Petition Entry and Tracking System (PETS)

1996 United Methodist General Conference


These pages contain all information about petitions submitted by groups and individuals to the 1996 General Conference and action that was taken on them. At this time, there is no keyword searching capability, and there is no way to search by "what was passed" mostly because of the legislation process. Committees make recommendations (nonconcurrence, concurrence, and concurrence with amendments). Those recommendations are either supported or not supported by the Plenary Session, so there is no easy way to compile a list of petitions that resulted in changes. You can however, track any petition or calendar item all the way through the legislative process.

Also, keep in mind that the Plenary Session often changes the wording of the recommendation of the committee (the Majority Report) before supporting the item. Therefore, the information you see in the "calendar item text" section may not be what will be reflected in the 1996 Book of Discipline. Changes to the 1996 Book of Discipline can be viewed and downloaded by selecting the Changes Text File.

Information Available Through the Petition Entry and Tracking System

Background and Related Information

The 1996 Book of Discipline can be ordered from United Methodist Publishing House in three electronic formats:

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BOD for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT019338$39.95
BOD for Mac 7.1 or higher106141$39.95
BOD and Resolutions on CD-ROM for Windows and Mac03566X$59.95

10-User site licenses are also available. Folio software is included to enable word and phrase searching, topic referencing and printing.

To order, call 1-800-672-1789.


Petition Entry and Tracking System
1996 United Methodist General Conference

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