asama, Japan

52338 Asama, clouds from top, Japan

52339 Lava beds

52340 Road to lava beds

52341 Keiben railroad to lava beds

52342 Asama from Lava beds

52343 lava beds

52344 Lava beds

52345 Same caption as 52344

52346 Clouds from top of Asama

52347 Asama, Japan

52348 Asama, Japan

52349 Mr Pelley asleep, Asama, Japann

52350 Asama, Japan

52351 Tying up ice for customer, Nara, Japan

52352 Vintons drinking at Nara, Japann

52353 Vintons leaving Nara, Japan

52354 Dog helping pull heavy load of boards up hill, Nara, Japan

52355 Pilgrims coming to railway station, Nara, after visiting the
shrines, Japan

52356 Fawn at Nara, Japan

52357 Deer at Nara Hotel, Japan

52358 Deer at Nara, Japan

52359 View at Nara, Japan

52360 Girls in negligee at Nara, Had ccome down from Osaka, very bold and
free in accosting passers by, Japan

52361 Japanese Priest showing sights to military officers and family at
Nara, Japan

52362 Sick baby on mother's back before "Stokots" one request or one
prayer, Shrine at Nara, Stone incense bowl

52363 Big bell, Nara, Japan

52364 Worshippers before the Nan-en-do Buddhist Temple, Nara, Japan

52365 Woman and sick baby, incense, Buddhist shrine, Nara, Japan

52366 Nan-en-do Buddhist Temple, Nara

52368 Five storied Pagoda at Nara, Japan

52369 Kofuku-ji (sp?) or five storied pagoda, Nara

52370 Five storied Pagoda, Nara, Japan

52371 Kofukuji or five storied Pagoda from pond near hotel, Nara

52372 Kofukuji or five storied Pagoda, Nara

52373 Kofukuji or five storied Pagoda, Nara

52374 Temple of eleven faced Kwannon (Buddhist) at Nara

52375 Second Torii along approach to Kasuga Temple, Nara

52376 Torii at Kasuga-jinsha, Nara, Japan

52377 School boys on visit to Kasuga Shrines, Nara, Japan

52378 Pilgrims at Kasuga Jinsha Shrine, Japan

52379 Stone lanterns Kasuga-jinsha Shrine, Nara, Japan

52380 Stone lantern in form of cannon, Nara, near the shrine of the great
Buddha, Japan

52381 First Torii at approach to Kasuga (Shinto) Shrine, nara

52382 Road to Kasuga Shrine, nara, Port Arthur cannon at left, found
around many Shinto Shrines

52383 Kasuga Jinsha (Shinto) Shrine, Nara

52386 Binzuru, idol of healing

52387 Same caption as 52386

52388 Deer Park, Nara

52389 Deer Park, Nara, Japan

52390 Feeding deer at Nara, Japan

52391 Same caption as 52390

52392 Deer at Nara Hotel, Japan

52393 Deer Park, Nara, Japan

52394 Deer Park, Nara, Japan

52395 S R V and Deer at Nara, Japan

52396 Deer at Nara, Japan

52397 Deer at Nara, Japan

52398 Deer Park, Nara, Japan

52399 Sacred car, Temma Temple (Shinto), Osaka

52400 Woman pilgrim, Osaka festival

52401 Sacred car in Jemma Temple (Shinto)

52402 Crowd around booth, Osaka festival

52403 Crowding on car for festival, Osaka, Japan

52404 Children waiting for procession, Osaka Festival

52405 Cow shrine at Jemma Temple, Festival with native offerings for sick,

52406 Ceremonial washing of mouth, Jemma Temple, Osaka, Japan

52407 Same caption as 52406

52408 Boy and Cicada Store, Jemma Festival, Osaka, Japan

52409 Cicada for sale at Jemma Festival, Osaka

52410 Selling a light sweet wine, Osaka, Japan

52411 Gate of Jemma Temple at Festival, Osaka, Japan

52412 Drinking wine at Jemma Festival, Osaka, Japan

52413 Ice cream without spoons, Osaka Festival

52414 Japanese gyroscope demonstrator, Jemma festival, Osaka

52415 Mother swinging her daughter, Osaka, Japan

52416 Crowd at Osaka Festival, Japan

52417 Crowd assembling early for river festival, Osaka, Japan

52418 Stone torli and steps, River Festival, Osaka

52419 Barge and dancers, Osaka River festival, Japan

52420 Crowds along the river awaiting the river festival, Osaka, Japan

52421 Boats taking positions for watching river procession, Osaka

52422 Court house Osaka, and landing for river god's boat, Osaka Festival,

52423 Night scene, Osaka

52424 Boy pulling heavy cart, Osaka, Japan

52425 Girls swinging in public play ground, Osaka near hotel, Japan

52426 Bridge at Osaka, tea house showing at left, paper lanterns all lit
and brilliantly colored Osaka, Japan

52427 Entrance, Osaka Hotel, Japan

52428 Osaka from Mitsukoshi Departtment Store, Japan

52429 Osaka, Japan

52430 Osaka, Japan

52431 no caption (Smoky Osaka)

52432 Traveling acrobatic show boy and man, Osaka, Japan

52433 Power barge, Osaka River, Japan

52434 Men pulling heavy load, Osaka, Japan

52435 Men pulling heavy load, Osaka, Japan

52436 Heavy hand cart load, Osaka, Japan

52437 Building in Osaka used by one of the most influential Japanese
newspapers in Japan

52438 Sign of Maple Leaves in City Park, Osaka, Japan

52439 One fourth of crowd, YMCA night school assembly hall, Osaka, Japan

52440 Singer machine in use in knitting mill

52441 Singer machine in use in knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52442 Cutting underwear with American machine, Osaka, Japan

52443 Cutting out underwear with American machine, Osaka, Japan

52444 Cutting out underwear with American machine, Osaka, Japan

52445 Spinning, Osaka, Japan

52446 Working room, mousilin weaving and spinning, Osaka, Japan

52447 Weaving mousilin, Osaka, Japan

52448 American knitting machine, Osaka, Japan

52449 Flags of allies, dining room, knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52450 Flags of allies, dining room, knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52451 Girls at dinner, knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52452 Knitting mill, American machine, Osaka, Japan

52453 Japanese machine Knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52454 Singer machines, knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52455 Japanese machine knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52456 Dining room, knitting mill, Osaka, Japan

52457 Christian lepers with bibles

52458 Leper congregation near Osaka

52460 A Christian leper near Osaka

52459 Leper congregation government institution near Osaka, 400 inmates,
80 Christians, 120 at service, Japan

52461 no caption

52462 Leper child coming to church, Osaka, Japan

52463 Leper boy fishing near Osaka, Japan

52464 Leper boy fishing, government leper home, near Osaka, Japan

52465 Christian lepers near Osaka, Japan

52466 Advertising a new play, Najano

52467 Moving picture theatre, Kyoto, japan

52468 Woman servant asleep while folks are worshipping, Kyoto, Japan

52469 Bronze lantern in front of Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Kyoto,

52472 Mother getting child a drink at fountain, Maruyama Park, Kyoto, Japan

52471 Bridge in Maruyama Park, Kyoto

52473 Same caption as 52472

52474 Central building Guion Shinto Shrine, Kyoto, still decorated from
festival, Japan

52475 looking down street from Jorii of Guion Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

52476 Japanese men worshipping at Guion (Shinto) Shrine

52477 Japanese girl, praying at Guion shrine (Shinto) Kyoto, Japan, (red
and white cord)

52478 Fishing near mouth of Lake Biwa canal tunnel, Japan

52479 Loaded boat going down the incline connecting Lake Biwa canal and
trhe river Kamogawa, Japan

52480 Loaded boats at top of incline, Kyoto, Japan

52481 Boat floating out of car in which it has come down the incline, Lake
Biwa Canal, Kyoto, Japan

52482 Lake Biwa canal, Kyoto, loaded boat starting down the incline

52483 Municipal new hydro-electric plants, Kyoto

52484 New Municipal hydro-electric plant, Kyoto

52485 Okumura Electric works, Kyoto, Japan

52486 Okumura Electric works, Kyoto, Japan

52487 Part of new building of Okumura Electric works, Kyoto, Japan

52488 Edict proscribing Christianity is still - Kyoto, Japan

52489 Imperial edict proscribing Christianity - Kyoto

52490 Garden and tea house, Heian-ji Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

52491 Chion Temple, Kyoto, Japan

52492 Gate to Nishi Chion Temple, Kyoto, Japan

52493 Looking down on gate to Chion, Hongwanji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

52494 Bridge at Kyoto, tea house at left, Japan

52495 Same as caption as 52494

52496 Photographing Okumura electric works from roof of Mr Stewart's
house, Kyoto

52497 Mr Stewart and the architect of Okumura Electric Company's plant at
Kyoto, Japan

52499 Child loading mud on toy locomotive, Kyoto

5249844 Wayside Buddha, Shrine - by Stewarts' unpainted new-wood, red and
yellow flowers, blue gray granite base, Kyoto236

52500 Small boy and big ball, Kyoto Japan

52501 Rainy day, Kyoto, Japan

52502 Man riding bicycle in rain, Kyoto, Japan

52503 Rainy day near mission Kyoto, Japan

52504 Government primary school, boys coming from Government school, rainy
day, Kyoto, Japan

52505 Smiling school boys, Government school, Kyoto, Japan

52507 Public school children on a rainy day, Kyoto, Japan

52508 Japanese types, public school boys, Kyoto, Japan