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Outside the Walls - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Clair Roskam, (Screenwriter) ; John McLiam, (cast) ; Harry Bannister, (cast) ; Fred J. Scollay, (cast) ; Frank M. Thomas, (cast) ; Mary K. Wells, (cast) ; Dr. Ewart Watts, (Moderator)
Mr. Jordan, the minister of the church, holds the view that the Church should be a source of personal spiritual power and an agent for social action. Some members agree and want to have a project to improve conditions for migrant workers in their community. Others think it best to stay out of controversial issues. Theme: The role of the church in the community. The twenty-sixth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Church and community; Civic responsibility; Social action; Television programs
ID: TB-26-outside

The Great Plan - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 29 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Mary Lou Stribling, (Screenwriter) ; Grandfather - Frank M. Thomas, (cast) ; Jamie - Tommy Norden, (cast) ; Susan - Susan Melvin, (cast) ; Tim - Billy McNally, (cast)
Tim and Susan, with their parents, are visiting on their grandparent's farm. Their grandmother is ill, but the children do not realize the seriousness of her illness. Then Jaime, a neighbor boy, inadvertently tells them their grandmother is not going to get better. Later they have a conversation with their grandfather while fishing about death and why God would let people die. The grandfather tries to explain how God works in life, and how death is a part of God's plan, but that God still cares for people and is always with them, even after death.
Topics: Death; God's plan; Sickness; Tragedy
ID: BT-015-plan