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H25692 D. W. Howell

H26130 Ministers of the gospel, born, reared or licensed to preach from German speaking Methodist congregation. Santa Claus, Indiana

H25661 Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1920 at General Conference in Des Moines, Iowa

H23848 Bishop Matthew Clair (left)
and Bishop Robert E. Jones (right)

H23858 Dr. Ralph W. Keeler

H23451 James H. Lewis

H23451 James H. Lewis

H22825 Bishop Robert E. Jones

H22890 Hugh Stuntz

H22407 Rev. M. T. J. Howard

H22577 Bishop Edwin Hughes

21910 Ralph E. Diffendorfer

21911 Ralph E. Diffendorfer

H19521 Bruce R. Baxter

H19714 Dr. W. J. Sly

H19514 Miss Lila Bell Atchison

H19515 Miss Lila Bell Atchison

H19411 Reverend John O. Foster. D. D. Professor in Puget Sound College, Tacoma, Washington.

H19478 J. T. Stone

H19324 Dr. Juan Orts Gonzales

H19325 Dr. Juan Orts Gonzales

H18817 Warren H. Wilson

H19265 Union veteran ninety years old. Northern Alabama

H18820 Abraham Lincoln and his staff

H17753 Robert Lansing
United States Secretary of State under President Woodrow Wilson from 1915 to 1920.

H18724 Charles O Olsen Another "Learned Blacksmith" Poet of the woods. Oregon

H16271 W. H. G. Gould. Attorney of the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

H17039 H. H. Bell

H16047 Esther Wingt

H16048 Hester Cartwright

H16050 Mr and Mrs. Perez, Philippines

H16040 Florence Clemans

H16041 Helen May Knott

H16042 Julia Stevenson

H16043 Dorothy Mead

H16044 Hazel Miller

H16045 Virgil Wolf

H16046 Miss Ethel Johns Norwich

H16035 O. H. Houser Lisbon, Ohio.

H16038 Marian Manley

H16039 Margaret Anderson

H14523 Group of new missionaries sailing for South America. August 25, 1919.

H14884 Benjamin Franklin after the Bisi portrait.

H15821 General Foch.

H13737 J. W. Fisher. Newport, Tennessee.

H13881 College Presidents, Deans and Principals. Freedman's Aid Schools and Colleges.

H13953 Daniel Webster.

H12697 U.S.S. Leviathan at Hoboken. New York City Copyrighted-Muller

H13696 U.S.S. Maui taken in Hudson River New York City


U.S.S. Louisville in the sound. New York City


U.S.S. Kroonland / "Empress of the Seas" in the sound. New York City

H13675 Group - Brother Van 80, Father Albert Vogel 102 and Ed Wilson 78. Columbus, Ohio.

H13674 Father Albert Vogel, 102 years old. Columbus, Ohio.

H13075 C. E. Matteson, Superintendent Rapid City District South Dakota 1915.

H13163 Negro baby.

H13672 Miss Georgiana Welker, a Deaconess in California.

H12445 Rev. Mines Pastor 1st Methodist Episcopal Church Germantown, Middle Bishop William F. Oldham, Right Rev. George Bickley D.D. Superintendent Philadelphia.

H12826 John Sanford Brumback

H12840 Carols D. Alvian, winner in High School Debating Team.

H12057 Rev. John Watchorn.

H12058 Rev. John Watchorn.

H12959 Mr. Burleigh - Negro composer. New York City.

H12960 Dr. George E Haynes - advisor to the Secretary of labor on Negro Economics.

H11578 One of the young ladies of Byron Church. Minnesota.

H11579 One of the young men of Byron Church. Minnesota.

H11583 The first man to greet the new pastor was Uncle Frank.

H11584 As Superintendent of the Sunday School.

H11393 B. S. Tipple, son of Dr. Tipple.

H11391 John R. Lindgren.

H11551 Rev. and Mrs. Callahan. Superintendent of Hadly Rescue Mission. New York City.

H11390 Captain Charles M. Lind

H11345 no caption

H11365 Mr. Loveland's little baby.

H11347 Rev. Dr. Norman Bruce Tannehill, Scottsdale, Pennsylvania.

H11340 Mr. Morrow

H11341 Mr. Morrow

H10197 Mrs. Yojima - Biblewoman of River Street Church.

H10984 Mr. John Wanamaker at his desk on his 80th Birthday. Philadelphia.

H10550 no caption

H10041 Rev. E. O. Woolfolk.

H10042 Rev. E. O. Woolfolk.

H9826 Frank DeCorse Yuma Indian (half) the architect of the proposed plans for the new Yuma Mission Buildings. Arizona.

H9865 Rev. Glenn Davis. Utah.

H9870 Rev. Glenn Davis-Pastor of Waterloo Methodist Episcopal Church. Utah.

H9871 Rev. Glenn Davis and wife.

H8223 A little American baby.

H8221 A little American baby.

H8222 A little American baby.

H7726 McGrum Slavonic Training School. Uniontown.

H7727 Mrs. and Miss Bethley Polish converts from the mission in Pittsburg Magret and her mother.

H7728 Rev. Wesley Davis

H7729 These are the first Polish converts to Methodism in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

H7730 Teachers and students of the Mission Training School for Slavonic Girls.

H7294 Girl from Epworth Rescue Home. Emily Gallagher.

H7295 Girl from Epworth Rescue Home Frances Patterson.

H7433 Rev. Franklin Hamiliton and Dr. McDowell on board the Carolina.

H7434 Rev. Franklin Hamiliton and Dr. McDowell on board the Carolina.

H6984 Bishop Leonard and a group of Area Leaders. San Francisco, California.

H6985 Bishop Leonard and a group of Area Leaders. San Francisco, California.

H6795 Billy Sunday

H6983 Bishop Leonard and a group of Area Leaders. San Francisco, California.

H6764 Rev. Crouch or missionary to the Yuma Indians. Arizona.

H6797 Billy Sunday

H6681 Left to right, Dr. McCombo Superintendent Methodist and Portuguese Work in Arizona and California. Bishop Leonard, Dr. Johnson Superintendent Japanese work in California and Dr. Pearson Superintendent Chinese work in California.

H6758 Rev. Crouch missionary to the Yuma Indians. Arizona.

H6614 Pastor Japanese Methodist Church. San Francisco, California.

H6633 Dr. Howe Superintendent of Spanish-American Institute for Boys. Gardena, California.

H6598 Dr. Pearson Superintendent Chinese Methodist missions in California.

H6599 Dr. Pearson Superintendent Chinese Methodist missions in California.

H6573 Dr. Johnson Superintendent Methodist Japanese work in California and the Pastor of the Japanese Church in San Francisco.

H6575 Chan Kin Sing one of the faithful Chinese Layworkers, Los Angeles, California.

H6554 Chan Kin Sing, Layworker in Chinese mission. Los Angeles, California.

H6571 Dr. Johnson Superintendent, Methodist Japanese work in California.

H6548 Billy Sunday

H6551 Pastor of the Plaza church (left) Los Angeles, California.

H6311 Madison Square bootblack. New York City.

H6393 W. A. C. Hughes - J. C. Sherrill

H6090 Rev. Harry S. White, Rev. H. B. Collins, Rev. J. L. Lagrone. Lawton, Oklahoma.

H6096 Rev. Harry S. White Methodist Episcopal Camp Pastor to the soldiers.

H6097 Rev. Harry S. White Methodist Episcopal Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Camp to the soldiers. Camp Doniphan, Oklahoma.

H6280 Graciela and Felix Zelaya

H5892 Rev. and Mrs. D. E. Blaine in 1853.

H6088 Rev. H. B. Collins. District Superintendent

H5692 Mr. H. William Hook, Havershill, Massachusetts.

H5590 Pastor Anderson in charge of the Swedish Old Peoples Home. Evanston, Indiana.

H5686 Miss Marston and Miss Lamson. Hedding, New Hampshire.

H5366 Leaders of 32nd Annual Montana Conference. Dillon, Montana

H5371 Group Dillon Montana

H5219 Twin boys of H. L. Richardson.

H5365 Leaders of 32nd Annual Montana Conference. Dillon, Montana.

H5116 Dr. Alonzo Bright.

H5155 Called the Eskimo Queen. Columbia.

H4485 H. W. Stevens and wife. Roswell, New Mexico.

H4499 Rev. C. Albert Findley.

H4465 Anita de Chalderon educated at Harwood Industrial School. New Mexico.

H4471 Dr. Marion Browning and family. Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church. New Mexico.

H4387 Dr. Swenson and Pastor Anderson. Chicago, Illinois.

H4428 Dr. Thomas Harwood.

H4438 Dr. Harwood when he came to New Mexico. 1869.

H4439 Mrs Emily Harwood.

H4253 "Caught for the Centenary" Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

H4326 Mrs Sidell and her family of fine Christian Girls. Madison, Wisconsin.

H4250 Miss Sarah A. Williams. Helping Hand Mission Sioux City, Iowa.

H4251 Mrs. George L. Search. Helping Hand Mission Sioux City, Iowa.

H4164 Indians making roads on the Oneida Reservation. Wisconsin.

H4165 Father and Son Oneida Reservation, Wisconsin.

H4162 Oneida Indian girls on picnic on the Reservation. Wisconsin.

H4163 Oneida Reservation Band. Wisconsin.

H4160 Rev. and Mrs J. S. Whiting in their Sunday clothes

H4161 Full blood Indian child Oneida, Wisconsin.

H4150 Rev. Fred Posinski 1027 - 7th Avenue Milwaukee Pastor of St. Peter's Polish Methodist Episcopal Church for 9 years.

H4151 Same caption as H4150.

H4095 Miss Frances Shattuck a High School girl who is enrolled as a student of the Morgan Memorial Academy.

H4096 Wellington C. Pixler.

H4011 Rev. H. A. Bassett. D.D.. President of Albuquerque College, a tireless man who is pouring out his life in behalf of the needs of the Spanish Speaking of the South West.

H4060 Emma Lilia Olazabal

H3968 Rev. George L. Search. Superintendent Helping Hand Mission. 920 Fourth Street Sioux City Iowa.

H3969 Same caption as 3968.

H3640 Mayor John Purroy Mitchel.

H3641 Mayor John Purroy Mitchel.

H3730 Dr. J. R. Henry.

H3601 Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Bower of Malaysia.

H3639 President Woodrow Wilson.

H3539 Eugene M. Autrim Springfield, Illinois.

H3540 Rev. Arthur H. De Long

H3541 Rev. J. R. Edwards, Washington D.C.

H3536 Rev. Philip H. Riegel Central New York Conference. Pastor 18 years - District Superintendent 8 years.

H3537 Rev. George G. Vogel of Newark, New Jersey.

H3538 W. W. Orsdel Milk River District, North Montana Conference.

H3480 Dr. A. Cookman.

H3481 H. Hanson in his house - searching through the Word of God.

H3482 Rev. A. S. Hunt, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Moral Science and Belles-Lettres. Wesleyan University - Middletown Connecticut

H3474 Father John Flinn in his 97th year.

H3479 Rev. Archibald Campbell Foss
Rev. John McClintock
Rev. J. B. Hagany

H3478 John Wesley 1791
John Fletcher 1785
Charles Wesley 1788
Bishop Francis Asbury 1816
Thomas cooke 1814
Capt Welb 1796
Nathan Banks 1862
Bishop William McKendree 1835
Bishop R. Roberts 1843
Bishop Beverly Waugh 1858
Wilbur Fiske 1839
Bishop Elijah Hedding 1852

H3164 Mrs. Jason Lee, wife of the first missionary in Oregon

H3212 Rev. Mario Gugginno Pastor of Italian Methodist Episcopal Church, Youngstown, Ohio

H3466 Rev. Jason Lee, Pioneer and Founder of American Institutions in Oregon

H3258 Mr. and Mrs. Nixon, Chaplain of the Young Mens Christian Association of France, now with Centenary.

H3102 Mrs. W. A. Knighton

H3143 First Conference held in America

H3149 High Street Baseball Team

H3150 Treat Camp Fire Girls Club

H3065 Rev. P. Y. Cook

H3097 Rev. C. W.Tarr

H3098 Sunday School Burlington, Washington

H3101 Quarterly Meeting Nooksack Church

H3049 Rev. Daniel Cobb

H3062 Father F. E. Kellogg

H3061 Group of young people at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Everett, Washington

H3063 First Church Primary Class, Everett Washington

H3013 Children's Orphan Home

H3017 Vacation Bible Class

H3023 Rev. W. A. Knighton, One of our Frontier Pastors

H3036 Inspiring Sunday School Class

H2973 Mrs. P. Y. Cook

H2985 Jason Lee, First Missionary to Oregon

H2988 The reason why the Methodist Church works among the Indians

H2998 Los Angeles, California

H2913 Rev. H. L. Richardson and family

H2964 Rev. A. M. Hough. Founder of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Montana, 1865

H2968 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Everett, Washington

H2972 Rev. Isaac Owen. Founder of Santa Clara University

H2872 Gustas Greely
Marysville, California

H2874 Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church

H2897 Rev. Vincenti Mendoza. Spanish, Southern California

H2876 Dr. A. J. Kynett corresponding Secretary Church Ex. Society

H2807 Rev. S. Woodstock

H2821 Mrs. C. W. Tarr

H2868 Honorable J. E. McComas. Pomona, California

H2871 Austin McLain blind preacher

H2769 Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

H2770 Portrait of Woodrow Wilson

H2771 Portrait of George Washington

H2767 Interior of the Central Methodist Episcopal Church. Taken during the Centenary Convention. Columbus, Ohio June 1918.

H2778 New Mexico Conference

H2764 Meeting of the National District Superintendents Convention, together with the Board of Bishops and the Joint Centenary Commission. Taken on the steps of the State Capitol. Ohio. Columbus, Ohio June, 1918

H2762 Black District Superintendents at Columbus Ohio who formed an integral part of the Centenary meeting. This picture was taken at Dinner time, when everyone felt especially happy. June, 1918

H2757 Meeting of the National District Superintendents Convention, together with the Board of Bishops and the Joint Centenary Commission. Taken on the steps of the State Capitol. Ohio. Columbus, Ohio June, 1918

H2756 Meeting of the National District Superintendents Convention, together with the Board of Bishops and the Joint Centenary Commission. Taken on the steps of the State Capitol. Ohio. Columbus, Ohio June, 1918

H2753 Dr. Bertrand M. Tipple. Superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Work, at Rome, Italy. June, 1918

H2746 District Superintendents of the Mississippi Conference who are putting the Rural Churches Program across, and by so doing, breaking the backbone of peonage on the Mississippi Plantations.

H2747 Dr. P.J. Mavethy of the Freedman's Aid Society, Dr. P. M. Waters, President of Gammon University, Dr. R. E. Jones of Southern Christian Advocate, at Columbus, Ohio, June, 1918.

H2748 Dr. P.J. Mavethy of the Freedman's Aid Society, Dr. P. M. Waters, President of Gammon University, Dr. R. E. Jones of Southern Christian Advocate, at Columbus, Ohio, June, 1918.

H2751 Rev. C. A. Tindley. D.D. Calvary Church, Philadelphia which has the largest enrolled membership in Methodism (Mr. Blanpied, left)

H2744 Rev. Oscar Huddleston of the Philippine Islands, at the Columbus Centenary meeting. June, 1918. Talking to Dr. A. Tindley of Calvary Church, Philadelphia.

H2745 Joseph C. Sherrill, Representative of the Foreign Board. William Alfred Carroll Hughes, Field Secretary of Work, Home Board.

H2701 Rev. L. T. Freeland, Indiana Conference

H2699 Rev. C. L. Smith, Northwestern Ohio Conference

H2700 Demetrina Tillitson, Superintendent South Bend, Indiana District

H2699b Rev. R. J. Wade, North Indiana Conference.

H2697 Charles Zalloinore, Mount Vernon, Ohio, Northwest Ohio Conference

H2698 A Rev. C. E. Bacon
Indiana Conference

H2698B Rev. D. H. Bailey, West Ohio Conference

H2695 A Rev. J. A. Beatty
North West Indiana Conference

H2695B Rev. Cyrus W. Van Pelt
West Ohio Conference

H2696 A Rev. B. S. Hollopeter
North Indiana Conference

H2696B Rev. W. A. Wiant
West Ohio Conference

H2693 Mr. Philip Yu

H2694 Mr. Philip Yu

H2691 Rev. W. F. Switzer, of North West Indiana Conference

H2692 W. W. Martin, District Superintendent North Indiana Conference

H1953 Rev. J. Royal. He was a pioneer Methodist preacher of Oregon

H2167 Family group

H2453 Dr. Purvis, at one time in charge of the Russian work of the Church of All Nations

H2453 Dr. Purvis, at one time in charge of the Russian work of the Church of All Nations

H1772 Eleazar Kemenetsky 26, vegetarian, Tolstoi's pupil, Russian Hebrew and an advocate and student of the simple life.

H1774 Chaplain William B. Cornish

H1769 Miss Cornish

H2460 Groups of immigrant girls in costumes representing many nationalities meeting for their Christmas Festival under the direction of the International Young Womens Christian Association at Church of All Nations.

H1772 Portrait of Eleazor Kamenetzky, 26, vegetarian, Totstoi's pupil, Russian Hebrew and an advocate and student of the simple life.

H1713 Ellis Island: Children of All Nations

H151 Dutch children. They started from Holland with their mother, expecting to join their father in Wisconsin. The mother died on the way. A missionary took them in charge and brought them to their father.

H152 Picture of a man who is part Alsatian and part Danish.

H153 Russian Cossack

H154 Dutch Family

H98 Hungarian Slovak

H149 An English Jewish family

H150 Italian boy who came over with his mother leaving the father, an Italian soldier back in the old country. Oh ship board coming over his mother made this costume for him .

H96 Norwegian children

H97 Abyssinian family

H94 African Bushman, S. S. Carillo,
January 8, 1918. from Havana. Born in Bechunaland, South Africa. Name Franz Foaibost.

H95 Abyssinian c[***]s

H92 Eleazor Kaminesky Russian Hebrew, pupil and follower of Tolstoy,vegetarian, lecturer, artist, model, poser, writer, wandering through New York dressed this way.

H93 Algerian polygamist deported although very wealthy. Was not married but was an advocate of polygamy and therefore came under the law.

H91 Family of children (with parents) from Holland

H56 Battery Park, New York

H10 Pastoral visitation in little Italy, New York City

H90 John D. Thrid, age 42, wife and eleven children. Native of Scotland. Arrived on the S. S. Caledonia, September 17, 1905. Went to friend John Fleming, Anniston, Alabama

H134 Camp Grant, Rockford Illinois. Panorama

H2984 Tabernacle Red Rock Camp meeting. Minnesota

H3021 The tent meeting. Adamson, Oklahoma

H131 Camp Funston men at Manhattan,Kansas at First Methodist Episcopal Church, Panorama

H132 Camp Funston men at Manhattan, Kansas

H1 Camp Funston men spend Sunday afternoon at first Methodist Episcopal Church, Manhattan, Kansas

H130 Camp Funston men spend Sunday afternoon at first Methodist Episcopal Church, Manhattan, Kansas panorama

H12 Dr. William H. Brooks