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3552 Common method of off-loading passengers from an ocean steamer onto a small tender.

3553 Inhambane

3554 Lunch for bearers

3555 Church and school - Kambimi

3406 and 3407 Panorama of Old Umtali Station.

3408 Panorama of Old Umtali Station. (See next page for description of this page).

3402 Children of Mr. Howard

3403 William Coffin son of Shirley D. Coffin, Mtasas, about 1909.

3404 Medicine case of a witch doctor. Snuff boxes and tobacco brought in by converts, a collection given at this same time. (See general file).

3405 Chief Madeu and family

3398 Soil test. Agricultural class. Mr. Roberts, teacher.

3399. Group of natives. See Catalogue for story.

3400. Chinzo and Vilima. See catalogue for story.

3401. Children of Mr. Howard