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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #1

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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #1


Mostly studio portraits of missionaries, but also includes images of famous or well-known individuals.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #1




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #1 Collection

1031 Mrs. Wilson, Bareilly

1034 Rev. John Wesley Robinson, Lucknow

1048 Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Bare, Lucknow

1110 Rev. and Mrs. David H. Manley, Calcutta

1123 Rev. and Mrs. Rockwell Clancy, Muttra

1140 Mrs. Bertha Creek, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Missionary, Darjeeling

1236 Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Parker, Baroda

1271 Rev. Frederick Woods, Bombay Mission (1909)

1272 Rev. and Mrs. Charles B. Hill, Bombay

1311 Miss Melva A. Livermore and Rev. and Mrs. Guthrie, 1909

1319 Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Ward and their daughter Sona

1337 Rev. and Mrs. Rockwell Clancy, Muttra

1338 Womans Foreign Missionary Society missionaries at Muttra: Miss Gregg (now Mrs. Wilson) seated; Miss Isaell McKnight and Miss Parkhurst, standing.

1354 Mrs. Matthews, Aligarb

1377 Miss Grace Stevens. Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Madras

1385 Rev. and Mrs. William H. Hollister, South India

1415 Rev. and Mrs. William D. Schermerhorn, Hyderabad

1387 Miss Florence Mashell and Miss Harriet Holland, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, missionaries at Kolar, 1909

1664 Rev. and Mrs. William Albert Mansell, Bareilly, 1909

1666 Rev. John Wesley Robinson, (now Bishop) Lucknow

1669 Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Bare, Lucknow

1685 Rev. David H. Manley and family, Calcutta

1746 Mrs. McDowell

1756 Bishop Wilson S. Lewis, Shanghai, China

1757 Bishop James W. Bashford, Peking, China

1816 Bishop James M. Thoburn, East and South Asia

2002 Li Hung Chang

2007 Yuan Shih Kai

2332 Dr. Samuel Foster Upham

2352 F. W. Hannan

2353 Robert E. Harned

2354 Edwin L. Earp

2355 (no caption)

2356 Professor Thompson from Drew Seminary.

2357 L. B. McWhood

2358 Dr. Wallace MacMullen

2371 Dr. Wallace MacMullen

2381 Dr. S. Earl Taylor, Dr. William F. Oldham, Dr. F. M. North

2383 Dr. Frank Mason North

2418 Chancellor James R. Day, Syracuse University (see American Methodist, Page 21)

2511 (Mother Butler) Mrs. William Butler

2572 David Livingstone and daughter

2588 Bishop James M.Thoburn

2590 Dr. Hart of Wuhu, China

28370 Rev. and Mrs. James M. Springer, Africa

2847 Dr. John Frank Goucher, Korea

3433 Dr. Joseph Beech, West China

3495 Miss Ruby F. Sia, China

3496 Miss Lydia Ethel Wallace, China

3497 Miss Lydia A. Trimble, China

3729 Dr. Mary Stone

3827 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell

3828 His Excellency, D. H. Howard, President of the Republic of Liberia

3930 Rev. Bruce R. Campbell, Mexico

3934 Colonel G. W. Goethals

3956 Colonel W. C. Gorgas, Panama

4556 Mrs. David S. Spencer

6786 Padre Perez, Panama

9606 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cornelius, Lucknow Christian College

9797 Bishop Francis Wesley Warne and Mrs. Parker

9804 Bishop Francis Wesley Warne and Mrs. Parker

9817 Mrs. Brenton T. Badley


10326 Rev. and Mrs F. N. Scott

11652 Mr. Whelen and family

11689 Bishop and Mrs. J. W. Bashford. Peking

12082 Rev. Lin Fang, Peking.

12083 T.H. Chen, Ph. D., Dean of Peking University

12084 Rev. Lin and Chen

28367 Rev. George A. Simons, D.D.
Russia (1912)

28368 Rev. J.E. Skinner, Yenping

28369 Dr. Robert E. Speer

28370 Dr. and Mrs. John McKendree Springer, Congo Mission, Africa

28371 Dr. John McKendree Springer, Congo Mission, Africa

12087 Rev. Liu Fang and his father. Peking

12191 Miss Clara Cushman, Tientsin, China

12334 Dr. James H. Pyke, Tiestsen, China

12337 Dr. and Mrs.Keeler, Shan-hai-kuan, China

12692 Rev. and Mrs. Francis N. Scott, Nagasaki, Japan

14829 Rev. and Mrs. Benson Baker. Meerurb, India

14834 Emperor - Mutsuhito, Japan.

14835 Emperor of Japan - Yashihito.

28377 Rev. Bertrand N. Tipple, D.D., Italy

28378 Dr. Bertrand N. Tipple,Italy

28379 Bishop John H. Vincent

28380 Rev. Ralph A. Ward

28381 Rev. W. T. Ward

28382 Bishop Francis W. Warne, Lucknow, India

14838 Dr. S. O. Benton at desk

14983 David Livingstone

14988 Miss Marie Jensen and the infant son of the Rev. Kingsley Pease, 1914

14922 Dr. and Mrs Arthur L. Piper
Kapanga, Congo Mission

16998 Miss Martha A. Sheldon
W.F.M.S. Missionary

17967 Dr. Wm. Flint and rs.Crowther. Africa

17852 F. D. Campbell Nassingpus, India

17871 Rev. and Mrs. B.R. Duarte
Maderia Islands Machica

17883 Dr. Samuel Gurney and Mandaba

19258 Mrs. Butler, Bareilly

19805 Clyde, son of C.H. Conley Nadiad, India

19816 Dr. Mary Stone, Kinkiang, China

19807 Dr. W.E. Libbey, Nanking, China

20367 Doctor Robert E. Speer, Doctor John R. Mott, Dr. Harry Wade Hicks.

20713 Reverend Law Yip Heng.

20799 The Keisler Family, Muttra, India

21179 Dr. Gerhard J. Schilling in Burmese costume

21333 Dr North dictating to secretary


21428 Doctor William F. Oldham in office.

21429 Doctor S. Earl Taylor at Desk

21430 Dr. S. Earl Taylor at his desk

21431 Dr. George M. Fowles at his desk

21438 Bishop J. H. Thoburn and President W. F. Crawford.

21439 Mother Wang, China, see China O.P.1 184

21444 Mr. K. Obata, Japan

23000 Pastor Georg Rogneond, Koistrania, Norway

23407 Miss Isabella Thoburn Lucknow, India.

23408 Doctor Clara Swain India.

23409 Mister K. Obata Japan

23410 Rev. T.B. Brinton and family. Africa

2345 Rev. A.D. Berry Tokyo, Japan


23565 Mrs Bartholomew

23566 Dr. Bartholomew

23567 Mr. Philips

23568 Dr. Thomas C. Iliff

23569 Mrs. William F. Oldham

23570 Mr. Brewster, Miss Tilford and Miss Bischoff

23571 Mark Lill and Mr. Hwang

23698 Dr. Thomas Corwin Iliff, Colonda Conference

23699 Dr. Thomas Corwin Iliff, Dr. Edgar Blake, Dr. W. W. Van Orsdell.

24563 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Springer, 1907, Africa

24573 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wendell Moore, Vigan, Philippines Islands

24574 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wendell Moore, Vigan, Philippines Islands

24605 Bishop Wilson S. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis. Shanghai, China

25624 Mrs.Ray Bassett Kipp

25260 Rev. William Peters, North India

25561 Rev. Walter B. Williams, Sinoe, Liberia

25878 Emma Nourse--1910, Womans Foreign Missionary Society worker at Old Umtali, Rhodesia sent out in 1910

25909 Rev. and Mrs. Hugo Wenberg, South America

25908 Dr. Gerhart J. Schilling (at right)

26520 Doctors Kelly, Buckley, Goucher and Day

26521 Rev. and Mrs. John McKendree Springer

26523 Dr. and Mrs. John McKendree Springer

26522 Rev. and Mrs. John McKendree Springer at desk in New York

26524 Bishop Ebon S. Johnson

26525 Bishop Ebon S. Johnson

26526 Ebon S. Johnson

26529 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26530 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26531 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Ebon S. Johnson, Alexander P. Camphor

26532 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26533 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26534 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26535 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26536 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26537 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Alexander P. Camphor, Ebon S. Johnson

26538 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Ebon S. Johnson, Alexander P. Camphor

26539 Rev. Ebon S. Johnson

26597 John F. Thomson, Buenos Aires, Argentina

26624 Lieutenant Corporal C. L. Wood

F Morris Wood, M. A. , B. Sc. of Queen's University, Kingston

26625 Sergeant F. M. Wood

26626 G. N. Tylerbest

26627 Mrs. Jessie T. Shelly, Santiago, Chile

26628 Mr.William A. Shelly, Santiago, Chile

26630 Rev. F. Wood and Mrs. F. Wood, F. Morris Wood, E Grace Wood, Clarence L. Wood, and Phyllis M. Wood

26631 Rev. H. S. Kimura, Tokyo, Japan

26632 Rev. Earl R. Bull (1911)

26633 Mrs. Earl R. Bull

26634 Rev. and Mrs. Earl R. Bull

26874 Rev. Arthur Lee Grey and Family, Northwest India

26920 Miss Mary L. Snider, Chile

26921 Miss Rosana Moedina

26928 Mrs. E. M. Ward, India

26987 Mrs. E. M. Ward, Malaysia

26988 Rev. W. T. Ward, Malaysia

26989 Rev. Charles B. Ward, Deccan, India

27151 Dr. Bertrand M. Tipple, Rome, Italy

27490 (no caption)

27141 Rev. Lin Lang

27142 Rev. Hao Te An

27143 Rev. Hsu Young Chen

27144 Rev. Li Lun Yeng

27145 Fan Ling Chen

27146 Li I Hsin, Semor in University Peking Theological Student

27147 Yang Jung Lin

27148 Ku Chung Yao

27149 Nang Ti Ching

27501 (no caption)

27503 (no caption)

27507 (no caption)

27518 (no caption)

27527 Chilian Statesman

27540 (no caption)

27542 (no caption)

27541 Miss Elizabeth Cronin

27543 (no caption)

27761 Rev. Juan Macaspa and Family

27789 Colonel G. W. Goethals and Colonel W. C. Gorgas

27790 Colonel G. W. Goethals

27791 Colonel W. C. Gorgas

27814 Rev. Charles S. Buchanan, Malaysia

27815 Mrs. Charles S. Buchanan, Malaysia

33140 John Wesley

33201 General Guiseppe Garibaldi

33262 Julio Viterbo Dias.

33241 Duke of Abruzzi. Italy

32317 Rev. J. B. Finley

32319 Ralph Cushman

33127 John Wesley, Copyright by J.W.K. Forester

32348 Mrs. Edna Graham

33126 John Wesley

27914 Bishop Theodore S. Henderson

27915 Whitford L. McDowell

27916 Dr. David D. Forsyth

27917 E. L. Mills

27918 Professor Paul L. Vogt, PHD

27919 Rev. Ralph W. Keeler, D.D.

27920 Rev. George B. Dean, D.D.

27921 Dr. N. P. Burns

27922 Ralph E. Diffendorfer (no photo)

27971 Dr. Frank Mason North

27923 Rev. Robert S. Spencer, Japan

27945 Rev. Charles F. Lipp, Shorapur, South India

27974 Rev. B. F. Lawrence, and Family, West China

27976 Naomi A. Anderson. Women's Foreign Missionary Society Missionary Seoul, Korea.

27977 Bishop William F. Anderson.

27978 Rev. Goodsil F. Arms, Concepeion, Chile

27979 Miss Emma Barber, Woman Foreign Missionary Society, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, India

27980 Mrs. John W. Bare, North India

27981 Rev. John W. Bare, North India

27982 Rev. Allen R. Bartholomew (Reformed Church in United States)

27983 Rev. J. P. Barrett (Christian Church)

27984 James L. Barton. Congregational Church

27985 Bishop James W. Bashford, Peking, China

27986 Harry Bassett, Mexico

27989 General James A. Beaver

27988 Mrs. William D. Beal

27990 Charles Stauffacher, M. D. Inhambane, East Africa

27991 Miss Mary Beiler, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Yeng Byeon, Korea

27992 Dr. Stephen O. Benton

27993 Rev. Charles J. Bernhardt, Philippine Islands

27994 Bishop Joseph F. Berry

27995 Dr. Emma J. Betow, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Hinghwa, China

27997 Miss L. Pearl Boggs

27996 Miss Elizabeth Biehl

27998 Miss J. Bonafield

27999 Bishop Thomas Bowman

2800 Mrs. W. Well Branch, North India

28001 Charles Henry Brent

28002 Rev. William N. Brewster

28003 Rev. William N. Brewster, D.D. Hinghwa, China

28004 Bishop Frank M. Bristol

28005 Rev. John Clarke Broomfield (Methodist)

28006 Dr. Dillon Bronson

28007 Arthur J. Brown

28008 William Jennings Bryan

28009 Dr. James M. Buckley

28010 Bishop William Burt

28011 Bishop William Burt

28012 Dr. John W. Butler, Mexico

28013 Mrs. William Butler

28014 Ernest B. Caldwell

28015 Bishop Alexander P. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia

28016 Bishop Alexander P. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia

38654 Melville B. Cox

38292 Dr. John Frank Goucher

40777 General Pershing

41039 Bishop Henderson

41078 From Life of Bishop Hartzell

38977 It makes a big hole when these two are away at school.

38979 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bernhardt

40403 Rev. Ezra Bauman, District Superintendent Chile

39637 Fred B. Fisher

28017 Samuel B. Capen

28018 Henry K. Carroll

28019 William A. Charleton

28020 Miss M. Adelaide Clancy, Northwest India. Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28021 Rev. W. Rockwell Clancy

28022 Mrs. Champ Clark

28023 Miss Grace Clark, Woman Foreign Missionary Society, East Central Africa

28024 Miss Olive B. Connor

28025 Miss E. Lahuna Clinton, Central Provinces, India, Womans Foreign Missionary Society.

28026 Bishop Richard J. Cooke

28027 Rev. Elmer Ernest Count, Bulgaria

28028 Rev. Robert Francis Coyle (Presbyterian Church)

28029 Bishop Earl Cranston

28030 William H. Crawford

28031 Rev. Carl Critchett

28032 Rev. James Edward Crowther

28033 Rev. James Edward Crowther

28034 Mrs. John C. Davidson

28035 Miss Grace Dans, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Isabella Thoburn College, India

28036 Miss Grace Dans, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Isabella Thoburn College, India

28037 Tyler Dennett

29038 Tyler Dennett

28039 Rev. John R. Denyes, Malaysia

28040 Miss Ella M. Dergoe, Woman Foreign Missionary Society

28041 Miss Grace L. Dillingham, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Korea

28043 Miss Laura B. Dosch

28044 Mrs. Thomas S. Donohugh

28044 Rev. Gideon F. Draper, Japan

28045 Rev. Charles W. Drees, Eastern South America

28046 Dr. Homer Eaton

28047 Mr. Harrison S. Elliott

28048 Miss Fannie M. English

28049 Dr. David Oliver Ernsberger and family, South India

28050 Bishop William P. Eveland

28051 Rev. James Bruce Eyestone

28052 John G. Fagg, Reformed Church in America

28053 Epperson A. Fulkerson

28054 Epperson R. Fulkerson

28055 Miss Alice Finlay

28056 Dr. Fred Fisher

28057 Mrs. C. B. Fish

28058 Dr. Robert Forbes

28059 Bishop Cyrus D. Foss

28060 Mrs. Cyrus D. Foss

28061 Rev. W. H. Foulkes, Presbyterian Board

28062 Dr. George M. Fowles

28063 Rev. Edwin F. Frease, North Africa

28064 Rev. Edwin F. Frease, North Africa

28065 Millicent N. Fretts

28066 Miss Lulu E. Frey. Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Korea

28067 Frederico Gamboa

43402 President Wilson.

43406 King of Italy.

43306 Mr. J. C. Craig

43360 Mrs. Worley

28068 Miss Italia Garibaldi

28069 Rev. James Harvey Garrison (Foreign Christian Missionary Society)

28070 Frank P. Gount, M.D., Central China

28071 Miss Helen Geise

28072 Miss Jennie M. Gheer

28073 Bishop Daniel A Goodsell

28074 Miss Lora Goodwin. Womans Foreign Missionary Society, East Japan

28075 Rev. Philip A. Goold, Bengal

28076 Dr. John F. Goucher

28077 Miss Mildred E. Graham

28078 Henry Grant

28079 Dr. Samuel Gurney, Rhodesia

28080 F. P. Haggard

28081 Colonel Elijah Walker Halford

28082 Miss Sarah B. Hallman. Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28083 Bishop Franklin Hamilton

28084 Bishop John William Hamilton

28085 no caption

28086 Lasuka Harada, President Doshisha College, Japan. (American Board)

28087 Miss Eva Hardie, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, North India

28088 Bishop Merriman Harris
Toykyo, Japan

28089 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, Blue Ash, Ohio

28090 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell

28091 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell

28092 Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell

28093 Miss Emily L. Harvey, Central Provinces, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, India

28094 Dr. Isaac Taylor Headland

28095 Bishop E. R. Hendrix

28097 Miss Abbie Hilts

28096 S. J. Herben

28098 Miss Abbie M. Hilts

28099 Miss Carrie Hilts. E. South America. Woman Foreign Missionary Society

28100 Miss Elizabeth Hoge. Womans Foreign Missionary Society.

28101 Bishop Yoitsu Honda. Japan.

28103 Miss Welthy B. Honsinger Kiangsi Mission Woman's Foreign Missionary Society

28105 Samuel Stricker Hough

28104 Mr. Osborne E. Hooley

28106 Colonel Hsii, a Chinese student sent by Yuan Shih Kai to Tokyo College.

28107 President Huerta

28108 Bishop Edwin H. Hughes

28109 Bishop Matthew S. Hughes

28110 Miss Ava F. Hunt
Women's Foreign Missionary Society Bengal.

44301 William H. Hays.

44302 Margaret E. Hodge.
Executive Secretary Woman's Board of Foreign Missions.

4403 Hubert C. Herring

44304 S. J. Inman.

2811 Samuel M. Jackson, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Laws; President of Trustees, Canton Christian College, China.

28113 Bishop Eben S. Johnson
Umtali, Rhodesia.

28112 Bishop Eben S. Johnson
Umtali, Rhodesia.

28115 Reverend Edgar Jones.
(Foreign Christian Missionary Society)

28114 Bishop Eben S. Johnson, and Bishop Alexander R. Camphor, Monrovia, Liberia.

28116 Mrs. E. Stanley Jones
North India

28117 Reverend George Heber Jones

28118 Doctor Ida Kahn Kiangsi Mission

21819 Doctor Ralph W. Keeler

28120 Miss Edith L. Ketchum

28121 Reverend Fred C. Klein.
Methodist Protestant

28122 Reverend Luther Kuhlman (Lutheran General Synod)

28123 Doctor Alpha G. Kynett

28125 Miss Margaret D. Landrum
North India.

28124 Bishop Walter R. Lambuth

28126 Right Reverend William Laurence
Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Laws, Bishop of Massachusetts, United States of America (Episcopal)

28127 Mister Ik Chai Lee.

28128 Bishop Frederick D. Lests. (Leete)

28129 Doctor A.B. Leonard.

28130 Bishop Adna W. Leonard

28131 Miss Amy G. Lewis

28132 Miss Ida B. Lewis
North China, Women's Foreign Mission Society

28134 Doctor Bi Culi

28133 Bishop Wilson H. Lewis
Shanghai, China

28135 Doctor Gilbert F. Loveland

28136 Doctor Gilbert F. Loveland

28137 Honorable Seth Low

28138 Bishop Naphtali Luccock

28139 Doctor H. Luering

28140 Mister L. B. Lyall

28141 Miss Lila Lybarger

28142 Mr. and Mrs. James Lyons Northwest India

28143 Miss Rose A. Mace
Women's Foreign Mission Society Foochow.

28144 Bishop William Mallaken

28145 C.R. Martin

28146 Doctor M.B. Mason

28147 George M. Matthews

28142 Bishop Francis McConnell

28149 Bishop W. F. McDowell

28150 Doctor John T. McFarland

28151 Bishop Robert McIntyre

28152 Reverend J.W. McLaughlin

28153 Reverend A. McLean
(Foreign Christian Missionary Society)

28154 Miss Diana B. McNeil

28155 Reverend Wallance H. Miner

28156 Bishop Charles B. Mitchell.

28157 Bishop David H. Moore

28158 Richard C. Morse.

28159 Doctor John R. Mott

28165 Miss Lena Nelson
West China. Women's Foreign Missionary Society

28166 Reverend George B. Newmann
West China

28167 Bishop Thomas Nicholson

28168 Raymond W. Moon.

28169 Doctor Frank Mason North

28170 Bishop John L. Nielsen

28171 Mrs. Leonard Oechsli

28172 Mr. Leonard Oechsli

28173 Bishop William Frank Oldham

28174 Bishop William Frank Oldham

44723 Booker T. Washington

44732 Abraham Lincoln, born in Hardin County Kentucky. February 12, 1809

44360 Bishop J. Albert Johnson Doctorate of Divinity

44861 Victor Emmanuel. King of Italy.

28175 Bishop William F. Oldham

28176 Miss Roxanna H. Oldroyd, North India

28177 Dr. Esther Kun Pak

28178 Cornelius H. Patton

28179 Dr. Edward C. Perkins, Kiangsi

28180 Rev. James M. Philpult (Foreign Christian Missionary Society)

28181 Mr. Lyman L. Pierce

28182 Dr. Arthur L. Piper. Congo Mission, Africa

28183 Mrs. Arthur L. Piper

28184 S. J. Porter

28185 Nelson Allen Price

28186 Rev. Nelson A. Price, Burma

28187 Miss Carrie M. Purdy Mexico, Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28188 Miss Olive F. Pye, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Korea

28189 Bishop William Quayle

28190 Rev. Wallace Radcliffe (Presbyterian)

28191 Miss Elizabeth Rexroth, North India, Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28192 Rev. E. H. Richards

28193 Miss Mary A. Richmond, Northwest India, Womans Foreign Missionary Society

44430 Bishop Honda, first native bishop, Japan.

44431 William Carey, Father of modern missions, India.

44432 John Williams, Shipbuilder of the South Seas.

44433 Alexander Duff, educational leader, India

44434 Joseph Hardy Neesima, founder of the Doshisho. Japan

44435 John Calvin

28194 Dr. Julius Richter

28195 Dr. Julius Richter

28196 Rev. W. H. Roberts (Presbyterian)

28197 Miss Flora L. Robinson, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, North India

28198 Bishop John Edward Robinson, Bangalore, India

28199 Bishop John Edward Robinson, Bangalore, India

28200 Bishop J. W. Robinson Colabra, Bombay, India

28201 Bishop John W. Robinson Colabra, Bombay, India

28202 Doctor John W. Robinson

28203 Bishop John W. Robinson, Colaba, Bombay, India

28204 Miss Muriel E. Robinson, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, South India

28205 Miss Ruth E. Robinson, Isabella Thoburn College, Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28206 Rev. Noble L. Rockey, North India

28207 Mrs. Marcellus D. Ross, South India

28208 Rev. Marcellus D. Ross, South India

28209 N. W. Rowell

28210 Miss Elizabeth Russell. Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Japan

28211 W. J. Schieffelins, PHD

28212 Rev. Paul de Schweinitz (Moravian Foreign Missionary)

28213 Bishop Isaiah B. Scott Nashville, Tennessee.

28214 Miss Valeria Secor.

28215 L. H. Severance (Presbyterian Laymen's Missionary Movement)

28216 Miss Mary E. Shannon, Burma

28217 W. A. Shanklin

28218 Alice Fawcett Shaw

28219 Dr. F. H. Sheets

28220 Dr. Martha Sheldon

28221 Dr. Warren F. Sheldon

28222 Bishop William O. Shepard

44476 Jere A. Moore

44475 Bishop Simpson

28223 Miss Mary A. Smiester

28224 Bishop Charles W. Smith

28225 Bishop Henry Spellmeyer

28226 David S. Spencer

28227 Mrs.John McKendree Springer

28228 Rev. John McKendree Springer

282229 Miss Bertha Starkey, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Japan

28230 Miss Vida W. Stephens, Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28231 Rev. John Timothy Stone (Presbyterian north)

28232 John Timothy Stone

28233 Miss Elizabeth M. Strow

28234 Mr. William O Stuntz

28235 Bishop Homer C. Stuntz

28236 Bishop Homer C. Stuntz

28237 Doctor Clara Swain

28238 Miss Ilien Tang Kiangsi Mission. Women's Foreign Missionary Society

28239 Dr. S. Earl Taylor

28240 Bishop William Taylor

28241 Bishop William Taylor

28242 Bishop William Taylor and Diana

28243 Charles E. Tebbetts (American Friends Board Foreign Missions)

28244 Dr. Edna G. Terry

28245 Bishop Wilbur Patterson Thirkield

28246 Bishop James M. Thoburn

28247 Charles P. Thompson

28248 Rev. Bertrand M. Tipple, Italy

28249 Miss Althea Tracey

28250 Mrs. Charles G. Trimble

28251 Dr. Charles G. Trimble, Yenping

28253 Miss Gertrude W. Tyler Womans Foreign Missionary Society, West China

28252 Dr. John B. Trimble

28254 Dr. John G. Vaughan

28255 Bishop John H. Vincent

28256 Bishop John W. Walden

28257 Miss Lydia E. Wallace, Foochow

28258 Bishop Francis W. Warne, Lucknow, India

28259 Bishop Henry W. Warren

28260 Charles R. Watson

28261 Bishop Herbert Welch, Seoul, Korea

28262 Bishop Herbert Welch, Seoul, Korea

28263 Bishop Herbert Welch, Seoul, Korea

28264 Rev. R. E. Welsh, D.D. (Presbyterian Church in Canada)

28265 Miss Phebe C. Wells, Womans Foreign Missionary Society, Foochow

28266 Mrs. Herbert C. Mithey, West Central Africa

28267 F. E. Whiteside

28269 Miss Marie Wiegand, Burma

28268 Miss Ethel L. Whiting Womans Foreign Missionary Society, India

28270 Rev. Franklin E. C. Williams, Korea

28271 Miss Mary E. Williams. Womans Foreign Missionary Society

28272 Mrs. Walter B. Williams, Liberia

28273 Mrs. Walter W. William, Yenping

28274 Bishop Luther B Wilson

28275 Miss Catherine Wood
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, South Indiana

28276 Miss Elizabeth J. Wood

28277 John W. Wood

28278 Miss Lola Wood
W.F.M.S. Korea

28279 Rev. Thomas B. Wood

28280 Rev. James M. Yard, West China

28281 T.H.Yun (Songo, Korea,
M.E. Church delegate at large)

28282 Samuel M. Zwemer

28283 Rev. F. C. Aldrich and family
Ajmer, India

28284 (a) Dr. A.G. Anderson Korea.

28284 (B) Mrs. A.G. Anderson, Korea

28286 Rev. W.E. Bancroft, Bombay

28285 Rev. Benson Baker and Family
Northwest India

28287 Rev. Joseph Beech
W. China Union University.

28288 Dr. S.O. Benton

28289 Dr. Stephen O. Benton
May 1, 1913

28290 Rev. P. M. Buck, D.D.
Northwest India

28291 Mrs. J.C. Butcher
Northwest India

28292 Dr. J.C. Butcher
Northwest India

28293 Rev. Dennis C. Clancy

28294 Rev. Harry Compton Panama

28295 Rev. Orwyn W. E. Cook Mexico

28296 Rev. A.E. Cook South India

28297 Rev. L.A. Core, Bareilly, India

28298 Mrs. E. E. Count, Bulgaria

28299 Dr. James Edward Crowther

28300 Dr. James Edward Crowther

29301 Rev. Robert J. Dobson North China

28302 Rev. W. E. Doughty

28303 Rev. Charles W. Drees
E. South America

28304 Rev. David Oliver Ernsberger, South India

28305 Rev. David Oliver Ernsberger, South India

28306 Bishop William P. Eveland

28307 Bishop William P. Eveland

28308 W. A. Foote

28309 Mrs. Cyrus D. Foss

28310 Dr. George N. Fowler

28311 Rev. Epperson Robert Fulkerson

28312 Rev.Frank D.. Gamewell, North China

28314 Rev. George K. Gilder, Central Provinces

28313 Rev. Frank D. Gamewell, North China

28317 Colonel Halford

28318 Bishop Franklin Hamilton

28320 Bishop Joseph C Hartzell

28319 Bishop Merriman C. Harris, Tokyo, Japan

28321 Rev. James N. Hoover, Malaysia

28322 Rev. James M. Hoover, Malaysia

28323 Rev. James M. Hoover, Malaysia

28324 Bishop Edwin H. Hughes

28325 Bishop Matthew S. Hughes

28326 Rev. Charles W. Iglehart, Japan

64472 Miss Frances E Willard.

64473 William McKinley

64474 Bishop Charles H. Fowler

64475 Bishop Edwin G. Andrews

64476 Reverend Matthew Simpson. Doctorate of Divinity

64477 Lieutenant Worley. April 28th

64478 Philips Brooks

64479 Father Girolamo. Savonarola Museum. of Saint Marco. Bartolonimeo.

64637 W.A. Hankey.

64661 Henry G. Appenzeller.

64592 Miss Belle H Bennett Doctor of Laws President Woman's Missionary Council Methodist Episcopal Church South.

64599 Sir Admiral Beatty.