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The Volunteer - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28:46 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Mayo Simon, (Screenwriter) ; Joanna Roos, (cast) ; Joan Chandler, (cast) ; Richard Kendrick, (cast) ; Hope Sansberry, (cast) ; Barbara Townsend, (cast) ; Gloria Baron, (cast) ; Dr. Dale White, (Moderator)
Ruth Waggoner, receives a letter from the Helen Hope Nursery School, asking for her help. Although it is a form letter, she thinks of it as a personal invitation to use her training as a former school teacher. Upon arrival at the school, she discovers that she is one of a number of volunteers who are to get out a financial appeal mailing. The staff of the school do not have time to listen when she tries to tell them of her real desire to teach. As she works with the other volunteers, her feeling of rejection grows as they hear her words but do not understand their meaning. In the final scene with the director, Mr. Devere, she tries to tell him of her desire to teach, but he assures her that Miss Freeman is the one who will telephone her. As she leaves feeling rejected and unhappy, Mr. Devere realizes that Mrs. Waggoner is the retired teacher he has been trying to reach all day to confer with about a teaching vacancy. Theme: The importance of feeling needed. The eleventh program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Age and employment; Aged volunteers; Aging; Career changes; Problems of the aged; Rejection; Television programs
ID: TB-11-volunteer

The Meeting Place - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Mayo Simon, (Screenwriter) ; Larry Gates, (cast) ; Frederick O'Neal, (cast) ; Dr. Douglas Jackson, (Moderator)
Two doctors find themselves bucking a town which has suddenly become race conscious. Dr. Gartner, who is white, and Dr. Delacy, a Negro, have come to a scheduled meeting of an interracial medical committee. When none of the other members shows up, Gartner and Delacy try to phone them, but all have previous appointments. The meeting is important because improper city sewage is causing an epidemic of encephalitis among young children and only concerted action will bring the city relief. Both men know why the other eight are not present. As they fearfully wait, they recall the years of working together, and for the first time they honesly face how they feel toward each other. When they turn to leave, they hear footsteps down the hall. Although escape is possible for one, they both decide it is important to face the problem together. But the major issue is still present, how can men of goodwill work together to overcome the tension caused by racial misunderstanding? Theme: Building racial understanding. The seventeenth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Race relations; Television programs
ID: TB-17-place