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Mission Photograph Album - China #9

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Mission Photograph Album - China #9


Images related to Methodist mission work in China taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s.




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - China #9

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - China #9 Collection

62813 Yu Liang, one of our Lauhsien district pastors teaching some street children. China.

62814 This is the cart our committee travels in holding our Centenary meetings.

62882 Entrance to the home of Confucius Shan Tung. 1912. China

62993 Grave of Confucius, Shan Tung, 1913. China.

64225 Camel train along Peking City Wall. China

64226 The boy scouts Nanking Provincial athletic meet. China.

64297 At the left is our compound. There are probably five hundred acres in view of our house.

64298 A "close up" of some of the graves. They bury right on top of the ground.

64299 Golden Island, where the China deputation went to hear the Buddhist priests read their service.

64411 Japanese line of steamers on the Yangtze. Hankow, China

64428 Tombstones of the Buddhist priests.

64429 Devil posts at the entrance to Hyang Son Monastery keep away evil spirits. China.

64462 Mrs. Cho and her six daughters in law. China.

64465 Master piece of Chinese embroidery. China.

64466 Master piece of Chinese embroidery. China.

H4524 West China Union University (made of negatives) 55046, 55062, 55486, 55482, 55485

64525 West China Union University (made up of negatives) 55058, 55054, 55055, 55069, 55044

64526 West China Union University (made up of negatives) 55059, 55063, 55045, 55078, 55068

64527 West China Union University (made up of negatives) 55079, 55050, 55060, 55047, 55052

64596 Chinese country women learning new Chinese script.

64528 West China Union University (made up of negatives) 55065, 55075, 55043, 550480

64586 Life size camels carved from one piece of stone. Ming tombs. Nanking, China.

64589 Two brothers who gave their home. China.

64717 Westminster S. S. Hospital. China.

64880 A Chinese mother and child who is fastened to her back but in spite of the encumbrance she will continue her rowing of the sampan for hours at a time, the baby swings back and forward, but it never seems to mind the motion. China.

68776 Left to right. Mrs. T. K. Tsai, Treasurer Miso Mieh, President, Miso Lin, Secretary. Mite box opening. May 7th 1919. China.

64934 Hinghwa head dress. China.

67221 H. S. Ling Individual Champion on Field Day.

67222 Third generation Christian grandson of Rev. Wubomi

67223 D. B. Li student in Fukien Christian University.

67224 Individual champion for field day and armistice

67225 Track team Fukien Christian University, (Winners).

67226 A sophomore "walk around" Fukien Christian University.

67227 Academic procession, commencement . January, 20th 1919. Fukien Christian University.

67228 Commencement Day. January 20, 1919. Fukien Christian University.

67229 Point winners of track team. Fukien Christian University.

67230 Five graduates, front rows. Fukien Christian University.

67231 General Li and Military Governor of Fukien Province

67232 Academic procession. Commencement. January 20th 1919.

67233 Student Body - Fukien Christian University - Foochow



67406 Chinese faculty of Language School. China.


67409 Courts of the old Chinese Ducal palace. Peking, China.

67410 Avenue in the British Legation Compound. China.

67411 British Legation. Peking, China.

67412 This used to serve as a bulletin board for the besieged missionaries. Peking, China.


67414 The tree beneath which the mules and horses and other commandeered animals were slain for food by the missionaries during the Boxer uprising. China.


67416 The old tree in the center of the Methodist Mission Compound. China.


67418 The British interests in China are guarded by Sikhs. Peking, China.

67419 Temple missionaries practicing for service in the Lama Temple. Peking, China.


67421 The Hall of the Classics - the Imperial Confucian Temple. Peking, China.

67422 The Hall of Classics. Peking, China.

67423 Launch on the Grand canal in China.

67424 A Chinese garden is a mysterious and fantastic place full of rocks like fairy castles. China.


67426 This is a Confucian Temple in Foochow, China.

67427 These are the pen and ink pagodas in Foochow, China.

67428 Pagoda in Foochow, China.

67429 Bridge on the Grand Canal. China.


67431 Grand Canal. China.

67432 Grand Canal. China.

67433 From the distance a Chinese village has a pleasant pastoral prettiness. China.


67435 From the distance a Chinese village has a pleasant pastoral prettiness. China.




67439 A council of State. Now and then the head man of a village is a head woman. China.

67440 She is a kindly, gentle, resigned old soul - this mother in law. China.


67442 These are little slave girls in a poor Chinese family. China.

67443 The little ones wear the heavy padded garments laden with germs and dirt that the Chinese wear in winter. China.


67445 Chinese boys. China.

67446 Chinese boys. China.

67447 Chasing fleas. China.

67448 He doesn't know where he is going but he is on his way. China.

67449 Children in a South China village. China.


67451 Chinese children in a village near Shanghai. China.

67452 Pagoda in Foochow, China.

67453 Pagoda in Foochow, China.

67454 Pagoda in Foochow, China.

67465 Caught on the street. China.

67466 Making shoes in model prison. China.

67467 Chinese c*** en route to France.

68417 Dr. Davidson of Yale Hospital bringing a Christmas message to the wards. Shangzhou China.

67856 Tunghsien Hospital. China.

67587 Tungshien Hospital. China.

67858 Tungshien Hospital. China.

67859 Tungshien Hospital. China.

67860 Foochow Missionary Hospital. China.

67864 Scene inside operating pavilion

68412 China, an interpretation by J. W. Bashford.

68421 Heaps of stone with mystical sentences. Tibet.

68422 Front of main temple of a Lamasery. Tibet.

68423 Mountain Scene. Tibet.

67996 West China Union University medical faculty staff and students. China.

67991 West China Union University Bible School. Spring 1918. China.

67998 West China Union University normals picking silk cocoons. China.

68424 A close view of Batang, China.

68479 Princess der Ling, watching the preparation of camels wool for Red Cross knitting. China.

68480 Princess der Ling, first lady in waiting to the Empress Dowager of China, in the costume of the Red Cross. China.

68481 This firstborn boy is the pride of the family. The young woman who is proud enough to be his mother quite queens it over the sisters in law who brought only daughters into the world. China.