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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #3

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Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #3


Mostly studio portraits of missionaries, but also includes images of famous or well-known individuals.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #3




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Items in the Mission Photograph Album - Portraits #3 Collection

64672 Mrs. D.A. Bunker

64686 Rev. Charles Drake Skinner

64687 Rev. Charles Drake Skinner, D.D., Pastor Central Park Methodist Episcopal Church, Buffalo, New York

64876 Dr. E.M. North

64877 Mr. T.S. Donohugh


64940 Wmekichi Yoneyama

64941 Kunisawa Shimbei

64942 Ume Tsuda

64943 Okada Bunji

64944 Dr. Nitobe Inazo

64945 Colonel Hirayma Haruhisa

65570 Rev. Villon, M.E. French Pasor

64950 Mr. Roberts, Cincinnati, Ohio

65571 Converted Kabyle worker in boys home

65582 Mr. Townsend in charge of Boys Hostel, Algiers

67220 G.S. Ling

67308 Mr. Frank E. Baker

67334 no caption

67335 no caption

67336 no caption

67338 no caption

Rev. and Mrs. L.H. Ruput and family, Asansol, India

67331 Dr. George Simons

67332 Dr. George Simons

67341 Brother Chitambar

67342 Brother Chitambar

67343 Brother Chitambar

67351 Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Farrell

67353 Gladstone

67354 Luther, Melanchthon, Pomeranus

67402 Miss Amelia Josephine Burr

67403 Colonel Halford

67404 Frederick T. Keeney

67474 Mr. S. Haramoto, (Private) a young Japanese

67589 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wood

67797 Mr. Willard Price


67798 Mr. Wong Kai Wen, Peking, China

67891 Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth

67892 Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth

67912 Dr. Francis E. Clark, Founder of the Christian Endeavor

67958 Rev. M. Takagi, D.D., President of Aoyama

67959 General Li Hou Chi, Governor of Fukien

67964 Rev. Chitambar

67994 Bishop Burt

67995 Wilbur P. Thirkfield, Bishop Methodist Episcopal Church of New Orleans

68402 Mr. Ralph Ward

68403 Mr. Ralph Ward

68416 Mr. F. Baker's baby nephew

68546 Dr. Ream

68547 Rev. P.H. Chou, District Superintendent of Seoul District Korea Conference

68715 Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico

68729 Chief Manitonog

68778 Ho Fien of Peking, China

68780 Dr. Ketring, W. China taken in 1915

68781 Dr. Ellen M. Lynn, Dec 1915, died July 21, 1919

68782 Dr. Beten

68783 Dr. Loal Huffman


68835 Mr. Albert B. Sheldon

68855 Mr. A.T. Halsted

68856 Mrs. T.A. Truscott

68857 Dr. T.C.A. Truscott

68881 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crane, Delhi, India

68897 Mrs. Harry H. Weak (nee Miss Clara Hatheway)

68898 Rev. H.H. Weak, Ethan, South Dakota

68922 Miss Ida Belle Lewis

68923 Miss Pendleton

68926 Hatzu Oguri, graduate of Mary Colby School for Girls, Yokohama

68932 Isaac Christian, He has given more than 25 years service in the work at Palamur, South India

68941 Dr. Tomo Inouye of Tokyo, Japan, a delegate of the six week International Conference of Women Physicians called by the Y.W.C.A.

68942 Dr. Anna Moutet of Lyons, France, a delegate of the Y.W.C.A. Conference of Women Physicians in New York City

68943 First delegates to arrive for the International Conference of Women Physicians which the Y.W.C.A. has called to meet in New York City

68946 Charlotte Conant

68987 Bishop James A. Vance

68988 Bruce B. Corbin

68989 Harlan Luther Feeman

68990 Edward S. Bromer

68991 Lyman P. Powell

68992 Miss Anna. A. Milligan

68993 David McConaughy

68994 George A. Huntley, M.D., B.A.

68995 John A. Rice, Sumter, South Carolina

68996 William E. Hudson, Staunton, Virginia


68998 President McKinley's mother

68999 Mrs. Abigail Osborne, President McKinley's aunt and her grandchildren, Ward, Marguerite and Vernon Chaffee

69000 Miss Ellen W. Martien

69001 Dr. Zimmerman

69002 L.C. Barnes

69003 Rev. James H. Franklin, D.D., Foreign Secretary - A.B.M.S.

69004 E.F. McCarty

69005 F.W. Burnham, L.L.D., President United Christian Missionary Society, Number 108 Carew Building, Cincinnati, Ohio

69006 Dr. John W. Laird, Baltimore, Maryland

69012 J. Knox Montgomery, New Concord, Ohio

69013 Joseph W. Cochran, Chaplain U.S.A. with 31st Engineers A.E.F.

69014 Henry F. Cope, A.M., D.D., General Secretary of the Religious Education Association, 1440 East 57th Street, Chicago, Illinois

69015 Chancellor Albert Norman Ward, A.M. D.D., Kansas City University

69022 Edward Lincoln Smith

69025 Dr. C.M. Steffens

69026 J.M. Culbreth, Pastor Cabaune M.E. Church, South Saint Louis, Missouri

69027 Dr. Bunner

69032 Mrs. Scattaregio

69033 Dr. F.M. North

69034 Dr. Frank M. North

69035 Dr. Scattaregio

69036 Mr. Collier

69037 Rev. Harold Mc. A. Robinson D.D., Room 410 Witherspoon Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

69038 Charles C. Grimes

69039 Rev. Robert Johnston, D.D. American Presbyterian Church, Montreal

69040 H. Franklin Schlegel, 449 N. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

69041 Charles C. Merrill, Secretary Vermont Congregational Conference, Burlington, Vermont

69042 Mrs. H.R. Steele, 810 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee

69052 R.J. Elliott

69051 John T. Stone

69053 John R. Voris

69055 S.S. Hough

69054 John B. Lennon

69059 Miss Anna Atwater

69060 Mrs. J.H. McCoy

69061 Mrs. J.W. Emrich

69062 W.S. Abernathy

69063 C. Waldo Cherry

69070 Francis J. Cope Jr. of Dimock, Pennsylvania

69071 Rev. F. E. Cholerton

69072 Mrs. E.H. Silverthorn, R-1809-17 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois

69073 F.L. Carr, 7 Park Street, Lynn, Massachusetts

69074 James E. Clarke D.D.L.L.D., Editor of the Presbyterian Advance, Nashville, Tennessee

69075 W.W. Scudder

69076 C.A. Rowland, Athens, Georgia

69077 J.L. Stuart, President of Peking University

69142 Rev. Raymond C. Brooks

69193 Dr. Ida Kahn, China

69194 The Rev. A.V. Casselman, in uniform as Chaplain

69196 E.W. Hammons, Vice President and General Manager

69195 Rev. A.V. Casselman

69197 Harry Keepers with camera and tripod

69198 Harry Keepers, Cinematographer

69201 E. Lloyd Sheldon

69202 H.D. Ashton, 451 West End Avenue, New York

69203 Amy Blanche Green, Cable, Ohio


69220 Dr. Sato Shosuke, Christian Professor at Imperial University of Japan

69221 Madame Hirooka Osaka

69223 Mrs. Stella Shephard, Map dotter

Bishops Locke, Bickley, S.D. Chown, Bimey and Welch

69240 Miss Herma Hoyt

69241 Mrs. Grace G. Farmer

69246 Don D. Lullis

69434 Dr. Wei Ping Chen, Outstanding Evangelist of China

69503 Hon. Ando Laro, Christian

69504 Miss Rita Hayashi, Osaka, Japan

69552 Mr. Paderewski, The Polish Premier

69558 C.C. Wang, Ph.D., Peking University

69631 Mrs. Paul Raymond

69645 Colonel Oshima of Kumamoto Kyushe

69646 Saburo Shimada, Tokyo born in 1852

69647 Miss Tomi Paruta

69648 Baron Kanda and his family at home

69657 Dr. Makoto Ishihara

69658 Baron Kanda Naibu

69659 Honorable Nemato Sho

69660 Baron Sakatami Yoshiro

69682 Earle B. Cross

69683 I.N. McCash, A.M.L.L.D. President Phillips University, East Ened, Oklahoma

69713 Adonriam Judson

69714 George Sherwood Eddy

69715 Mrs. Hattie L. Hill of New York City

69725 Wade C. Smith

69729 Clinton H.S. Koch taken in 1905

69730 David Cushwa Abbott, Central Provinces, Mission Conference taken November 1910

6971 Dr. A.W. Greenman, 1907

70448 Miss Agnes Law, teacher in True Light Seminary, Canton, China

75042 Rev. Daniel S. Tuttle, D.D.

75043 Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle

75044 John Wycliffe

75045 Ignatius Loyola

75046 Dr. Elias Riggs

75047 Dr. F.D. Shepard

75048 Ion Keith-Falconer, Henry Martyn, Bishop French

75049 Fidelin Fishe, pioneer missionary to Persia

75050 Rev. K.C. Chattergee

75051 Dwight L. Moody

75052 Marcus Whitman

75053 Sheldon Jackson

75054 Robert Forbes, Ward Platt

75055 Unknown

75056 J.A. Burns

75057 Abraham Lincoln

75058 Dr. C.S. Mateer and W.A.P. Martin, Centenary Conference, Shanghai

75059 Dr. C.S. Mateer and W.A.P. Martin

75060 Joseph H. Neesima, Japan

75061 John G. Paton

75062 John G. Paton

75063 John G. Paton

75064 John G. Paton

75065 David Livingstone

75066 H.M. Stanley

75067 Dr. John Scudder

75068 Dr. John Scudder and wife

75069 Chundra Lela

75070 Reginald Heber, India

75071 Dr. and Mrs. J.L. Humphrey and Mrs. William Butler, India

75072 Jacob Chambelain

75073 Robert Mofatt as a young man

75074 Mr. Alexander Mackay

75075 Mr. Alexander Mackay

75076 David Livingstone

75078 David Livingstone

75079 David Livingstone

75077 David Livingstone

75080 Francis Coffin

74600 Sadhu Sundar Singh

74601 Sadhu Sundar Singh


76927 Carmen Orlando

77837 Dr. Satow Sadakichi, Christian Professor of Science at Imperial University

79205 Bishop Harris

80859 Lloyd George, Premier of Great Britain

81110 Raymond G. Perkins

81111 Dr. C.W. Freeman

81112 Levi B. Salmons M.D.

81113 Samuel J. Ross

81114 C.R. Illick M.D.

81115 Harry C. Canright, M.D.

81116 Dr. Dennis V. Smith

81117 Dr. Waldo R. Oechsli

81118 Hugh Harrison Linn

81119 Robert C. Beebe

81120 Thomas H. Coole M.D.

81121 Dr. J.G. Brass

81122 Dr. Frank R. McDonald

81123 Dr. Charles E. Pinckney

81124 Oswald G. Taylor M.D.

81125 Basil A. Warren

81931 Bishop Bast, Bishop Nuelson, Bishop Blake

82008 Dr. Eleanor Chestnut

82574 Bishop Anton Bast

82760 General Alvaro Obregon

85466 Rev. J.M. Melear

85467 Rev. E.R. Zaring

85468 Rev. H.J. Bucher

85469 Rev. John J. Wallace

85470 Rev. Francis M. Larkin

85471 Rev. Ernest Waring

85472 Rev. Claudius B. Spencer

85473 Dr. James R. Joy

85474 Dr. Geo. Elliott

85475 Rev. B. Dan Brummitt

85476 Rev. H.H. Meyer

85477 Rev. David G. Downey

85478 Dr. H.C. Jennings, publishing agent, Emeritus

85480 Lord Abbot Senkizen Arai, Buddhisms envoy to America to study the 35 Buddhist Missions in this country

85484 Mr. William Hung

85485 Rev. L.O. Hartman, Ph.D. Editor Zion Herald, Boston, Massachusetts

85486 Dr. M.W. Ehnes

85490 J.E. Aggrey, M.A.D.D. Professor at Livingston College, Salesbury, North Carolina

85493 Mrs. W.P. Thirkield

85494 Edith Jackson Fisher

86798 Bishop Stuntz

86836 Lord Arthur J. Balfour, Britain's head delegate to the Arms Conference at Washington, D.C.

86837 Crown Prince Hirohito, recently named regent of Japan

86838 Bishop Charles Wesley Burns

86846 Anna A. Gordon, Pres. W.C.T.U.

86850 Rev. Peter L. Mawdeley the young Methodist country preacher missionary of the new "Harvest Help" gospel, Larned, Kansas

86865 David Mandisodza

86946 Dr. I. Garland Penn, Corresponding Secretary of Board of Negro Education, Cincinnati, Ohio

87340 Rev. Steadman Aldis

87342 Rev. Charles Braden

87509 Mrs. D.B. Brummitt

87511 Mrs. Alfred Anderson

87512 Mr. Wan Liang Hsii

87634 Bishop Wilson Seeley Lewis

87853 President Warren G. Harding

88038 Madame Kaji Yajami, the Francis Willard of Japan

88281 Bishop James Thoburn and Dr. William Butler, India

88503 Dr. Chas. E. Guthrie, General Sec.

88504 Mohandas K. Gandhi, the Hindu non-co-operationist leader, India

88606 Mr. Jason Lee, hanging in Oregon State Capital, Salem, Oregon

88624 Bishop Wilson S. Lewis

88625 Rev. Thomas P. Potter

88697 Mr. Hugh S. Magill

88698 Bishop Wilbur P. Thirkield

88907 Henry Chung 1921

89217 standing Bishop F.B. Fisher, Bishop H.L. Smith seated Bishop J.W. Robinson, Bishop F.W. Warner. Cawnpore

89216 Bishop J.W. Robinson, Bishop F.W. Warner, and Bishop J.E. Robinson, Central Conference, Lucknow

89218 Bishop J.W. Robinson

89219 Bishop J.E. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson and daughter Flora, Lucknow

89220 Rev. E. Stanley Jones, Sitapur

89222 Miss Gertrude Becker, W.F.M.S. missionary Jubbulpore

89221 Mrs. Waugh, wife of the late Rev. Dr. J.W. Waugh, missionary in India for more than 50 years, Naini Tal

89223 Rev. J.R. Chitambar, now principal of Lucknow College

89224 Rev. G.L. Lorenzo, S.S. Superintendent for all India

89225 Rev. Hagg, Rev. D.B. Finch, and Rev. Daniel Buck Lucknow

89227 Rev. J.W. Pickett, Superintendent of Arrah District

89226 Nur Masih, Christian Sadhu now and independent traveling evangelist, Lucknow

89228 Mr. Mukerji, executive of Municipal board and a Christian, Denares

89304 Rev. Wm. J. Davidson, President Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomington, Illinois

89415 Bishop Fred B. Fisher

89416 Bishop Fred B. Fisher in native Hindu garb

89463 Rev. L.G. Dsang

89467 James W. Bashford

Wilson S. Lewis

89658 Dr. Henry Chung, see 88901 p 122
"The Christians are the leaven in the Korean population. They are among the most progressive self-reliant and efficient of all Koreans. They have demonstrated that they will die for the cause of righteousness and die willingly."

89682 D.H. King editor of the Southwestern Christian Advocate

89683 Wilbur Fiske

89685 Dr. Van Orsdale

89686 Rev. and Mrs. C. Fridolf Carlson on their way to Wonju, Korea to take up work in church and hospital there.

89718 Dr. Chen Ching, Chairman of the National Christian Conference Shanghai

89722 Besse Reay, Managing Editor of Washington Christian Advocate

89723 E.C. Wright, Christian Advocate Editor

89724 Stanly W. Waint, Cincinatti

89725 W.J. Wilkenson, Asst. Editor, Pittsburg Christian Advocate

89726 Rev. C Bauman

89727 Dr. H.E. Woolwer, N.Y.

89728 Elmer Hansen, Detroit, Mich.

89729 Asst. Editors of the Christian Advocates

89730 Rev. P.M. Peterson Editor of the Evangelical Church Times

89731 J.F. Heisse, Editor of the Washington Christian Advocate

89732 Rev. J.P. Seaberg, Editor Christian Advocate

89733 Editors of the Christian Advocate

89744 Methodist Episcopal Missionary Conference on visit to President Harding in front of the White House, Washington, D.C. 11/1/22

89894 Wilbur Fisk Tillet, Dean of Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tenn.

89895 Susanna Wesley as a young woman. (Painting at Wesley Book Concern, London)

89912 Rev. H.S. Leitzel

89913 Rev. Leitzel with banner presented by county officials bearing their titles and giving his as "virteous administrator" a term of high praise in China

89941 Benjamin Harrison

89942 William McKinley

89943 Ulysses S. Grant

89944 Rutherford B. Hayes

89945 James A. Garfield

89946 Grover Cleveland

89943 John G. Paton

90024 Dr. R. J. Wade, Corresponding Secretary of the Committee on Conservation and Advance, Methodist Episcopal Church. Chicago, Illinois

90022 Madame Kaji Yajami, the Frances Willard of Japan

90035 Dr. Ernest Fremont Tittle

90036 J.P. Mac Millan

90155 Dr. S.B. Tarwater Athens, Tenn.

90198 Bishop W.F. Oldham

90206 Lieut. Colonel Yamamuro Gunpei Tokyo, Japan

90208 Drs. Hoople, Sutton, first members of the Syracuse unit now in Chungking, China

90210 Miss Helen L. Wilcox

90213 Bishop F. McConnell

90272 Dr. John W. Laird, president of Albion College, Albion, Michigan

90274 William F. Warren

90320 Mrs. Feng Yu Hsiang, wife of one of China's Christian Generals.

90321 Major General Feng Yu Hsiang "The Chinese Cromwell" who is a member of the Asbury M.E. Church.

90386 Frank T. Cartwright, Foochow, China

90513 Rev. W.H. Soule

90515 Rev. R.E. Diffendorfer

90550 Mr. Kelley of Methodist Book Concern

90551 Miss Ione Easley

90554 Rev. J.S. Stowell

90555 G.W. Briggs

90556 Charles S. Braden

90557 Dr. Robert Zaring, Editor of Northwestern Christian Advocate

90562 Dr. R. E. Brown

90563 Dr. Evans A. Worthley

90564 J.W. Moore

90565 C.K. Hutchinson

90566 O.P. Royer

90567 Jesse E. Arbuckle

90744 Miss Murial Day

90745 C.D. Morris

90746 Rev. Charles W. Iglehart

90747 Mr. M. Ishizaka Ph.D.

90748 Rev. Charles W. Iglehart and Mr. M. Ishizaka Ph.D.

90830 General Pershing

90831 General Foch

90832 Honorable Clemenceau - Premier of France

90833 President Poincare of France

90834 King George of England

90835 General Haig - England

90836 King Victor Emmanuel of Italy

90837 General Daiz - Italy

90838 King Albert of Belgium

90839 Hon. Wm. Morris Heighes - Premier of Australia

90840 King Peter of Servia

90846 Bishop William Quayle

90847 Bishop William Quayle

90917 Mr. and Mrs. Parish with their children

90918 Mr. and Mrs. Parish with their children and grandchildren

90935 Bishop Franklin Hamilton

90936 Bishop Hiraiwa Japan

90937 Bishop Hiraiwa Japan

90938 Bishop Lewis

90939 Bishop Atkins

90940 Bishop Stuntz

90941 Bishop Hatzell

90942 Dr. C.G. Kelly

90943 Dr. Woolever

90944 Dr. Rines

90945 Dr. W.W. Pinson

90946 Dr. A.U. Harris

90947 Dr. D.H. Downey

90948 Dr. Joseph Beech

90949 G.H. Myers

90950 F.A. O'Farrell

90951 Mr. E.H. Rue

90952 J.G. Vaughan

90953 C.J. Stauffacker

90954 Mr. C.M. Lacey Sites

90955 Mr. Blackmore

90956 R.L. Torrey

90957 H.C. Bower, Malaysia

90958 C.H. Conley

90959 E.H. Richards

90960 B.B. Corbin

90961 Dr. E.D. Soper

90962 Dr. E.D. Soper

90963 Brenton T. Badley

90964 Mr. W.G. Parker

90965 E.B. Caldwell

90966 A.G. Anderson

90967 Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Winnans

90968 Mrs. Gamwell

90969 Mrs. W.F. Oldham

90970 Mrs. Worley

90971 Mrs. George A. Miller

91096 U.S. Smith, Mount Pleasant, Iowa

91097 Dr. Clarence True Wilson

91098 J.H. Race, Cincinnati, Ohio

91099 Joseph B. Hingely, Chicago

91100 Albert E. Kirk, Winfield, Kansas

91101 C. Howard Taylor, Indianapolis

91102 Titus Lowe, New York City

91103 William J. Haven, New York City

91104 Bishop E.H. Hughes, Chicago, Illinois

91105 Dr. D.D. Forsythe, Philadelphia

91106 Neal Dow

91107 John L. Hillman, Indianapolis, Indiana

91108 Arlo Ayres Brown, Chattanooga, Tennessee

91109 John J. Mullowney, Nashville, Tennessee

91110 Rev. W.J. Sheldon, New York City

91112 Florence Hooper

91113 Ralph A. Ward

91114 Charles W. Flint

91115 President John W. Hoffman

91121 Frances E. Willard

91122 Eugene Lyman Fiske M.D., Medical Director of the Life Extension Institute

91126 George F. Sutherland, Board of Foreign Missions, New York City

91127 A.B. Moss, New York City, Board of Foreign Missions

91128 Allan MacRossie, Director of Commission on Courses of Study, New York City

91129 J.B. Schreckengast, Chancellor of Nebraska Wesleyan University

91130 Judson S. Hill, Morristown Norman and Industrial College, Morristown, Tennessee

91131 Wilbur H. Fowler, Wesley foundation at Ohio State University

91132 William H. Fry, Superintendent of Hawaii Mission San Francisco, California

91133 Bishop Earl Cranston, Cincinnati, Ohio

91134 Dr. Chas. L. Bovard, Area Office, Helena, Montana

91135 Dr. Eugene M. Antrim, President of Oklahoma City College

91136 Dr. James A. Beebe, Dean of Boston University

91137 Dr. O.E. Central Wesleyan College, Warrenton, Missouri

91138 Dr. T. Pestin Heath, Superintendent of Flint Goodrich Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana

91139 Dr. R.B. Von Kleinsmid, University of Southern California

91140 Frank E. Mossman, Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa

91141 Rev. Daniel L. Marsh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

91142 C.E. Vermilya, San Francisco, California

91143 L.H. Murlin, President of Boston University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

91144 Dr. C.F. Kerfoot, Hamline University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

91145 D.W. Howell

91146 Rev. Hugh Kennedy, Area Secretary, Detroit, Michigan

91447 Rev. P.J. Maveety, Board of Education for Negroes, Cincinnati, Ohio

91148 Dr. L.O. Hartman, Editor, Zion's Herald

91149 Cameron Harmon, President of McKendree College

91150 F.J. Johnson, Area Secretary, Columbus, Ohio

91151 Rev. James V. Thompson, Young People's Work, Chicago, Illinois

91152 Dr. M.P. Burns, Board of Home Missions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

91153 Bishop A.W. Leonard, San Francisco, California

91154 Frank R. Hollenback, Area Secretary, Denver, Colorado

91155 Dr. J.P. Van Horn, President of Upper Iowa, Fayette, Iowa

91156 Dr. Albert E. Smith, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio

91157 Robert B. Hayes, President, George R. Smith College, Sedalia, Missouri

91158 Amy Blanche Greene, Board of Home Missions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

91159 Albert Boynton Storms, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio

91160 Rev. P.N. Murdick, King Arc Church, Columbus, Ohio

91161 Bovard brothers, Saratoga Springs, New York

91164 Bishop Edgar Blake

91165 Allan C. Lemon, Intermountain Union College, Helena, Montana

91166 Dr. Clay C. Cissell, Omaha, Nebraska

91191 Dr. E.M. North, Board of Foreign Missions, New York

91192 Edward T. Gough, State University, Iowa City, Iowa

91193 Bishop J.B. Scott, Walden College, Nashville, Tennessee

91194 Edmund M. Mills, Syracuse, New York

91198 Bishop William Anderson, Cincinnati, Ohio

91199 Professor Warner

91200 Dr. Joseph Beech

91203 Dr. Harry Farmer

91204 D.G. Downey

91205 Dr. G.M. Fowles

91206 Dr. G.M. Fowles

91207 A.L. Howarth

91208 A.L. Howarth

68836 Mrs. Crow

68839 Dr. Ida Kahn, Dr. Li and Dr. Dau, Physicians of Methodist graduation and practice from China

68840 Dr. Ida Khan, Dr. Li and Dr. Dau, Physicians of Methodist graduation and practice from China

68854 Mrs. A.T. Halsted