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Mission Photograph Album - America #2

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Mission Photograph Album - America #2


Images of America taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


United States


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - America #2




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - America #2 Collection

Am2-1:01 Fishing boat pier. Boston.

H42086 The great mills of Pittsburg - the steel manufacturing capital of
America, work night as well as day. This shows a part of the Jones and
Laughlan Steel Plant at night. Pennsylvania. (Credit "Ewing Gallaway,

H15905 Apache Indian Village. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

H15906 Apache Indian Village. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

H15907 Tonto Cliff dwellings. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

H15908 Indians buying watermelons. Yuma, Arizona.

H15909 Indian Wickiup. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

H15910 Indian Funeral. Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

H15911 Indian camp. Reno, Nevada.

H15914 Indian Training School. Carson, Nevada.

H15916 Indian Cowboys. Pala, California.

H15915 May Day parade. Dixon, California.

H15917 Adobe hut - note no windows. Pala, California.

H15918 Old Indian women at Fiesta. Pala, California.

H15919 Indian grain basket. Pala, California.

H15920 Indian sweat house. Pala, California.

H16023 Indians gambling at Fiesta - note they are children. Pala,

H15924 Japanese cutting asparagus. Stockton, California.

H15925 Japanese intensive farming. Stockton, California.

H15926 Japanese fruit picker - seasonable occupations. Riverside,

H15927 Chinese fishing boats. Monterey, California.

H16024 Chinese washing asparagus. California.

H15928 Father Junipero Serra Monument and Monterey Bay. Monterey,

H15929 The Junipero Oak. Mission San Carlos. Monterey, California.

H15930 Mission Dolores. San Francisco, California.

H15933 Fountain - Mission Santa Barbara, California.

H15931 The Arches - Mission San Fernando, California.

H15932 Ruins of Mission Maria Santissima. Soledad, California.

H15934 Old olive press - Mission Industries of the days of the Padres.
San Diego, California.

H15961 Wine press - Statue. San Francisco, California.

H15935 Chapel - Mission San Antonio Pala near Oceanside. Very typical
Adobe Roman Catholic Church. California.

H15936 The stable - Mission San Luis Obispo. California.

H15937 Old olive press. Ramona's Home. Camulos, California.

H15938 The Placita - Ramona's Home - Typical Spanish architecture in

H15939 First timber constructed house in California.

H15940 First Custom House - South end. Monterey, California.

H15941 Old Custom House. Monterey, California.

H15942 General Sherman Gateway. Monterey, California.

H15943 House of the Four Winds. Monterey, California.

H15944 An old home. Monterey, California.

H15945 Washington Hotel. It is thought that this is the oldest hotel in
the country. Monterey, California.

H15946 First Theatre in California.

H15947 General Casto's Headquarters. San Juan, California.

H15948 Hop covered cabin - as hops become obsolete for brewing. Butte
Valley, California.

H15952 Drying raisins - Seasonable occupations - Mexicans. Hanford,

H15953 Sorting prunes. Hanford, California.

H15954 Drying peaches. Fresno, California.

H15955 Picking table grapes. Fresno, California.

H15958 Foothill prune orchard. Los Gatos, Calfornia.

H15959 Picking lemons. A cosmopolitan gang. Riverside, California.

H15960 Pear blossoms. Santa Clara Valley, California.

H15962 Vineyard. Dixon, California.

H15963 Tarpey Winery. Fresno, California.

H15964 Distillery - Wahtoke Vineyard. Fresno County, California.

H15965 Interior Wahtoke Winery. Fresno County, California.

H15966 Bottling machine - California Wine Association. Winehaven,

H15967 Wine cellars. Winehaven, California.

H15968 Shipping platform. Winehaven, California.

H15969 Grape crusher. Winery near St. Helena, California.

H15970 Unloading grapes for winery. Madera, California.

H15971 Pond of lilies. Part of an irrigation system beautified.
Bakersfield, California.

H15972 Irrigating Canal - The secret of California's agricultural wealth.
Fresno, California.

H15973 Alfalfa. Fresno, California.

H15974 Sheep. Colfax, California.

H15975 Sheep. Coalinga, California.

H15976 Dairy herd. Tulare, California.

H15977 Geese, near Willlows, California.

H15978 Burros. Mojave Desert, California.

H15979 Hemp, near Likely, California.

H15980 Sugar beet factory - Seasonable occupations - Mexican labor largely
used in beet fields. Stockton, California.

H15981 Residence near Stockton. How an Italian prospered. Stockton,

H15982 Peach orchard. How an Italian prospered. Stockton, California.

H15983 Italian bread oven. Stockton, California.

H15984 Indian game - Played by prosperous Italian rancher. Stockton,

H15987 Furnaces - Standard Oil Works - Modern Industry. Richmond,

H15988 Car repair shop. Pullman, California.

H15989 Typical western mining town. Randsburgh, California.

H15990 Placer Mining District. Randsburgh, California.

H15991 R. S. Dickinson Mine. Randsburgh, California.

H15992 Hotel Modoc - High Grade. California.

H15993 Pacific Mine. Placerville, California.

H15994 Oak Hill - Quick silver mine. Napa County, California.

H15997 Dunkards. Butte Valley, California.

H15998 Home of H. S. Maust. Butte Valley, California.

H15999 Partly reclaimed land. Imperial, California.

H16000 Montezuma Avenue. Macdoel, Butte Valley, California.

H16001 Boiling Lake. Mt. Lassen, California.

H16002 Boiling mud pot. Mt. Lassen, California.

H16003 Devil's Kitchen. Mt. Lassen, California.

H16004 A desert yet to be reclaimed. Salton Sea, California.

H16005 Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. Churches rubbing shoulders.
Los Gatos, California.

H16006 Episcopal Church and Carnegie Library. Los Gatos, California.

H16007 First Methodist Church. Richmond, California.

H16008 Dunkard Church. Macdoel, California.

H16009 Monitor "Wyoming" at Mare Island. Vallejo, California.

H16010 Alaska Packing Association. Alameda, California.

H16013 Setting Ostrich Hen. A California Industry. Phoenix, Arizona.

H16014 Ostrich turning eggs. Phoenix, Arizona.

H16015 Pan American Ostrich Co. (3 day old chicks). Phoenix, Arizona.

Am2-99:01 An Indian Institute group.

Am2-99:02 Henry Roe Cloud and family.

Am2-100:01 Maize - Raised near Clayton, N. Mex.

Am2-100:02 The return of the 77th. New York City.

Am2-101:01 Smith Community Exchange, Main Street. Smith, Ky.

Am2-101:02 Smith Community Exchange, Main Street. Smith, Ky.

Am2-101:03 Center of Smith, Kentucky. School - mill - store.

Am2-101:04 School house. Smith, Ky.

Am2-101:05 Smith Community Exchange. Smith, Ky.

Am2-101:06 Mill. Smith, Ky.

Am2-102:01 Present house of workers. Smith, Ky.

Am2-102:02 A typical mountaineer.

Am2-102:03 Two of our good friends - the one on the right is our oldest
inhabitant, 86 yrs. old.

Am2-102:04 Swing bridge over Martins Fork. Smith, Ky.

Am2-102:05 Across Noble Smith's field on way from store - Stone Mountain
in background.

H20313 Mexican tubercular patient.

H20314 Mexican tubercular patient.

Am2-105:01 Blue steer (usual type of Southern cattle,) all horns and hair,
no flesh and infected with cattle tick.

Am2-105:02 The wood pile.

Am2-106:01 A scene among the fruit farms near Orange, Calif. The beauties
of country life are not fully realized by the people who live in the

Am2-107:01 Little girl feeding poultry. Alabama.

Am2-108:01 Crew hauling lumber in Jackson County. Alabama.

Am2-109:01 Canning exhibition of Virginia Garden and Canning Club.

Am2-111:01 Recreation - Pastors in attendance at Garrett Biblical
Institute. Evanston, Ill.

Am2-112:01 Recreation - Pastors in attendance at Garrett Biblical
Institute. Evangston, Ill.

Am2-113:01 Recreation - Pastors in attendance at Garrett Biblical
Institute. Evanston, Ill.

Am2-114:01 Little girl displaying doll's hammock made at a Daily Vacation
Bible School.

Am2-114:02 Sunday morning, Dr. Grenfell preparing the morning lesson.

Am2-114:03 Dog team, sledge and drivers. Labrador.

Am2-115:01 Abiah, native of Labrador.

Am2-115:02 View from harbor. Hotel on extreme right. Labrador.

Am2-115:03 Lumber Mill. Labrador.

Am2-115:04 Old Mexican Church. Pasadena, Calif.

Am2-116:01 View taken by Bishop Welch as steamer left Vancouver.

Am2-116:02 View taken by Bishop Welch as steamer left Vancouver.

Am2-117:01 Washington Monument. Washington, D.C.

Am2-118:01 Memorial Methodist Hospital, Mattoon.

Am2-119:01 Nurse's Home, Memorial Methodist Hospital, Mattoon.

Am2-120:01 The Spanish American Institute Gardens. Los Angeles, Cal.

Am2-121:01 Prayer of Pilgrims before embarking.

H29946 Landing of the Pilgrims.

Am2-123:01 The 1st shipment of Texas cotton at the warehouse in Bremen.
Shipped by the Methodist Welfare Commission.

Am2-123:02 Judson S. Hill, D.D. For 40 years president of the Morristown
Normal and Industrial College. He is the Dean of College Presidents.

Am2-124:01 New York City at night.

Am2-125:01 An aged warrior of the Navajo tribe.

Am2-125:02 Altar in Joss House, 16 Mott St.

Am2-126:01 Mr. Booker T. Washington.

Am2-127:01 Eliot preaching to Indians.

Am2-127:02 Mr. Dogan, President of Wiley College. Marshal, Texas.





Am2-130:01 Industrial work, Rural Summer School, Wiley University.
Marshall, Texas.

Am2-130:02 Industrial work, Rural Summer School, Wiley University.
Marshall, Texas.

Am2-131:01 Industrial work, Rural Summer School, Wiley University,
Marshal, Texas.

Am2-131:02 Industrial work, Rural Summer School, Wiley University.
Marshall, Texas.

Am2-132:01 Rural Summer School, Wiley College, 1922.

Am2-133:01 Chinese Club, University of Illinois. Urbana, Ill., 1921-1922.

Am2-134:01 Sunday School, Andrews Chapel outside church. Jonesboro,

H31273 "Japanese Salvation Army" at American Center. Sacramento, Cal.

H31267 City post office. Washington, D. C.

H31268 Union Station. Washington, D. C.

H31269 Congressional Library. Washington, D. C.

H31270 Senate Office. Washington, D. C.

H32222 An Oxford College girl in action. Oxford, Ohio.

H32223 Tug of war, Miami University. Oxford, Ohio.

H32224 Football game at Miami University. Oxford, Ohio.

H32225 Birds eye view of the University of Chicago.

H32226 A Fraternity House at Madison, Wisconsin.

H34355 Italian Methodist Episcopal Church. Yonkers, N. Y.

Am2-146:01 Flood refugees in Camp Quekemeyer, Yazoo City.

Am2-146:02 Y. and M. V. passenger train in front of depot.

Am2-146:03 Colored kitchen at Camp Quekemeyer.

H34435 Thompson seedless grapes - Foliage dark green, fruit light.

H34434 Cotton pickers on the Kearney Estate.

H34370 California poppies Marine Co. 'Tis early spring and green is
predominating color. The poppy blossom is a deep orange.

H34444 General view of cotton yards. Fresno, California.

H34442 Raisin drying scene near Kerman, California.

H34447 Typical valley scene near Fresno, California.

H34364 Inside a hatchery. Petoluma, California.

H34369 Gateway to the Redwood Empire - Sausalito, California.

H34359 Packing head lettuce in January at Brawley, Cal.

H34362 Poultry ranch. Petaluma, California.

H34368 Old miner and his outfit.

H34367 Northern California's Rockbound Coast.

H34366 Clear Lake. Lake Co., California.

H34363 Stacking alfalfa using tractors.

H34363 Stacking alfalfa using tractors.

H34360 Easter Sunday congregation at Japanese Church. Brawley, California.

H34365 In the heart of the Redwoods. California.

H33920 Canyon. Phoenix, Arizona.

H33919 Canyon Lake. Phoenix, Arizona.

H35150 Trappers Lake. Denver, Colorado.

Am2-169:01 Photo of a Spanish Methodist Sunday School I organized at
Ordway, Colorado. The lady in center of group is a graduate of Harwood
School for Girls in Albuquerque. Rev. M. T. Habgood is the man behind her.
He is pastor of our Methodist Church in Ordway. The lady on the extreme
right was formerly wife of our Spanish Methodist pastor of Mexico City,
Mexico. When he died she remarried and came to Ordwary classes in English
etc. are also held weekly for our Spanish folk taught by teachers in
Ordway. The work is in a flourishing condition.

Am2-169:02 Y. and M. V. passenger train in front of depot.

Am2-169:03 Mess line.

H35155 Philipino at work in vineyard.

H35182 Weighing meat in a retail store.

H35163 Fishing schooner's in winter.

Am2-198:01 Working in lettuce field.

Am2-199:01 Stock Exchange, Chicago is largest grain market in the world.
Wheat Pit.

Am2-200:01 East room of the White House. Washington, D. C.

Am2-201:01 The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor. Mass.

Am2-201:02 Landing of the Pilgrims.

Am2-202:01 Plymouth in 1622.

Am2-202:02 The march of Myles Standish.

Am2-203:01 The old Fort and meeting house of the Pilgrims 1621.

Am2-203:02 N. Y. Central Railroad.

Am2-204:01 Mr. Henry Ford seated in the first motor car.

Am2-205:01 Summit Crow Creek Pass, Alaska.



Am2-206:01 Automobile fire engine.

H39541 Telephone wires of N. Y . Telephone Co.

Am2-215:01 Old days when wires were above ground. Broadway and John St.,
New York City, year of 1890.

Am2-216:01 One of the first locomotives.

America2-217-1 Small boy sharing his lunch with a chicken

America2-217-2 Laughing child chasing butterflies

America2-217-3 Lad with celery and cauliflower

America2-218-1 Field of Easter lilies! Bermuda!

America2-218-2 Field of Cala lilies in the winter Los Angeles, California