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H20758 Harbor scene Cuba

H20759 Moro Castle, Cuba

H20760 Plaza, Cuba

H20761 Plaza, Cuba

H20762 Plaza, Cuba

H20763 Palms and houses, Cuba

H20755 First printing press on Pacific coast at San Francisco Historical Society

H20756 Trunk of Jason Lee and churn of mulberry wood made by Robert Morrison

H20757 One of the first automobiles

H20750 Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration

H20751 Making of the First flag

H20752 First mission printing press in Oregon

H20753 First Printing press on Pacific Coast at San Francisco, California Historical Society

H20754 First Printing press on Pacific Coast at San Francisco, California Historical Society

H19692 Tomato can used as bank in Sunday School

H19695 Children's meeting in Chapel car. "Herald of Hope."

H19696 The Chapel car. "Herald of Hope."

H19697 "Watching the Baptism"

H18397 Victrola

H18398 Power washing machine. Maytag make, drive by gasoline motor. Newton, Iowa

H18446 Kitchen of a good housekeeper in New York

H18443 Steam pressure cooker made by Northwestern Steel and Iron Works. Eau Clair, Wisconsin

H17796 Duplex Fireless Cooker, cooks the entire meal.

H18375 Delco Home Electric Light Plant, Ohio

H18376 Delco Home Electric Light Plant, operating washing machine. Ohio

H18418 Church kitchen #3 A very superior church kitchen. The quipment is modern, complete and well cared for.

H1820 Lincoln and His Cabinet

H18835 "Electric Iron"

H18414 Church kitchen #1. Such a room invites disorder, carelessness, unsanitary conditions

H18415 Church basement #1. The church basement typifies every conceivable hazard from fires to contagion.

H18416 Church basement #2. This basement though better than #1 illustrates a waste of valuable space.

H18417 Church kitchen #2. This kitchen has a meager equipment. It is well kept and sanitary.

H18410 Basement #3 This basement, though by no means standard, illustrates the use to which basement space can be put and the type of service it can best render.

H18411 Primary room for Religious Education #3

H18412 A more desirable room for primary classes #2

H18413 Primary room for Religious Education#1

H17645 River photo

H18402 City Beautiful

H17483 Home made fireless cooker

H17645 Pierre de la Verendrye, Captain Cody, "Buffalo Bill."

H17644 General Grant driving the last spike in the Transcontinental Railroad.

H16347 Spring chick on scale, preparing to enter the ministry. East Lansing, Michigan


H17436 O. A. B. Banquet

H16146 Flashlight picture of Findex Equipment 894 Broadway, 10th Floor

H16147 Flashlight picture of Findex Equipment 894 Broadway, 10th Floor

H16034 Threshing scene in Manitoba, Canada

H16145 Flashlight picture of Findex Equipment, 894 Broadway, 10th Floor

H14494 Koran, Moslem Bible open made in New York Public Library

H14723 The Lighthouse at the entrance of the Golden Gate.

H14520 "The Angelus" Jean Francois Millet

H14396 Switch on the Michigan Central Railroad in Canada

H14493 Koran, moslem Bible made in New York Public Library

H14492 This Tablet is erected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in commemoration of Abiah Folger Franklin

H14317 Picture taken on battlefield. Abraham Lincoln and staff

H14318 Abraham Lincoln and General George B. McClellan.

H14374 American troops in training at Camp Hancock on review.

H14377 Dirigible R34 (British), first dirigible to cross the Atlantic from Edinburgh to Mineola. July 6, 1919, time 108 hours and 12 minutes.

H13883 Service Flag for the M. E. S. S. of Chicago containing 2449 stars the largest service flag yet manufactured in Chicago, Illinois

H13952 Minute Men statue. Concord, Massachusetts

Hawaii P. P.
H14255 Ship in storm Pacific Ocean.

H14316 Picture taken on the battlefield. Abraham Lincoln and Staff.

H13591 French Canadian woman worker. Canada

H13592 Bolsheviki Revolution in Petrograd, Russia

H13593 "Where cross the crowded ways of life."

H13594 "Where sound the cries of race and clan.

H13072 Spirit of '76

H13289 American Literature

H13188 American Flag

H13205 Washington at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

H12986 The Caxton Memorial Bible. Printed at Oxford England. June 30, 1877

H12984 Walton Biblia Polyglot New York City

H12985 "The Caxton Memorial Bible." New York City. Printed at Oxford England, June 30, 1877

H12982 Walton Biblia Polyglot (open) New York City

H12983 Walton Biblia Polyglot (open) New York City

H12980 Gutenberg Latin Bible 1452. New York City

H12981 Gutenberg Latin Bible 1452. New York City

H12978 Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus. Sinaitic Codex. 1862 New York City

H12979 Gutenberg Latini Bible 1452 (open) New York City

H12976 Wycliffe New Testament. New York City

H12977 Sinaiticus Codex, 1862 (open) New York City. Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament.

H12974 Wycliffe New Testament Manuscript 1380. Made at Library. 42nd Street. 5th Avenue. May 28, 1919. New York City

H12975 Wycliffe New Testament Manuscript (open) New York City

H12972 English King James 1611 Folio "Holy Bible." Made at Public Library 42nd Street, May 23rd, 1919. New York City

H12973 English King James 1611 Folio "Holy Bible" (open) New York City

H12970 Cherokee Testament (open) (Originated by Sequoya) Library. May 28, 1919. New York City

H12971 Cherokee Testament. Made at Library 42nd Street, 5th Avenue, May 28th, 1919. New York City

H12968 Harley Ms. 2799
3rd Series--Warner's Illuminated Man. inscription the British Museum. New York City

H12969 Cherokee Testament (open) (Originated by Sequoya) Public Library. New York City

H12860 Landing of Columbus, 1492

H12861 Declaration of Independence

H12862 Emigrants to the west. Pioneer days

H12666 Sombrero Key Light Station. Florida

H12667 Light Station Staten Island, New York

H12668 Kilean Light Station Hawaii.

H12683 Point Loma with lighthouse at end of point and warships in distance. San Diego, California

H12661 Point Reyes Light Station, California

H12662 Interior Staten Island Light Station New York

H12663 Nantucket Shoal Light Vessel

H12665 Cape Charles Light Station, Virginia


H12603 View taken beside the railroad tracks where Red Cross workers are giving cookies to wounded men on a Hospital Train. Muse, France.

H12659 Sectional view of the Eddystone Light Station

H12660 Cape Hatteras Light Station. North Carolina

H12598 Tank

H12599 Tractor with guns

H12600 Operating room at Hospital unit. France

H12601 Headquarters Field Hospital entrance France

H12273 Monument on the battlefield of (Bull Run)

H12275 Steamship Arapaho at Kingston where she received a cargo of fruit and their produce for the United States Kingston Jamaica.

H12596 Tank

H12597 Tank

H12504 Photograph of the original painting of Christ used in the Centenary Drive Posters. New York City.

H12210 Bronze tablet to the Soldiers who fell. (Bull Run)

H12271 Monument to General Francis Bartow

H11570 Pershing decorates Generals at great Dierdorf Review. Dierdorf, Germany

H11702 Amiens Cathedral, France
The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens,

H12261 A glimpse of the ocean between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

H12303 Sunning himself. Globe, Arizona.

H10714 19 Planes in a row. Pana, Illinois

H10715 Student aviator making a landing at Pana, Illinois

H10716 Student aviator making a landing at Pana, Illinois

H10735 Soldier Boys washing up their mess kits. Camp Doniphan, Oklahoma

H8887 National Tube Works Company of United States of America
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

H9911 Slate Pickers

H9912 Pouring Molten Iron from Ladel into Mixer

H10713 Nineteen Planes in a row
Paua, Illinois

H10758 Part of Camp Hancock.
Augusta, Georgia

H10758 Signal Corps Insignia Formation
Augusta, Georgia

H11332 Moravian Slovak Dress

H11333 "This is my little Grandma taken last Summer." 1917

H10736 Soldier Boys washing up their mess kits
Camp Doniphau, Oklahoma

H10754 Crap game Camp Hancock
Augusta, Georgia

H10755 The Pickett line Camp Hancock
Augusta, Georgia

H10756 The Georgia mule and his attendant.
Augusta, Georgia

H8883 O. D. 4 Anthrax Infection
most acute stage

H8884 "Phossy Jaw"
An American Disease. N. J.

H8885 "Phossy Jaw"
Phossy jaw, formally phosphorus necrosis of the jaw, is an occupational disease of those who work with white phosphorus, also known as yellow phosphorus, without proper safeguards. It was most commonly seen in workers in the match-stick industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

H8886 O. D. 2
Results of Lead-poisoning
Double wrist drop

H8044 United States Ship Albany

8447 Music for "O Master Let Me Walk with Thee"

H8644 First American Flag

H8751 Government Building
Vancouver, Canada

H8035 Raft towed from Oregon

H8036 Raft from Oregon for Ship Building

H6944 A Peaceful Sea. California

H7433 Rev. Franklin Hamilton and Dr. McDowell on board Carolina

H7434 Rev. Franklin Hamilton and Dr. McDowell on board Carolina

H7689 Picture of a mother and her children

H6830 White Oak. California

H6831 White Oak. California

H6838 The Highway from the Orient to the Land of Opportunity

H6839 The Highway from the Orient to the Land of Opportunity

H6506 Lusitania

H6572 The Whale Delivering Jonah
Long Beach, California

H6579 The Whole Family at Sea
Huntingdon, California

H6582 Holland Boats in San Francisco Bay. Inactive since the War. California

H6263 Liberty Poster

H6264 Liberty Poster

H5792 David and "Jack" in Stable Door

H5793 Worthington and Paul Jumping

H6164 La Place de la Concorde
Paris, France

H6165 Westminster Abbey. London, England

H5787 Girl with Candle
"Jesus bids us shine."

H5788 Little girl in Bathing Suit

H5789 Boy Blowing Soap Bubble

H5790 Little Miss Mischief

H5777 Motor Truck

H5783 Girls at games

H5784 Boy in Overalls

H5785 Climbing Pole

H5766 Tug Moonlight Effect

H5767 Der Vaterland (interned)

H5768 A Six-Master at Sea

H5769 Photo of a large ship

H5763 Coney Island Boat

H5764 Coney Island Bathers

H5765 "Washington Irving"
Albany Day Line Boat

H5760 Coney Island Bathers

H5761 Coney Island Bathers

H5762 Coney Island Bathers

H4590 American Flag and fourth verse of America the Beautiful

H5396 Irrigation Ditch

H5522 Wesleyan Central Hall. Westminster, London

H4586 America the Beautiful
"In liberating strife"

H4587 America the Beautiful
"Who more thou self their country loved"

H4588 America the Beautiful
And mercy more than life"
(Red Cross Nurse)

H4589 America the Beautiful
(Third Chorus)

H4582 America the Beautiful
"A thoroughfare for freedom beat"

H4583 America the Beautiful
"Across the wilderness"

H4584 America the Beautiful
(Second chorus)

H4585 America the Beautiful
"O beautiful for heroes proved"

H4578 America the Beautiful
"Above the fruited plains."

H4580 America the Beautiful
"O beautiful for pilgrim feet"
(Landing of the Pilgrims)

H4579 America the Beautiful
(First Chorus)

H4581 America the Beautiful
"Whose stern, impassioned stress"

H4574 America the Beautiful
"O beautiful for spacious skies!"

H4575 America the Beautiful
"O beautiful for spacious skies!"

H4576 America the Beautiful
"For amber waves of grain"

H4577 America the Beautiful
"For purple mountains majesties"

H4541 American Flag

H4543 Flag and Cross

H4542 Cross

H4475 Red Cross work

H4477 Mormon Temple. Salt Lake City, Utah

H4476 Ford Automobile employees, Detroit

H4478 Landing of the Pilgrims 1620 Plymouth, Massachusetts

H3518 Doll with doll's set of furniture

H4059 America the Beautiful. "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies"

H4458 Men of American Infantry Regiment receiving French Croix de Guerre

H3439 Discovery of Mouth of Columbia River. B. C. Washington

H3447 First Press. This very crude printing press was the first used by the Book Concern at Cincinnati.

H3465 American Monument on San Juan Island.

H3476 The Circuit Rider

H3402 First Passenger Train in United States

H3408 Homer Davenport, Cartoonist

H3419 Immigration to Far West. Indian attack on pioneers crossing the plains.

H3420 Painting in the Capitol Building at Washington City

H3436 A train headlight at night

H2476 Christmas Sabbath. Government asylum for lepers. 450 patients. Japan

H2477 Lepers waiting to welcome Mr. Danner and Dr. McKeau at Kwangju, Korea

H2478 Meguro Christmas Celebration. A Protestant Mission House for lepers.
Tokyo Japan

H2956 The Circuit Rider

H2472 Lepers leaving church. Kwaugju, Korea

H2473 Dr. Henry Fowler. In sedan chair with his Chinese coolies, on a tour in the interests of the colony. Siaokau, China

H2474 Leper boy with a letter addressed to Dr. Wilson, seeking admission to the leper asylum.

H2475 Bridge out on the Pekin Straukow Luce China.

H2465 Leper Hospital, Haugchow, China.

H2466 Leper Christian Workers. Philippines

H2470 Untainted Children. Tokyo

H2471 Untainted Children Tokyo

H102 The Marseillaise music

H1910 Louisiana Lepers' Home. Carville, Louisiana

H2462 Photo of children working in the garden

H2464 Zenoie Byloin Leper Asylum. Tokyo

C11623 World with up-raised hands

C11624 Shield of Africa

C11637 Crosses in military cemetery

C11640 Christ and the harvest

C10853 War prisoners reading the Bible

C11622 Returned Veteran

C10101 Flag of Brazil

C10202 The Bible the World's Best Seller

C10479 Masonic window, City Roads Chapel, London, England


C10690 Base Chapel

C10063 Hymn of Penitence, original words and music are Japanese.

C10064 A hymn honoring ancestry worship from a Christian point of view

C10065 Hymn giving Christian meaning to ancient Chinese customs of decoration of graves.

C10095 Spread of Missionary Education Movement Publications.

C10096 Pan American Airlines

C10059 Title Page, Hymns of Universal Praise. Edited by China Union Hymnal Committee

c10060 Table of cross reference of Hymns of Universal Praise to four other Hymnals

C10061 Nestorian Hymn. recently discovered dating back to the period of 600-900 A.D.

C10062 A spread of wedding hymns. Two of original Chinese words and music.

C10054 Exodus 20. Doctor J. Paul Bartak's Bible.

C10055 23rd Psalm. Doctor Bartak's Bible

C10056 Beginning of Matthews Gospel.

C10057 Matthew 6th. Doctor Bartak's Bible

C10052 Doctor J. Paul Bartak reading Bible.

C10053 Doctor J. Paul Bartak reading Bible.

C10048 "Diploma" of release from German Internment Camp of Reverend Bartak

C10049 10049 Autographs on back of "Diploma"

C9901 A Service of Worship For Missionary Sunday.

C10036 Old man and young lad praying

C10042 Indian boys and the Globe

C10047 Red Cross food ration card. Form 1631. May, 1941 Standard Package No. 6 for Prisoner of War Food

C9886 Picture of the art glass window to be sent to Liberia for the College of West Africa

C9887 Mr. Walters, Liberian Counsel viewing window for the College of West Africa

C19893 Mr. McCloughen and Mr.
Renington Lyman Embree viewing Liberian window for College of West Africa

C9894 Mr. Alfred Tulk (artist) and Mr. Renington Lyman Embree viewing Liberian Window

C9544 Bishop Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky

C9545 Doctor Petter

C9546 Chart of the Georgraphical Distribution of Languages in which the Scriptures have been published by January, 1940

C9547 Quechua Doctors

C9548 Aymara Indians reading the Gospel of Saint Mark.

9538 Page of Cree Bible

C9539 Shan words.

C9540 Eskimo, Miskito

C9541 Turkish Biscript

C9542 Translation checking system

C9543 Proof reader Mr. Cocquelet Schereschewsky.

C9536 Page of Codex Argenteus

C9537 Sequoia Cherokee Translator

C9532 Apparatus in the Bible house library

C9533 Page from book of 1,000 tongues

C9534 Library at Bible House New York City

C9535 Language exhibits at Bible house.

C9528 Page of John Eliot's Bible

C9529 William Carey

C9530 Robert Morrison and Chinese helpers

C9531 Council Chamber in New York City Hall.

C5923 Coverdale's translating 23rd Psalm

C9524 King James at Hampton Court

C9525 Page of Early King James Bible

C9526 King James and modern translation.

C9527 Preaching to the Indians

C9518 The Gutenberg press

C9519 Desiderius Erasmus

C9520 Martin Luther

C9521 William Tyndale with his printer

C9522 Page of William Tyndale's New Testament.

C9513 Page of Codex Sinaiticus

C9514 Jerome and the Latin Vulgate

C9515 Bible Translation by the 15th century

C9516 The Venerable Saint Bede

C9517 John Wiclif and his Lollards

C9509 Bulu Old Testament arrives at the Bible house

C9510 Samarenyo translators

C9511 China Revision group

C9512 Purchase of the Codex Sinaiticus

C9503 Page of Olumyore New Testament

C9504 Otetla Translation group

C9505 Distributing the Otetla New Testament

C9506 Dr. Emory Ross and Frank H. Mann

C9507 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Peck and man translators

C9508 Rev. A.I. Good and Bulu helper.

C6778 The Wesley tea pot

C9500 American Bible Society
Every man in his own tongue

C9501 Acts 2:7-12

C9502 Arrival of Olunyore New Testament.

C6743 Beer street and Gin Lane (Engraved by H. Adlard from the original by Hogarth)

C6777 The Wesley tea-pot.

C6744 The Sleeping Congregation (Engraved by C. Armstrong from the original by William Hogarth)

C6217 Emperor Maximilian from a painting in Mexico Museum

C6483 "The Appeal to the Great Spirit" (By Dallin)

C2270 Museum of St. Maria of the flower. One corner of the singing gallery. Florence. (By Luca Della Robbia)

C4505 Homer - The Blind Poet. Herculaneum.

C2276 Easter Sunrise Service. (By E. E. Garnsey.)

C4120 Whistler's Mother

C5990 Peace Commission. Evanston, Illinois.

C2232 John B. Gough, Temperance Orator

C2253 The man with the hoe

C2254 "Boys singing from a Chorale" (detail of Alleluia relief) by Luca Della Robbia

C2255 Boys singing from a scroll. (detail of Alleluia relief by Lucas Della Robbia.

Eventide in the Desert

C2071 Elephants

C2072 Cherubs

C2073 Cherubs

C2231 "Speaking of Prohibition" (Painting by Charles Dana Gibson)

C2066 Child

C2067 Child

C2068 Baby

C2069 Sailboat

C2070 Elephants

C2061 Boy Scout

C2062 Saint Christopher (by L. Pratt)

C2063 Group of young men around fireside

C2064 The Wesley wedgewood tea pot

C2065 The Wesley wedgewood tea pot.

C1383 Sunset (by S. Numi)

C1384 House by a stream (by S. Numi)

C1385 Vista of trees (by S. Numi)

C2044 Statue , La Raye Chateau Thiery, France

Hymn from hymnal published by the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the Inhambane District of the East Central African Mission Conference 1908

C2060 Boy Scout

C1377 Waterfalls (by S. Numi)

C1378 A waterfall (by S. Numi)

C1379 Mountain Scene (by S. Numi)

C1380 Japanese bridge (by S. Numi)

C1381 A mill by a stream. (by S. Numi)

C1382 A mill by a stream (by S. Numi)

C1318 Preaching in the Hallig Islands. (By Jacob Alberts)

C1370 Modern mother and baby

C1374 Cherry Blossoms and pagoda. (By S. Numi)

C1375 Japanese Cherry blossom (By S. Numi)

C1376 Cherry Blossoms (S. Numi)

C1311 The Soul's Awakening (By James Sant)

C1312 Hermit at Prayer (By Gerard Dow)

C1313 Angel Heads (by Sir Josha Reynolds)

C1316 Prayer (by G. F. Watts)

C51 Open Bible

C52 Open Bible

C1317 Hallelujah (by Thomas Gotch)

99624 Early Methodist Leaders
William McKendree, Peter Cartwright, Freeborn Garrettson

99631 Map of India, filled with Indian faces

99782 John 3:16 in Chinese

99774 men and women of Gilbert Island

99245 On the field of battle, The Evening of December 2, 1870 (By L Royer)

99145 "Religion" (by C. S. Pearce)

99146 "In the Orchard" (By O. P. Smith)

99147 "The Song of the Lark." ( By Jules Breton)

99148 "Harvest Moon." ( Margaret Tarrant)

99149 "The Sower" ( By Jean-Francois Millet)

96071 Saint Micheal overcoming forces of evil. Rome.

96072 Electra and Oresta in the National Museum Rome.

96797 Pilgrims going to church

97036 John Elliott and the Indians

98044 "Hope" (by G. F. Watts)

98780 "Breaking Home Ties" (by Thomas Hovenden)

96066 Cathedral Piccolomina Library decorateded with Affreschi of Pinturicchio. Siena, Italy.

96067 Cathedral Piccolomina, library Assumption of the Virgin Mary Siena, Italy

96068 Detail head of Sibella- Church of Fontequisto Fista.

96069 Bas relief- La Sibilla foretelling of the coming of Christ to Balthasar the King. Siena

96070 The portico of the Uffigi Galleries and the old Palazzo. Firenze

96064 Scene of the pulpit of twelve and fifteen centuries. Siena, Italy

96065 The Cathedral of the twelve and fifteen century. Siena, Italy

95509 Robert Fulton's "Clermont"

95510 Wesleyan Church Four Oaks, Birmingham, England

95511 General view of interior of Wesleyan Church, Four Oaks, Birmingham, England

96063 Bas relief, the flight of Aurora

93618 And let those learn, who here shall meet,
True wisdom is with reverence crowned.

93619 And science walks with humble feet
To see the God that faith hath found.

93625 Letter to Missionary Friends from Virginia Sykes, Conifer, New York

95478 Rev. Ralph Ward on board ship

95508 "Constitution"

93614 Beyond the heavens he sits alone, The universe obeys his nod;

93615 The lightning rifts disclose his throne, And thunders voice the name of God

93616 The sovereign God, receive this gift Thy willing servants offer thee;

93617 Accept the prayers that thousands life, And let these halls thy temple be.

93496 Thy kind but searching glance can scan The very wounds that shame would hide.

93497 Thy touch has still its ancient power, No word from thee can fruitless fall;

93498 Hear in this solemn evening hour, And in thy mercy heal us all.

93492 And some have never loved thee well, And some have lost the love they had

93494 And they who fain would serve thee best, Are conscious most of wring within.

93493 And none, O Lord, have perfect rest,
For none are wholly free from sin;

93495 O Saviour Christ, thou too art Man, Thou has been troubled, tempted, tried;

93487 At even, ere the sun was set,
The sick, O Lord, around thee lay;

93488 O in what divers pains they met! O with what joy they went away!

93489 Once more 'tis eventide, and we, Oppressed with various ills, draw near;

93490 What if thy form we cannot see?
We know and feel that thou art here.

93491 O Saviour Christ, our woes dispel; For some are sick, and some are sad,

92951 The Doctor, Luke Fildes, Royal Academician

92959 Music to "This Is My Father's World"

92982 The Santa Maria, one of Columbus fleet

92983 Columbus' fleet.

92681 His faithful friend

92682 Highland Grace

92683 The Last Request

92677 A lonely life

92678 The workshop

92679 The new lease

92680 Working life out to keep life in

92673 Trying to walk. "Come to Granny"

92674 "Granny's comfort." Her cup of tea

92675 Leisure moments

92676 The Crofter's grace.

92668 "An Auld Licht." Old Scots Man

92669 The spinning wheel.

92670 The light of the home.

92671 The new toy

92572 Her daughter's child

92662 Interior of an early Greek and Roman home

92663 Interior of an early Greek and Roman home

92664 Interior of an early Roman home

92665 A difficult text

92666 Scottish sacrament

92667 Granny's blessing.

92643 Family devotion in a Scots home.

91732 Educational Secretaries. General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91733 India delegation at General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91734 Chinese delegation General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91735 Crowd coming out after a session. General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91729 Chinese delegation and banners. General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91730 The Bishops coming out of the auditorium. General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91731 Crowd watching Bishops being photographed. General Conference. May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91727 Map of Africa and Europe. General Conference, May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91728 Architects drawing, Bashford Memorial General Conference, May, 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91725 Maps of China, Japan and Korea. General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91726 Maps of India and South Asia. General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91723 Council Exhibit, Treasurers, General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91724 Maps of United States and Latin America. General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91721 Council Exhibit, Church Training Division. General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91722 Council Exhibit, Church Training Division. General Conference. May, 1924 Springfield, Massachusetts

91719 Council Exhibit World Service General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91720 Council Exhibit Literature Division. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91717 Council and Field Department. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91718 Council Exhibit Publicity Division. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91715 Stereoptican exhibit. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

81716 Field Department. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91713 Financial. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91714 Financial General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91711 Financial. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91712 Financial. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91709 Financial General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91710 Financial General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91707 Financial. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91708 Board of Claimants booth. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91705 Epworth League booth. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91706 Life Service booth. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

916703 Booth of General Deaconess Board. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

916704 Hospital and Homes booth. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91701 Board of Sunday School. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts

91702 Board of Temperance. General Conference, May 1924. Springfield, Massachusetts