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81246 Setting off firecrackers as tribute to Golden Buddha of Yangtze - for a safe voyage.

81247 Temple of "The Little Orphan" Yangtze River.

81248 Rapids in gorges of Yangtze.

81249 Yangtze City.

81250 Upper Yangtze river steamer

81251 Dr. F.D. Gameurell and Dr. Ward en route up the Yangtze

81252 Missionaries en route by houseboat, Upper Yangtze

81253 Dr. Lewis and Mr. High on house-boat. Upper Yangtze.

81254 Junks on the Upper Yangtze.

81255 Steamer - Upper Yangtze.

81256 Buddhist Shrine on cliff.

81257 Modern mailbox in an Upper Yangtze City.

81258 Standard Oil Co., mine hundred miles up Yangtze river.

81259 Bishop Lewis and Progressive study party en route down Yangtze.

81260 Depot and Railroad Administration office, six hundred miles from a railroad.

81261 Modern advertising, nine hundred miles up Yangtze river at Ichang.

81262 Depot at Ichang on Yangtze six hundred miles from a railroad.

81263 River view - Chungking, Yangtze River.

81264 Boys' School building - Chungking.

81265 View of property of Boys' School Chungking.

81266 Boys' School. Chungking

81267 School, with property to be purchased in background.

81268 School boys of Methodist Episcopal Mission - Chungking.

81269 Boys in Chungking School.

81270 Cadet in Boys' School. Chungking.

81271 Cadet in Boys' School. Chungking.

81272 Subscription book. Chungking.

81273 Subscription book. Chungking.

81274 Learning Methodist Episcopal Church. Chungking.

81275 Chinese pastor - Chungking.

81276 Houses build along city wall - Chungking.

81277 Street scene, with Catholic Church tower in background. Chungking.

81278 Street barber, Chungking.

81279 C[***] cloth bearer - Chungking.

81280 Stretcher bearers Chungking Hospital.

81281 Chungking's water supply.

81282 Largest graveyard in the world - Chungking.

81283 City gate - Chungking.

81284 Across river from Chungking.

81285 Chinese Pai' low near Chungking.

81286 Near Chungking

81287 Dr. Ward's party on "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

81288 On the "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

81289 Local militia - along the "Great Road" Chungking to Chentu.

81290 Arch on "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

81291 Boiling down opium on the "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

81292 Actress in theatre on "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

81293 Actress in theatre on "Great Road" Chungking to Chengtu.

64 Emperors Throne. Temple of Heaven. D.1615. Peking C15