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The Brothers - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Rose Schiller, (Screenwriter) ; Betty Ebert, (cast) ; Anne Pearson, (cast) ; Gene Peterson, (cast) ; Jud Taylor, (cast) ; Merle Emory, (Interviewer) ; Lisa Sergio, (Interviewer) ; Dr. James Armstrong, (Interviewee)
Harry and Jack Barker, brothers and business partners, find that disagreements frequently arise between them. Jack, the younger, feels that he isn't allowed to help make an important decision in the business so he blows up. Both brothers want to make up the quarrel but neither knows exactly how to start. Consequently, each misinterprets the other's intentions and the day ends with a halfhearted attempt which satisfies neither. The situation is carried over into both homes that evening with both wives wishing to help their husbands yet not knowing the correct approach. Jack and Harry realize that forgiveness and making up must start somewhere with someone, but where does forgiveness begin? The eighteenth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Forgiveness; Human relations; Interpersonal relationships; Pride and vanity; Television programs
ID: TB-18-brothers

The Frog Pit - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 18 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; Mary Lou Stribling, (Screenwriter) ; Robert - Eric Berzon, (cast) ; Lucy - Susan Melvin, (cast) ; Fred - Warren Clark, (cast) ; Father - Peter Collins, (cast) ; Mother - Madalane C. Buford, (cast)
Robert, his sister Lucy, and a friend Fred, were gathered around a large pit in the backyard watching frogs they had captured. Robert’s mother called from the house. Annoyed and ignoring her because he feels she is ALWAYS asking him to do something, he blurts out to the others that he wished he didn’t have parents. The children continue to play and Robert taunts one of the frogs by feeding it BB's. The frog consumes all that are dropped into the pit. In the meantime, Robert’s mother has passed out on the kitchen floor, obviously ill. Fred harasses Robert about his actions toward the frog. They end up in a tussle and Fred leaves angry. Lucy discovers her mother, screams and Robert comes running. Mother is taken to the hospital. Robert is feeling very guilty for what he has said about parents and the frog is looking like it might be very sick or dead. Later that night, Robert thinks his comment about parents is the reason his mother is ill. Lucy comes into his bedroom and they talk and decide they should pray about the whole incident. Will their Mother survive and what about the frog?
Topics: Forgiveness; Making choices; Prayer; Remorse
ID: BT-002-frog