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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #4

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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #4


Mostly studio portraits of missionaries, but also includes images of famous or well-known individuals.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


Portrait photographs


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #4




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #4 Collection

91211 Group of editors of church papers

91212 Group of editors of church papers

91213 Mrs. Charles Speath, Recording Secretary. Madison, New Jersey

91214 President Samuel Plantz, Laurence College, Appleton, Wisconsin

91229 Matthew S. Savage, Rust College, Holly Springs, Mississippi

91230 Lewis A Bradford, Ames, Iowa

91231 Heber R. Harper, University of Denver, University Park, Colorado

91232 J. B. Randolph, President Chaflin College, Orangeburg, South Carolina

91238 James C. Baker, Urbana, Illinois

91239 Edward H. Todd, President of College of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

91240 Dr. H. Wiley in the Laboratory, Bureau of Chemistry Washington, D. C.

91241 Dr. H. Wiley in the Laboratory, Bureau of Chemistry Washington, D. C.

91263 Rev. H. F. Babcock, State College, Pennsylvania

91267 Dr. A. F. Hughes, Evansville College, Indiana

91279 Rev. E. S. Busby, Blandinsville, Illinois

91293 Dr. Robert Zaring. Northwestern Christian Advocate

91294 Bishop Thomas Nickolson

91295 Benjamin Rush

91309 Arthur Allessandei of Chile

91310 W. H. McMaster, President of Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio

91312 Charles E. Guthrie, 740 Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois

91317 General Clark of the Clark-Lewis Exposition

91318 President George Richmond Grose. DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.

91320 Elijah H. Gammon

91339 M. W. Dogan, Wiley College, Marshal, Texas

91340 H. H. Sutton, Principal Central Alabama Institute, Birmingham, Alabama

91341 Thomas Russell Davis, President Walden College, Nashville, Tennessee

91342 Walter D. Scott Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois

91348 David G. Downey, Methodist Book Concern, New York

91349 Wallace B. Fleming, Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas

91374 I. Garland Penn, Corresponding Secretary, board of Education. Cincinnati, Ohio

91399 Dr. Elmer A. Dent, New York Area Secretary

91400 Paul Hutchinson

91459 Dr. W. E. Gratz, Epworth League

91612 H. H. Frost, Minneapolis, Minnesota

91618 William S. Bovard

91788 W. E. Brown, B. T. Badley, G. R. Grose, Titus Lowe and George A. Miller.

91789 Rev. John Thompson, Chicago, Illinois

C92620 Thomas Harwood

92621 Celia Flores

92639 Rev. W. E. Manley

92640 Mrs. D. B. Brummitt

92813 Mr. Phelps

92814 Mr. Walter Foley

92815 Mr. E. Stanley Jones

92823 Mrs. S. W. Manly

92824 Mr. S. F. Wagner

92893 Bishop Frederick T. Keeney

92897 W. S. Bovard

92904 Bishop E. S. Johnson

92917 Royal D. Bisbee

92918 Rev. D. Brummitt

92919 Rev. C. N. Barton

92921 Rev. H. P. Archerd

92922 Rev. M. Wells Branch, Northwest India Conference

92938 G. W. Briggs of India

92939 Fred Church

92940 H. E. Greening of Oregon

92941 W. F. Wilson of Nanking, China

92942 F. C. Aldrich, India

92943 Dr. G. F. Draper of Japan

92944 J. N. West of India

92945 A. M. D. Riggio of Jefferson Park Church, New York City

92946 Mrs. J. M. Springer

92947 Corwin Taylor of Korea

92952 J. R. Edwards

92953 Grace Downs

93003 Bishop Anton Bast

93004 Bishop Matthew Claire

93006 Mrs. Constance Guptill

93007 Miss Marie Jensen, Missionary to Africa

93008 Mrs. John Springer missionary to Africa

93011 Bishop L. J. Birney

93107 Bishop Keeney, Welch, Burney, Bickley and Locke on their way to the Orient.

93134 Bishop William F. Oldham

93136 Bishop Simpson

93137 Rev. Paul Rugg

93211 Bishop Brenton Badley

93212 Rev. Melden

93213 Rev. B. E. Kirkpatrick

93214 Edward A. Steiner

93215 Governor William A. Sweet

93216 Ernest E. Tuck

93220 M. F. Trenery

93231 Dr. N. E. Davis

93237 Antonio Rapicavoli, pastor in Sandrio, Italy and father of Captain Rapicavoli lay delegate to General Conference, 1920

93238 Antonio Rapicavoli, pastor in Sandrio, Italy and father of Captain Rapicavoli lay delegate to General Conference, 1920

93245 Dr. O. W. Auman

93276 Dr. T. E. Newland

93277 Mr. Lovejoy

93278 Rev. Merrill J. Holmes

93390 W. A. C. Hughes

93397 Rev. William R. North

93398 Mrs. William R. North

93457 Miss Flora A. Sorber

93459 Dr. Samuel Gurney, M.D.

93463 Miss Edna M. Baxter

93529 Dr. W. E. J. Gratz

93531 Dr. Bovard at his desk

93532 Dr. Bovard at his desk

9353e Dr. Bovard at his desk

93605 Rev. C. Bertram Rape

93606 Mrs. C. Bertram Rape

93620 Miss Marie Marvel

93623 Rev. Albert Ruth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

93624 James Coleman. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

93626 Mr. C. M. McConnell

93627 Bishop Waldorf

93628 Dr. Benjamin Young, D. S. Kansas

93636 Wilfred T. Grenfeld

93729 Bishop H. Lester Smith

93743 Cecil Rhodes

93746 Charles Wesley

93998 Mrs. Thomas Nicholson

94063 W. D. Fairchild

94193 Neal Dow Bancroft

94637 E. M. Wahlberg

94638 Mr. Roy E. Burt

94639 E. Robb Zaring

94640 D. D. Forsyth

94690 General Mu Ching-piao at Kiukiang

94987 Dr. J. M. Springer

95369 Mr. Andres Osuna

95370 Bishop William Taylor when an evangelist in South Africa many years before he was made a Bishop

95463 Bishop Brown

95467 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer

C95471 Dr. Cin

95479 DR. C. C. Cissel

95480 Mr. Neal Dow Bancroft

95481 Bishop Fredrick B. Fisher

95484 Peter Cartwright

95485 Rev. Peter Cartwright

95503 Bishop Brenton T. Badley

95504 Bishop Titus Lowe

95505 Dr. W. E. J. Gratz

95506 Dr. W. E. J. Gratz

95507 Rev. J. P. Seaberg

95538 Bishop W. O. Shephard

95597 Rev. Hugh Stuntz

95603 Bishop William F. McDowell

95673 Rev. J. W. Oborn

95678 Bishop Charles B. Mitchell

95679 Rev. Percy Smith of North Africa

95815 Rev. Roman Cruz, Manila

95816 Rev. Manuel Adeva an honor of graduate of Law School of Manila

Rev. Pastor Tovera

95818 Rev. Severino Gordero Philippine

95819 Dean Jorge Bocabo, Dean of Law School

95820 Mrs. Maria Valdez-Ventur Philippine

95982 Rev. C. P. Hargraves

95983 Senator S. D. Fess

95990 C. T. Wang-former General Secretary of Young Men's Christian Association in China. More recently Director General for Operations in return of Shantung Province from Japan to China. Director of China-Russian affair.

95991 Dr. W. W. Yen. Chinese Minister to Berlin Minister of Foreign Affairs-former Premier-now (1924) Minister of Commerce and Agriculture.

95992 Dr. T. C. Yen--Director of Canton Hankow Railroad. now (1924) members of council of communications.

95993 General H. L. Chung Son of Chang L. Lin age 24

95994 General C. C. Chang. Brigadier General in General Feng's Army

96203 Mr. J. C. Penney

96215 E. H. Cherrington

96221 Dr. Fredrick Shannon

96222 Mr. Dobson

96223 Mr. Ralph Connor

96224 Mr. Walter M. Pierce

96297 Dr. G. S. Jacoby and his wife the first Preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Germany and Switzerland.

96652 William Nast

96700 Mrs. J. M. Springer

96701 Rev. J. M. Springer

96702 Rev. J. M. and Mrs. Springer

96704 Bishop J. M. Moore

96705 W. B. Fuller

96706 Dr. Charles C. Selecman

96725 F. Watson Hannon

96726 S. Parkes Cadman

96727 Frank B. Willis

96728 Dean Charles R. Brown

96729 Merton S. Rice

96823 John Brastrup

96828 Dr. E. D. Kohsted

96829 Dr. E. D. Kohlsted

Please note: Last name spelled two ways.

96908 Dr. Burgstahler

96909 Mr. J. T. B. Smith

96911 Rev. and Mrs. Victor Longfield and baby

96912 Pat. M. Neff. Waco, Texas

97037 Bishop John L. Nuelsen

97039 Dr. W. E. J. Gratz

97966 Rev. C. W. Wade

97973 Mrs. Pricilla Berry

98041 Dr. Copper

98096 Rev. Hartzell, his wife and Daughter

98097 Rev. and Mrs. George Ackerly

98098 Rev. and Mrs. Harley

98192 Dr. Joseph Beach

98193 Rev. Washburn

98231 J.P. Miller

98290 Dr. Eiselen in his office Garrett Biblical Institute Evanston.

98344 Dr. Ralph Diffendorfer

98386 Bishop McConnell

98387 Bishop Edwin H. Hughes

98388 Bishop Charles W. Burns

98389 Bishop Frederick D. Leete

98390 Bishop Meade

98392 Bishop Frederick Keeney

98394 Bishop R. Wade

98395 Bishop A. W. Leonard

98396 Dr. Terrier Hulme

98397 Bishop William F. Anderson

98398 Bishop William P. Thirkeld

98399 Dr. Hugh Magill

98400 Dr. Bert Smith

98401 Edgar T. Welch

98402 Branch Rickey

98475 Mario Capelli, European Opera Singer

98506 Dr. Y. G. Chien, President University of Nanking, China

98511 Rev. A. A. Parker

98512 Sieng Sing Ding, Foochow

98513 Kui Yun Kim, Korea

98514 Rev. Nils Bolt, Norway

98515 Rev. Yu Susan, China

98516 Ta-Keshi Ukai, Japan

98517 Sun O K Pyun, Korea

98518 B Neiderhauser, Switzerland

98519 E. A. King, India and Burma

98520 John V. Lacy

98521 Scott P. Hauser

98522 Pedro Zottele, Chile

98523 A. L. Ryan

98559 Luren D.Dickinson

98560 Lupton Patten

98561 Scott P. Hauser

98562 H. A. Chaffer

98563 A. C. Monagle

98564 H. S. Kennedy

98565 H. Guy Goodsell

98566 Edwin Randall

98567 Edwin Randall

98568 Rev. and Mrs. O. R. Gratt and family, Niles, Michigan see also H38256

98569 W. A. C. Hughes

98570 P. R. Ryder

98571 R. B. Spencer. Fort Morgan, Colorado

98572 C. Roy Gates

98574 Rev. Diefendorf

98576 Bishop Joseph F. Berry

98577 Rev. E. C. Horley

98668 Miriam Neith of Foochow, who was in charge of the Epworth League working in China

98669 Pedro Zottele of Chile, Epworth League Leader

98670 Yoshmune Abe Dean of Aoyama Gakuim

98671 Shot K. Mondol, dean of the first League Institute in India

98672 Theodor Arvidson, head of Epworth League in Sweden

98673 Bishop R. J. Wade

98674 Rev. Stanley Jones

98675 Bishop Edwin F. Lee

98691 Bishop J. C. Baker

98692 John W. Robinson, Delhi, India

98693 Dr. D. F. Diefendorf

98694 L. O. Hartman

98695 Bishop Thomas Nicholson

98696 Bishop Richardson

98697 Bishop Wallace Brown

98698 C. B. D. King, President of Liberia

98839 Rev. Cipriano Navarro

98981 Nathaniel F. Forsythe

99089 Lloyd George

99094 Dr. Luther Lovejoy, Secretary Department of Stewardship. Methodist Episcopal Church

99099 Thomas Jefferson

99100 Mr. Fred B. Smith, New York

99101 Buch___ Washington

99102 A. P. Fitch

99112 Earl E. Harper

99113 Bishop Charles E. Locke

99114 Paul Burt

99115 Mr. Otto Noll

99136 Rev. E. E. Tuck

99139 Rev. Frank A. Horne

99140 Dr. James Yen, General Secretary Chinese Assistant of the Mass Education Movement.

99144 Bishop Francis McConnell

99161 Merle N. English

99162 Fayette Thompson

99163 Herbert H. Parish

99164 Mr. F. H. Sheley

99165 Mr. Harry S. Warber

99166 F. Ernest Johnson

99167 S. M. Shoemaker, Jr

99168 Foster C. Anderson

99169 E. P. Bliss

99170 W. E. Carpenter

99171 W. C. Coffey

99172 David D. Jones

99173 George W. Dixon

99174 H. R. Snavely

99175 Dr. Ralph A. Ward

99176 Arthur H. Sapp

99177 Abraham Lincoln

99233 Two veteran Indian Preachers, Rev. Bhika Singh and Rev. Ram Singh

99235 Thomas F. Holgate

99239 Mr. N. P. Horn

99242 Rev. M. B. Ross

99243 Mr. Morrill

99250 Rev. Morgan Williams

99254 Children of J. R. Chitambar, Satyavati, Theodore, and Theodora. All have American Education.

99258 Rev. Vernon E. Lewis

99259 Dr. F. C. Hickman Kenwwod Methodist Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

99261 Dr. O. G. Markham

99262 Rev. Gulzari Lall Lorenzo Superintendent, Hirhoot district Lucknow Annual Conference

99263 Rev. Gulzari Lall Lorenzo Superintendent, Hirhoot district Lucknow Annual Conference

99324 Rev. Andrew Warner

99325 Rev. Boyd Tucker

99326 Rev. Boyd Tucker

99350 Dr. Clarence True Wilson

99351 Dr. Deets Pickett

99352 Dr. E. L. Eaton

99353 Mr. D. Stewart Patterson

99382 W. E. J. Graatz

99482 James Ding Foochow, China

99483 S. W. Stagg

99486 Mahatma Gandhi

99484 Mr. Moses P. Selranayagan

99487 Mr. T. H. Wang

99488 Dr. W. D. Fairchild

99489 Rev.Owen M. Geer

99502 President Hoover and Dr. Hugo Eckener

99503 Mrs. Lydia Deseo

99508 Mr. and Mrs. James Ding

99509 Mrs. James Ding

99510 Mr. James Ding

99511 Mr. Eiu Gong Wong

99515 Mr. H. K. Mondol

99520 Hugh H. Cynn

99555 Vice President of W. S. Charles Curtis

99570 Rev. Gulzari Lall Lorenzo

99572 Lincoln , Washington

99573 Rev. Howard Musser

99574 Dr. S. Parks Cadman

99575 Dr. Ralph A. Ward

99575 Dr. Ralph A. Ward

99577 Rev. Frank T. Cartwright

99578 Dr. E. R. Fulkerson

99579 Mr. Edward Jansson

99580 Florence Nightingale and Frances Willard

99581 T. J. McConnell and S. Parks Cadman

99582 Florence Nightingale

99584 Samuel Wesley

99588 William McKendree

99585 Susanna Wesley

99586 Charles Wesley

99587 Freeborn Garrettson

99589 Joshua Soule

99592 Burbank and Edison

99595 Mr. Hugh F. Cynn

99590 Bishop McCabe

99595 Rev. Gilbert Traveller

99629 Dr. E. J. Helms

99630 Ramsay McDonald and President Herbert Hoover, "Standing together for Peace."

99770 Judge W. M. Parks

99773 Mr. James S. Ayars

99779 Helen Keller

99781 Edwin Frances Hyde

99916 Mr. John Irwin

99917 Clarence Howell in his office. New York City, New York

99930 Dr. Maltby Babcock

99933 Dr. Clarence True Wilson

99934 Commander Byrd

99939 J. R. Chitambar

99952d Rev. William O. Brown

C 6 John Wesley

C7 Dr. Corliss P. Hargraves

C46 Bishop Wang Chih Ping

C47 Bishop John Gowdy

C48 C. I. Andrews

C49 J. Edgar Purdy

C73 George H. Haigh

C74 Charles W. Evans

C75 Elmer Lynn Williams

C88 W. S. Palmer

C119 Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Baldwin

C127 Antonio Flores graduate of U.S.C. 1930

C128 Fred D. Parr

C246 Rev. Dudley Parson

C247 Rev. Hobart B. Amstutz

C267 Dr. George L. Davis

C268 Mrs. Robert E. Brown

C269 Dr. Robert E. Brown

C270 Dr. Robert E. Brown and Family

C535 Dr. Dan Brummitt

C538 Czecho Slovak pastors

C572 Dr. Sherwood Hall

C573 Dr. Marian Hall

C574 Dr. Sherwood Hall and family

C576 Rev. William B. O'Neill

C608 Rev. T. C. Badley

C609 Rev. Fred Aden

C611 Dr. J. D. Pointer

C612 Dr. J. N. West

C624 Rev. E. W. Bauman

C625 Rev. Orval M. Auner

C626 Rev. Dillon S. Bullock

C627 Rev. J. F. Cottingham

C1069 Mrs. D. S. Bullock

C1070 Dr. C. J. Staffacher

C1071 Bishop William Taylor

C1072 Abraham Lincoln

C1104 Rev. Aaron Saenz

C1105 Rev. Juan Diaz

C1201 Mahatma Gandhi

C1231 Miss Dorothy Black

C1232 Dr. H. R. Calkins

C1287 Bishop and Mrs. J. R. Chitambar

C1288 Bishops of India. B. T. Badley, J. W. Robinson and J. R. Chitambar

C1289 Bishop B. J. Badley, J. W. Robinson, J. R. Chitambar and F. McConnell

C1290 Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C1291Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C1292 Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C1293 Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C1302 Rev. R. E. Dunlap

C1305 Rev. Ray Kelley

C1304 Rev. Ray Kelley

C1373 Rev. Frank Cartwright

C1908 Rev. L. H. Bugbee

C1949 Bishop Thomas Nicholson

C1950 Bishop Thomas Nicholson

C1951 Dr. W. S. Bovard

C1952 Dr. Merle English

C2019 Dr. Luther Loyjoy

C2020 Dr. Frank A. Lindhorst

C2021 Lucy Rider Meyer

C2022 J. Shelly Meyer

C2023 Dr. Louis F. W. Lesemann

C2024 Mr. Ren Shen Yu

C2041 Rev. S. S. Ding

C2045 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lew, 1927

C2197 Chinese Gordon

C2198 Thomas Jefferson

C2199 Dr. John P. Durbin

C2200 Mr. and Mrs. Longfield and Baby

C2201 Rev. J. M. Springer

C2202 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Springer

C2203 Mrs. J. M. Springer

C2204 Fred D. Stone

C2205 Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Gillet

C2206 Mr. Ira E. Gillet

C2207 S. McCurdy

C2208 Luther Weigle

C2209 Harry F. Ward

C2210 The Rev. James Vaughn Watson, D. D.

C2218 Bishop J. S. Ryang

C2219 Robert Chung

C2220 H. R. Kang, M.D.

C2221 Hugh Cynn

C2229 Dr. Underwood and Dr. Appenzeller

C22338 George Whitfield

C2241 Rev. Charles F. Boss

C2251 Dr. Frank Cartwright

C2272 Dr. W. A. C. Hughes

C2274 E. J. Helms

C2324 John Wesley

C2326 Rev.Martin Ruter

C2652 Bishop Ralph S. Cushman, D. D.

C2653 Bishop J. A. Magee

C3132 Mr. Henry Ford

C3140 Dr. Fred C. Eislen in his office.

C3141 Dr. Fred C. Eislen in his office.

C3434 Oscar T. Olson

C3435 Thomas A. Edison

C3544 Dr. John McLaughlin

C4104 Rev. Stanley E. Grannum

C4106 Rev. C. C. Travis

C4107 Rev. C. W. Longman

C4351 George Williams

C4352 Mr. and Mrs. Hoitsu-Stephen Kimura. Secretary of Kyo Rei Kwai of Young People's Societies.

C4354 Bishop Edwin H. Hughes

C4359 Bishop E. L. Waldorf

C4389 Dr. W. J. Davidson

C4390 Bishop John E. Gattinoni

C4403 Leroy Young

C4406 Dr. H. W. McPherson

C4408 Miss Isabella Horton

C4407 Rev. Pedro Zottele

C4411 Rev. George Fowler

C4434 Rev. Toyohiko Kagwa, great Christian Social worker of Japan and Dr. Cheng, secretary of the China Christian National Council.

C4446 Rev. Hugh C. Stuntz

H35641 Rev. A. H. Hartman, Armenian Pastor

H35655 Rev. C. A. Tindey in study

H35693 Eugene "Gene" Durham Methodist University Pastor, Ithaca, New York

H35784 Moy Gum Chinese Interpreter for 21 years at Church of All Nations

H35916 Rev. Thomas F. Benbury, Evangelist Morgan Memorial.

H35959 Rev. J. J. Vicira, Editor of Aurora Portuguese Paper

H35961 Miss Elizabeth Luce student at Boston University School of Religious Education, Engaged in Home Missionary Projects.

M35973 Mr. Leon Martorano

H35974 Rev. A. Donaruma

H35975 Miss Viola A. Haas

H35976 Mary L. Holman

H35977 Joseph D'Alfonso

H36295 Professor A. Bell, Rust College

H38154 Rev. Ralph Mautone

H38155 Rev. Ralph Mautone

H38156 Rev. Ralph Mautone

Bishop Nuelson (center) M. Welnes (left) and R.E. Diffendorfer at Le Bourget, Airport for Paris enroute London and Rome July 27, 1934. via "air" France and S.A.M Italiana

99272 Mr. and Mrs. Hamel

99273 Mrs. Hamel

99274 Mr. Hamel

99318 Miss Aleta Wolf

96913 Arthur L. Piper and Family. Congo, Africa

96921 Governor Lee Claflin

96954 Bishop K Uzaki
97033 Rabindranath Tagore