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Politics and the Black Man - Night Call
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Length: 58:59 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Julian Bond, (Guest)
Julian Bond (1940-2015,) a founder of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, won a seat in the Georgia legislature in 1965. He was convinced Black citizens needed to work hard for social change, knowing the process would be difficult and slow, but he still believed change would come. He also feared that life for African-Americans could get worse in the U.S. before getting better. Questions include why wealthy Black citizens don't take care of the poor ones, which political party will African-Americans support, what difference the Voter Rights Act will make, when will positive change happen, and when will a Black man be able to run for president? Bond went on to serve in the Georgia Senate, and was, for many years, chair of the NAACP.
Topics: Civil rights; Politics; Race relations; Radio programs
ID: NC0028