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Mission Photograph Album - Miscellaneous OP #1

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Mission Photograph Album - Miscellaneous OP #1


Random assortment of images found in other albums.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Miscellaneous OP #1




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Miscellaneous OP #1 Collection

28992 Washing at the Fountain on Mont Mario. Rome

38577 Rebecca at the well. Prado, Madrid, Spain.

38569 Madonna infant Christ and Saint John by Raphael

39039 (Ed. Brogi) 5190 Napoli, Museo Nazionale. Altorillievo con due Cariatidii ed una donna seduta (Avellion)

Murillo.878-La Concepcion (Museo de Madrid)

800 Battleship

1544 Deck of ocean liner

1429 Ocean liner unloading at an eastern ports means of small boats

1545 Deck of Ocean liner.

1546 Disembarking from liner that does not dock

4228 Missionary group on board steamship Mongolia, in route New York

42266 Belize, British Honduras Loading and unloading United Fruit Company's vessel out in the roads. Large boats cannot enter the harbor. 1909

4428 "Ocean Scene"

4429 "Ocean Scene"

4430 "Ocean Scene"

4431 "Ocean Scene"

4435 Woman's tug of war on board the steamer

4436 Man's tug of war on board steamer.

400 steerage passengers


4422 Ocean scene

4423 Ocean scene

4424 Ocean scene

4425 Ocean scene

4426 Ocean scene

4427 Ocean scene

2146 Avenue of palms. Hibiscus Hedge, Honolulu

2152 Party with wreaths of flowers

2167 Oahu College, Honolulu

2169 Boy coin divers around the dock. Honolulu

2179 Ponciana tree, Moanalua Park, Hawaiian Islands

2215 Oahu College Grounds, Honolulu

25048 Mohammedan praying at the shrine Aden and Cairo

25049 Suez Canal from light house at Aden and Cairo

25050 Sand suckers on the Suez Canal. Aden and Cairo

25052 Veiled Mohammedan at prayer at Aden and Cairo

19065 Old Methodist Church and Parsonage

19066 Fine Honolulu residence

19067 Fine Honolulu residence


19068 Native women selling beads. Honolulu.

19069 Native women selling beads. Honolulu.

4415 Dr. Syngman Rhee in charge of Methodist School in Honolulu

4416 Street in Honolulu

4417 Docks in Honolulu

4418 street in Honolulu

4419 Public building. Honolulu

4420 Korean Methodist School. Honolulu

4421 Diamond Head at sunrise. Honolulu

4392 Dr. Wadman and Koreans from Honolulu greeting Mrs. Noble, Korean missionary at Honolulu.

4397 Dr. Rhee with pupils of Korean Methodist School in Honolulu.

4413 Diamond Head, Hawaii

4414 Tourists in roadway near beach Honolulu.

12570 ( 2716)

12571 (2717) United States of America

12572 (2718)

12573 (2719)

12562 ( 2708)

12563 (2709)

12564 (2710)

12565 (2711)

12566 (2712)

12567 (2713)

12568 (2714)

12569 (2715)

12555 (2701) Diving for coins, Honolulu

12556 ( 2702)

12557 (2703)

26080 Hawaii

26086 "Bowl" in the background

26071 Honolulu, Hawaii

2556 Papuan preaching from bow of motor boat. New Guinea

Body of Queen Lilinokolani lying in state in old Kawaishao Church, Honolulu.

United States Cavalry escort at ex-Queen's funeral Honolulu

In front of Palace, remains of the Queen are being removed from throne room. Honolulu.

19070 Old Time Hawaiian hut

19071 General view of Honolulu

19072 View of Docks


41368 Banff Springs Hotel. Canada

41369 Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier. Alta. Canada

41370 Mount Sir Donald Glacier, British Columbia, Canada

41371 Banff Springs Hotel. Alta, Canada

41372 Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Valley of the ten peaks. Canada

41373 Paradise Valley from Mount Saddleback near Lake Louise, Canada

41374 Military grain storage. Montreal, Canada

41375 Exhibition of Polar Bears at Windsor Station. Canada

41360 Illecillanact Glacier from Road Glacier, British Columbia, Canada

41362 Reaping wheat. Mamaka, Alta, Canada

41363 Winter wheat. Gleichen, Alta. Canada

41364 Reaping wheat. Bassano, Alta, Canada

41365 Tree scene, Stanley Park, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

41366 Lake in the clouds near Lake Louise, Alta, Canada

41367 Ben River Valley and Hos Springs. Banff, Alta, Canada

41352 Vista of Ottawa showing Chateau Laurier, Canada

41353 The Bignini Inn, Canada

41354 Yoho Valley, near Field, British Columbia, Canada

41355 Cascade Falls, Glacier, British Columbia, Canada

41356 Nearing Fort Yukon, Canada

41357 Millers Lake, Canada

41358 Strathmore, Alta, Cutting oats, Canada

41359 Strathmore, Alta. Barley, Canada

40735 A miner at La Rose Mine, his right hand rests on the silver sidewalk.

40736 The Road Makers, Termiscanning-Milberts.

40737 Syrian School Montreal

40738 Illustrating the Big Brother Movement

40739 Hindus at work. Fraser River Mill, New Westminister.

40740 A lesson in cleanliness, Paul Reserve Day School

40741 Indian Woman and child

40742 Indian Boy

40743 Two friends on Mount Saddleback (8,000) feet up, looking at Mount Temple (11,500)feet high near Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies.

40744 Community potato patch. Rev. H. B. Commaus (Superintendent of Baptist Home Missions) and his two boys shown in the picture. Roman Catholic Institute in the back ground.

40745 Barrels of beer going into lumber camp. Now prohibited.

49746 Group of boys snapped in a mining town of Nova Scotia.

40747 Hauling in hay on a sleigh, 1902

40749 Barn of Sutler (Mr. Philips) up to date in all respects. 1917 contrast with barn shown on pictures

40748 Threshing alsict clover 1917. Contrast with pioneer scene. "Hauling in the hay" on a sleigh 1902.

40750 Pacific Coast Indian Woman (Labaret lip button)

41409 Mountains near Lunchoil, Mount Chancellor, British Columbia, Canada

41410 Women workers at Angus Shops. Montreal, Quebec

41411 Indians from a painting

41412 Women workers at Angus shops, Montreal

41413 Totem poles, Albert Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

41414 Lake O'Hara

41415 Midnight sun about 12:12 A.M. Canada

41416 Hydraulic Mining near Dawson Yukon Territory, Alaska.

41417 Mountain sheep, Banff Alta, Canada

41418 Kakaleka Falls near Port Arthur, Ontario

41420 Mirror Lake, Lake Louise, Alta, Canada

41419 Indian Chief. Banff Alta, Canada

41421 Okanagan Lakes. Southern British Columbia District, Canada

41422 Morain Lake, Canada

41423 Lake Le Froy and Mount Victoria, Canada

41424 Winter sports in Quebec

41401 Five Finger Rapids, Yukon River, Alaska

41402 Winter sports in Quebec

41403 Wild geese. Canada

41404 Fishing at Banff, Alta, Canada

41405 Burgess Pass Field, British Columbia, Canada

41406 Hunting, Rocky Brook Lake, N. B. Canada

41407 Hunting Moose, Canada

41408 Hunting wolves Canada

41384 Marion Lake, Glacier, British Columbia, Canada

41385 Lakakan Falls, Yoho Valley Field, British Columbia, Canada

41386 Orchands-Summerland

41387 Barley-Strathmore, Canada

41397 Panoramic of Lake Louise Alta, Canada

41398 Women workers at Angus shops, Montreal, Quebec

41399 Lake McArthur, Canada

41400 Miles Canyon, Canada

41376 Natural gas well, Medicine Hat, Alta, Alaska

41377 Trout caught thru the ice in Algonquin Providence, Park. Canada

41378 Looking toward Mount Robson up Grand Fort Six River, Canada

41379 Emperor Falls, Mount Robson Park, Canada

41380 Mount Edith Cavell and Lake Cavell, Canadian Rockies, Canada

41381 Fishing through the ince in Algonquin Province Park. Canada

41382 Atlin, Alaska

41425 Shooting wild ducks. Canada

41426 Lakakan Falls, Yoho Valley near Field, British Columbia, Canada

41427 White Horse Rapids, Canada

41428 Winter sports in Quebec

41429 Three men on a Glacier- Little Smokey River, Canada

41430 Ban River Valley from mouth of Spray River, Canada

41431 Wolfe and Montcalm Monument, Quebec

41432 Santant de Puce Falls near Chateau Richer, Canada

41434 Church Saint Anne de Beaupre, P. Quebec.

41435 Banff Hotel, Banff Alta, Canada

41436 The Bride's Veil, Luvia, Blue Mountain, Canada

41438 Canadian Exhibitions. New York City.

41439 Military grain in storage. Montreal

41440 British Columbia Coast Steamers. S.S. Princess Victoria

41441 Groman Creek Canyon, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

41450 Connaught Tunnel, East Portal, Canada

41451 Caribao Road near Sprinygum, British Columbia, Canada

414522 Little Champlain Street, Quebec, P.2.

41454 Quebec in winter, from Citadel, Quebec

41455 Mount Edith Cavell at sunrise and Lake Cavell, Canada

41456 Bulkley Gate (150 feet high) Canada

41457 Camp at Mount Edith Cavell, Canadian Rockies.

41466 Mount Robson and Berg Lake, Canada

41467 Totem poles, Kitwanga, British Columbia, Canada

41468 A tiny piece of one of the Glaciers on Little Smoky River, Canada

41469 Malign Gorge, Jasper Park, Canada

41470 Poling up the Fraser River, Canada

41471 Mount Robson showing fine definition in structure, Canada

41472 Summer cottage on Cache Lake, Algonquin Providence Park, Canada

41473 Silver shadows on Lake Kathlyn, North of Smithers, Canada.

41442 Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alta, Canada.

41443 Quebec and the St. Lawrence River.

41444 Lake Louise, Alta, Canada

Sold to Mrs. Wetz
41445 Beaver Cutting, Mount Morency Falls, Quebec

41446 Chateau Frontenac from Laval University, Quebec

41447 Canadian Lynx or wild cat

41448 Wolfe's Monument, Quebec, P. 2.

41449 Champlain Monument, Duffern Terrace, Quebec.

41458 The hanging Glacier of Berg Lake, Canada

41459 Glacier on little Smoky River. G.T Ry, Canada

41460 Mount Edith Cavell and Shrine Mountain, Canada

41461 "When shadows fall at close of day." Yellowhead Lake, Canada

41462 Birthplace of East Branch, Little Smoky River, Canada

41463 The Trans-Continental Glacier at Mount Robson, Canada

41464 Rainbow Canyon, Jasper Park, Canada

41465 Yellowhead Lake and Mount Fitzwilliam, Canada

41474 Niagara Falls, Candian side

41475 Victoria British Columbia, Canada

41476 Moose River Falls, Jasper Park, Canada

41477 Crevices Illecillewaet Névé Glacier, British Columbia, Canada

41478 Cache Lake-Algonquin Provincial Park. Canada

41479 Moose River Falls, Jasper Park, Canada

River Jordan where Christ was baptized. Palestine.

Bethania Palestine

Mar Sabi Convent. Palestine

The Temple of the Sun, Syria

58324 Ruined Columns of the Temple of the Sun Baalbek, Syria

40775 Marriage settlement before sheik among the Mohammedans.

Black stone in Kaaba. Pilgrims around the Kaaba in the sacred Mosque at Mecca.

58323 Y M 146 British official photographs from Mesopotamia. The Hindiyah barrage on the Euphrates, the first completed portion of the Mesopotamia irrigation schi___, June 1917

45295 122 With the troops in Mesopotamia. A pontoon Bridge.

K444 Firing a rocket signal to warn life boat crew of vessel in distress. How the British Sea Scouts are guarding the coasts of England

K423 Taking a message from a destroyer by Semaphore Code

K417 Sea Scout in Sou' wester and oilskins

K439 How the Sea Scouts are guarding the coasts of England

JJ17 The Armenian cemetery at Jaffa violated by the Turks. The Turks have not left a single grave untouched, and not one tomb-stone standing. Many marble monuments were taken. The British forces arrived just in time to prevent the removal of the rest.

K2 Photograph's taken at a Suez Canal supply depot unloading corn.

L818 Official photograph taken on the British Western front in France. The American Flag was unfurled and saluted by representatives of the Allied Armies.

L810 Official Photograph taken on the British Western front in France. Independence Day Anniversary was honored in Belgian by the Belgian Army. The American Flag was unfurled and saluted by representatives of the Allied Armies. Belgian G.O. C. Speaking at the unfurling of the American Flag.

5 A near view of the lower part occupied by the Headmaster. It is hoped that the headmaster will some day have the Principal's bungalow and that the Principal will have a new bungalow.

6th Our city church has the highest tower in the city. From this tower these two views of Moradabad City were taken. This city has about 90,000 inhabitants.

7th Our city church has the highest tower in the city. From this tower these two views of Moradabad City were taken. This city has about 90,000 inhabitants.

K426 Saluting the Ensign at 8 o'clock every morning the Ensign is hoisted and at sunset hauled down, when scouts of the patrol fall in and salute.

K4 Photographs taken at a Suez Canal supply depot. Tug bringing Dahabiehs laden with fresh bread baked in an army bakery.

K643 War activities of the British Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts sounding the "All Clear" after air raids.

K429 Receiving a confidential telephone message from Flank Station

68883 The charm of southern Palestine Native Palestine women going to market.

K.Y.4. Great British advance in Palestine. An Officer of the Spahis.

A. The war scenes with our victorious army in Palestine. Typical prisoners captured by Anzacs at Beersheba.

93 With the troops in Mesopotamia. The ruins of Khalif's house in the desert forms a natural dug-out

Y.M. 154 British Official photograph from Mesopotamia. New street, formerly Khai Pasha Street Baghdad. June, 1917

Y.M. 364 British Official Photographs taken in Mesopotamia. Summit of pass 2 1/4 hours from Kermanshah. Looking southsouthwest over the Zeilah Valley. Man carrying a curious shrine. (September, 1917)

508 The Mesopotamia Campaign C[***] of the Persian Labout Corps.

32 First official photographs of the campaign in Mesopotamia. Turkish prisoners passing through Basra.

Y.M.73 Official photographs taken in Mesopotamia. Jews and Christians being allowed return to their homes at Basra, May 9th, 1917

149 With the troops in Mesopotamia. Turkish prisoners at an advance depot embarking for Basra

54 First official photographs of the campaign in Mesopotamia. Ashar Creek

Y.M.I. British Official photograph from Mesopotamia. The captured "Basrah" on her way down the river.

29 First official photograph of the campaign in Mesopotamia. Ashur Creek and Bazaar.

512 The Mesopotamia Campaign. A camel and its driver.

21 Official photographs from Mesopotamia making friends.

Official photograph from Mesopotamia Cossacks and Indians crossing the Tigris, with rations.

With the troop's in Mesopotamia. Captured Turkish tug at Rawadie which was used in moving gun barges

First official photograph of the campaign in Mesopotamia, Spinning wheel.

L640 Official photograph taken on the British Western front in France. British army carrier pigeons in France. A Franco-British carrier, which makes long distance flights.

L26 Official photograph taken on the British Western front. Pigeons on military duty in France. "Swift." who is always reliable.

D2947 Official photographs taken on the British Western front in France. Officers outside their dugout with their pets.

N797 A Tommy reading German sign in Perronne, just immediately after we had pushed the Germans out of it. Official photograph taken on the British Western front in France.

N469 Official photograph taken on the British Western front in France. The mascot of a battery who are kept very busy shelling the Germans.

c1992 Truck mortar school mascot on a German trench mortar.

D2834 Official photographs taken on the British Western Front in France. American visitor's chateau behind the British lines.

The Bungalow in which the District Superintendent formerly lived. Now empty because of having but one missionary in station in place of three, that we used to have.

The Bungalow occupied by the women for Missionary Society missionaries. This Bungalow is situated by the girls school

The Bungalow occupied by the Principal of the Parker High School. It was occupied by Charles E. Simpson, and is now empty. It is along side the boy's boarding and very near to the new High School building.

A view of the front of our Boarding. A similar section to this will be constructed after receiving money for the completion of the Boarding. The shaded portion down stairs is where the Headmaster's quarters are.

69685 Group of Taurians helped by the Armenian and Syrian Relief. (Dr. Shedd of Urumia, Persia)

Checking off the name of applicant just before he received his allotment of flour. Food distribution in Urumia Persia. Armenian and Syrian Relief. Mr. Richards.

Group of Christian refugees who have been given quilts. In two villages there are over four hundred families of refugees. The Armenian and Syrian Relief gave 300 quilts to them. Dr. W. A. Shedd, Urumia, Persia

Group of Tiari men, with pile of cloth given them. Armenian and Syrian Relief. Dr. W. A. Shedd, Urumia, Persia.

Refugee Children

Kurdish Kiddies, busy securing a post graduate degree as beggars in the streets of Urumia, Persia

Some of the 300 orphans sheltered in the Austrian Hospice building in charge of Miss Warburton, one of the charter members of the S and P Relief.

Another glimpse of the soup kitchen

155674 F. C. Woman's work. Interior of Hospital, Rayamout.

K545 With the Italian Expeditionary Force. British pack mules conveying ammunition over a pontoon bridge on the Piave.

Dark and sun burned Syrian refugees eating their rice on the very spot where an ancient cannon used to be, within the Town of David.

Greek refugees from Asia minor at Salonika

58326 "some who fell by the way side."

Armenian Soldiers in Erzroom.

Adult orioles (male and female) Banks of the Tamesi River. gulf coast of Mexico.

A group of Christian refugees who have been given Quilts. In two villages there are over four hundred families of refugees. We gave about 300 quilts to them. Dr. W. A. Shedd. Urumia, Persia

Syrian refugees from the villages between Ramallah and Nablus. Mr. Beaumont of the S and P Relief is investigating these cases one by one. They are given shelter in David's Tower and are here seated on the steps of the entrance.

The descent from Mount Zion as the Armenian refugees left Jerusalem en-route for the Port Said Camp

The Armenian refugee girl having the picture of the Resurrection tattooed on her forearm during Easter week in Jerusalem.