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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #2

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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #2


Mostly studio portraits of missionaries, but also includes images of famous or well-known individuals.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #2




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #2 Collection

28336 Abraham Lincoln

28338 Dr. H. H. Lowry, North China

28337 David Livingstone

28333 Rev. William H. Lacy, Foochow

28334 Rev. John Lampard, Bombay

28335 Bishop Wilson S. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis, Shanghai, China

28339 Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Lowry, North China

28341 Mr. Salvatore Mastro Giovanni, Rome, Italy. (Lay delegate to General Conference, 1916)

28340 Miss Marie McMillan, Chile

28342 Rev. David H. Manley, Bengal

28343 Rev. William S. Meek, North India

28344 Rev. George A. Miller, Panama

28345 Rev. F. C. Mooney

28346 Rev. Charles D. Morris, Korea

28347 Wilson S. Naylor

28348 Bishop Thomas Nicholson

28349 Dr. S. Earl Taylor, Bishop William Frank Oldham, Dr. Frank Mason North

28350 Bishop John. L. Nuelsen, Zurich, Switzerland

28351 Rev. Jarell Waskom Pickett, North India

28352 Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Pilcher. West China

28353 Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Pilcher, West China

28354 Rev. James Doan Pointer, Inhambane

28778 Bishop Adna Wright Leonard

28786 Ralph A. Ward

28787 Ralph A. Ward

28327 Rev. E. Stanley Jones, North India

28328 Mrs. Lucian B. Jones, Northwest India

28329 Rev. Lucian B. Jones, Northwest India

28330 Jung Fang Li

28331 Rev. James J. Kingham, South India

28332 Mrs. Daniel H. Klinefelter, Philippines

28373 Rev. and Mrs. Clyde B. Stuntz, Northwest India

28374 Rev. Wilbur C. Swearer, Korea

28375 Dr. James M. Taylor

28376 Rev. John F. Thomson, East South America

28361 Mrs. Raymond C. Ricker

28362 Rev. Burton L. St. John

28363 Rev. Henry C. Scholberg, Central Provinces

28365 Rev. William G. Shellabear, Malaysia

28364 Rev. Henry B. Schwartz (1906)

28366 Rev. William A. Shelly, Chile (1902)

28355 Rev. Marvin A Rader D. D. Philippine Islands

28356 John H. Reed

28357 Professor Rice, Wesleyan University

28359 Mrs. Noble L. Rockey, North India (1904)

28358 Miss Mary Richards, LaPaz, Bolivia

28360 Rev. Noble L. Rockey, North India (1916)

28403 Dr. Hopkins

28404 Miss Wallace

28401 McKendree Petty

28402 Mr. and Mrs. Gamwell

28394 no caption

28395 no caption

28396 Mr. L. H. Rich

28397 Mr. L. H. Rich

28398 Mrs. Robert Stewart Spencer, Japan

28399 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

28400 Mrs. Sadie Wischmiser

28389 No caption

28390 Bishop Homer C. Stuntz

28391 Mrs. Ruouri

28392 Dr. Edwin F. Frease, North Africa

28393 Mrs. B. L. St. John, Tientsin, China

28384 Joseph Hugo Wenberg

28383 Bishop Francis Wesley Warne, Lucknow, India

28385 Bishop Luther B. Wilson

28386 Rev. Frederick Wood, Bombay

28387 Rev. Frederick Wood, Bombay

28388 Mr. B. S. Swartz

28406 Celestine King

28405 Bishop William F. Oldham, Buenos Aires, Argentine

28407 Mrs. A. P. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia

28408 Bishop Alexander P. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia

28409 Mrs. Alexander P. Camphor, Monrovia Liberia

28410 Celestine King

28411 Bishop A. P. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia

28416 Celestine King

28435 Rev. and Mrs. Corwin Taylor

28436 C. S. Wheeler

28437 Andrew Anderson

28438 Hugh Kennedy

28439 Fred W. Mueller

28440 J. R. J. Lathrop

28441 W. P. French

28442 William H. Phelps

28443 Paul Hangan

28444 John Mayer

28445 W. E. Marvin

28446 C. W. Schevenius

28447 John Dystant

28448 D. H. Ramsdell

28449 J. C. Floyd

28450 R. E. Meader

28451 No caption

28452 C. B. Koch

28453 C. W. Baldwin

28454 E. A. Wahlquist

31418 A. P. Young

31419 Bishop Francis John McConnell

29930 Roy S. Smyers

31367 Lius R. Navarro. Local preacher, Coqumbo, Chile, 1916

29000 W. B. Tower

29928 Roy S. Smyers

29929 Roy S. Smyers

28998 R. A. Wood

28999 William B. Tower

28996 R. A. Wood

28997 R. A. Wood

28841 H. E. Governor Tang Chi Yao

28923 Irving M. Tynan and wife

28924 Irving M. Tynan and wife

28925 Mrs. I. M. Tynan

28926 Irving M. Tynan

28800 A. S. North

28801 John Sidney Herrick

28822 Rev. L. B. Jones and family

28790 Harry Farmer

28791 Harry Farmer

28769--28770 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cartright

28455 Allen, Charles B., 110 Hazelwood Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

28506 Paton, J. G. (of New Hebrides) Chamberlain, Dr. W. I. (of India)

28539 George A. Roberts

28567 Anderson J. P Firot, Norwegian and Danish Methodist Episcopal Church

28597 Dr. Fred D. Fisher

28598 Mrs. Fred D. Fisher

30370 John McKendree Springer

31453 Group of candidates

31657 Rev. Nathan Bangs

31658 J. D. Pointer and family

31663 John Webster

31664 Rev. J. B. Finley

31665 Mononcue

31859 Miss Lilavate Singh

31876 Rev. James Doan Pointer

31877 Rev. James Doan Pointer

32247 W. H. Teeter

32248 W. H. Teeter

32249 W. H. Teeter

32250 W. H. Teeter

33401 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

33402 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

33289 Dr. Joseph Beech of East China

33400 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

33640 Benson Baker

33641 Glenn A. Baldwin

33642 Henry Albert Bassett

33589 Mr. H. B. Dickson

33629 Martin Luther

33639 R. J. Amery

33403 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

33404 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

38076 Rev. N. Walling Clark

38077 Rev. Harvey R. Calkins, Bombay, 1900

38078 W. Arthur Noble

38072 Right-Mr. Lu, The Pastor, center-J.M. Yard. Missionary, left-Mr. Den, District Superintendent

38075 Rev. C. H. Conley

38042 Miss Grace Stephens and Subunagam Ammal

38043 Bishop Adna W. Leonard

38048 Mrs. Feng

33683 John Carroll Davison

33685 George A. Simons

33682 Carl A. Felt

33680 Rev. Maynard Lawson Wolcott

33681 Rev. Adelbert S. Watson

33676 Clyde B. Stuntz

33677 Rev. Wilbur C. Swearer

33678 Rev. Bertrand M. Tipple

33679 Charles R. Vickery

33672 Ernest. A. Raynor, For. Philippines

33673 Rev. Harry F. Rowe

33674 Rev. Frank W. Scott

33675 Fred R. Sibley

33669 W. S. Naylox

33670 Bernard H. Paddock

33671 Charles E. Parker

33662 B. F. Lawrence

33663 Fred K. Lendrum

33664 Albert Leonard

33666 Rev. John Z. Moore

33667 Rev. C. D. Morris

33668 Vernom M. McCombs

33659 Charles W. Iglehart

33660 Edwin T. Iglehart

33661 James Ira Jones and wife

33653 Charles S. Deming

33654 Mr. John C. Elkins

33655 Julius Soper

33656 John Goudy

33657 John D. Harris

33658 Earl A. Hoose

33650 William A. Brown, Philippines, 1902

33651 Oscar M. Buck, Dakew, September, 1909

33652 Charles S. Davison

33643 Frank J. Battersow

33645 Rev. E. W. Baumann and wife missionaries to Buenos Ayres, South America taken 1907,

33646 Rev. Arthur D. Berry, 1902

33647 Rev. R. Emory Beetham, Africa, 1901

33648 James Blackledge

33649 Mark. W. Brown

41253 Dr. G. J. Schilling

41486 Leonardo de Venice, drawn by himself. Turin.

41480 Dr. Butler

41122 Rev. C. E. Davis

41142 William Butler

41078 From Life of Bishop Coleman C. Hartzler

41229 Mrs. Coleman C. Hartzler

41260 Children of J. M. Yard

40560 Evelyn Marsh

40561 Ethel and Evelyn Marsh

40776 Secry Baker

40547 Rev. G. A. Simons

40556 Melville B. Cox

40559 Ethel Marsh

1st photo to left: Mr. Ik Chai Lee, a fine Christian man related to the Imperial family of Korea. He was at one time secretary to Dr. George Heber Jones. He is here shown in the uniform of the former Imperial Korean Diplomatic Corps worn while in the legation at Petrograd.

2nd photo top right: Professor H. C. Roys and family. Nanking University, China, July 20, 1918.

3rd photo bottom right: Children of J. M. Yard, 1916

41825 Rev. A. A. Parker Missionary to India

41886 Rev. Lewis E. Linzell

41990 Rev. Li Ling Ying

41991 Rev. Yang Jung Lin

41597 Mrs. C. B. Rape

41598 Rev. and Mrs. J. F. Cottingham

41664 Doctor Harris

41665 Joseph W. Van Cleve

41594 DR. Sren H. Liljestrand

41596 Mr. C. Bertram Rape

41595 Mrs. Ethel H. Liljestrand

43304 Mr. Neil

43305 Mrs. W. H. Neil

43302 Bishop Anderson

43303 Bishop Anderson

43137 C. J. Morris

43301 Bishop Anderson

43125 Bishop Hendrix and Cranston

43126 F. A. Horne

42593 George P. Eckman

42917 Miss Nicholls, Mrs. Mansell, and Miss E. Young

42361 R. L. Archer

42565 Arthur F. Wesley and family

42576 Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Bowers

43534 Dan B. Brummitt

43535 Edgar Blake

43532 Leonard C. Murdock

43533 Elmer Ellsworth Higley

43530 James C. Baker

43531 G. Franklin Ream (photo missing)

43528 A. Wesley Mell

43529 Rev. John W. Hancher, D.D., Iowa Conference

43444 (no caption)

43445 (no caption)

43446 John R. Mott

44290 Henry J. Allen

44291 Stonewall Anderson

44288 Mrs. E. C. Cronk

44289 Rev. Henry A. Atkinson

44308 William B. Miller

44309 Dr. R. H. Miller

44306 William Hiram Foulkes, D. D., L.L.D.

44305 Dr. Watson

44307 Carl E. Millikin

44299 Rev. William Horace Day

44300 John J. Eagan. Atlanta, Georgia

44296 Charles A. Brooks

44297 Frank L. Brown

44298 Miss Cratty in the "Lodge" Y.W.C.A.

44294 George M. Boyd

44295 Rev. H. R. Best

44292 William W. Alexander

44293 Rev. J. Y. Aitchison

44327 George T. Webb

44328 Robert L. Kelly

44329 M. E.Alling

44325 Honorable A. S. Kreider

44326 H. F. Laflamme

44320 Edgar P. Hill

44321 C. S. Brown, Winton,North Carolina

44322 Hugh Heith

44317 Rev. Charles S. McFarland

44318 W. S. Slone

44319 Rev. Frank M. Sheldon

44315 W. B. Beauchamp D.D.

44316 Alfred William Anthony

44312 Mr. Palmquist

44313 Charles H. Pratt

44314 Fennell P. Turner

44310 Cornelius H. Patton D. D.

44311 Daniel A. Poling

44338 James Blair Spillman

44339 Raymond Robbins

44336 David W. Teachout

44337 L. Wilbur Messer

44333 William Chalmers Covert. First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois

44334 James I. Vance, D. D. Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Nashville

44335 A. R. Bartholomew

44330 Bishop C. H. Phillips, Nashville, Tennessee

44331 Rev. Dr. G. E. Raitt

44332 Rev. Arthur J. Brown. D. D.

44358 E. E. Olcott

44359 Dr. H. A. Boag. Secretary Board of Church Extension

44356 Henry H. Sweets. secretary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States for Education and Ministerial Relief. 410 Urban Building. Louisville, Kentucky

44357 Mrs. F. S. Bennett, 149 Dwight Place, Englewood, New Jersey

44354 James H. Causey

44355 frank C. Dunn, Laymen, Methodist Episcopal Church

44352 William E. Lampe

44353 H. O. Pritchard

44350 Lewis T. Reed, D. D., Flatbush Congregational Church, Brooklyn, New York

44351 Dr. W. W. Pinson. General Secretary Board of Missions. Methodist Episcopal South.

44348 Marion Lawrence

44349 Mrs. H. C. Campbell, 340 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

44346 Dr. William Arnold Shanklin

44347 John Willis Baer. Vice-president of Union National Bank. Pasadena, California

44344 L. W. Riley

44345 C. R. Joy Keokuk, Iowa

44342 Mrs. Henry W. Peabody, Beverly, Massachusetts

44343 James W. Kinnear, 1544 Olive Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

44340 James M. Speers, 345 5th Avenue, New York City

44341 Mrs. W. A. Montgomery

44460 Ann Hasseltine Judson. "Ann of Ava." Burma

44455 James Gilmour Mongolian pioneer

44456 Bishop William Taylor path finder on three continents

44457 Bishop Whipple, friend of the American Indian

44459 Isabella Thoburn, founder of Higher Education for women.

44458 Bishop Samuel Crowther

44451 John Griffith, editor and translator. China

44452 John Peck pioneer of the Mississippi Valley

44453 Guido F. Verbeck,missionary, a maker of new Japan

44454 John Wesley

44446 Cyrus Hamlin founder of Robert College

44450 Daniel Bliss founder of the Syrian Protestant College

44447 Jon Keith Falconer, apostle to Arabia

44448 William Butler, pioneer in India and Mexico

44449 William Ashmore, veteran of Sivaton

44441 Marcus Whitman, hero of the Oregon Country..

44442 James Chalmers, Martyr of New Guinea

44443 Alexander M. MacKay, "Uganda's white man of work." Africa

44444 J. Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission

44445 Robert Moffat pioneer of South Africa

44438 Henry Martyn. Translator in India and Persia

44439 Sheldon Jackson maker of the new northwest and Alaska.

44440 John G. Paton, (missionary) King of the cannibals

44436 John Knox

44437 Reginald Heber. Bishop of Calcutta, India.

44428 Melville B. Cox

44429 Robert Morrison 1782-1834 translator and lexicographer, China

44426 Rev. Ernest Neal Our D.D. State Secretary, Field Department North Carolina

44427 David Livingstone pathfinder and emancipator.

45353 A portrait of a little Chinese girl. Nellie Vaughan

45424 General Pershing. The St. Mihael smile.

44875 Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick W. Heckelman

44952 Willard D. Price

44953 Willard D. Price

44377 Dr. D. Poling at desk. New York City

56610 Mr. Charles Edward Fang Chinese interpreter in the school at that place, son of District Superintendent in Hinghua Conference

55090 Samuel E. Judd

55281 Rev. Ben G. Ray, August, 1918

55370 John L. Fort

45811 Martin Luther

45856 Bishop Agariah

45892 Colonel His Highness the Maharaja

55023 Mr. and Mrs. Clair K. Searles. Peking, China

44492 Bishop Burns

44493 Bishop Jones

44489 Bishop Meade

44490 Bishop Charles E. Locke

44491 Bishop Mathew W. Clair

44486 Bishop E. L. Waldorf

44487 Bishop E. G. Richardson

44488 Bishop L. J. Birney

44473 Kashmir Korthi. Where first Methodist convert was baptized. Bareilly, India

44472 Group of missionaries and visitors at Bareilly, India

44462 Doctor Eleanor Chestnut of South China. Martyr.

44461 Doctor Susie Rijhart Moyes heroic traveler. Tibet.

58868 Miss Tani - a type of the coming Japanese woman -- Miss Tani is a clever young reporter on the staff of the Osaka Nainishi, one of the foremost newspapers in Japan.

58560 S.A-L'Emir Feisal is one of the younger sons of the King of Arabia, the general of the Arabian army and the principal leader of the Arabian people.

58594 General John J. Pershing

56748 Dr. Li Tien Lu

56749 George L. Davis

56744 Rev. Son Chun Do

56746 Charles Wesley Scharer

56745 Luk Su Kim, A. B.

56747 Dr. Li Tien Lu

60194 Bishop Merriam C. Harris

60222 Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Parker

60143 Raymond Robbins

60144 Dr. Robert E. Speer New York City, Secretary

60105 Mr. F. B. Smith

60142 J. C. White, President of College of Wooster

60243 Rev. F. I Johnson Cleveland, Ohio

60244 J. I Bartholomew

60241 Alvin C. Goddard, Knoxville, Tennessee

60242 W. A. C. Hughes, New Orleans, Louisiana

60239 George H. Bickley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

60240 J. G. Benson

60237 Rev. G. W. Isham. Omaha, Nebraska

60238 Rev. A. Ray Moore, D. D. San Francisco, California

60235 Rev. George Mecklenburg. Billings, Montana

60236 W. F. Wright. St. Louis Conference

60251 Rev. Appleton Bash

60252 Rev. J. W. Moultrie

60249 Rev. Morris E. Smartz. Baltimore, Maryland

60250 Fredrick Thomas Keeney

60247 Henry E. Wolfe

60248 Rev. Edward D. Kohlstedt

60682 Rev. Ernest F. Hall

60683 Bishop Parker (E. W.)

60490 "Clorinda Matto de Furner"

60578 Rev. Harry R. Caldwell

60485 Rev. W. S. Bissonett, wife and daughter

60486 Benson Baker

60440 Miss Claire Wightman, Bolivia, La Paz

60449 Wellington Koo

60318 Louisa Inyof, taken at her silver anniversay

60319 Group Ohiyo Ishigaki, Kumayo Cki ect.

60355 Dr. Wright

60299 Ralph A. Ward

60316 Mr. and Mrs.Perry N. Cedarholm

61401 Herbert Putman. Librarian of Congress

61637 Miss Eaton of Crandon Institute

61397 Katherine Bemant [Bement] Davis

61399 Willard Price

61400 Bishop Anderson

61391 George W. Wikersham

61392 George W. Wikersham

61396 Katherine Bemant Davis

61388 Ittaman Ben Avi, representative of the Zionist Movement.

61389 William T. Ellis

61390 Julia Lathrop

61385 Bishop Samuel Dwight Chown of Canada

61386 Bishop Samuel Dwight Chown of Canada

61387 Captain Contesso of Italy

61380 General Goosdenovitch of Montenegro

61381 General Goosdenovitch of Montenegro.

61382 General Goosdenovitch of Montenegro.

62027 Baron E. Shibusawa, Tokyo

62029 Dr. W. B. Hollingshead

62099 Dr. John Frank Goucher

61830 Mr. Schiro, our pastor at Scicli

61776 Mr. Santi, director of the Casa Materna, Naples

61777 Mr. Santi, director of the Casa Materna, Naples

61719 Daniele Contino, Pastor, Methodist

61720 Daniele Contino, Pastor, Methodist

62535 General Wu of Kuikiang Military Governor

62549 Madame Yone Suzuki

62532 Mary Lee of Sumatra

62534 Bishop L. Wilson

62381 Mrs. J. I. Parker

62385 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crane

62372 Chaplain Thomas Tiplady

62380 Mr. J. I Parker

62339 Bishop Anderson

62342 Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Crouse

62336 Harvey R. Calkins

62338 Miss H. Griffiths

62135 A group of native pastors, C. Venegas, E. Baez, etc

62226 Colonel William B. Melish

62949 Rev. H. E. Wing, Cannondale, Conneticutt

62951 Dr. and Mrs. L. R. MacDonald

64235 Ex-President Roosevelt

62756 General Byng

62842 Mr. Philip S. S. Yu of China

62700 Dr. Bertrand M. Tipple

62712 Mrs. Carrie M. Brown

62713 Mr. Robert E. Brown

62667 Mrs. Earl Arnett Seamands

62694 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bowers

62678 Mr. Earl Aarnett Seamands

62639 William Austin Shelly, B. S. Sanitago, Chile

62640 Mrs. William Austin Shelly

62613 Rev. Pio Armatic

62596 Rev. Frank Rines

62597 Rev. Frank Rines

64562 Rev. F. A. Kelley

64590 Lieutenant Worley

64560 John Knox

64561 Rev. Parker, Evangelist from India

64558 Henry Ward Beecher

64559 J. G. Paton

64519 Mr. Baker

64543 Secretary Joseph Daniels

64426 Mrs. Armati

64327 Don Miguel Hidalgo

64328 Don Benito Juarez

64317 El Emperador Ituribide, Mexico

64324 Senior Don Venrusdiano Carranza. Mexico

64325 Senior Don Francisco I Madero, Presidenti Constitutional de Mexico

64326 D. Porifirio Diaz, D. Miguel Hidalgo and Benito

44376 James M. Thoburn of India and ladies

44378 Mr. G. E. Lindquist at desk at Greenhut Building

44375 Bishop James M. Thoburn, "Prophet of India"

44365 George Sherwood Eddy. Taken in October, 1909

44366 W. S. Athearn

44363 Miles B. Fisher

44364 Rev. J. B. Hingeley

44379 Dr. Joseph Beech

44380 Anna Evans (photo missing)

44387 Dr. Mary Stone, China

44388 Dr. Haggard at his desk

44389 Miss Helen B. Calder, Member of department W.F.M.B. (Womans Foreign Misssions Board)

44390 N. G. Clippinger, Speaker for American Education on Pastor's Conference Team (no photo)

44391 The Right Rev. L. S. Sing, First Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Shangi, China

44393 Dr. Ida Scudder, Vellore, India

44395 Levi T. Pennington Director of Forward Movement of Friends in America

44396 Miss Anna Eklund, Head Deaconess of Methodist Episcopal Church in Petrograd, Russian since 1908

44397 Eleanor T. Calverley M. D. (Mrs. Edwin) and grace in Arab costume. Arabia, Asia

44399 Rev. William Thomas Cherry

44400 F. Stanley Carson, Sioux City, Iowa

44402 Dr. Oscar Junek

44403 Dr. Baltazar Dezso. President General Synod, Reformed Church of Hungary

44405 B. W. Rice, wife and son. May, 1917

44408 Carey Thomas, Ph.D. LLD, President of Bryn Mawr College and Professor of English

44409 Rev. Crates S. Johnson D. D., Executive Secretary Forward Movement in Methodist Protestant Church

44410 Walter Getty

44411 Rev. J. N. West, Principal Reid Christian College

44412 Chaplain Daniel Corvue and Albert Leo, of the French Army of the 59th Infantry Division and the Alpines Chassers or "Blue Devils" of the French Army

Bishop Alexander P. Camphor

George Albert Simons. Superintendent of Russian Mission since 1907, with his sister, Miss Ottilie Aurova Simmons who has been helping him in the religious, educational and social work in Petrograd during the past 7 years. November, 1918

44367 Booker T. Washington

44368 Booker T. Washington