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The Middle of the River - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Will Lorin, (Screenwriter) ; Sheppard Strudwick, (cast) ; Frank Schofield, (cast) ; Lawrence Weber, (cast) ; Rosemary Jones, (cast) ; Dr. Douglas Jackson, (Moderator)
Jonathan Carson, lawyer, is engaged to mediate a dispute between partners in a manufacturing firm. The partners have differing ideas as to how the firm can keep ahead of the competition. Carson suggests compromise but refuses to make a judgment as to what the compromise should be. The partners fire Carson. However they realize compromise or ruin confront them. They don't seem to be able to find the right compromise Theme: The constructive use of compromise. The twenty-second program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Arbitration; Compromise; Industrial relations; Television programs
ID: TB-22-middle

Shorty - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 29 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Mary Lou Stribling, (Screenwriter) ; David McGill - Patrick O'Shaughnessy, (cast) ; Matt McGill - Jimmy Egan, (cast) ; Bill McGill - Lawrence Provost, (cast) ; Mr. McGill - Gerald Hiken, (cast) ; Coach Nelson - Robert Burr, (cast)
Shorty, a slight built young boy, and a much larger boy are wrestling in the school gym. It is obvious that Shorty will not win the match, but he gives it his all. He aspires to be “all American.” Bill and Coach Nelson try to tell him that weight is not as important as leverage, skill, endurance and the will to win. They suggest that Shorty play baseball rather than tryout for the football team as he plans to. Shorty is furious at that suggestion and tells Bill to let the other boys know he can do anything they can do! Younger brother, Matt is also small for his age. After seeing an advertisement for exercise equipment guaranteed to make you bigger and stronger, they approach their dad for an advance in their allowance to order it. Their dad surprises them by purchasing a stretching device that builds muscles. Shorty works out daily preparing to tryout for the football team. Coach Nelson tells him he is one of the last two boys that could be chosen. The other boy is a good kicker and the team needs him. The coach gently talks with Shorty and mentions that he has a need for assistant managers and should he know someone interested, they should see him. Shorty is not chosen for the team. Though very disappointed with the news, he and Matt decide to see the coach about being the assistant managers. In the end, Shorty faces up to what he can and can’t do.
Topics: Compromise; Disappointment
ID: BT-008-shorty