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What Happened to the Kerner Report? - Night Call
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Length: 58:59 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; John Lindsay, (Guest)
The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders was known as the Kerner Commission, named after its chair, Governor Otto Kerner, Jr. of Illinois. New York Mayor John Lindsay (1921-2000) was vice-chair of the 11-member commission established by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots in the United States and to provide recommendations for the future. The commission found racism among White Americans was a major factor in driving the riots. Lindsay had been awake for 48 hours working to resolve a hospital worker strike, but still showed up for this program. He said young Black Americans were understandably angry at the racism and limited opportunities in the U.S. Callers asked about future riots, White racism, support (or not) of the report from major politicians, ways to alleviate racial unrest, interracial marriage, busing, and the costs of the Kerner Report proposals. The original report can be seen at:
Topics: Civil rights; Civil unrest; Politics; Racism; Radio program
ID: NC0036