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The Other Choice - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 29 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John T. Coyle, (Director) ; Mary Lou Stribling, (Screenwriter) ; Billy - Calvin Water, (cast) ; Rick - Lawrence Provost, (cast) ; Joe - Marc Sullivan, (cast) ; Mr. Scranton - John McGovern, (cast) ; Lester - Jackie Pilversack, (cast)
Rick becomes angry because his younger brother, Billy, ruins his new kite. Later Billy and his friend, Lester, playfully throw clods of dirt at each other. Rick and his friend, Joe, decide this is a good chance to get even with the younger boys for ruining the kite and join in the dirt fight. Rick and Joe end up throwing tomatoes from Mr.Scranton's garden and they trample his vines. When Mr. Scranton comes out to see what is happening he confronts Joe while Rick escapes. Joe takes the blame while Rick wonders what he should do.

ID: BT-014-choice