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The Deaf and Dumb American - Night Call
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Length: 27:20 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; William Lederer, (Guest)
Program 2 of 5 on Vietnam - representing opposition to American approaches to Vietnam. (Recording starts half-way through the program.) William Julius Lederer, Jr. (1912-2009) was American author. He was a U.S. Naval Academy graduate in 1936 and a Navy public information officer. His 1958 best selling book, "The Ugly American," sought to demonstrate their belief that American officials and civilians could make a substantial difference in Southeast Asian politics if they were willing to learn local languages, follow local customs and employ regional military tactics. In "A Nation of Sheep," Lederer identified intelligence failures in Asia. Callers question his knowledge, want to know how to get information to those in power, whether "body counts" are accurate, what the Geneva Convention says about re-uniting Vietnam, and how criticism of American policy can be really American.
Topics: Politics; Radio program; Vietnam
ID: NC0041