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Why Are We Thankful? - Night Call
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Length: 45:50
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Callers, (Guest)
This is an open forum session of Night Call for Thanksgiving. This program is a little shorter than most because there was a telephone technical problem and the show started a little late.
Topics: Radio program; Thanksgiving Day
ID: DA-1349

Open Lines Program: Issues of Black Leadership - Night Call
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Length: 58:36 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Callers, (Guest)
This program is a classic example of a technical nightmare on a live program. The guest was supposed to be Maulana Karenga (Ronald Everett,) president of the US Organization. Karenga and Hakim Jamal had created "US Organization" as an alternative to the Black Panthers. Two years earlier, In 1966, Karenga created Kwanzaa, the African-American holiday. The phone connection to Karenga failed before the program started. The result is an open lines program, discussing issues related to Black leadership and culture in the U.S. in the late 1960s. There were multiple phone problems, but the conversation with callers continued.
Topics: Civil rights; Politics; Racism; Radio program
ID: NC0050