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A Handful of Ashes - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Loring Mandel, (Screenwriter) ; Martin Balsam, (cast) ; Romney Brent, (cast) ; Martin Brook, (cast) ; Merle Emory, (Interviewer) ; Dr. Ross Snyder, (Interviewer) ; Rev. Ernest Dixon, (Interviewee)
Dr. Shield and Dr. Blissing are being presented medals for a wonder drug which they developed in their univesity's laboratory. This should be a high point in the life of Dr. Shield, climaxing ten years of research, but it isn't, for he knows he pressured his colleagues to the detriment of good research technique in order to keep up with the schedule Blissing set. Everything went well with the research of Dr. Shield and his chief assistant, Davidson, until the university was recognized for its potential discovery and Dr. Blissing was sent to take over administration. Blissing points out that the drug will be found by some other group unless the work is speeded up greatly. Davidson refuses to speed up the tests. Shield is pressured by Blissing to fire Davidson. Shield insists to Davidson he can do nothing, Blissing is the boss. Davidson reminds Shield that quitting is a live option, but Shield feels this is a greater price than he can pay. And now as he is about to be honored, he wonders, at what price did that honor come? Theme: The meaning of self-respect. The fourteenth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Industrial relations; Job security; Race relations; Television programs
ID: TB-14-ashes

A Question of Repairs - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Clair Roskam, (Screenwriter) ; Liam Dunn, (cast) ; Haywood Broun, Jr., (cast) ; Eugenie Baird, (cast) ; Jane Lloyd-Jones, (cast) ; Luke Halpin, (cast) ; Joey Renda, (cast) ; Rev. Ernest Dixon, (Moderator)
This drama is a half fantasy that didn't really happen, but might happen anywhere. A school ground battle between Lewie Power and Francis Williams, the eight year old sons of business competitors ends by Lewie throwing stones through the windows of the Willimas home. The fathers undertake to show the sons how men settle their differences. While loudly talking the language of understanding, the actions of the men lead to deeper misunderstanding. In the many conversations that ensue neither man really hears what the other says. During the action we see Lewie and Francis come closer and closer together in friendship while the tension between Powers and Williams builds to a climax, as Mr. Williams at night stealthily throws a rock through the window of the Powers home! Theme: Finding a basis for understanding and getting along with others. The sixteenth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Citizenship; Competition; Interpersonal relationships; Pride and vanity; Self-interest; Television programs
ID: TB-16-repairs

A Plain White Envelope - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 30 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Albert Meglin, (Screenwriter) ; Steven - Jeffrey Conaway, (cast) ; Freddy - Christopher Moroney, (cast) ; Marjorie - Renne Jarrett, (cast) ; Mr. Bergman - Liam Dunn, (cast) ; Mother - Sarah Cunningham, (cast) ; Rev. Ernest Dixon, (Moderator)
Steve, a junior high school student, was eager to receive a sports award so that he could have a trophy to display alongside his sister's in their house. However, he was unable to compete because he had broken his arm. His hope of any trophy was wining the spelling contest. By mistake, as he was gathering up his papers at the teacher's desk after class, he picked up an envelope that contained the spelling test. He found the envelope when he got home and curiously looked inside. Steve was frightened and confused about what he should do after discovering what he had. He told no one. During the weekend, his situation became more difficult as he heard his sister and mother referring to occasions when unintentional cheating seemed okay. He began to think that having the envelope wasn't deliberate and seeing the words was quite unintentional. He also realized he now had the ultimate advantage. What should he do?
Topics: Cheating; Courage; Honesty; Lying; Parental example
ID: BT-001-envelope

The Trouble with Eunice - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 30 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Robert Crean, (Screenwriter) ; Eunice - Terry Ann Ross, (cast) ; Mother - Penny Kunard, (cast) ; Father - John Lawrence, (cast) ; Cathy - Suzie Mathers, (cast) ; Rev. Ernest Dixon, (Moderator)
Eunice, approximately 10 or 11 years old, belongs to a club called “Rats Together.” It consists of 5 girls. Unknown to the parents of the girls, they agreed to dye their hair red. The story opens with Eunice’s mother washing the color out of her hair and reprimanding her for doing such a foolish thing. Her father adds to the scolding. Eunice tries to explain that a “promise is a promise” and she and the other girls all vowed to do it. Eunice is very upset when she discovers that her hair is not blonde anymore, but is a shade of grey. She covers it up with a hat and stays in her room. One of the other girls, Cathy, arrives with her hair covered also. However, when she takes the scarf off it is obvious that she had not colored her hair. Eunice is very upset with her. Cathy had not kept her word. They argued and Eunice tears down the cherished handmade “Rats Together” banner from her bedroom wall. What should Eunice have done when the group decided to dye their hair? Can you belong to a club without conforming or going along with the crowd?
Topics: Courage; Personal responsibility
ID: BT-003-eunice

The Haunted House - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 30 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Elden LaMar Neiman, (Screenwriter) ; Jo - Frances Myers, (cast) ; Cynthia - Leslye Hunter, (cast) ; Jennie - Michele Farr, (cast) ; Peggy - Audrey Price, (cast) ; Rev. Ernest Dixon, (Moderator)
The drama is based on three girls who wanted to do what THEY wanted to do when THEY wanted to do it. The girls, Jo, Jenny, and Cynthia, are bemoaning the fact that for one reason or another, their parents have said they couldn’t go to the local carnival. Jo had to babysit her younger sister, Peggy. All were sitting on the porch complaining when Peggy suggested playing paper dolls. When Jo tells her to go and get them, the girls laughingly run off. They stop, out of breath, and officer Jones approaches them. He reminds them that they should stay away from the “old Hammond House.” It seems someone has been trespassing and it is dangerously in disrepair. Curiously, the girls decide to go and take a look, but when they got there it was hard to see anything. They find the front door opened and they enter cautiously. While Jo and Cynthia look through the rooms, Jenny lifted the latch holding the cellar door closed. Seeing a trunk, she yells to the others that she has found “the treasure.” The girls light a candle and go down the steps to find that the trunk is full of women’s clothing. Suddenly, the cellar door slams. The latch had fallen down. The girls checked the window, but it had bars on it. They were locked in and very frightened. Would someone find them in this out of the way old house? Each blamed the other for the predicament they were in. The candle blew out and they were in the dark. Afraid, they gathered closer and waited.
Topics: Authority; Freedom
ID: BT-006-haunted