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Playboyism: A New Religious Alternative? - Night Call
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Length: 53:31 minutes
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Dr. Alan J. Moore, (Guest)
The guest, Dr. Alan J. Moore, was professor of education at Claremont School of Theology. Dr. Moore taught in the area of church and society.
Topics: Popular culture; Radio program; Sex
ID: DA-1067

What Every Teenager Needs to Know About Sex - Night Call
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Length: 53:42 minutes
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Dr. S. Ross Foxx, (Guest)
The guest, Dr. S. Ross Foxx, was a medical doctor in Seattle WA. He was a consultant to teenagers on the subject of sex, and had recorded two audio albums: "Threshhold of Manhood" and Threshhold of Womanhood".
Topics: Juvenile development; Radio program; Sex
ID: DA-1070

Sex and Society - Night Call
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Length: 59:10 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Mary Calderone, (Guest)
Dr. Mary Calderone (1904-1998) was a physician and a public health advocate for sexual education. Calderone was president and co-founder of the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States from 1954 to 1982. She had also served as the medical director for Planned Parenthood. Calderone's insistence that sex education should begin as early as kindergarten did not impress religious conservative groups. A bestselling 1968 pamphlet: "Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex?" targeted her organization, SIECUS, calling Calderone the "SIECUS Sexpot" and claiming that she wanted to undermine Christian morality and corrupt children. This program reflects her efforts to promote sex education and public concerns over sexual promiscuity. Callers also brought up myths about racial differences in sex, and worries about increasing sexuality in films.
Topics: Radio programs; Sex; Sex and society; sex and ethics
ID: NC0093