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Three Hundred Dollars - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Will Lorin, (Screenwriter) ; Martin Balsam, (cast) ; Mihael Higgins, (cast) ; Paul R. Smith, (cast) ; Dr. Hurst Anderson, (Moderator)
John Goodwin, successful lawyer, contributed $300 to a local charity drive and aked that his contribution remain anonymous. His friend, Henry, chairman of the drive, thought little about the check except that it was for an exceptionally large sum compared to other contributions. However, when he discovered as a director of the local bank that John had requested a loan of $500, Henry investigated and found John gave large amounts to all charity drives. When Henry called on John to ask him why he borrowed money to give away, John stated that it is not the amount of money but the fact that a person gives because he is aware of the problem and involved in it. The whole matter is very upsetting to Henry. How much should be given to charity and the church? What is our attitude toward giving? Theme: Making giving meaningful. The twenty-fourth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Television programs
ID: TB-24-dollars