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How Much Authority Should Schools Have Over our Teenagers? - Night Call
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Length: 53:33 minutes
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Mrs. James F. Bell, (Guest)
The guest was Mrs. James F. Bell of Cleveland Heights OH. She was a housewife and mother who challenged the school board after her son was suspended by the school board because he grew a goatee.
Topics: Education, secondary; Juvenile development; Radio program
ID: DA-1073

Improving Schools in Neighborhoods for All Children - Night Call
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Length: 48:22
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Louise D. Hicks, (Guest)
The guest is Louise Day Hicks, chair of the Boston School Board. The program is missing the first 10 minutes. It appears someone failed to start recording the original tape until 10 minutes into the program.
Topics: Education, secondary; Radio program
ID: DA-1510

How I Look at the World - Night Call
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Length: 58:40
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Barry Bresanz, (Guest)
The guest, Barry Bresanz, was a 17-year-old 12th grader in Detroit, Michigan. He had won a writing award, travelled in 30 countries, and was expelled from high school for wearing a black arm band mourning the dead in Vietnam.
Topics: Education, secondary; Freedom of speech; Radio program; Vietnam
ID: DA-1516