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Black Power and Racial Violence - Night Call
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Length: 58:59 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; H. Rap Brown, (Guest)
H. Rap Brown as born Hubert G. Brown in 1943. In 1968, he was a field worker for the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. At the time of this program, Brown had recently been released after spending 2 months in a New Orleans prison. Brown spoke of the revolutionary struggle of Black people in the U.S., saying the Black population is oppressed by systems run by the White leadership.He says a Black person is either free or is a slave. He blames rebellions in U.S. cities on conditions supported by President Lyndon Johnson. Callers ask if Black people are also racist, whether Brown is doing a disservice to Black people, why the violence was happening in the cities, how to justify the riots, what direction should Black people go politically, how Black people can gain control over their own lives, why Black people want rights without working for them, if Black and White people can live peacefully together, and whether Civil Rights legislation has helped his cause.
Topics: Civil rights; Civil unrest; Race relations; Radio program
ID: NC0034