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Mission Photograph Album - China #1

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Mission Photograph Album - China #1


Images related to Methodist mission work in China taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - China #1

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - China #1 Collection

64 Emperors Throne. Temple of Heaven. D.1615. Peking C15

471 Old bridge on road to Kucheng - almost destroyed. (Kutien)
472 "China Old and New" Irrigating by hand-chain pump. South China
473 Theological School Building - Foochow
474 Coffin of Mandarin's first wife on small boat by steamer. Amoy.

535 Group of officials, guests and pupils. Methodist Boys' School - Kutien.
536 Interior kitchen, showing stove. W.F.M.S. (Magaw) Hospital - Foochow.
537 W.F.M.S. school girls marching to school - Hinghwa.
538 Old W.F.M.S. (Magaw) Hospital buildings. Foochow

539 Large boat in Harbor. Armoy

540 Class in Calisthenics Womans Foreign Missionary Society Girls School. Hinghwa

541 Shuikow from Min River

542 Kutien. One of a series showing city. Min River in foreground.
cf 547-585-632-641

543 Eagle formation in Garden of Gods. South China

544 Near view of Junk with odd sail spread. Armoy Harbor
cf 527-4639

545 Chinese feast. Missionaries and Chinese Christians. Dr. Thomas Coole.

546 Dumbbell Drill. Womans Foreign Missionary Society School. Hinghwa.
cf 1643

551Dredges at work in entrance to Amoy Harbor

552 Rev. Harry Caldwell at his desk. Lungtien.

553 Bridge of Ten Thousand Ages. Foochow

554 Group missionaries and patients , Womans Foreign Missionary Society (Magaw) Hospital- Foochow. Miss Simpson, Dr. Lyon, Dr. Hatfield

555 One of a panoramic set of Foochow from the Island. D. 476 fit to right of 477

557 In showroom of Government Industrial School. Foochow

556 China man at a Printing Press in Methodist Publishing House. Foochow

558 Entrance to Government Industrial School. Foochow

559 Bridge of Ten Thousand Ages. Foochow.
560 Stern of large junk at anchor. Foochow
561 Itinerating by chair near Foochow. "The Foochow Elevated."
562 Rev. and Mrs. Caldwell while visiting their missionary son in South China.

563 Methodist mission residence. Beautiful flowers. Foochow

565 Stairway and arch in Garden of Gods. South China

564 Arch in Garden of Gods. South China

566 Plowing paddy fields with water buffalo South China.

575 Four large junks anchored Foochow

577 Chapel Service. Womans Foreign Missionary Service (Magaw) Hospital. Foochow. Dr. Hatfield cf 503-569

576 Boats (large and small) Min River. Foochow. cf Fish to right of 644

578 Stone Lion guarding Mandarin's grave. Foochow. cf 609

579 General view large junks in River - Foochow.
580 Interior court in Rest House. Canton
581 Junk under sail towing small boat among islands near Amoy.
582 Group students - Theological School Hinghwa

583 Chinese Soldier on Turning Pole. Kutien

585 Kutien. One of Panoramic Series CJ542-547-602-641

584 Old Dispensary Building. Wrecked by Earthquakes. Dr. Coole (Kutien)

586 Min River. Shuikow at right.

587 Methodist Boys School Building. Kutien

589 Wiley Memorial Hospital and mission residence. Kutien D441

588 Wiley Memorial Hospital. Paddy Fields in Foreground. Kutien

590 Immense Gold Fish in Fish Pond. Kushan Monastery Foochow. CF4619

591 Senior Class Group - 1909 - Theological School. Foochow cf-592
(cc) (L.S.)
592 Senior Class Group - 1909 - Theological School Foochow.
cf 591
Rev. Bissonnette and assistants in Methodist Publishing House. Foochow.
594 American and English cigarette advertisements, and below advertisements of Chinese textbooks.

595 Grave of well-to-do Chinese. Foochow
(L.S.) (cc) S.S.F.
596 Old mill and water wheel near Kutien. cf-486
597 Day school group near Hinghwa. Bishop Lewis and Rev. Bissonnette.
598 Chinaman at work at printing press. Methodist Publishing House - Foochow.

599 Grave of Rev. Marsh Foochow died as the result of over-work and lack of reinforcement. D628-629
600 Methodist mission group Hinghwa-1909. C.F. 549.
601 Valley and water-filled paddy fields on way to ___ (Kutien)
602 Kutien, One of panoramic set. C.F. 542-547-585-641

603 Chinese soldiers drawn up in military. Yamen - Kutien.
604 Bishop Lewis in sedan chair while c[***] were resting. Rev. Bissonnette at left.
605 Stairway up rocks - garden of Gods. South China

607 Entrance to village near Foochow.
608 Unburied coffins along street. Foochow.
609 Stone lion guarding Mandarins' grave. Foochow.
610 Altar to Confucius - Old Examination Halls - Foochow - allowed to go to ruin.

611 Chinese junk under full sail. Hongkong Harbor.
612 House boat under sail on way to Nanchang.
613 Chinese junk with odd sail.
614 Operation WFMS Hospital (Magaw) Foochow. Miss Simpson - Dr. Hatfield - Dr. Lyon. Cf. 1602.

615 Altar for Ancestral Tablets in Typical Chinese Home - near Foochow
616 Chinese ___ of Decorated Sterns ___ Junks - Foochow
617 Grave of Rev. Nathan Sites - Foochow. CF 651
618 Group of F_____

619 Chinese Decorating Graves at Festival of Dead. Foochow.
620 Chinese Decorating Graves at Festival
621 Amoy Harbor
622 Servants of Dr. Coole (Kutien)

826 Scene in Hong Kong Harbor.

1601 Old Examination Halls, Nanchang Modern school buildings rising among the ruins of the old. See 1745

1629 Beggars - Chingkiang
1630 Miss Crooks - W.F.M.S. Missionary - Chinkiang
1631 Tartar General visiting Ming Tombs - Nanking
1632 Dr. Beebe in stall at examination halls - Nanking.

1645 American cigarette advertisements and Chinese school book. Foochow

1646 Dr.Thomas H. Coole and family, Kutien

1770 Operation Womans Foreign Missionary Society Hospital. Foochow

1773 Methodist Mission Property, Wuhu Hospital and residences.

1830 China Centennial Conference, Shanghai

1909 School donkey and mill for grinding grain for Boys' School. Taiafu.

1910 School boys at Taian.

2053 Graves of Martyrs. Foochow Cemetery